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Where is Gardner-White Furniture Corporate office Headquarters

Gardner-White Furniture Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 4445 N Atlantic Blvd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 248-481-2108
  • Fax Number: 586-774-4471
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 
  • Established: 1912
  • Founder: Eugene Clinton White & John G. Gardner
  • Key People: Steve Tronstein

Gardner-White Furniture Headquarters Location & Directions

Gardner-White Furniture Headquarters Executive Team



Steve Tronstein

Chief Executive Office

Rachel Tronstein Stewart


Scott Gilbert

Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller

Aime Fitzhugh

Executive Vice President of Merchandising

Kathy E. Veltri

Executive Vice President of Sales

About Gardner-White Furniture, History and Headquarters Information

Commenced in the year 1912, Gardner White Furniture is the largest furniture retailer that deals in wide range of furniture at varied price ranges. It comprises the best collection of furniture in Michigan and has a price tag that is difficult to find in other furniture stores. The retailer focuses on delivery quality always and in every step from sales to delivery, the retailer gives priority to one thing and it is customer satisfaction. The retailer store is equipped with best sales associates having rich experience and knowledge about the industry and hence this helps them to provide the best customer service with best information. So, customers can take wise and informed buying decision and select furniture to suit their budget and lifestyle. The company focuses on supporting the metropolitan Detroit community as they are part of this community for over 100 years. To make the biggest impact, it collaborates with the different organizations.            

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  • Lynn Mango says:

    GW has a HORRIBLE customer service policy. I bought a couch in October 2020. We went to pick it up ourselves. When we got it home, we realized we were given a USED couch with defects. GW was surprised and “didn’t know how this could happen”. They offered to replace it and delivered a new one within days. 3 months later, we called customer service because the couch looked like an old pilled up sweater. It literally looked 10 years old. The agent who came out in January told me that was normal wearing for this material and that it should stop at some point. He recommended I buy a sweater shaver and “shave” my couch. REALLY??? But I did it…I spent HOURS doing this with no real affect on how the couch looked. I called the customer service again last week. Another agent came out. Agreed that the couch looked years old instead of months old. Told me I should hear from GW in 2-3 business days. I did not hear anything for 5 business days. I called the service center and was told that they will not be fixing or replacing anything because it is normal wear. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! I wish I could leave pictures here but you can see them on my Google review


    You decide for yourself…does this look like a 4 month old couch that I paid over $3K for and is used in the evenings to watch TV for a few hours? Or does it look like a couch I picked up out of the garbage that is 10 years old and someone slept on as a bed?


  • Alexander Ramirez says:

    On August 18th we purchased a mattress and adjustable base, as well as a three piece sectional. August 25th I received a call that the base and mattress would be delivered. In an effort to minimize the amount of time someone would be inside of our home, we decided to carry our old mattress and box spring down a fight of stairs. Prior to do so, I called to confirm we would in fact be receiving a base and mattress and was told yes. At 11pm delivery shows up with only a mattress, and I was told the base is on “back order”. The next morning it took me FOUR HOURS to actually speak to a human. After 4 hours I was told there are 26 bases in the warehouse and that they in fact are not on back order and delivery was set up for the following day. I also spoke with Nathan, the manager, who didn’t seem to take my concerns seriously at all. He stated he would call me and offer me compensation once everything was delivered and set. August 27 base gets delivered and a sync cord is missing. I once again had to call several times to only be told that the drivers did not notate there was any items missing. Pretty disappointing considering I had given both men a fairly generous tip. August 28 they deliver the wrong sync cord. Again, nobody called and it’s impossible to speak to anyone so after waiting 2 days, on September 1 I went to the store where I was greeted with the rudest so- called manager Tamika. Nathan was not in and I was told he would contact me. September 2 another attempt to deliver the correct cord and the drivers had the wrong one, yet AGAIN. Here we are September 4 and I still have no cord, no phone call from any manager and no resolution or compensation i was promised. I do not know how this store is even in business.

