Where is Go Bank Corporate office Headquarters

Go Bank Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: 3465 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107, USA
  • Phone Number: 626-765-2000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 1,200
  • Established: 1999
  • Founder: Steven W. Streit
  • Key People: Steven W. Streit (CEO)

Go Bank Headquarters Location & Directions

Go Bank Headquarters Executive Team



Mark L. Shifke

Chief Financial Officer

Kuan Archer

Chief Operating Officer

Konrad Alt

Chief Banking Officer

About Go Bank, History and Headquarters Information

Go bank also known as Green Dot Corporation is a bank holding and financial technology company based in America. It gives the service of Accounts as well as Processing and Settlement. It is cited as the biggest prepaid debit card company based on market capitalization. IT also functions as a payment platform used by various MNCs.

Currently headquartered at Pasadena, CA; this company was founded in 1999. Its founder Steve Streit started it as a prepaid debit card platform for shopping online, mainly targeted for teenagers. Two years later in 2001, it started serving the underbanked or unbanked communities. This corporation became public in 2010 having a valuation of $2 billion.

This corporation issues prepaid Visa cards and Master cards in the United States. Their products are all over its retail stores numbering about 100,000. These are debit cards in their normal form without a line of credit. The balance of money which is stored on the card is used in the purchases.      

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  • None of your business says:

    I hate this card. I added 400.00 to get a hotel for the weekend and they blocked the card. I’ve been sleeping in my car for the past 3 days and all the reps do is hangup when they run out of lies to tell. I don’t care what extent I have to go through for my money but I’m willing to get an attorney all over 400.00. I sent in a valid driver’s license as well as a passport and I’m now being told those aren’t valid documents. These people are a scam. I.dont recommend doing business with them at all.

  • Amanda Senteno says:


  • Elsie Foster says:

    Friend Rewards. Yes I’ve been dealing with this since last Friday. I’ve been lied to by so many customers service people. It’s also excuse by all. I need my rewards of 50.00.

  • Joseph P. says:

    on March 28th 2022 I had a deposit of $809.28 on March 31st 2022 They did a balance transfer removal in that amount. I called go bank to ask them why the removal and they told me to call the issuing company. So I did and they said they never ordered reversal and have not received and funds from my account. So from April 4th to April 13th I have spoken to customer service and supervisors and what was supposed to be corporate and no one can tell me where the money was transferred to or where my money is. So I have since called the F.B.I because it’s just bank robbery or there bank has been hacked and they are not reporting it! The told me I need to file a complaint with IC3.GOV Which I did and am awaiting the results from them. I don’t know who regulates these banks but this one should not be able to operate in any country. The worst customer service ever!!!! How can you be a bank and not be able to trace where this money is? WHERE’S MY MONEY!!!


    I need the corp # AND extention # so that I may talk to them regarding a letter I need to send them due to my account was comprimised & charges can’t be removed unless apparently only Corp can according to Customer Service Disputes. A new card is on it’s way but still need to settle the unauthorized charges.

  • Sharla May says:

    My name is Sharla may
    6063672530 I need to find out about my disputes it been since Jan and I’ve not heard anything.The ppl at ank said to contact u all my money is tied up in this and I need to know what your going to do about it they shut my water off I’ve not been able to pay bills because of this if I need lawyer plez tell me

  • Larry says:

    I’m going to file fraud/ theft charges against the bank. Committed to sending both my checking and savings balance then no check. It’s been months.
    Mark L. Shifke
    Chief Financial Officer
    Kuan Archer
    Chief Operating Officer
    Konrad Alt
    Chief Banking Officer I will be going to LA times and police department next. They have a week

  • Tina says:

    My name is Tina. I want to put in a complaint with customer service on your Go2 card was on the phone 3 times with a question about my account. The last representative just hung up the phone while I was talking. I didn’t understand why I was told I could use this account likeva checking and pay with my routing and account number but obviously you can’t

  • renee says:

    on january 11 2022. renee king purchased a go2bank card i put in my correcte ininformation and was told that my card is restricted,i would like to know why. i also would like to get a bank statemement for my go bank account mve the address of my account y name is renee king my social security number is 378844552 i dont have the address of my account or telephone number but its definetely my account please send me a statement 352 merino drive spring creek nevada 89815.

  • Emma says:

    Go bank asked u to announce your social security number when u call and if your child support payment is being dispursed to this card they r putting u in danger.

