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  • Address: 101 Kappa Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, USA
  • Phone Number: 412-963-6200
  • Fax Number: 412-968-1615
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1931
  • Founder: David Shapira
  • Key People: Laura Karet (CEO)

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Laura Shapira Karet

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Devries

Market District Senior Vice President and General Manager

Anthony Rego

Executive Officer

About Giant Eagle, History and Headquarters Information


Giant Eagle was founded in the year 1931. The company has been active for over 88 years now. The company was started by three different families together known as the Goldstein or Shapira, Porter and Chait. The former name of the company was Eagle Grocery, which was then merged with OK Grocery, started by two other families named, Weizenbaum and Moravitz. The merged was done in the year 1931. The name was then changed to Giant Eagle and was rapidly growing after World War II. During the 1980s, the company extended its stores with the help of an Ohio based wholesaler known as Youngstown. During the years 2001 and 2004, the company had entered the Toledo market. By the year 2008, the company already had 23 stores in the market of Columbus, USA. As of the year 2018, the company is planning to acquire Ricker's stores in Indiana, USA.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based on 101 Kappa Drive. The name of the city is Pittsburg, while the state name is Pennsylvania. The pin code of the area is 15238.


Giant Eagle is an American supermarket retail chain company that focuses on providing the platform for customers to purchase the highest quality of groceries for their daily uses. The company is currently ranked 49th among all the other USA retailers. The company has its retail presence in over 417 location, all over the USA. As of the year 2011, the company also earned a total sales revenue of more than $9 billion. The current number of employees working at the company is more than 36,000.


The primary services provided by the company is the providing of a unique platform for customers to shop for the top quality groceries for their daily needs. This includes the dairy, bakery, pharmacy, liquor, snacks, sushi, process Western Union money transfers, foods that are already prepared, etcetera.

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  • Tammy says:


    I have been a customer for Giant Eagle for a very very long time.
    I just came back to Giant pharmacy after being with CVS.
    Let me tell you my bad experience with the Giant Eagle Pharmacy on 1250 North Hamilton, Gahanna, Ohio.
    This happened on November 6th, 2022. at around 1600.
    We pulled up behind a car and waited 20 minutes!
    They finally got their prescription and we pulled up to find a shade pulled that said they were closed, drive thru, and they were short staffed.
    So here’s one problem, why would you give a customer ahead of us their prescription while you said you were closed and then not answer us when we rang the bell?
    Then I called. And the person who answered was named Morgan, a female. She said yes they are closed, the drive thru and that she didn’t know why people didn’t realize they were closed since they sign was up there. NO SORRY, NO nothing as far as being a polite employee towards a great and loyal customer. Nothing. I said well we waited all that time and the car ahead of us received their prescription so how we would know? She was rude and said nothing. I even told her i had to get out of my vehicle with a new diagnosed spine issue, of which i was there trying to get my first prescription, and had to wave the 6 cars behind me that the drive thru was closed. Awful. Terrible customer service. Plus no sorry nothing. Very abrasive.
    Then, i went in.
    I was mentioning to the woman that was waiting on me of the experience and this Morgan came out of nowhere and was very direct and very nasty and said yes, and pointed to the employees in the pharmacy and was going on like this is all we have etc. And i said i understand that many places have a shortage including my own work place but you could have said sorry or anything.
    She then just said rudely, take it up with customer complaint or something like that which was very insincere.
    I then went to the customer service desk and asked for a manager. I think i talked to a team lead?
    He said he was sorry and didn’t even know they were closed down??
    Not a good look for Giant Eagle.
    I spend a lot of money at your store and I feel like just stopping and going to another place that truly cares about my loyalty and me being a customer first and foremost.
    thanks for the listen.

    Tammy Gardner

  • D says:

    You are running a commercial on Roku TV at every break, today. It’s just shows pictures of products with drums playing in the background the entire time. I had a recent concussion & loud noises are unbearable. It could take 6 months until I have a complete recovery & I shouldn’t have to run over to mute it everytime the ad comes on if I am in another area of the room. It make my headaches worse. I refuse to shop at your store as long as that ad continues. It invades my life. Why should I have to mute it every time it comes on. Actually, the ad is very irritating.