  • Jeffrey Swan says:

    President Rachel Tronstein Stewart I would like to start by saying my wife and purchesed a bed from your Macomb Twp. store on July 31, 2020. Im happy to inform you that your sales person Jane was pleasure to deal with. Jane was not pushy and she allowed us our space until we need her. Jane sut up delivery for the next day August 1, 2020. We were also told we would receive a call in the A.M. to advise us of the delivery time. Jane further explained to us that we would also be able to visit your website to check the status of the expected delivery.

    All of the information that Jane provided us sounded great until it wasn’t. On Saturday morning my wife and expected to receive a call telling us our delivery time. That never happened. I checked your website and was unable to confirm a time for delivery. I then contacted our sales peson Jane, she looked it the issue and advised that the matress was on a truck and scheduled for delivery between 6pm and 9:00 pm. Not feeling very confident that the delivery was going to happen I again checked your website and again was unable to confirm anything that Jane told me about the delivery time.

    At this time I decided to contact the Macomb Twp. store. I spoke with a Customer Service Representative who identified himself as Nathan. I explained to Nathan what the issue was and he proceeded to tell me that our bed was on the schedule however someone removed it, so the bed will not be delivered today. Mind you we never received a call advising that our bed would not be delivered. I advised Nathan that it was unacceptable that bed would not be delivered on the date promised. Nathan informed me that the best he could do was to schedule the delivery for August 2, 2020. I explained to Nathan that that was not going work. Im not sure if this was Nathan’s everyday tone however it sure sounded as though he was talking down to me during this conversation. I also had asked Nathan how i was going to compensated for my time since both my wife and I stayed home all day in fear of missing the delivery. Nathan followed up my question by telling me that was a rhetorical question and he wasn’t going to answer it. Nathan further advised that they meaning Gardner-White was not going to compensate me anything. I advised Nathan that if he could not get the bed delivered today that he could cancel our order. Nathan seemed all to eager to cancel the order. I guess that’s because he wasn’t losing out on the commission. At this point of the conversation with Nathan I had been on the phone for 31 minutes. I asked Nathan to speak with my sales person Jane.

    After being placed on hold Jane answered. I explained to Jane what was going on with the delivery and I also advised her of my conversation with Nathan. It should be mentioned that Jane appeared very upset in the fact that Nathan talked to me the way he did and she apologized for his behavior. Jane assured me that if I would allow her too, she would have the mattress delivered today I reluctantly agreed but only if she could have it delivered today. It sounds like it took some doing however the bed was delivered at 1010 pm that night. Jane also advised that they would be taking $100.00 off the price of my order for all my trouble.

    On August 8, 2020 I returned to the Macomb Twp. store to enquire about my $100.00 refund. Jane seemed surprised I hadn’t received it all ready. Jane walked me over to the service counter and were told that Nathan had failed to refund my Card $100.00. The girl that was assisting me explained that it’s Nathan job to complete refund transactions. I feel that Nathan purposely failed to complete this transaction because I had already had an issue with him on August 1st. I know I cant prove this however preception is reality.

    While at the store I also asked about the 3 $100.00 mastercards that I was suppose to receive. We were told that we would receive them in our email within 72 hours of the date of purchase. I was told that that they would arrive in my email and that they may also show up in my spam. Today is August 11th and I still have not received them.

    Before I left the store I had the chance to talk with Connie. Connie advised that she was the General Manager of the store. I explained to her the above listed information and she acted as though this was the first she’s heard of it. Connie told me that she has alot of problems in the store and that she can’t remeber them all. Even if that’s the case I dont think you want your customers to know your store has so many problems you cant keep track of them. Connie did advise that she would look into the issues with the 3 $100.00 mastercards for me.

    I find it hard to believe that Gardner-White conducts business like this on a daily basis. However other then the sale of the bed nothing was handled the way I was told it would be handled. If I hadn’t follow up on everything we would be without a bed and you would have been out a sale.

