Where is Gateway Tire Corporate office Headquarters

Gateway Tire Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 301 Industrial Dr Trumann, AR 72472 USA
  • Phone Number: +1 870-483-2660
  • Fax Number: 318-868-9840
  • Email: info@gatewaytire.com
  • Number of Employees: 000
  • Established: 1929
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Keith Patton

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Keith Patton


About Gateway Tire, History and Headquarters Information

Gateway tires and Co is a manufacturer of products like tires, batteries, wheels, struts, and shocks. It produces accessories for motorcycles, light and heavy trucks, passenger cars, and sports vehicles. It has its centres in over a large area which includes Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas and Ohio. In addition to being a manufacturer, it offers a variety of services too- like thrust alignment, wheel alignment, brake service, and four-wheel alignment.

It also provides servicing of AC, vehicle inspection, batteries and engine repair.

The place where it was originally founded is Batesville, Mississippi. Currently, its headquarters are at Trumann, USA. Gateway tires and co is a subsidiary of the Dunlap and Kyre tire co. It was founded in 1929 and has now spread to 6 states with its 64 retail stores. Its current Manager is Keith Patton.

The charity initiative of this company called the Gateway Gives Back, is a joint initiative of the company along with Tokyo tires and Yokohoma Tires.

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  • Glenda masser says:

    Was unable to get diagnosis called for five days Justin said he might be able to give a diagnosis each and everyday I called

  • Glenda masser says:

    I was treated badly lied to and left my car for five days by Justin at Gateway n Hermirage Tenn

  • Gail says:

    The Gateway in Oakland, TN has seen the last of my business. When they first opened their shop, they took appointments, which was great. For some reason, on future calls for an appointment, they informed me they had discontinued taking appointments; no reason was given. I needed an oil change and, fortunately, I did not have a long wait to get my car serviced, nor on the next few visits. In the winter, I purchased and had 4 new tires mounted (almost $600). They assured me if I came over, they would “fit me in”, which I did and did not have long to wait. ALSO: When I purchased the tires I asked to have car aligned. I was told it would be an additional $70. Almost 2 weeks later, I viewed an advertisement on TV that if you bought a set of tires, alignment would be free. Two weeks ago, I called for an oil change; was told they were too busy and to call the next day. I did not. It is a 20-mile one-way drive from my house to Gateway. This past Tues. (July 18) I stopped in at Gateway as I was in town. Again, I was told there would be a few hours wait and to call the next day or I could leave my car. I could not, because I had no ride. There were only 2 cars in the bay & 2 customers waiting in the lounge area. It is apparent that if you only want an oil change, which is minor income for Gateway, you can’t get service; only if you’re spending big dollars on tires or something major do you get preferential treatment and service. I am a senior widow on social security. Every dollar counts.

  • Rick Garland says:

    Are your businesses franchised owned?
    I was told by manager, checks for repairs caused by shop guys, come from corporate ? Is this true?

    Thank you!

  • Charlie Cox says:

    Good Afternoon Keith,
    First I want to say we have been a long time customer of Gateway Tire almost if not 20 years. All of our vehicles have had service completed at your store. Today was a bad day for us. Our new Mercedes GLE 350 went in for a flat tire to be fixed. We purchased the lifetime rotate and balance for the SUV. The flat was fixed but the new rim was damaged apparently when the technicians removed the tire from the rim. They never mentioned the rim was damaged, but it was obvious to us when we inspected the tire. We immediately told the Gateway team and was referred to the manager. Mr. West said he would pay to get it fixed, but the damage should not have happened. While we were discussing it with him, he was rude and obnoxious to my wife and he never said that they were sorry about the damage. He actually raised his voice to her when she questioned if this was the type of service his technicians typically provided. He said “I told you what I can do to fix it.” He did find a shop about 30 miles away that might be able to repair the wheel. The wheel is an AMG 21 in. rim at about $1500 each. The big issue here was his rudeness and unapologetic attitude; after 20 years of service, we should not have been treated that way. In fact, no customer should be treated in this manner.