  • azsah goiser says:

    my name is azsah goiser. i was a former employee at giant eagle in december 2021. i have been trying to get a copy of my termination letter from the store in south euclid, ohio. the manager tells me to come to the store to retrieve it but when i arrive, its a different story. i really need this for my housing manager and they will not help me get it. how can i get a copy of it? this is getting very aggravating. i do not know my employee number no longer and they refuse to give it to me

  • Kristy says:

    I’ve found the pharmacy at Giant Eagle in Indiana PA to be pretty much useless! I’ve been asking for years, literally years to have my meds auto-filled and receive text messages when they are ready. I’ve verified EVERY TIME that they have my correct number and yet it’s still impossible to get a text when my meds are ready. I can’t even get them on auto-fill. Even though I’ve been told every time that I’m set up for it. I’ve called before going to pick up meds, have been told they are ready. I get to the window and they won’t be ready until tmrw! I was TOLD by the person on the phone that it would be there. I even told her I would up in a little bit to get my meds. I’ve had nothing but problems with this pharmacy for years and I’ve really had it. Sometimes the drive thru is open, sometimes it’s not. Even when you go at the hours it’s to be open, it’s not! The entrance close to that pharmacy is blocked off. I don’t have time nor should I have to take my time to park, go the entire way thru the store to get to the pharmacy. If this is a ploy to make me buy more stuff by thinking I need it after I walk past it, you’re terribly wrong. By this time, I don’t even want my meds! If I don’t get somewhere by writing this. Some kind of response, I WILL be changing pharmacies before I need another med filled! Convenient location is not worth the continued inconvenience of dealing with Giant Eagle. My family has already changed pharmacies, I’ll be smart and do the same!

  • Richard Kohn says:

    I have lived on The North Side for 25 years and the Giant Eagle on Cedar Avenue has gone from bad..to better…to awful. You can never just “run in an pick something up” because there usually just two to three cashiers working with ten or more people in line. I stopped by yesterday after work (6:30 PM) only to turnaround and leave as there were two cashiers working and more than 30 people (I counted) per line. Today (October 5th) there were three cashiers working and..I kid you not..more than 40 customers waiting per line. The Customer Service light is ALWAYS turned off (I think that they are hiding) and good luck finding a manager. I know that this GE was once independently owned..and that may still be the case however this store is flying under the Giant Eagle banner and so you would think that the corporate office would be concerned. I have a business with a office in Pittsburgh and Cleveland and I would definitely want to know if my office was not tarnishing my business’ name. Because the Cedar location is “so convenient” I have always dreaded shopping there. After today, I will be shopping at Kuhn’s on McKnight.

    Fed up,

    Richard Kihn

  • Rebecca Prendergast says:

    I can’t get my local giant Eagle in north canton Ohio to answer my emails and texts regarding hamburger I bought that was spoiled. Is this how they operate am I just out the almost 16$??????

  • What is corporate giant ego policy for nepotism and favoritism says:

    What are giant eagle corporate rules and policies for nepotism and favoritism

  • Richard S Thomas says:

    My comment is in regard to your Westlake, OH pharmacy. My 96 year-old mother-in-law had put in for a refill of Levothyroxin and we were advised by instant messenger on July 29, 2022 at 10:40 AM that it was ready for pickup on July 29, 2022. When we went to pick it up, we were told that it was not ready. We could not wait, and said we would pick up later. We were notified on August 1, 2022 at 9:32AM that it was ready for pickup. Due to schedule conflicts, we were not able to immediately pick up the prescription, We were again notified on August 4, 2022 at 9:39AM that the script was ready for pick up. When we went today, August 6, 2022, to pick up we were informed that our prescription was not ready, necessitating a wait until the script was finally filled.

    I do not consider this to be service of anything other than a very low standard. I earlier moved all of my prescriptions to Walgreens when this store removed the curbside service for prescriptions. I had tried other GE locations with drive up windows, and they were usually closed because staff did not show up for work.

    I would expect a higher level of service from Giant Eagle!!

  • Lori Trainor says:

    I’ve been shopping at Giant Eagle on a weekly basis at the 7th Street location in Frederick, MD for close to 20 years now. Within the last 6 months, everytime I write a check, I have to go to the service counter because my check is over the limit they are accepting. Apparently there was no limit in the prevoius 20 years because I’ve been spending at least $300/week in groceries. Then they changed the limit to $250, and now it is $200. I shop for family of 4, and with the prices of groceries, I am going to spend more than $200-$250. I haven’t seen those days in many years. I have NEVER bounced a check, and I am in good standing with Giant Eagle. When I called corporate, they told me it was up to the Manager of the store to set the limit. When you talk to the Manager of the store, they are tell me it is corporate and they set the limit policy – they have no control. This past weekend when I went shopping there, of course they had to suspend the order and I had to to go the service counter again. However, this time, when they called up the order, the amount was different from the amount when I was checking out. My amount when originally checking out was about $318. She asked if I used my perks, which I did not. She ran it again, and then the price went up higher than the 1st time she did it. Then she spoke to the store manager. She tried it again, and the price went up again. Then the store manager came out and she ran it, and the price continued to go up. The end amount with them trying to “fix” it was $467. No items on the receipt had changed. Needless to say, it’s been about 20 minutes or so dealing with this. My ice cream is melted, my husband it totally pissed. The only thing we could do was to take all items out of the bags and then go to the register and re-check them out again. Can you believe the price was different there as well. Closer to my $318 original amount (but higher). To save time, I said use my perks to get it just below $318. Makes me wonder if there are always “glitches” and we are paying more for groceries than we should be.

