Where is Gardner-White Furniture Corporate office Headquarters

Gardner-White Furniture Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 4445 N Atlantic Blvd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 248-481-2108
  • Fax Number: 586-774-4471
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 
  • Established: 1912
  • Founder: Eugene Clinton White & John G. Gardner
  • Key People: Steve Tronstein

Gardner-White Furniture Headquarters Location & Directions

Gardner-White Furniture Headquarters Executive Team



Steve Tronstein

Chief Executive Office

Rachel Tronstein Stewart


Scott Gilbert

Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller

Aime Fitzhugh

Executive Vice President of Merchandising

Kathy E. Veltri

Executive Vice President of Sales

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  • Sherry Tausch says:

    Bought a Mattress about 3 months ago already sinking can not get a good night rest, called and had some one look at it and they said it customers fault, This is crazy to pay $1050 for a mattress and can not sleep on it they said even though I have the 10 year warranty they will not replace it. I know things do not last forever but it should last longer then 3 months.

  • Brenda Sanders says:

    CEO Rachel Tronstein are you aware how your consumers are being treated?
    I wrote in about my experience with the Southfield store last week and I have yet to hear from anyone. I purchased a bed and its base for 4600 dollars. I received a call from the delivery person stating that they were looking for my address; in which they had the incorrect address. Once they arrived and put my bed together, it was apparent to me that the base was broke, as the motor made a loud noise and the foot failed to recline. I contacted the store Wednesday morning spoke to the salesperson, and that store acted as if they were doing me a favor “we usually don’t do this but we will replace the base free of charge” The earliest I could get a free of charge base was stated to be Saturday, which they gave me a very hard time about time of delivery. 12-7-19 between 8:30 and 11:30 was my window, but I notice on my tracker again they had the wrong address. I called the store and spoke to my salesperson who stated the delivery manager corrected the address. At 8:40 pm, I received a voice message stating they were on my street but unable to find my home. I was sitting in the window waiting for them to deliver my base and never once did a Gardner white truck ride down my street, I attempted to contact them several times but the call continued to go to Kelly’ voice mail.
    First delivery: They put my base together and left my home knowing the base was not operable. In questioning the delivery person as I stated in my last complaint he said “read the manual”
    Second delivery: Blatantly falsified his whereabouts, stating he was on my street when in fact they were probably where the first delivery person was on 12/3/19 due to wrong address. My address is not 111359.
    I want Gardner white to remove this bed from my home and a full refund ASAP!!!! OR I will be taking this complaint further up and will never ever purchase anything from Gardner White. Very disappointed in a majority African American ran store that does not understand the concept of customer satisfaction. They only understand dollar and cents!!!

  • Stephanie Nelson says:

    This is the worst company EVER!!!! Gardner White took $3,500.00 and won’t make things right. I’m 60 years old on medical, with a really small income, this money might as well be a million to me. I can’t understand how the CEO can get on TV and tell horrible LIES about how much they care about making people happy…. LIE, LIE, LIE, all this company wants is to steal money from people like me. They go home to there billion dollar homes and don’t even look back at who they just screw over!! It will one day bite everyone for what these FAT CEO’s and the sales people who are these lies to. Taking our money the way they do and don’t even think twice about it!!!!!! It will get up with you, when you screw people….

    • Amy Caruso says:

      Same problem here!! I have called 15 times and no response!!going to the BBB today and the attorney General. If I get no where there I will load this cheap shit up and dump it in their pretty showroom!! I sent an Email to Commenity bank, explaining I would not pay another dime till this was settled to my satisfaction!

    • Brenda Sanders says:

      I feel your pain: they took my money for a bed I cannot enjoy due to a broken base. Nonetheless, I will be filing many grievances until my voice is heard and they either reimburse me my money or right their wrong ASAP. Will not take another day off work to wait 6 hours for nothing!!!

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