    Based on the information Connie provided it sounds like your Macomb Twp. store is vastly under trained and or some of the employee’s just dont care enough about their jobs to put forth the effort to perform the job’s correctly.

    Thank you

    • Starlette says:

      Hi, Just wondering if you ever got your cards. We have been waiting for our patio furniture set. They promised it was supposed to be here before my birthday party. Which was a month ago. Still haven’t received it. I had to cancel my party and told them I was out of 250.00. They said they would reimburse us. But instead it was 200 not 250. Which we dont get until furniture is delivered.Plus the date just got pushed back fir the 3rd time “Due to Covid”. I’m so tired of that excuse. When I inquired about it another sales person stated that she has a customer that’s been waiting for the same set since the 1st of May. Now that’s a real problem for me. Why on earth would you sell me a set in July 4th and promise will be delivered before the end if the month knowing you have a customer that still doesn’t have her set. So pisted, Corp hasn’t been helpful or understanding at all. Summer is pretty much over with, wouldn’t you say.

  • Gladys Beach says:

    I bought a living room outfit on June 4,2020, they delivered it on July 20 and I have been calling and emailing the store with no answer since then. I have a power recliner that is broke, the recliner doesn’t work. They say you are next in line so you hold for 1/2 hr. then they hang up on you. You send a text message and they don’t respond. You try to email the corporate but they need too much info to answer a question. If you do the chat line you ask a question but noone comes back with a response that they are there you are just left hanging. I have had many happy years with Gardner White and am now so disappointed. They have no respect to their customers any more. Back in the day, you would have gotten a phone call back with in 48 hrs.

  • Patricia Ghinelli says:

    I order a brown sofa and when it was delivered is was grey. the salesman told me it was the store lighting that made it look brown and it only came in grey. Because it was out of stock and time I ordered it it was delivered past the 7 day return policy and I had to pay a restocking fee. I sorry i didn’t read the reviews before I purchased the sofa. I have call 4 times two e-mails and have not heard anything from the corporate offices about this.

  • Gerry/Fran Caoagas says:

    To Mr Steve Tronstein, Miss Rachel Tronstein Stewart, Miss Kathy Veltri,
    5/19/20 My son got us a Tempurpedic mattress that is over $3K during Gardner White promo of an Apple Ipad and we were told that it will come in the mail by the saleslady we dealt with. The mattress was delivered 7/10/19 but to date we received nothing. The saleslady stated that a voucher will be sent to us in the mail but we never received any. I called several times and she said to call the corp office which I did but they keep on re-routing my call to the Warren store. I left a couple of messages to the Warren store manager but never responded to my call. I called the associate salesman of the saleslady that sold us the mattress but he is to no avail either. We’ve been a loyal customer of your company but this time I can say that you are having a false advertisement or the Apple Ipad must have been taken or given to someone else. I don’t like to accuse anyone but what was advertised/promised in the sales deal should be given to the customer not in the possession of someone else’s that either worked for the store/company or anybody else. I am tired of calling and being transferred from one person to the other (like a basketball) and yet my question is not answered. I need to know who took the Ipad that should be given to us as advertised. It’s been 10 months and I am sure whoever got that Ipad must be rejoicing. What an easy way to steal !!!!
    This time I demand an answer and solution to this , (shall i call it theft ?) . Thank you.

  • Michael McCarthy says:

    At approximately 10:10 am today on Fox News Detroit, WJBK, Ryan Ermanni and Lee Thomas made light of being “in the closet.” With LGBTQ+ childen being overrepresented in in the growing epidemic of teen suicides, I find such comments dangerous, especially with the added stress of coping with a pandemic. I’m asking all adverisers to reconsider doing business with Fox Detroit.

