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The Gillette company is in Boston, MA, the United States, as part of the Cutlery and Handtool Manufacturing industry. The Corporate has over 28700 workers across all its locations. It generates around $960.30 million in sales in a year. The Gillette company corporate family has 788 companies. The Company started in 1901, and the headquarters is at 1 Gillette Park 02127-1096, Boston, MA United States. The company website is The Company supplies its products worldwide, including personal care products, shaving supplies, and safety razors. The Gillette company was the previous owner of the corporate, and the current owner is Procter and gamble.

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  • Steve Jorgensen says:

    If Gillette is a Boston based company and has the naming rights to the Patriots stadium in Foxboro, whose thoughtless idea is to to have Josh Allen (QB of the “nemesis Buffalo Bills”) starring in Gillette commercials?
    1. Josh Allen always sports facial hair (not exactly a regular shaver)
    2.It’s a slap in the face to Bostonians and die hard Pats fans
    3. Why not get a beloved Patriot like Julian Edelman or Mac Jones for those commercials?
    C’Mon Gillette!!!
    Steve J.

  • Nikolay Kartounov says:

    Dear Gary Coombe,
    I submitted my idea for heated razer May 2015 (assigned record #2015-0001701) and your company use my idea without even I a penny to received. I can’t afford a patent, but still I think deserve some reward. What about if I have another good idea?

  • Christine Shanholtz says:

    Mr Coomb
    How about not using women with ugly tattoos in shaving is fine but upper leg etc is ugly and offensive to people who like their body as God gave them

  • Kathleen E. says:

    Dear Gillette,
    Thank you for creating great products. I will be sending a letter with more details regarding my comments to the headquarters. Thank you again for making our lives just a bit easier!


    Dear Gary Coombe CEO,

    I purchased a couple of cans of Gillette Foamy last week and I was shocked that a scent was added to the product. It smells like a cheap cologne that a teenage boy would wear. It make me gag! I have been using your shaving cream for decades and I can’t stand the new scent! I will be returning my two cans of shaving cream for a refund. I have noticed a lot of online complaints about the new scent. I hope you start producing the old formula ASAP! Until then I will be looking for an alternative.


    William Bates
    Palm Springs, CA

  • meg says:

    I am SHOCKED at your TV commercial using the word ‘PUBIC’ hair….and will NOT buy any more blades for my Venus until it is removed….if I have to switch to Schick,
    I WILL ! Its about DECENCY !

    • John says:

      What a disgusting TV AD–showing a “Venus” razor shaving pubic hair–if I needed a shaver for my face I wouldn’t buy a Gillette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Beth Gunther says:

      I agree with the above comment. Just saw the Pubic hair commercial, disgusting!!!

  • amy dipasquale says:

    I am disgusted and appalled at the process in which I have been going thru after the passing of my Father in Law. He worked for Gillette for 25 years and had an ESOP(along with other retirement options), which we have been trying to cash out for 3 months now! Every time I call, I get the same run around and nothing moves forward. I try to speak with someone who can help, but they claim that there is nobody who can help because it is all ticket based and they are waiting . I want action from Gillette NOW. I will take this to the news if I have to. This is outrageous!

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