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  • Address: 300 Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI 48243, United States
  • Phone Number: 313-667-1669
  • Email:
  • Number of Employees: 155,000
  • Established: September 16, 1908
  • Founders: William C. Durant, Charles Stewart Mott & Frederic L. Smith
  • Key People: Mary T. Barra

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General Motors Headquarters Executive Team



Mary T. Barra

Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Daniel E. Berce

Senior Vice President and President and Chief Executive Officer, GM Financial

Julian Blissett

Executive Vice President and President, China

Kimberly (Kim) J. Brycz

Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources

Craig Buchholz

Senior Vice President, Global Communications

Stephen (Steve) K. Carlisle

Executive Vice President and President, North America

Mary Barra

Chairperson and CEO

Mark Reuss


General Motors, History and Headquarters Information

The General Motors Company (GM) is a manufacturing company with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, United States. William C Durant started the Company in 1908 as a holding company. The current Corporation got established in 2009 after a series of restructuring. The Corporation is the largest automobile manufacturer in America and among the world's largest automobile manufacturers. From 1931 to 2007, the Company peaked with a 50% market share in the USA and the world's largest automaker. The company website is, and the headquarter address at Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan L. Smith. It has 396 locations on six continents.

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  • Francisco Collesso says:

    This has been a horrible experience, I had my Escalade Esv diesel in the shop for 3 month. I brought it in cause of a slight oil leak ( no engine light) and Onstar not working. When I got it they told me everything was fixed, yet still the Onstar was not working. Now I have it and there are other issues the AC sometimes come on itself etc. I have already lost 30k plus ( this is a commercial vehicle, now if my car goes back into the shop for an extended period of time I will most likely loose my business. I’m writing this to see if a district manager can get involved and switch me out of this lemon and put me into a 2023 with low miles so I can save my business and be a happy customer. I’ve been purchasing Escalades since 2011.

    I drive high profile and celebrity clients. I also bring their cars to your dealership for services.

    Case# 9-10388444971.

  • gary mattison says:

    I ordered a new chevrolet 3500hd order number CMBC6b last November 2022, and it was built several months ago and has been sitting in Michigan waiting to be shipped, but it is now July 21st 2023 and all your company people tell me its just waiting to be shipped but is has been for months. I Ordered a 2023 and now its going to be a 2024 and I have no choice in the matter because its taking so long . I hope that Chevrolet motor division will honor the original agreed upon price as the 2024 went up considerably and I have to take a truck with the 10 speed transmission that I didn’t want,, I wanted the original truck i ordered with the 8 speed that the 2023’s have.. How can get the truck shippped to me ASAP. Not happy! How can we expedite this order, the dealer already has my trade in and it is sold and i am without a truck.

  • Larry Skinkis says:

    I’d like to know why no auto manufacturer is considering making Old School autos. Pre – Computer points / plugs etc. I know hundreds of people that just want a simple vehicle. No computers or electronics. There has to be a Large Market. Thank You
    Larry Skinkis
    709 Gallagher
    Green Bay Wi. 54303
    Please respond with answer

  • Bernadette May says:

    Please have someone to call me about my warranty and lack of communication telling me about a third party. Which was never explain to me at all. The young lady was so rude about my repayment till it was almost ridiculous how she treated me. For me my 2017 Buick enclave is my investment I spent $632 for my car to be serviced when all I had to do was take it to a Buick dealership and no one never mentioned a word of it until it was time to be reimbursed that’s so rude and so wrong on so many levels please give me a call my name is Bernadette May at 618-974-7974. PS I know I’m just a small peon compared to some people with wealth but to me my small amount of Fortune is a great big deal especially since I was unable to reclaim my money and my four grandchildren living with me that I have custody of we only had hot dogs for Christmas that’s wrong on so many levels there are other things that I would like to add only if someone would please call me back I will be writing to the Detroit headquarters office with my complaint as well thank you kindly. God bless.

  • Vincent Russo says:

    Moving forward with Camaro being a sub-brand GM really needs to be looking at getting the camaro smaller along the lines of the 1969 Camaro SS. The re-introduction of the camaro is too bloaded looking like it’s on steroids. It needs to go back to the original footprint, back to the pony car it’s suppose too be. Then maybe your sales woulkd increase along with solving the blind spots and looking out of a tunnel driving it. Otherwise my feeling is it will languish in sales regardless of going EV. Just my two cents from a 65 year old that grew up during the golden age of muscle cars.

  • Christy Chambers says:

    Want to make a complaint against Tyler Buick for incompetence and neglect on repairing my Encore and having another body shop to repair damage done by Buick Hall.

  • Walter Dornan says:

    Twitter suspension of advertising.
    I’ve been a loyal customer for many years and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on y’all product. This will come to a end. I personally don’t have a Twitter account but I can see the politics y’all are playing by suspending advertising on Twitter. I want you to research how much I have spent. I also bought my mother and my sister gm vehicles.

  • Heather Muniz says:

    I have a 2019 Tahoe. The lifters have been replaced and now the check engine light came on. Diagnosis is P06DD just in the 2 short months I’ve owned it. Dealership is unwilling to help or allow me to purchase another vehicle. Please help. Thank you.

