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  • Address: 1149 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, PA 17013, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 888 814 4268
  • Number of Employees: 35000
  • Established: 1923
  • Founder: David Javitch
  • Key People: Nicholas Bertram

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Glennis Harris

Senior Vice President of Customer Experience

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Dave Lessard

Vice President of Fresh Merchandising

Rebecca Lupfer

Vice President of Center Store Merchandising

Matt Lutcavage

Vice President of Team Experience

Julie Morales

Vice President of Finance

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  • Anonymous says:

    The Giant in Willow Grove, PA needs updating. The customer rest room is disgusting. The doors are broken, the handicap stall is operable. What would you do if someone that actually needed that stall needed to go and couldn’t? This needs to be a priority people should feel safe in a bathroom and not worried that anyone could swing a door open. This is a liability and should be top priority.

  • Robert Lucchese says:

    Today in Exeter Township, PA 19606… A bus for TRUMP is parked in the Giant Parking Lot and giving away free Trump gifts. If your store is supporting Trump then you just lost a lot of customers. Do some thing to distance yourself from political boycott.

  • Beth Laderer says:

    I’d like to thank you for the pick up service you offer. I’ve got back problems and this is a life saver. I use the Giant on Backlick and Braddock road in VA. They are great.

  • None says:

    It’s a shame when your sick and mangers give you an attitude about it!!!

  • Jane Sowers says:

    I was at the store on March 11. I scanned my groceries and when I went to get the receipt it said void. I scanned the groceries again and it came up to $29… . I went home and looked at my bank account and both transactions were there. Please send me a credit for $29.00. This is the third time I am requesting this refund.

  • Barbara Dixon says:

    My sister and I were shopping at the Chemical Rd store in Plymouth Meeting PA. I needed 2 rain checks and wanted to play the Powerball. I waited for about 10-15 minutes then a lady came walking by with register drawers and looked directly at me. She didn’t speak or anything just proceeded in to the back. I figured she was putting the cash away so 15 minutes or more when by so my back was killing me I can’t stand like that I need back surgery I asked the cashier who had just finished checking out a customer can she give a raincheck and she said no
    but would check so she went and talked to the lady in the back who I heard so oh no she’s out of luck the customer service closed at 9. Well if she had came and waited on
    me instead of ignoring me there wouldn’t have been a problem. If the front was closed when she came by me she could of informed me then instead of having me stand aggravating my back even more. All she was worried about was rushing out of there. I was so annoyed because this wasn’t the first time dealing with this rude woman! All I wanted was my rain check for Musslemans AppleSauce and Carnation French Vanilla Creamer. When Spence was the store manager this store was a lot better. i don’t know whats going on with it now!

  • Kathleen Sheridan says:

    What is going on with store #6485? The shelves are bare, and this is not something new. Last night, my husband and I went to the Mount Joy store to buy chicken, among other things, and there were only chicken wings and thighs available. Nothing else. Many things were also not available such as seltzer, tissues, and frozen vegetables. Again, this has been going on for a while now but is much worse now.

  • Diane Woods says:

    I shop at the Grant Ave store in Philadelphia. I was just wondering why they dont have any carts? People are fighting in the parking lot for carts, aren’t people under enough stress these days, do we really have to add this to our list of stress. Could someone ask that store to put the carts back. Even during the pandemic when the store was pack with people and long lines, their were always carts to use, i did ask someone who works at the store where are all the carts they said they are all being used. So what two carts. Please ask that store to put their shopping carts back.

  • Christine Katsapis says:

    I find it very sad that 200+ little league teams that are predominantly boys are supported by Giant and bragged about in Giant Savory but zero softball teams (predominantly girls) are supported. Maybe Giant should support 200+ softball teams next year instead.

  • anthony jackson says:

    the store in audubon treats their people like dirt. cindy is a racist.

  • Saint John's Church says:

    I need to update an authorized signature list at two of your stores what is the new process.

  • Sarah Orlick says:

    I usually shop at Giant Saratoga Shopping Center, Springfield, VA. I would like to know why I have to bag my own groceries?? One cashier hands me, my bags that I brought, and tells me to bag them? Why? I’m not shopping at a “budget” grocery store but I don’t understand why I have to do it??? Any answer would be appreciated? Its so annoying that I am ready to go elsewhere, even though it will be farther.

  • Sue Shirk says:

    I’m trying to get a message to my nephew that works for Giant Groceries. He Transferred from the Lebanon store several years ago and we lost contact. His father died yesterday and I was hoping using your records you could give him this information. If you can help me please ask him to call his aunt Susie at 717-5747918.