    I might also add that this type of customer service is a prime example of why women do not like going into stores like this. They are often treated poorly and in a condescending manner, and when this type of customer service is experienced, the level of frustration is very high. Furthermore, because of his attitude, neither she nor I have any confidence in the Manchester, TN location. She has expressed a desire to find another tire service in our community to address any tire maintenance needed in the future.

  • Sharon Meeks says:

    2022 Nov 09
    I had 50% Alignment Coupon

    I went GATEWAY Center
    4719 Hwy 51 N
    Hornlake, MS

    Office Attendant present we with $990 bill with no explanation.

    I advise I here $90 Alignment please explain $900 difference

    He left area came back and said my car requires Front In Struts replacement. I advised, I need another opinion. I asked copy of bill.

    Office Clerk said He couldn’t this store copy. I saw copier I ask him to make me copy.

    He returned with a 2nd bill indicating I owe Gateway $25 Services Fees.

    Informed Clerk nothing indicated on Coupon I would owe Fee if services weren’t rendered. I should have been notified if Gateway requires a Service Fee upfront.

    I asked Clerk for Contact info for Corporate. Clerk was unable to provide corporate info

    He left area came back with I assumed was a manager. Very RUDELY the first words came out of this guy’s Mouth ” Mechanic provided a service, how do you expect him to get paid”.

    I ask Manager before Mechanic took my car apart, shouldn’t he had obtained my permission.

    Manager said take your car apart, no one took your car apart. Situated the Clerk said I was paying $25 due to Mechanic took my car apart to diagnose.

    I’m 65years old. I beginning to see RED FLAGS. My thoughts is this ELDERLY Scam.

    I presume Manager developing attitude, I knew my attitude therefore I choose to deal with neutral party.

    I feel Gateway needs reimbursed me $27.24

    If you notice on 2nd invoice I’m charged an additional $1 for declining repairs.

  • Unsatisfied customer. says:

    Gateway Jackson Tennessee.

    Can’t keep any mechanics working, 3 hours and counting for a set of tires, turning people away on oil changes because they don’t have the man power. Currently 2 mechanics in the shop and 1 is a trainee.

  • customer 13 says:

    I took my car in because it was shaking in the steering wheel. I was told I needed new tires ( even though I had just bought new tires from them 12 months earlier). They told me that they would not honor my purchase because I never had a tire rotation… when I left the shop, my car was doing the same shaking!! I took it to another mechanic and he told me- it was the rotators and brakes!! Gateway didn’t even try to fix the problem!! They only wanted to get money out of people.. especially if you are a woman. Maybe we should band together for a class action law suit against them… Stop taking advantage of us!! I want my money back!!

    • Sharon Meeks says:

      Count me in Class Action

      I’m suffering from ELDERLY abuse.
      I went in $90 Service I was billed $990 and was charge $27.24 for declining services

  • Steve maddox says:

    Gateway tire in Gallatin Tennessee. Call to get price on putting new spark plugs in vehicle. Young man Taylor on the phone says it will be between 100 and 500 I said you can’t give me the correct price oh no sir we can’t do that. Firestone Goodyear and all other shops in town can this one can’t what a dummy.

  • TERRY VOYLES says:

    All I see here is bad reviews and i understand why……..this is about the monkeys at the Atoka store. I have a 2010 Ford F150, the most common truck on the road today. My wife dropped the truck off at 8:30 after I made all the arrangements with Barry at that location to get a set of tires and sensors. He assured her it would be ready shortly after lunch time. At 5:20 (10 minutes before closing) we got a call telling us the truck was ready but they could not program the sensors, i was told several people tried multiple times and that they even went as far as plugging into the OBDII, which can only disable the TPMS system not relearn them. Then they told me I had to take the truck to the dealership and have “the computer” reprogrammed because the truck would not recognize the sensors. The next day i went to pick the truck up and the attitude of the employees was ridiculous, they talked to me like i was an 80 year lady but little did they know that I was a previously a trainer with Myers Tire Supply for 8 years. I trained Gateway employees as well many other shops and certified them on proper (legal) tire repair and also TMPS sensors, the tools needed and the proper method depending on what vehicle. I was there from 2003 to 2010, sensors where mandatory in 2007. With that said, instead of trying to reason with a brick wall i told them that I would handle it. I got home and ordered a Ford TPMS19 tool from Amazon for 12.99. I got it in and put the truck in the “Retrain” mode which is the brake, ignition switch method, retrained the sensors with no issues at all on the first attempt.

    Bottom line is this. if its beyond a tire or oil change these guys are clueless, if they cant relearn a sensor on the most common vehicle on the road I wonder how many customers that they told go to the dealership for a completely unnecessary procedure I will never go back to any Gateway and will be sure to tell everyone I know about my experience.


  • Tiffany K says:

    I wish to hear back from someone.. anyone as soon as possible please and thank you

  • Tiffany K says:


  • Tiffany K says:


  • Connie Hudson says:

    Your store in Hernando Ms is awful. Every time I go there they take forever. It doesn’t matter if I am first or 4th there is at least a 2 hour wait. If you don’t have enough workers to operate a business then close this store. They suck.

  • Jonathan ( aka Gary hudson ) I do not know a Gary and you refuse to remove his name, you don’t even have the decency to put in my correct information on my receipt says:

    First I have to say I have a gateway card and spend my hard earned money with your company. Today was the last straw I am going to cut up the card and never come back.
    Your Hernando, MS store is the absolute worst most poorly run store. Everytime I walk in the door it’s hours upon hours to get anything done. Oil change or an alignment it’s ridiculous. Plus your system is so antiquated you can’t even remove a name off my account that isn’t even me. I tell them my name I have a gateway card for for goodness sake. Today it was the same song and dance I arrived at your Hernando location at 6:40 am to make sure I was first but it didn’t matter. I needed to get my alignment checked and I was told it was going to be late in the day and I needed to drop it off. Well gateway I can’t drop it off I had to go to work at noon. It’s pretty pathetic you had no vehicle on the rack and couldn’t even recheck your shotty work.
    Now I am over at the Gateway on 51 in Southaven, the alignment is 10.00 more over here than there. This is a real Mickey Mouse operation, trust me when I say I will not ever be back, I have bought tires and services for over 20 years and you have lost a good customer.

  • Bobby says:

    You guys really screwed up by firing Tracy Wolf who was store manager at paragould store and hiring a a dumb ass who put your store out of business. Went by today and the sign company was taking gateways sign down. Real smart move.Also Danny at your jonesboro store who is store manager is a dumb ass also so guess what’s going to happen to your brand new store !!!

  • Roy says:

    Very poor attitude

  • David Sohn says:

    This place is a crock of crap. Over 3 hours for 4 tires and an oil change. Still not done. What amickey mouse operation they run.

  • PF says:

    Never will use gateway again they stripped out my lug nuts then tried to tell me it wasn’t there fault. Also i work for a utility company and they messed up oil plugs up on 2 trucks and didn’t want to fix it they lost my business and our utility companies business store is in Texarkana Tx office manager is a jerk and needs to be fired always has a attitude with everyone.

  • Lori Cox says:

    New manager at the Longview Texas location has lost my family’s business. We have used this location for many years, but will now take our business to Midas across the street. Not just my husband and I but out parents, children, and friends will all be leaving. Mario and the mechanics are great and have serviced all our cars for years. The new manager Ronnie lost us

  • Richard says:

    Had a job offer as a technician and the only thing keeping me from taking the job was I had to work Saturdays. I am a Torah observant Jew and our sabbath is on Saturday. I am not trying to cause trouble for that manager but isn’t it a violation of the law to discriminate based on religion? I can work the extra time on some other day.

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