  • Jason Adorno says:

    My uber gobank account was closed. I was supposed to receive a check with my account balance. Here 2 months later no check. I can never reach anyone on the phone. Time to file a suit and based on everything in coming up with, it’s looking like a class action.

  • Destiny M. says:

    My friend has an account with GoBank, she was locked out of her account and was told that her refund check would be sent and arrive within 2 weeks. Its been a month and every time we call back, they say the same thing and give us the run around. She was also told that they sent an email on August 13th saying that the account was closing but she never received any email. We’re taking this to court. If anybody else would like to join forces, contact me at mercerdestiny13@gmail.com. Something isnt right here and we’re gonna get to the bottom of this.

    • James Sanney Sanney says:

      I’ve been dealing with gobank for 6 months for my money it’s $1,000 they said that they were to send me my money now they say I need more documents or my picture ID is too glared I don’t get the point how are you doing on your suing go. Or going to be. Or however that would be go bank is my card that releases every time I call the number it’s gobank but then when they hang up it’s Green Dot why can’t they open my account when I gave him ID to open my account first of all closed account they’re taking out my money each month for whatever that is and it’s making my check that I’m supposed to receive smaller they’re they’re screwing with my head I’m not to become any better or stronger or even older than where I was I’ve lost myself ever since they took in my financial situation from me one month six months ago I have scraped my hands knees and my brain to my thoughts I’m sick and I’m tired I want my damn money if there was any way that go bank and fall on their face which has cuz go Bank is not even a bank anymore or even associated or even opened so how are you doing on your end my name is James Sanney if you can return the comment would be great

  • Robin Criswell says:

    California Penal Code 532 PC defines the crime of theft by false pretenses as defrauding someone of money or property by way of false promises or representations. The offense may be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony and carries a penalty of up to 3 years in jail or prison. ” When you speak to anyone at GO Bank Make sure to record every conversation” Call center employees should be held accountable as well.

    • James Sanney Sanney says:

      Well what’s really funny is I did record but it was in my other phone and I didn’t save it to anything but my phone go figure I lost it here I am 6 months away and my money being breached in my account go figure it’s $1,000 I was getting my money from social security the day it was there it got broke into or so it was closed I had money it was saying but on the 3rd when it was closed the account was closed I could not get in that my account was changed over and my email and everything else and my phone number was changed don’t know how someone can get in my account when I couldn’t on the 3rd of the month ever since’ve got in my account they’ve changed my email and all that I’m getting tired of it I can’t even make sense anymore I just want to get on with my life I want my damn money they said they were to send it to me now they’re reneging

  • Jen says:

    Hey so does anyone know an attorney that will take me on in these matters in tucson az the list bs they have done is similar 2 everyone else except the lovely add on of them out right laughing over mine n my 10 yr old mental health issues including discrimination n harassment

  • Kevin Grimes says:

    Why don’t you give me my money unlock my account

  • Ashley says:

    Go to bank I would not use this app because it is a fake scam they try to take your money and it’s SSDI into my disability it’s wrong

  • Teeahna Ford says:

    I just received a direct deposit of $880 and now my card is blocked due to unusual activity. Every time I try to get a supervisor they hang up!

  • Tasha lysher says:

    Today i woke up with a message that said my account has been locked due to unusal activity i called multipule times and they said i need to to a identity verification i sent it to them 12 times at two diffrent emails and they said my identity could not be verified and they think they are keeping 2096 dollars of my m9ney i told them to send my money in a check to my house they said no they would send it to a originator i am the originator im the one that uploaded my account i use this account for online bill pay as well as purchasing items and selling items online this place is a scam they are scamming peoples money stealing it after all the reviews i just cant believe it im making a police report and calling a lawyer immediatly i would reccomend everyone that has the same issue to do the same thing because they are litterally stealing our money

  • Brittany Little says:

    This place will not let me access my direct deposit at all, they locked my account because of suspicious activity. I’m the one that was in my account. I hadn’t used it in a while and changed my information on there to make it current. They want all kinds of ID to unblock. Well, I sent those documents. I still have not heard a response. It’s literally all the money I have. They will let me log into it to see it but it won’t let me move the money or use the card or activate a new card. I wish they would read this stuff for real. I’m hurting over this money. Oh yeah, they’ve blocked me on chat with them now because I get mad when they run around in circles.