  • Sarah Evelyn Snowberger says:

    I find that Giant cares about its customers. The unique feature about the Giant card is they also can track your likes and dislikes. So, when one is asked to round up for a donation why can’t they run a total of donations at the bottom as the calculate grocery points. I round up but there have been customers in front of me that not only round up but contribute addition money.
    I think it would be a great thank you to your customers for them to be able to have a running total of their contributions.
    As a former professional I tried for about a year to suggest to employees to make this recommendation but they seem shy to do so.
    Thank you for your time

  • Thomas Mayhew says:

    I am a long time shopper at your store. I am reaching out to customer service but no luck with dealing with then. I recently had 1500 reward points taken from my flexible rewards account for no reason I spent a lot of money to accumulate them and not to get them removed for no reason. My card # is 440024185909 can you please help me?

  • Terry Peck says:

    I saw where your hives were heisted, so sorry to hear this, we have a dog kennel for ours would like to share a photo! Thank you send me an email to forward pic thx Terry

  • Annette says:

    I am wondering when you are going to stock the fish for the “fishing POT HOLES” in the Gettysburg Giant parking lot??? I mean I was told that the whole parking lot was going to be fixed last year. yes I know we are in a “pandemic” but if someone took the time to “temporarily” fill the pot holes…….well guess what……….they are back and just as big if not bigger and more of them. I don’t know if anyone from “higher” up reads these comments……but believe me, I will find someone to hear my complaint. Its not just one or two holes………..its ALOT OF HOLES………… how about fixing them up. I spend at least 600 to 800 dollars each month (and that was before prices went up)…… imagine that amount times a thousand or more that come thru the store in one months time…………..FIX THE DANG BLASTED POT HOLES OR BETTER YET……….REDO THE WHOLE DANG BLASTED PARKING LOT.

  • BabyBlueAllSta7 says:

    This morning, I was about $2.00 short on my debit card. I asked the Self-Checkout clerk to please remove one item that would assist me in covering the remaining order to be paid for.

    A manager/supervisor was called from the back to assist with the problem.

    She at first couldn’t resolve the issue, and on about the 3rd try she turned around and asked me, “Is this on foodstamps?”

    The two other clerks looked at each other shocked and both said, “NO!” And I chimed in, “No, it was on my debit card!”

    I was fuming and just wanted to leave.

    I do not appreciate a white person insinuating that just because I was short $2.00, that I was using foodstamps to pay for my food.

    Not all Black/African Americans are on welfare and receive public assistance. I have worked since I was 16 and have NEVER been on welfare.

    I will NEVER shop at this location again, even if it is literally 3 minutes from my home. I will travel to the store in Blue Bell and hope I will be treated with more dignity and respect than what I received today at the Audubon, PA store.

  • Valerie m Gates says:

    I worked for this company for a year, and there was only $2.00 taken out how was that possible?

  • Maureen says:

    My son slipped and fell in one of your stores over the weekend because the sprinklers above the produce were broken and soaked the floor. No one asked how my son was even tho he was hysterically crying. He slammed his chin on the produce case and his knee on the ground. They asked for my information and told me I would get a call and that a nurse would reach out. I have heard from no one. My son could have been extremely hurt and I am disgusted at how he was treated.

  • Todd Rodgers says:

    Glenn is Harris you have a problem on your hands. Your Emmaus Ave. Allentown, PA location double charged me and are helping me get my money back. The ASM I talked to said it happens all the time.
    Sir it is expensive to get a customer, Cheaper to keep a customer and free to treat customers well. To lose customers over lack of customer service skills should concern you. In an Era of social media how many customers could you lose?

  • Ellen Solotar says:

    I live near willow grove PA. I have gone to your superstore at least once week . Lately the store has empty shelves and 2 people to ck you out. I dont know what the problem is but my friends and i are going to switch over to Acme. Which has more help at registers etc

  • GEORGE Watters says:

    5TH WEEK IN A ROW if i shop before service desk opens then i have to go back no need for this to happen

  • hank says:


  • Brian Deangelis says:

    I was at your store on 1605 lititz pike in Lancaster pa and BoB and I believe Kim where standing there talking and there was 4 people in line with big orders. We do Instacart and time is money in our book. I walked up to them and asked them there names and mentioned to them I was contacting the home office. I mentioned to them that they had large orders and I felt they could have been helping instead of talking. They split up. I still had to bag my own grocery’s. One went over to the customer service area and started telling people where to go. Are your management team not able to work? They have Starbucks there. That wasn’t opened either.

