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  • Address: 101 Kappa Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, USA
  • Phone Number: 412-963-6200
  • Fax Number: 412-968-1615
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1931
  • Founder: David Shapira
  • Key People: Laura Karet (CEO)

Giant Eagle Headquarters Location & Directions

Giant Eagle Headquarters Executive Team



Laura Shapira Karet

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Devries

Market District Senior Vice President and General Manager

Anthony Rego

Executive Officer

About Giant Eagle, History and Headquarters Information


Giant Eagle was founded in the year 1931. The company has been active for over 88 years now. The company was started by three different families together known as the Goldstein or Shapira, Porter and Chait. The former name of the company was Eagle Grocery, which was then merged with OK Grocery, started by two other families named, Weizenbaum and Moravitz. The merged was done in the year 1931. The name was then changed to Giant Eagle and was rapidly growing after World War II. During the 1980s, the company extended its stores with the help of an Ohio based wholesaler known as Youngstown. During the years 2001 and 2004, the company had entered the Toledo market. By the year 2008, the company already had 23 stores in the market of Columbus, USA. As of the year 2018, the company is planning to acquire Ricker's stores in Indiana, USA.

Headquarters Info

The headquarters of the company is based on 101 Kappa Drive. The name of the city is Pittsburg, while the state name is Pennsylvania. The pin code of the area is 15238.


Giant Eagle is an American supermarket retail chain company that focuses on providing the platform for customers to purchase the highest quality of groceries for their daily uses. The company is currently ranked 49th among all the other USA retailers. The company has its retail presence in over 417 location, all over the USA. As of the year 2011, the company also earned a total sales revenue of more than $9 billion. The current number of employees working at the company is more than 36,000.


The primary services provided by the company is the providing of a unique platform for customers to shop for the top quality groceries for their daily needs. This includes the dairy, bakery, pharmacy, liquor, snacks, sushi, process Western Union money transfers, foods that are already prepared, etcetera.

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  • Barbara Goldy says:

    As an employee, I am asking why I am being charged .31 for a glass of ice water? Since we’re not allowed to bring in our own cup to get a drink during these times and the water fountains are closed why do I work 8 hrs. and have to buy water?

    • Maggie says:

      Barbara, I can only hope you have gotten this issue resolved but just in case you should know that it is a Federal law that they provide you with drinking water and adequate breaks to drink it. Every U.S.-based business, whether it’s a corporate office, restaurant, bar, or hotel, is required to follow OSHA drinking water standards, as well as the General Duty Clause of the OSH Act. According to the United States Department of Labor, employers are required to:

      ● Provide employees with potable water and ensure it is only used for employee health and personal needs, such as drinking water and washing hands.

      ● Provide potable drinking water in adequate amounts to meet the health and personal needs of each person working at your company.

      ● Dispense drinking water from a fountain, a covered container with single-use drinking cups stored in a sanitary receptacle, or single-use bottles.

      ● Prohibit employees from sharing drinking cups, dippers, and water bottles.

      (former employee who had to get a doctors note just to have water)

  • Tom Muscatello says:

    Why do your Stores in Butler, Pa not offer curbside service? They are missing the boat
    and will continue losing lost business. Get with it Giant Eagle.

  • Cheryl White says:

    Hi, my name is Cheryl White and I am a member of the Optimist Club of Frederick. On May 30, the Optimist Club has school counselors pick up to 30 children to have a day to fish with a member of the State, County and City Police departments. The Optimist Club has been around since The 1940’s and always supports our Children to turn into great adults. I was hoping your 2 stores in Frederick , Maryland, would donate 2 25.00 gift cards so we can buy the supplies we need from your stores. I hope we can count on your help for this event.
    Thank you so very much.
    Cheryl White

  • Luke Vilella says:

    Hello, I am looking for someone in your corporate office who might handle organizing and scheduling your off-site meetings, corporate events or company picnics. Avonworth Community Park is hosting a corporate open house this coming August to show everything we offer. Thank you very much!

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