    • Teemeka w says:

      I know the feeling Brittany going thru the same stuff with they ass

      • Victoria Roberts says:

        I know exactly what you are saying. They have literally blocked me out of my online account. They hang up in me when I call customer service. Most if them I cannot understand because they all have very heavy Asian accents. I filed a dispute with them regarding a very obvious fraudulent debit for $ 124.98. That was a month ago and they didn’t give me a provisional credit, which all banks will do. I am on social security and to take a hit like this is really hurting my husband and myself. He has cancer and heart failure so I really don’t need this added stress. Every day I try to get back into my account but to no avail. I have changed my password numerous times. Still doesn’t work. I have uninstalled the app several times and reinstalled until I just am at the end of my rope. I wonder what the. BBB will say about them.

    • Sarah says:

      Was this resolved and how? My fiance is having the same problem

      • Kerry says:

        Were having this problem our electric got cut off. I don’t know whose dick the office mnger sucked to get her position but she needs to be fired. I’m a car rep myself she was illiterate. An made no sense we sent my fiance info 6 dam times. An apparently its blurry. Right my ass is blurry they’re gonna get sued

    • Mike says:

      Hello . I am an Uber driver and Uber recommended us to open an account with GoBank. I dealt with them for a long time . That’s my only bank . Recently the SBA approved and sent me money . To my astonishment, GoBank refused to release the fund , they requested ID proof which I did plus the approval letter from the SBA . They ended up closing my account. So I requested that they send back the money to SBA , also they refused saying that the SBA should request that . I called the SBA and I was told they do not do such a request. Basically GOBANK stole my money. I am going to court .

    • Mike says:

      Hello Brittany. They scam me with $15000 . I am going to court . Did you solve your case ?


        Hi Mike, I am going through the same thing as you today. Were you able to get your money back. Please let me know. I have been on the phone all morning. I cant believe they took over $15,000!!!

    • Anthony says:

      Were you able to get your money? If so, how? I’m going through this right now. Thanks for any info

  • John says:

    If somebody doesn’t help me today I will make it my life mission to let everybody know on every social media outlet there is known to man about how awful this company is

    • Teemeka w says:

      I know John I’m with u

    • James Sanney Sanney says:

      Keep it up pal these people have taken my money and they put a big dent in my world thousands I need structure I’m very upset with the bank of being these people have altered the world and they’re irritation of structure of mine have made me a felon and I’m about ready to go off even more I want my damn money I’m going to drive my boat right up there yuck I don’t know what they got junk if I know I’m not here to be like what I say but I’m irritated to say these people are screwing with desire of disaster of the United States of America meaning there’s people out there that are destroying their life because of their doings it’s wrong and I mean to say I am irritated I will destroy destruct my driving around myself if I don’t get my money they’re holding me of being somebody breached into my account don’t know how it happened on the day on the day it was closed my account was closed somebody got in my account well it was closed because somebody got in my account but didn’t really take over but on the 3rd of the month when I get my check two days before the 1st go figure I could not get in somebody from there or somebody that knew how to get into and change my email phone number made it worse where I will never receive my money I’m very irritated that my money’s there but there’s one thing they keep taking out the charge each month a being there but I have no meanings or have meetings I would like to see my checking account as they would let me but they don’t why do they take out my money each month for what I don’t receive I’m irritated and pissed they keep telling me that they will send me my money on a phone call then turn around and wait two weeks and then call back they tell me they need more documents I’m f****** irritated

  • Ridiculous experience I have had with this company says:

    If someone doesn’t help me I’m going to make it my life mission to tell every social media outlet know to man about the Ridiculous experience I have had with this company

    • James Sanney Sanney says:

      Well let’s say this go bank is starting world war 3 in my head I want my money that they said that they would send me I am irritated the world is going crazy around me I see that we’re all having problems here we need to gather conquer and drive our ass to their front door somehow some way who knows why is gobank closed and they won’t receive my documents in the right order of saying what they said they will send me my money they lied now I’ve got to do my documents over again I don’t get it I’m not here to be scraping my knees and kneeling to my knees for my thousands of dollars they owe me that they said they would give me I’m irritated I would like to get a force of people together and conquer this s***many loved by any neighbor cuz we’re here and we would like to be treated as we were to be when go Bank was open for all my knees but I’m tired of being on my knees I’m tired and just tired I want to feel like I was when I was receiving my money once a month I fell in the whole one month cuz I did not have no money now I’m dragging myself to the top got around where I’m at I still want my money they won’t release it I had to struggle hard and meaning I lost myself in my struggle go bank has done this to quite a few people I see the world is gone the hell we’re here to be but I love my stuff to say I’m not in hell quite yet so leave me at the apalone and keep me going but I need to get my damn money from my bank which was my bank is irritation I’ve done said enough bye for now

