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  • Address: 5260 Western Ave, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 301-986-3880

  • Fax Number:

  • Email: texthelp@geicomail.com

  • Number of Employees: 40,000

  • Established: 1936

  • Founder: Leo Goodwin Sr. & Lillian Goodwin

  • Key People: Bill Roberts

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S. No.





GEICO Plaza del Triunfo, 7 11520 Rota, Spain



Kaiserstr 1
67661 Kaiserslautern


United Kingdom

Building 957, Room 213 and 215 RAF Lakenheath

Geico Headquarters Executive Team

Todd Combs

Todd Combs

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Seth Ingall

Seth Ingall

SVP and Chief legal Officer

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Name Title
Nancy Pierce Executive Vice President
Shannon Hobbs Chief People Officer
John Pham Chief Information Officer
Damon Burrell Chief Marketing Officer
Alison Fazio Chief Financial Officer
Hollis White Chief Accounting Officer
Yang Yu Chief Data Analytics Officer
Zhiwei Fu Chief Information Security Officer
Kristina Bailey Chief Product Officer
Michelle Trindade SVP of Customer Experience
Melissa Gallaro SVP Specialty Product Lines
Angela Rinella SVP Operations
Scott Markel SVP Pricing & Product Management

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  • Toshanna Barr says:

    On September 30th my daycare provider took too much money out of my checking account and could not replace it until the following Monday. My insurance payment was due on the 30th to keep it from lapsing. I tried to explain this to geico and they had no empathy for the situation. It’s like they don’t understand that due to the times now, customers are really living from paycheck to paycheck and if one thing goes wrong it puts them in a position. The daycare said they won’t help me because my reinstatement premium is now 777.00 higher because of the lapse of 6 hours and geico was closed so I couldn’t discuss with them. Geico will not help and even told me that my rates will continue to go up instead of down. I am at a loss. I have been insured with them for 9 years and this is the thanks for my business that I get.

  • Tyara Edward says:

    Omg I have never been treated so bad

  • Latoya says:

    I am so angry with Geico! I have been a customer for 3 years. I was treated and talked to so poorly that I am ashamed to have been a customer as long as I have.

  • Lawrence Ojeda says:

    I hope Bill Roberts would look into this. Thank you

  • Lawrence Ojeda says:

    This has been the worst experience I’ve ever had with a insurance company. Low balling the value of my vehicle and the worst customer service that I have ever had. I asked to speak to supervisor because of a rude manager and Sheena Rodriguez would not take my call. I think I need to just have my attorney handle it.

  • A. Saha says:

    Customer service representative was playing game with me while evaluating my insurance policy during changing one option and I felt that I was cheated. I need independent 3rd party to review my insurance policy.
    For Your Information – My wife and I are with GEICO since 1997 and we have good driving record and we are getting good driving discount. We are not aggressive driver.

    See below some explanation:
    1. On August 24, 2020, I called customer service and told her that
    I am driving less than 15,000 miles per year with both cars but I
    wanted to keep one car commute and she told me I have to
    pay additional $44 per 6 months and suddenly the line was
    disconnected. I called again and talked to other customer
    service and she told me that since you are driving less than
    15,000 miles your insurance will not increase although you
    keep commute option.
    2. On September 4, 2020, I saw that GEICO increased my
    payment $213.55 and I talked with one of the customer service
    representative and I was informed that It was increased with
    25,000 miles per year driving for commute to one car. I told him
    that my both car is driving less than 15, 000 miles. For your in
    formation, our 2010 Toyota RAV4 is about 55,000 miles (from
    2010 to 2020 about ten years) and 2017 Honda CR-V is about
    9,000 miles (from 2017 to 2020 about three years). Then he
    checked my insurance policy and changed the mileage and
    kept low mileage like before but the increased amount was
    same $213.55. I was surprised how it is possible exact same
    amount with same amount of penny.
    3. Later on August 24, 2020, I called customer service and talked
    with another person and I told her to remove the option
    commute which causing my insurance increased to $213.55 and
    also told her keep my option which was before August 24, 2020.
    After doing this, she told me that i have to pay about $76. I was
    surprised how it will increased that amount. Then I wanted to
    talk with her supervisor and she did not told me wait while she
    will transfer to supervisor. Usually it will take sometime but right
    way another person told me that he is supervisor. His attitude
    and behavior felt me that he is not qualified for supervisor. I was
    felt that he cheated with me by telling that he is supervisor. At
    the end he asked me how can help you further? I felt so bad
    about him that I told him that he did enough help and thank you
    and disconnect the telephone.

    From above behavior with GEICO customer service, I felt that they were playing game with me and also felt that I was cheated by GEOCO customer service representative.

    From this experience with GEICO customer service to discuss my insurance policy, I have no trust with GEICO this type of representative.

  • Adam Hirsh, M.A. says:

    I have Geico. I was hit by another driver who has Geico. You have harassed me calling me 7 days back to back even when I told them I had COVID and can’t deal with this right now. Then I got a call from an adjuster that was completely rude, continued to speak over me, and badgered me while o was suffering from PTSD because of the accident and am having a mental breakdown. Not only will he be dropping Geico I will be suing your company!