  • Diane Boyle says:

    I need my Giant to get their own brand of saltine crackers in!! As well as Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate juice!

  • John says:

    During the recent snows and freezing weather the parking lot snow plows were stacking the snow in the Disabled parking spaces in front of your store. I spoke to the Giant Mgr if they could call someone and tell them not to do that! I was surprised that they had no number. Who would they call if you had a leaky roof?
    Thanks for the Internet I found the owner of the facility and mgr. Snow was removed from disabled parking spaces.

  • Michael Rex Hooker says:

    I am alarmed and quite disturbed at the amount of paper that has to be given to me each time I collect a prescription from my wonderful Giant Pharmacy in New Hope, PA. I collected 4 scripts the other day and received with it 11 sheets of paper, this happens every month. It is an absolute waste & hate to think how much paper Giant Pharmacy goes through every year, Perish the thought. Imagine what harm this is doing to the environment with tree’s being felled, Paper mills processing, petrol being used for transporting this heavy product, etc.

    Can I not sign for my regular monthly scripts 1x per year to acknowledge I am aware how to take my meds etc, instead of being given a full wasteful print out every time? (132 sheets of paper per year, minimum for just me). How many customers are signed up to Giant Pharmacy Nationwide?…..can someone do the math?

    Surely there should be a system in place that allows this oneoff acknowledgment of medications? Or can management look into implementing a system for this?

    Thank you & Sincerely,
    Michael Hooker, Bucks County, PA.

  • GEORGE Watters says:

    looking for email adddress for corporate? 4th week in a row i buy bonus item didnt show up on recept only say 13 pts shouldve been 513 so NOW i have to go to store to have fixed? 4th week in a row since customer service isnt open at 8 am saturday becoming a hassle .is there a problem like outdated system? royersford pa store

  • Nancy says:

    I used giant direct and who ever did the shopping got 6 items wrong. I got 6 items that belong to another customer. So In turn another customer got my items. I’m very unsatisfied. Now I have to go shopping for the right items.

  • Pat says:

    My daughter was shopping at your store in Charlottesville and saw a naked chest woman coming toward her? How nobody stopped her? How she was not arrested for indecent exposure??and I have a picture to prove it!

  • Irene says:

    Cashiers should be required to wear masks.

  • Anda Staab says:

    I am a long time customer of your East Stroudsburg, PA store on Lincoln Road. I am now doing all my grocery shopping online with curbside pick-up because of the surge in Omicron cases of Covid19. Today, the store employee who brought my order to my car was not wearing a mask. This shows a lack of respect for me as well as being foolhardy. I do not want unmasked people breathing into my car. If this continues, I will have to look elsewhere for my grocery needs.

  • Louis Franck says:

    My wife and I are longtime and loyal patrons of Giant Food grocery store located in Cherryvale Shopping Center in Reisterstown MD store # 322. There is a clerk at this store who is Kim Greenblatt. Kim works in the store flower dept who, is very skilled and knowledgeable in every aspect of her department. She is very knowledgeable of every flower and an expert in her display of her merchandise. Aside of being a professional in her arrangement she will help me to make the wight decision for any special occasion that is needed. Kim treats all of her customers with a personal touch of passion in her work. I only hope Kim will be at this store whenever my wife and I stop in to do our weekly shopping.

  • annette.jones@maryland .gov says:

    I have tried to call the pharmacy several time this week at the Upper Marlboro location and all the phone does is ring and ring. When I call the main line and asked if she would ask the pharmacy to answer the phone I was sent right back to the pharmacy and still no answer. Not happy with the customer service.

  • Teir Siegfried says:

    I would like to know who decided that only spiral hams are free. I don’t like them. I’ve been unemployed for quite some time and money is most definitely scarce. I’m thinking I’ll probably change grocery stores. It’s a shame the almighty dollar even affects corporate. I am so disappointed with Giant now.

  • Ted Feerrar says:

    My wife and I were at the Walnut Bottom store this evening. The deli department would be embarrassing to any manager. Empty dishes, many. I like your chicken salad it hard a hard crust sitting there way to long my guess. We rarely use that store, have not experienced that at Spring Garden.

  • KJB says:

    Was looking at the ingredients for Giants (Non Dairy) French Vanilla Powder and it has dairy in it.

  • Kristina Sigg says:

    I have been going to your Bensalem, PA location for 15 years. There is one employee who consistantly has a smile on her face and is always very pleasant and willing to help someone out. She had actually been sent to another store for a while but is back now. Her name is Jamie Holden, she is a true asset to your company and deserves recognition.