  • Jon says:

    I was also scammed out of 359.00 a paycneck from my job go2bank sent me a email july 14th saying 359.00 posted to my accoout but i never got my money and go2bank said they didnt see a deposit. If they didnt see a deposit for 359.00 why did they aemd me a email saying it posted

  • Rolando Danzine says:

    I was also scammed by go bank. Somebody made fraudulent charges to my account for 455.00 go bank refuses to reimburse me. I file a police report. I am going to contact the state attorney office. Rolando Danzine

  • Diane M. says:

    This is the third time I have had money took out of my account for transactions that I did not make. The first two they gave back but this one I have disputed it two times and get the stupidest line of crap and sounds like it’s a written in stone script to tell us customers that they rip off. The crap is this charge came off a debit card that I had not got yet. So where do I go from here cuz this is Just plain stealing from me.

  • Mary Jane Ortiz says:

    I live in USA home of the free ,these people i spoke to they are not from here how could consumer,
    BBB, and federal reserves aloud these persons to take our money and keep letting them conduct business with us without checking them out first, on there complaints they are getting away with millions of dollars from USA,

    • James Sanney Sanney says:

      Look I’m gathering I want some people to help go bank is gone and took thousands for me they won’t receive my documents but they say they have but it’s too blurry I need other documents they say I keep doing this and they say one time they said they would receive my documents and they have they will send out my check while I waited 16 days and did not receive my money so I called them and they told me I need more documents I’m sick and tired of it I’m building a group I need people to gather and we will gather I want to be at their front door their front step their front do’s why is gobank closed I say why where’s my money and who do I deal with and why do I have to deal with and when I do I’m going to know that I will do anything in my power to get my money back that is mine I will overtake this and overcome this by any means I need a group meaning mean a group to help me conquer before we go to war on the 3rd of my Billings

  • Mary Jane Ortiz says:

    I’m sorry to say but I’m not racist but those people there seem to be from not American people how could consumer & BBB & federal reserves aloud this type of business to do us Americans like this. its crazy how they aloud them to take money from us the American people/

  • Marie says:

    I’m going to SUE GoBank that’s what we all need to do because they are stealing are money and putting us on hold without any answers to why point blank and guess what i want my money period ASAP

  • Jimmy Henderson says:

    I need my money back on my card today

  • Empress J says:

    I was scammed out of $400 dollars. I gave them receipt and a picture of the front of the card and back they said they going to investigate. I called June 14 they said they mailed out my refund check of $400 dollars. I called today to found out what’s going on gave me a run around had me on hold for the longest. Supurervise are just dumb and then they tell me I not get my money back and it was not me I want answers. I’m a single mother of 5 kids. No investigation was never done all I want is my money I will shut your business down. Please call me 9297323529. I’m a very angry customer I’m want answers from the ceo…

    • ashley says:

      SAME exact issue, $418 was placed on hold while I tried to purchase some shoes 3 weeks ago. the merchant didn’t receive the money because of the hold which there shouldnt have ever been a hold on my card in the first place. but the money was taken off my card. i’ve spoken to over 7 people and they all said different things. first i was told i didnt purchase anything, then i was told the payment was declined… then i was told oh hey i see the transactions two was declined and the third one went through. The biggest lie of them all that was told to me was that the money was released back to my card. I’am beyond upset and really will like to take this to court

  • Nicolee johnsob says:

    They don’t refund ur money when you dispute don’t use it

  • Kristin Dodd says:

    They won’t give me my money I transfered in to go2bank 4 days ago

  • Angela Kirby says:

    My account has been locked because of a reason that they still can’t explain and as of today it has been a month and no one ever calls back or gives me access to my hard earned money

  • Portia Love says:

    I had a Go Bank card for over 3 years. I closed my account because of a poor customer service issue. That didn’t seem to matter to your customer service people. Is GO Bank doing so well that they feel they can lose customers? I called today because I need to get the last 8 numbers of my card. Not the entire number, just the last 8! I actually have the last 4, so all they needed to give me is the 4 numbers previous to the last 4. The agent refused to give it to me. I asked to speak to a supervisor. His name is Dexter–if he even gave me his real name. He refused to give me the number stating it was for security reasons after I verified my name, address, phone number and social security number. He tried to give me an explanation regarding someone using the card information. I asked him what good would it do for someone to have the card number to a closed account? What could they do? And, I told him again, that I don’t need the whole card number, I only need the last 8 numbers. I even explained to him that I needed to give this information to the IRS and so it was very important. Did he care? No! He was very smart-ass, as if it didn’t matter to him that I called the corporate office, and told me to go ahead and call them. He also refused to give me the phone number. I am so angry. I need someone contact me ASAP at 402-813-0380. Thank you, Portia V. Love.