  • Marlon says:

    In the past 24 months my business has bought 2 3500 GMC Sierra a 2500 GMC Sierra then I personally bought a GMC Yukon a GMC Sierra 1500 a gmc Arcadia a GMC Canyon a GMC Sierra I have been a big gm fan but my opinion has changed

    Let’s start from 17000 miles on the 2500 GMC Sierra the crankshaft sensor went out left me stranded on a job then at 25000 miles the transmission welded all the plates together then a few thousand miles later the a/c quit working then at 95000 my dpf clogged and my turbo went out don’t know what one caused what but I don’t care what I do care is my truck has been in the shop for 4 months waiting on parts then when they got the new turbo in the new turbo was defective so now I’m going to have to wait only god knows how long to get a new one the dealership found one In Colorado but that dealership won’t sale it to this dealership this is costing me 1500 a day for this truck just sitting so 1500 over a 20 day work month is $30,000.00 over the 4 months it has been in the shop $120,000.00 so at that I could have bought another truck and half but definitely won’t buy a gm product ever again this is bs gm you need to fix this this is bad business

  • Doug Metcalf says:

    I want to talk with the person in charge of GMC pickups, more specifically the person in charge of delivery of sold vehicles. Send me the name and number or I can give you my phone number, but I want a conversation in the end, not email.

  • Tom Bankert says:

    Good morning,
    I have always been a GM fan. I own a 2011 Camaro RS/SS Convertible from new. I have a problem with the rear side windows (both sides) where the trim of the window meets the side door windows. See attachment. The rubber trim is coming off the window itself. I had my body man order two sets replacement windows from GM and the replacement windows arrived in nearly the same manner. The trim had started coming off the window. I don’t know where to turn to get replacement windows that are in good shape. These windows are around $400.00 apiece. For this price, I would like them perfect. Not sure how long before the replacement windows will look like my originals. I am contacting you because I don’t know where to turn. I heard this is a common issue with the newer Camaros. I am not sure if you were made aware of this problem. Is there something you can do to help me with this problem?
    Your help will be greatly appreciated. If you are not the person that could help me, could you please forward this to someone who can?
    Thanks, Tom

  • Jeff Van Scyoc says:

    My wife’s car has 65000 miles on it and she is supposedly having injector issues we took the car to Richard Karr cadillac in waco Texas. We still have the 70000 mile powertrain warranty and they say that the warranty doesn’t cover the injectors or spark plugs but under that warranty we found that it does under fuel management system bit still refuse to honor the warranty. Please help and honor your warranty

  • John Thompson says:

    Mary T. Barra
    Can chevrolet build a Camaro that can compete with dodge Hellcat or dodge Hellcat red eye ?
    The 6.2 650HP is old technology use in 2015-2019 Z06 and Camaro ZL1 . There’s a lot of Chevy guys that wants the Camaro ! Years Dodge has been upgrading their performance and Chevy continue to use be neutral. Ford Mustang has improved. 2019 ZR1 755 HP with a upgrade performance would be a nice engine for the top Camaro ! I own a 2017 Z06 7 speed. C8 I want buy due to there’s no manual transmission. Very nice car ! However Camaro and trams am which y’all don’t offer anymore. Sold for years ! Lead Dodge for years ! Build Excitement ! Like before ! Don’t let the aftermarket all the upgrades ! Make the product, upgrade and sell the product ! Chevrolet Family is waiting for a Change !
    Best regards
    Mr Thompson

  • Aurora Beauchamp says:

    Stop your agenda with our school kids.
    LBGTQ agenda is not for school kids and we will boycott your company. I loved your car but will not buy any more. STOP THIS NOW.

  • Jon Q Public says:

    Can you bring back the RWD w posi track 3.8 v6 ASTRO van. Also for all GM models FIRETHORN red interior Inc dash & steering wheel.

  • Tom K says:

    Ordered a GMC truck in December 2021. Email from GM saying it was built in April awaiting shipment to my dealer. Still awaiting shipment at the end of July. No one has any idea where it is. Terrible customer service from GM! First and last time I purchase anything from GM>

  • Diane Kelley says:

    I have a 2019 TRAX. The check engine light came on. Diagnosis is P0014 and P0017. It’s been repaired three times. I’ve taken care of this vehicle as recommended. I’ve found three other people with the same problem. Please help. Thank you.

  • Marvin Brugh says:

    I was told I would get discount, when I purchase truck by Erroll Baroom.
    At time of purchase I was lied to. No I can’t give they now. I bought truck anyway. 1 1/2 week later. I get apologies for not build my order, here’s $3000 discount toward purchase.
    Well, I’ve already bought a truck, AN NOW YOU SAY I CAN HAVE DISCOUNT? What the Hell!

  • John K says:

    First time Chevrolets buyer…and the dealership here in NV gouges is for an extra 5K above costs…because you guys can’t get chips??? What a bunch of crap!!!

  • Doug says:

    GM dealer in Renton WA is marking up msrp on stand c8 30k
    C8 z06 50k above msrp. Bad actors. Cascade Chevy in Wenatchee WA no msrp mark up. I put my name on their list. I Won’t allocate Renton Chevrolet any corvettes.

  • >