  • Yvonne says:

    Went to your wind gap location today to buy deli items. Asked for a sample of cheese and was denied due to covid restrictions. And i could understand this except for the facts 1) employees were not wearing mask 2)Empmoyees were not wearing hair nets and hair was below the shoulders 3) two of the employees were chewing gum

  • Pat McCurdy says:

    You need to update your Mask policies for employees. I called after stopping at the Mechanicsburg store and was told as of May, if an employee is vaccinated, they don’t need to wear a mask. CDC guidelines have changed. Masks are recommended even for vaccinated people, plus I have no way of knowing who is vaccinated. No employee maintained social distancing.A total disregard for the health of your employees and customers.

  • Diane says:

    Was shopping at the store in Dunkirk, MD this evening purchasing food items for a Boy Scout Troop to help feed the hungry. Wanted to buy a small canned ham for a
    family Thanksgiving Dinner, but none to be found. Are there certain times of year these hams can be found in the store(s)? P.S. The Dunkirk store has a wonderful staff always willing to help the customer. Very clean too.

  • Kevin Schaffer says:

    No one to complain, but I shop at the Giant in Nazaerth. I have on several occasions over the past 2 or 3 months noticed a problem in the men’s room toilet. The toilet seat is about to fall off!!! I guess customer safety is not a high priority at this store and yes I told 3 people about this situation over the past several months!!!! Today I checked again and it still is not fixed!!! What a shame that nobody cares enough to fix this simple thing.

  • Lawrence J Hohner says:

    I have a complaint regarding the Deli Department at the Trexlertown, PA store. I am a regular weekly customer that comes in the store every weekend for my Deli. Today, I had a horrible experience with a deli worker who threw the meat on the machine and did not listen to what I wanted regarding my deli meats. I asked for thin sliced and to see how it was cut and the worker pretty much threw it and then cut it thick. I told him I did not want my order cut that way and he threw the meat and left. I don’t think I was unreasonable but the customers said I was correct as did the employees. Supposedly, he is an issue and has had many issues with the customers. This is not what a store should express. This is the only Giant in the area and to be treated this way is horrendous. I then went to the store manage “Mike” and I complained to him and he said he would take care of it. Is this the way Giant treats their customers? Besides nothing on the shelves and higher prices, you have the experience of nasty workers??? This is NOT right.


    I am an 85 year old very capable able-bodied woman. The GIANT SUPERMARKET on Boot Road is literally a stone’s throw from my home in the gated community of Hersheys Mill.
    Naturally I shop there because of its proximity. It is not my market of choice though.
    I spend a lot of money at this store and pharmacy.
    For the past FOUR WEEKS I have been trying to purchase large bags of frozen blueberries. FOUR WEEKS!!
    One of the managers told me ‘there’s a shortage of blueberries’! REALLY??
    My daughter finally brought me four HUGE bags of frozen blueberries from Wegmans. How come there is no shortage there? Or at LIDL’S in Exton?
    The only reason this Giant does well is due only to the convenience for this over-55 community!!
    Clearly no one cares enough to even TRY to get me (a great customer) the blueberries I need.
    That’s my reason for contacting you.
    It is definitely not a good store. And we all know that. BUT…… you need to know that customer service there is very poor. You need a whole new management. I’ve known this for all the years this Giant took over from Genuardi’s. There is a bad odor in the fish department and I NEVER get seafood there. I hope my complaint gets to the President, because he should know.
    I look forward to hearing from him.

  • Timothy Dulin says:

    My Credit One Credit card number was used at the Giant Gas Station at the 2550 Grant Road Philadelphia PA for $63.80.

    I live in San Diego CA and the card has never left my wallet. An employee at that store had to manually input my card.

    I called the store and was put on hold several times. I spoke finally to a Front End Manager named Ronnie. She put me on hold again. I finally got the Operator Christina stop and listen to me. I explained again that there was a dishonest employee. She didn’t put me on hold but said to a Male sitting next to her ” Can you take this call? His name was Shawn. Relayed the information again and I asked for the Store Manager Aaron Abrahms . He said he was off and he couldn’t believe someone there would do that. I told him to call Aaron and give him my number on 9-23 and never got a call back from anyone at Giant.
    So I sent a detailed Giant Message Center to Ashley Flowers again repeating and asking her to Get a hold of the Store and get back to me. Again no call from anyone again

    So tomorrow I will call the CEO Nicholas Bertram and hope that we can get to the bottom of this interstate fraud by a Giant Philadelphia Employee.
    I see several negative posts about this company and hope they can have their Loss Prevention Investigate and prosecute the responsible employee.