    I think at this point I will be shopping somewhere else. Every week I am inconvenienced by having to go to the service counter after I’ve already checked-out. You would think for the customer that are in good standing that there was some kind of flag in your system where the customer does not have to do this every week they shop. Or bring the limited back up.

  • Thresa Lenart says:

    Why are banquet facilities that are houses inside of Giant Eagle Market Districts closed (particularly Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)? Saying it is due to Covid doesn’t make sense now, its July 2022. Restaurants are all open. Businesses are all open.


    The pharmacy is really getting bad two complaints on serious meds

  • Mindi Cicco says:

    I was at giant eagle in Canton on Tusc when a cashier named Kim was rudely waiting on 2 ppl ahead of me at the speed of snail… I still was trying to be nice and put all my groceries on the belt separated into sections cold stuff together boxed etc; to make bagging easier and hurried myself because she didn’t seem to be able to cashier properly based on what I saw the 2 ppl ahead of me… So I get up to her and am polite and say hi, she immediately starts yelling at me for how I put my stuff on the belt… I let it go and continued to try to be nice and pushed my remaining items, 3 24 packs of water and 2 18 packs of sunny D around to her so she didn’t have to transfer them to another cart… She just turns around with a huff and the rudest look and stares at me for like 5 straight minutes… I was like do you wanna hit this stuff in the cart with your gun? She looks me dead in the face and says no not really in the rudest tone and rolls her eyes… This is when all my nice left… I was like ok well call your manager then I will have her ring it up… She calls the manager and walks to someone else’s register to gossip while her manager has to do her job she refused to do but gets paid for… All this made me late for what else I was on the way to do… So I call corporate and complain about Kim because I shop there a lot… Fast forward 2ish weeks to yesterday at 355 I’m in line again… Kim is a few registers away openly mocking and harassing me for reporting her and not getting in trouble, she was as usual at another cashiers register getting paid to ruin customers days for no reason… Then as she goes to clock out whoever she was making fun of me with laugingly said you stay outta trouble Kim to mock that she didn’t get in any trouble for how terrible she treated me… I called to complain about this and the man at the call center was rude too… So now I’m leaving this and probably suing them for harassment… I never want to go back there again and shopped there 30 years… My whole family has… But I’m going to be sure Kim loses her job or they pay me for letting her stay and harass me I bet that… Retaliation and Harassment are crimes and customers do not come to their store for their employees to target them… This photo is of Kim the day she started it, no she’s not at her register which was 3; she can be found in the background at her friends register talking trash about me as she waited for her manager to come do her job… Her manager was actually pretty rude too… Giant Eagle is losing customers and it’s because they have zero expectation for their employees… They might as well make the entire store self checkout. I would rather deal with checking myself out for lower prices than any amount of what I spend paying ppl like Kim’s wages… I want to speak to a regional manager; as I informed the man on the call center line who would not let me… It will not let me insert the photo here but it’s for sure submitted on Google reviews with the whole paragraph I just copied and pasted to you…

    • Left Wing Laura says:

      Good luck suing a multi billion dollar corporation they probably have underfed Rottweiler lawyers just waiting to chomp you up.
      That’s as funny as Laura Shapiro Karat’s net worth only being 25-35 million…… Hilarious she is undoubtedly a billionaire.

  • Connie Witherite says:

    Hi I was wondering why the prepared foods, deli and seafood counters are always closed at the Chesterland Ohio store. it is the only grocery store in the town I have been in the store on four different days and the counters are always closed. What a waste of food to be just sitting there and not being sold.

  • mary maguire says:

    I have been shopping at Giant Eagle in Columbus, OH (sawmill road) since they opened. The other day I had saved my gas perks since we have a big truck and never use on groceries. The cashier accidently used some of my perks after I said no. I went to customer service, and wanted them put back on my card. OF COURSE not – she said we cannot do that – I explained it was not my fault etc.. Once again we cannot do that – didn’t say we can give you a gift card for the inconvenience etc…nothing. I’ve been a loyal customer, and I am seriously thinking of moving on…..Why I am at it, another thing is please check your use by dates. I have let employees know stuff is expired, or have gotten home and realized it, and had to take things back. The perks just did it for me!!!

