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A biotechnology company, Gilead Sciences has been known for its work in biopharmaceuticals. The company conducts researches and creates drugs to beat viral diseases like HIV, Influenza, and Hepatitis B and C. The company operates at a global level and is usually in news for various purposes. With such a widespread global network of customers, employees, partners, media, and whatnot, there are hundreds of thousands of inquiries generated for the company. For this reason, people find a need to contact the company headquarters. The reasons why people want to contact the company may differ from person to person. There is a whole list of such reasons, below:

  • Requesting information about the medicine
  • Requesting information about the supply and distribution
  • Enquiries about being a supplier
  • Queries about career opportunities
  • Requesting partnership
  • Queries about the stock investment
  • Queries or complaints about the commercial return policy
  • Complaints about the products
  • Queries by media or investors

Besides these, there can be other reasons too. So, now let’s have a look at how the company can be contacted.

Ways to Contact Gilead Sciences


One of the most sure-shot and old-school ways of contacting a company is by visiting or writing to their head office or headquarters. You can do that in the case of Gilead Sciences as well. Here is the physical address of the company headquarters:

333 Lakeside Dr, Foster City, CA 94404, United States

Phone Number

If you’re seeking one-to-one attention for a genuine complaint or query, you can contact the company headquarters via phone. The company has different numbers dedicated to the queries and complaints under different subjects. However, one universal number to contact them is given below:

+1 650-574-3000

Fax Number

In case you are looking forward to sending some documents to the company headquarters via Fax, here is their fax number too:

(650) 578-9264

Email Address

If you don’t have the time to visit, write, or call the headquarters of the company, you can simply write an email and wait for your feedback or complaint to be screened by their team. With robust customer support like they have, we are sure your email will be addressed in no time. Here is their email address:



For all the other information about the company, their headquarters, and contacts, you can visit their website and find what you have been looking for. Their official website is mentioned below:


Gilead Sciences Headquarters Info & Photos

The Foster City headquarters of Gilead Sciences is spread across an area of 192,000 square feet. The building is a combination of different wings or sections including laboratory, research group, and development group. The entire premises include labs, offices, production suites, a warehouse, and a packaging and labeling section. The headquarters building design is based on the idea of energy efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Gilead Sciences Headquarters
Gilead Sciences Corporate Office Photo

Gilead Sciences Headquarters List

S. No.





Av. del Libertador 101 ABB



level 6/417 St Kilda Rd Melbourne



Park Lane, C, Culliganlaan 2 Machelen



Building 1, Century Link Office Building, No. 1198 Century Ave. Shanghai



600-6711 Mississauga Rd Mississauga

Gilead Sciences Headquarters Executive Team

Daniel O’Day

Chairman and CEO

The chairman and CEO of Gilead Sciences, Daniel joined the company in 2019. He is a graduate in biology and went to Columbia University in New York for his MBA. Before joining Gilead Sciences, Daniel O’Day worked as the CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals where he worked for over thirty years. He has been a member of many boards like Foundation Medicine, Roche’s Corporate Executive Committee, Genentech, Flatiron Health, etc.

Andrew Dickinson

Chief Financial Officer

Looking after the IT operations, global finance, strategy organization, and corporate development of Gilead Sciences, Andrew is currently working as the CFO of the company. He joined the company in 2016 and before that, he served as the Vice President of Corporate Development and General Counsel at Myogen Inc. – a company later acquired by Gilead Sciences. He went to the University of Colorado and Loyola University of Chicago.

Michael L. Riordan


Michael L. Riordan was a medical doctor who founded Gilead Sciences under the name of Oligogen in 1987. He served as the CEO of the company from the year of its start to 1996. He went to Washington University, John Hopkins School of Medicine, and Harvard Business School.

Name Title
Stacey Ma Executive Vice President Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing
Flavius Martin Executive Vice President Research
Jyoti Mehra Executive Vice President Human Resources
Johanna Mercier Chief Commercial Officer
Merdad Parsey MD PhD Chief Medical Officer
Cindy Perettie Executive Vice President Kite
Deborah H. Telman Executive Vice President Corporate Affairs and General Counsel

About Gilead Sciences


Gilead Sciences was founded in 1987 and has seen many acquisitions and expansions since then. In the beginning, Michael Riordan, the founder of the company, wanted to focus only on antiviral medicines when he came in contact with Dengue Fever. In December 1999, the company acquired NeXstar Pharmaceuticals, which gave it the rights to sell AmBisome, a gold standard medicine for fungal infections. The medicine was then approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration in 2000, for the treatment of HIV. In 2001, another medicine Viread was approved by the administration for the treatment of HIV. From then on, till this date, the company has acquired many companies and released numerous medicines, thriving in the field of medicine.


Gilead Sciences is a pharmaceuticals and biotechnology company that operates at a global level. The company works on the agenda of creating innovative drugs and medicines for fatal diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, Influenza, etc. The operations of the company are research-based and it works in the direction of discovering medical solutions for medical needs that haven’t been met yet.


  • The name Gilead is taken from an ancient medical balm, mentioned in the Bible
  • The company won its first drug approval in 1996, 9 years after it was found
  • The company didn’t earn any profits for almost 14 years
  • The assets of the company by 2019 were totaled at US$61.63 billion
  • Gilead has nearly 12,000 employees at the moment

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