    • Carl says:

      I had the same thing; account closed for “unusual activity” and no way to get money back. Contact your local attorney general’s office.

  • Nancy says:

    No one speaks English well enough to work customer service. I’ve been attempting to set up my GoBank card all week. Spoke to a supervisor, call disconnected and did not have the courtesy to call back.
    Would not accept a 4 digit passcode
    Had me listed for 2 cards when only one was ordered


  • Issac says:

    Go bank fraudulently closed my account & refuse to refund me my money 20k. This is a shit show of a company! I wouldn’t recommend doing any sort of banking with these thieves. FDIC has been called

    • Tracy says:

      I’m currently dealing with the same issue. Were you able to get any help?

    • Shah says:

      Hi Issac, Sorry to hear that. I am going through same situation now. Could you please share with me how you solved this problem. I complain to FDIC, BBB and waiting for their reply.

  • Laticia Rice Chatman says:

    Green Dot closed my account with over 5700. Im heartbroken that a company this big and NO customer service at all. I mean can’t even get someone on phone. I contacted BBB and FDIC. A shame I had a good relationship with green Dot until they stool my money n closed my account.Never heard of a bank doing this.

  • Mike C from Belleview Fl and a single father of two struggling to eat! says:

    All these mother fucking crooks are doing is buying time before rectifying(if they ever do) to move our money around to get as much out of it that they can. So quick to take your money and slow as fuck to give it back. I’ve been on the phone for two days because I deposited my entire paycheck on the card because my bank account is overdrawn from being unemployed and waited on the phone for an hour and a half one time and 30 minutes the next for them to tell me they have already sent out a refund check and will be here 7-10 business days… how the fuck am I suppose to care for two toddlers with no electricity, no gas and no fucking door for 7-10? No Mr. Henry, how about you and few others top execs do the right thing and reach in your own god damn wallet… Better yet.. how about you just do what I did and send me all of your money… I PROMISE TO GIVE YOU ACCESS TO YOUR MONEY ON THE CARD YOU PAID FOR AFTER 7-10 business days… let’s see how many steak and lobster dinners u miss then.. let’s see how many “friends” you actually have… smh.. sorry excuse for a man!

  • edward williams says:

    Hi this side edward william from go bank, if you have any query related to any issues you can call me on my number-4802679435

    • Jenn J says:

      Hi Edward i have been calling go bank for 6 days now getting no resolution. I opened this account in 2019 but the new card I have they say hasn’t been activated yet. I have $270.00 on my account and cant get it activated due to I no longer have the phone number that originally on file. So I cant verify it by automated system. And if I try through app I cant get in acct dont have same email I had back in 2019 either. I mean I need my money they let me load while not activated.

    • Nicolee johnsob says:

      How did u get ur refund

    • Gina weaver says:

      Go bank stole my money I have two kids getting evicted and it’s their mess up not mine

  • Cindy bowman says:

    Bs sorry as place stole all my money

  • John Gravinese says:

    How has this company been allowed to do business, especially banking? There’s absolutely positively no way to get a GoBank rep on the phone, my account is locked, when I put my info in, it continues to doesn’t match check web address on back of card, I can def read at a 1st grade level so I’m def on the right site, to even say that to anyone is insulting especially when the incompetentcy & ZERO chance of talking to a rep, & the hours upon hours wasted, getting no where! I’ll end by saying Hey Steve whatever your name is, Mr CEO how bout we lock up all your CC & Debit cards & nothing at all can turn them back on because u have to talk to a live representative for security reasons, so u can’t pay your bills or feed your family, that’s exactly what your shit company is doing to people!