  • Kevin and Lucy McCoy says:

    My husband and I currently reside in Butler Co. PA. We have been long time customers of your Giant Eagle stores. We would like to this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for your employees and managers at your Giant Eagle Store located in (“Slippery Rock Pa” located on Grove City Rd.)

    As senior citizens we are so thankful for your curbside pickup! We would especially like to acknowledge the following employees for their hard work and diligence in putting our order together, especially today……

    We are hopeful that your company would recognize their commitment, especially during these difficult times!

    The following are the first names of the employees who shopped, bagged and loaded our grocerys:

    ( Logan, Jade, Kristen and Thomas)


    The McCoy’s

  • Billie Jo Doman says:

    My name Is Billie Jo I live in Meadow Lands, PA and I shop at the Washington PA Giant Eagle on Washington Road. Yesterday, I was in the self check out lanes and I had my purse by the bags and looking for my giant eagle advantage card when a young girl with red hair and in an pony tail with a blue hoodie came over to me and was super rude… Screaming at me telling me I could not put my purse down cause it was not a scanned item. Again it was not on the scanner it was by the bags… My thoughts immediately she could have approached me a little nicer. But nope at 10-10:15 am yesterday morning 1/23/22 was a bit un acceptable if you ask me. I think this is so rude and if this young girl is unhappy with her job in dealing with the public go get another job. I feel she needs to be talked to or sent for training on how to deal with the public. I work too and I have never ever treated anyone like this. total disrepect

    Billie Jo Doman

  • Al says:

    I shop at the store in middlefield Ohio , buy my gas there, and when I need to put air in a low tire I can’t the air machine at the getgo has been broke for months I thought the free air was part of the perks for shopping there because we have Amish living here we get horseshoe nails in our tires could you please have it fixed

  • Martin Epstein says:

    I have been trying to purchase the Market District Sour Dough Pretzels for months only to be tols that they are on order!. I do not understand why it takes so long to obtain a staple of the store. Contacted customer service by phone with not reply back. Very poor customer service. I a looking to purchase a case of the pretzels. No luck! Very unhappy customer!

  • Jess says:

    I don’t know who’s idea it was to change giant eagle sherbert to a different recipe but the new one is awful! I used to buy sherbert like ALL THE TIME literally people would say oh your having a party and I’m like no this is just for me :/ and that was like an every other day occurance but now it’s terrible!

  • Barbara Goldy says:

    As an employee, I am asking why I am being charged .31 for a glass of ice water? Since we’re not allowed to bring in our own cup to get a drink during these times and the water fountains are closed why do I work 8 hrs. and have to buy water?

    • Maggie says:

      Barbara, I can only hope you have gotten this issue resolved but just in case you should know that it is a Federal law that they provide you with drinking water and adequate breaks to drink it. Every U.S.-based business, whether it’s a corporate office, restaurant, bar, or hotel, is required to follow OSHA drinking water standards, as well as the General Duty Clause of the OSH Act. According to the United States Department of Labor, employers are required to:

      ● Provide employees with potable water and ensure it is only used for employee health and personal needs, such as drinking water and washing hands.

      ● Provide potable drinking water in adequate amounts to meet the health and personal needs of each person working at your company.

      ● Dispense drinking water from a fountain, a covered container with single-use drinking cups stored in a sanitary receptacle, or single-use bottles.

      ● Prohibit employees from sharing drinking cups, dippers, and water bottles.

      (former employee who had to get a doctors note just to have water)

    • Left Wing Laura says:

      Because these Corporate Greed monsters want the Serfs to know who is the plantation Master.

  • Tom Muscatello says:

    Why do your Stores in Butler, Pa not offer curbside service? They are missing the boat
    and will continue losing lost business. Get with it Giant Eagle.

  • Cheryl White says:

    Hi, my name is Cheryl White and I am a member of the Optimist Club of Frederick. On May 30, the Optimist Club has school counselors pick up to 30 children to have a day to fish with a member of the State, County and City Police departments. The Optimist Club has been around since The 1940’s and always supports our Children to turn into great adults. I was hoping your 2 stores in Frederick , Maryland, would donate 2 25.00 gift cards so we can buy the supplies we need from your stores. I hope we can count on your help for this event.
    Thank you so very much.
    Cheryl White

  • Luke Vilella says:

    Hello, I am looking for someone in your corporate office who might handle organizing and scheduling your off-site meetings, corporate events or company picnics. Avonworth Community Park is hosting a corporate open house this coming August to show everything we offer. Thank you very much!

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