  • kevin gibney says:

    I would like to be in GEICO motorcycle commercial I have unique motorcycle please contact me at kevingibs@att.net or 860-225-7102

  • Duane Kirk says:

    Please remove me from your mailing list. I will never have GEICO insurance again!!!!

    Duane Kirk
    101 Cinnabar Trail
    Cibolo, Texas. 78108

  • J.W. Leonard says:

    RE: Commercials:
    Your old commercials were somehow cute and moderately acceptable; your newer commercials are both stupid and offensive. The ads do nothing for a positive image. They operate on about a 12 year old mentality, say nothing about how good your product may be and your ad staff should be immediately fired. I am so offended that I am contemplating changing insurance companies for the first time in many. many years. Get rid of the stupid ads!

  • Juanita says:

    I am not understanding how you run your business. I paid my policy before the 6 months was up, and I went to pay more on it so I would be ahead and it would not let me. So I sent an email to Geico and this was what I got back they hold a credit for 45 days and then send it back. I feel like this we are going through a Pandemic if the Policy Holder can pay more and be paid ahead all you have to do is subtract the credit and let them know what is owe this would be better for customers during this time. I would think as a business this would be information that would come up in a board or morning meeting to help out those who can pay now in the event they lose their job and be out of work at least the insurance is paid up so they would be able to have transportation to find work.

  • Raymond Croteau, MSGT., USMC, ( Retired) says:

    Mr. Roberts: I submit this with all due respect. Though I am aware that my opinions may not count much to a corporation, I do state things of importance in an honest way, with attempts of providing a different view point. Currently a new Geico with a very contrary ad has appeared on television. I am a little confused with the ad. The ad shows a couple with their new home, and a Geico representative/inspector is going about the exterior of the home. She looks into a garbage can and states ” you need to tear down your boxes”, she then walks around and starts cutting down plants potted and hanging, and makes a comment that it is not acceptable, then she goes to the mail box and starts cutting it apart stating it does not meet standards. My confusion is in regards to the fact that Geico is supposedly providing ” PROTECTION PLANS”- NOT TO INVADE PEOPLES PROPERTIES, NOR DICTATE AND TELL PEOPLE WHAT THEY CAN AND CANNOT HAVE IN THEIR HOME(S). The ad, as depicted, shows JUST THE OPPOSITE of what Geico truly offers. I would think that such negative ads would generate many questions of importance to a lot of people, as to whether or not they would go to Geico for protective measures. Thank you Sir for reading this, and I hope that my view point will be looked at, and considered. Thank you !!

  • Barry says:

    Got email from Todd Combs So gieco cares about me, if so I have to wait until august to get a 15% discount. So glad you are here helping in time of crisis. Cut us a break, if you cared you would immediately cut all customers 15% now while the crisis is here. Yes wait until crisis is over and then help. I am sure with mu car in the garage, my motorcycle in the garage your claims have dropped by millions. So glad Todd is behind us all. Thanks Geico. I am glad my state unemployment office does not do business like you, I could expect help by 2021. All smoking mirrors, not good enough. Better to do just nothing at all Geico customer + 10 years or more

  • Bahram says:

    No curtesy, Having an accident resulted to “Total Loss”, company moves your car to other location without letting you know in advance. Adjuster evaluation is a joke, they pick the worst car price in the market to set a base value for your car, then they trying to limit your car rental eligibility to push you to accept their “offer”. Be aware of page 14 under conditions number 6 is the appraisal clause. This is 15 days after accident (Total Loss) still no cooperation from the company and no car!!!!!!! its ridicules.

  • Alicia A Jeffries says:


    We received your online inquiry, and we apologize for any confusion.

    Congratulations on completing the defensive driver course! Rest assured, this discount was applied to your policy, and is currently reducing your 6 months premium by $86.60.


    GEICO Internet Team

    Text MOBILE to 43426 (GEICO) to download GEICO MOBILE or visit one of the store links below.



    In order to protect your privacy, please do not include personal information in a reply email (examples include driver’s license number, social security number, date of birth, or financial account details). To provide us with this information, simply log into your policy at geico.com and make the necessary updates or, while logged in to your policy, select Contact Us to send an email. If you prefer, you can call us, anytime, at 1-800-841-3000.

  • Charquel Glover says:

    I called in to cancel my account. The representative tried to get me to keep my account open but I was firm that I wanted to cancel. While asking another question, he got smart with me and hung up on me. I need you to know that “I WILL NEVER refer anyone to your company and will tell everyone who will listen about today’s call and past experience”. To the executives of the company (just a little advice), check your younger and newer agents because they impact your business (especially the ones in retention). I work for a big company and (as you know), word of mouth is BIG!!!

    • Alfie Crane says:

      I called Customer Service in April and asked a general question and the young representative egregiously fabricated and falsely documented an incident, established a claim which I neither requested or authorized. This rings of Wells Fargo falsely creating bank accounts for customers and generate business.

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