  • Richard says:

    I have a GoBank card that from last year did not come to me…so I had to use the temporary card for months. I filed my taxes and they STILL deposited it to the account that I used last year.i put in three request for the card and it never came through. The temporary card is LONG gone, I threw out because I could never access my money and I can’t even access the stimulus money that they deposited on the card. They even put my tax refund on there too, even though I clearly updated my bank account info on there. They LIE to and say that on the 17th there will be a portal where you can put your updated bank info…which you can’t do so I tried the non filers bc I get disability even though it said not to. They lied and said they would deposit the payment in the disability account, which they never did and they also never had a site where you can update your payment info. When I was finally able to check, I see they deposited it on old account from last year. Can’t get in contact with any customer service people, and they also lied and told me that they have this “portal” to update payment information….I’m like lies once again because they done already deposited it into several peoples wrong bank account. The account is still open, so now while I wait to get
    My money I will have to wait until I get in contact with customer service. So unprofessional…when Obama was president I got my stimulus on time and on updated tax return accounts, not from accounts from 2018 or 2017 smh. Now I am being evicted bc I promised I would pay my now former roommate the whole back pay check and I don’t have my card. They say they can’t ship to a a pro box which is crazy but my address is not a po nox. Sounds like this company is wearily off ripping over several millions of people’s bread. Then some governor, she had the nerve to say she has not heard any complaints. NONSENSES. Several million people complained within the first hour they could
    Check on the status of their payment. Just tacky and unprofessional

  • Richard says:

    I am in the process of trying to get my stimulus check money. I filed my 2018 taxes last year and had it deposited on card. I never got the card, and I requested a replacement three times already. I filed my 2019 taxes and despite me updating to a new account and bank, they sent it to the same account from last year. I threw out the temporary card weeks ago. Now I can’t access my money and can not get ahold on customer service to find out how I can get my money and card. Very pooor company I understand there is a virus but I still think it’s very shitty they have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS AVAILABLE. They lie and say they are all busy when really they are just not there. My will be filling a lawsuit and probably will be a class action suit considering several other people have complained about their unprofessional manner.

  • Drenton Davis says:

    I have been trying to contact Go Bank for days. I do understand that Cov-19 has caused a lot of unforeseen circumstances. However, I don’t understand what I can’t get through the phone lines at all. I call all day long trying to get assistance with my password. Unfortunately, I’m prompted with the message “We’re Not Taking Calls AtThis Time.” All other banks are accepting calls except Green Dot, Go Bank, and Netspend.

  • Crystal C. says:

    Hey Mr CEO of Go Bank. Ready for the FDIC, Better Business Bureau, and Ohio Attorney General’s office to contact you? Your practice of lying and holding my money is going to have consequences. Your canned email response from Go Bank customer service is a joke!!!! Reach out to me? Another bunch of lies and and from Go Bank? No Thank you. Check Yelp and You Tube sometime Mr. CEO of Go Bank. I hope this sham company is out of business ASAP!!!

    • Michael Yandle says:

      Yes I agree they have over 7500 that I Cannot get back lying no return calls this is a joke . I’M 68 years old and need my money back. Phone number 843 742 1341.
      Please get back you’re people would get return money on March 18 my
      Please advise on email dy1424@netzero.net

  • Sueann G. says:

    I have been trying to get ahold of a human for weeks now. I can not activate my card can not use the money I put on it $100 and I and ticket off. If someone can

  • Arnold says:

    Attempted to contact their corporate office as when I contacted customer service to try to see if there was a way to remedy a situation the rep was rude, dismissive and use canned scripts on me. As expected the attempt to contact Corporate just routed me back to Customer Service who were not helpful again, and actually just hung up. So I planned to close this account as soon as funds I deposited clear and can be withdrawn.

  • Dwight says:

    Follow up to Green Dot Go Bank. Paris reached out to me and helped a LOT!!!! Green Dot does care about how their customers get treated. I am now slowly getting my faith in this company back. .

  • Dwight says:

    Hey Mr CEO of Go Bank. Ready for the FDIC, Better Business Bureau, and Illinois Attorney General’s office to contact you? Your practice of lying and holding my money is going to have consequences. Your canned email response from Go Bank customer service is a joke!!!! Reach out to me? Another bunch of lies and and from Go Bank? No Thank you. Check Yelp and You Tube sometime Mr. CEO of Go Bank. I hope this sham company is out of business ASAP!!!

  • Mr Phillips says:

    The bank that steals money now we know how you got so wealthy! Fraudulently taking people’s money with disclosure’s that people can’t read until after the fact. Selling private information to third party now get this? When you are no longer our customer we CONTINUE TO SHARE YOUR INFORMATION ie SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER oh YOU STOLE MY MONEY AND REFUSE TO RETURN COURT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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