  • Alicia Dorr says:

    I won’t address the lack of inventory of items I need, that is ongoing. However, today was the limit. I am 83 and cripple, daughter shops for me on Saturday. She forgot the cat food and called, was told it would have my name if I could pick up. I did, with great effort today and while on a cane. Short, black woman who has been there for very long time, was at door jawboning with a customer. Another customer waited at empty CS counter, I finally asked cashier, was told she would be there soon. Waited, both showed up finally. White cashier, told her, she rude from her first attitude. She tossed cans at me, I brought to her attention that no gas points were noted on receipt, she said no card had been entered, I told her daughter had told me she put in phone #, she said no and brought to my attention bottom of receipt, still rude. I told black lady she was rude, she did not even look at me, she walked past both of us with no words. White woman asked me 4 times for phone #, I gave it to her every time, all the while rudely saying, “I am trying to help you.” She told me to enter it and I did, she then repeated her mutterings, about helping me. I just asked could she please complete and I could leave, She told e to enter phone number in machine, I did, the told me to come to yet another register, still muttering, I did. This went on for far too long, she knew she had annoyed me and I was struggling to stand upright on cane and I did repeat over and over she was rude. Now I did my best to even get there. I go back to Izzy Cohen days of the customer always right but, in this case, I was and did not need her verbalizing over and over. Her demeanor was not one of helpfulness, black woman NEVER does anything for anybody, why is she even employed? Daughter has witnessed this along with me. I’ve only been in the Waldorf, Md store twice since my fall in 2016, the other time to get a much needed prescription. I cannot shop for myself and our choices here are slim to none with roaches in the Safeway. I’ve written before with no response and this may not deem it either but, it all needs to be said, if not for me but, for others. 3161 Westdale Court, Waldorf, Md 20601-2910

  • MJS says:

    You need to be educated regarding the Kosher foods that you sell at your stores. Many foods are traditionally prepared on certain holidays, that you obviously are unaware of. Ex: Rosh Hashona, the Jewish New Year. Brisket is a favorite– yet you stock tons of chicken stock/broth and absolutely NO beef stock, which is the correct item in its preparation. Moreover, you fail to stock the KOSHER variety. No other should be contrived to be appropriate.


    WHO STOLE MY MONEY? QUICK n Easy Question ! Who stole My check ???

  • Charles A Dicanio says:


  • Carmen LeVere says:

    I am new to the neighborhood of Aldan PA. I have been a customer of GIANT for many many years personally as well as I have 6 accounts I use for business purposes. I have to say I am very disappointed with the cleanliness of the store located at 539 N Oak Ave, Aldan PA 19018. The floors in the lobby and in the store itself are filthy!! I thought this may have been a one time problem but I visit this store just about daily on my way home from work to pickup items needed for dinner. It makes me wonder what the back of the store operations look like! I am inclined to not buy meats, deli items or cut fruit because of the lack of sanitary conditions.
    Hopefully someone from corporate will check into this and make some changes. It is a lovely store but it does not appear to be clean. Please help! I would like to continue to patronize my community GIANT. Thanks you

  • Tracey Woodard says:

    When will the Dover pa store restock sweet lemons?

  • Kathy Johnson says:

    I encounter a problem with Giant today. This has happened more than once. I always write my check for additional money since I do not have a debit card. I would tell the chashier about the extra amount and usually I receive my cash, Today I wrote my check for the extra amount but she put it through for the exact amount. Let me remind you that I do not have a debit card that I could go and get the extra amount. So I got screwed! I am frustrated and dissatisfied with the expectation that I should be okay with their explanation. It was not MY fault and I am very unhappy about the transaction.


    Hello, we have had letter stating that one of my son’s checks were never picked up or cashed. We were sent a letter to confirm this and remitted the info that was needed to issue a new check . I belive the amount was 222.00 $ He worked in Giant in Logan’s square in 2019 and had left due to covid. I called the store to see if it might be there but it was not .I spoke to Matt at the front end and then spoke to manager cris. they looked and said to get in touch with corp. Thank You for your attention to this matter ! Mr. Charles DiCanio. My address and Tel. is 714 Brighton way same as my son when he worked there . 917-797-4381 His S.S. # should be on your file.

  • Peggy Rock says:

    I cannot believe you are no longer carrying Taste of Inspirations Marinara Sauce. I buy dozens of jars of this every year as does everyone I know. We are SICK about this. It was the main reason I shop at Giant. And now you’re not carrying Maier’s Italian bread but have stocked Schmidt — YUCK!! It’s awful. I will just not shop at Giant anymore. There’s no reason to if that is the way it’s going to be.

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