  • Francesca says:

    Wowwwwww!!!!!!!!!! I should have had read these comments before i purchased a bedroom set from Gardner White. I bought a bedroom aet a yr ago and also purchased additional 4 yr. warranty. The railings broke off the headboard and it clapped on my son. Its been three weeks, finally it looked like they tried to take care of the problem, only to call back in 5 minutes stating the furniture is on back order and they have no idea when it will come in so in another word screw you customer we got our mony and your son got his head nocked out and he can continue sleeping on floor. They keep telling me there is no corporate office. Something has to be done with this company. I will not just loose my money. Customer service are rude. Unprofessional. I will be calling Better Business Bureau and the news team.

  • Sherry Tausch says:

    Bought a Mattress about 3 months ago already sinking can not get a good night rest, called and had some one look at it and they said it customers fault, This is crazy to pay $1050 for a mattress and can not sleep on it they said even though I have the 10 year warranty they will not replace it. I know things do not last forever but it should last longer then 3 months.

    • lori says:

      i paid 4 grand its going back the matress they have in store are so old you think you’re getting the same firmness nope…

  • Brenda Sanders says:

    CEO Rachel Tronstein are you aware how your consumers are being treated?
    I wrote in about my experience with the Southfield store last week and I have yet to hear from anyone. I purchased a bed and its base for 4600 dollars. I received a call from the delivery person stating that they were looking for my address; in which they had the incorrect address. Once they arrived and put my bed together, it was apparent to me that the base was broke, as the motor made a loud noise and the foot failed to recline. I contacted the store Wednesday morning spoke to the salesperson, and that store acted as if they were doing me a favor “we usually don’t do this but we will replace the base free of charge” The earliest I could get a free of charge base was stated to be Saturday, which they gave me a very hard time about time of delivery. 12-7-19 between 8:30 and 11:30 was my window, but I notice on my tracker again they had the wrong address. I called the store and spoke to my salesperson who stated the delivery manager corrected the address. At 8:40 pm, I received a voice message stating they were on my street but unable to find my home. I was sitting in the window waiting for them to deliver my base and never once did a Gardner white truck ride down my street, I attempted to contact them several times but the call continued to go to Kelly’ voice mail.
    First delivery: They put my base together and left my home knowing the base was not operable. In questioning the delivery person as I stated in my last complaint he said “read the manual”
    Second delivery: Blatantly falsified his whereabouts, stating he was on my street when in fact they were probably where the first delivery person was on 12/3/19 due to wrong address. My address is not 111359.
    I want Gardner white to remove this bed from my home and a full refund ASAP!!!! OR I will be taking this complaint further up and will never ever purchase anything from Gardner White. Very disappointed in a majority African American ran store that does not understand the concept of customer satisfaction. They only understand dollar and cents!!!

    • Stacy says:

      I feel your pain. Still waiting for loveseat 5 months since delivering the sofa. Feel like they gave me the left shoe without the right.

      Problem with your post:
      What does “ majority African American employees “ have to do with your issue? Super offensive.

  • Stephanie Nelson says:

    This is the worst company EVER!!!! Gardner White took $3,500.00 and won’t make things right. I’m 60 years old on medical, with a really small income, this money might as well be a million to me. I can’t understand how the CEO can get on TV and tell horrible LIES about how much they care about making people happy…. LIE, LIE, LIE, all this company wants is to steal money from people like me. They go home to there billion dollar homes and don’t even look back at who they just screw over!! It will one day bite everyone for what these FAT CEO’s and the sales people who are these lies to. Taking our money the way they do and don’t even think twice about it!!!!!! It will get up with you, when you screw people….

    • Amy Caruso says:

      Same problem here!! I have called 15 times and no response!!going to the BBB today and the attorney General. If I get no where there I will load this cheap shit up and dump it in their pretty showroom!! I sent an Email to Commenity bank, explaining I would not pay another dime till this was settled to my satisfaction!

    • Brenda Sanders says:

      I feel your pain: they took my money for a bed I cannot enjoy due to a broken base. Nonetheless, I will be filing many grievances until my voice is heard and they either reimburse me my money or right their wrong ASAP. Will not take another day off work to wait 6 hours for nothing!!!

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