Where Is GameStop Corporate Office Headquarters

GameStop Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 620 Westport Pkwy unit 100, Grapevine, TX 76051, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 817-424-2000

  • Email: PowerUp@GameStop.com

  • Number of Employees: 60000

  • Established: 1984

  • Founder: Dan DeMatteo, Richard Fontaine & Leonard Riggio

  • Key People: Dan DeMatteo, George Sherman

GameStop Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact GameStop Corporate Office

GameStop Corporation is an American gaming merchandise retailer which is the public eye for its video games, PC entertainment software stores, wireless services, and consumer electronics. The company gears towards bona fide individual interactions with the users to look at their needs, provide them the accurate solutions, and making them an integral part of the GameStop family.

Following are some possible queries for users to contact GameStop:

  • To place an order or enquire about the status of the order.
  • To enquire about payment-related issues.
  • To report any glitches occurring while using the services.
  • To register a complaint, issue, or feedback regarding any services/orders.
  • To report trouble in using or logging in to the user account.
  • To report and get help resolving trouble using the Gift Card Code.
  • To enquire for a replacement for any defective order.

Apart from these, there may be various other reasons for the customers to contact GameStop. In either of the cases, keep reading.

Ways To Contact GameStop

GameStop is a customer-obsessed company that promises the best experience for every user and aims to resolve the issues of every query. Following are the ways to contact GameStop:


Mentioned below is the address to the headquarters of GameStop. Anyone who is looking forward to contacting the headquarters can visit the given address or send their queries via mail.

620 Westport Pkwy unit 100, Grapevine, TX 76051, United States of America

Phone number:

Customers can register their complaints, queries, and feedback via phone number as well. GameStop’s customer-friendly services are ready to solve any issues at any moment. So, for assistance via phone, you can contact them at the number given below:

+1 817-424-2000

Email Address:

The customer care representatives are ready to help the consumers as closely as possible and that goes well even for complaints and queries sent via email. Customers can register their queries and complaints at the given email address.



For more information about GameStop, people may find their official website helpful in resolving their issues. They can also give feedback about their experience with GameStop. The link to their official website is given below:


GameStop Headquarters Info & Photos

Operating more than 7000 retail stores throughout America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, GameStop’s brain office is located in Grapevine, Texas USA. The headquarters office is spread in the area of 182,000 square feet. With about 1100 employees, engaged in the manufacturing of gaming consoles and quality assurance. For those who’d like to pay a visit can book an appointment before visiting there. You can search for the given address on Google Maps or may visit GameStop’s website for directions.

Gamestop Headquarters Photo
Gamestop Corporate Office Photo

GameStop Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

620 Westport Pkwy unit 100, Grapevine, TX 76051, United States

GameStop Headquarters Executive Team

Ryan Cohen

Ryan Cohen

executive chairman

Alan Attal

Alan Attal


Larry Cheng

Larry Cheng




Jim Grube


Yang Xu


About GameStop


GameStop was found on 13 April 2005 opening first in 1998 in Dallas, Texas, USA. Shares of GameStop Corporation first traded on the New York Stock Exchange on 13 February 2002. At that initial time, 20,763,888 shares were offered each share costing $18. The business suffered losses during 2010 due to shifting the video game sales to online shopfronts and failed investments by GameStop in smartphone retails.


GameStop is a video game, gaming merchandise, and consumer electronics retailer based in America. The company retails its products globally, selling new and used video game hardware, software, and accessories. The company’s passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced associates make these technologies affordable and simple. It is digital-first omni-channel retailer offering games and entertainment products in 5,509 stores and comprehensive e-commerce properties across 16 nations.


  • The Net Promoter Score or NPS for GameStop is 13 same as Netflix, which means the customer satisfaction is up to scratch.
  • GameStop has NPS greater than companies like AXA, Google, DirecTV, which have scores 12, 11, and 12, respectively. On the flip side, it has NPS less than KFC, Lidl, Liberty Mutual having their scores 14 each.
  • GameStop owns gaming site ‘Kongregate’, gaming magazine ‘Game Informer’ and resellers like ‘Simply Mac’ and ‘Spring Mobile’.

  • Trina says:

    I cancelled an order 5 minutes after ordering on the phone with customer service. I was assured the refund would be completed within 2 hours. I emailed 5 times, could not get through to chat or phone, and TEN hours later I received an email notifying me that my order was charged for and shipped! Worst customer service ever! I’m furious and frustrated.

  • Kelly zasada says:

    Does anyone have corporate office email or phone number? I am so mad about my customer service and not helping at all with a missing package. Thanks

  • Hannah says:

    I should report Gamestop to the Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau for deceptive advertising. They advertise the PS5 Horizon Forbidden West bundle for $549.99 on their website but when I went to the store to buy it the worker told me the price was $649.99. This is deceptive advertising and very much illegal.

  • nathan says:

    Horrible customer service. I ordered an xbox. it arrived broken. called customer support. they said we will take care of you. now im 5 weeks out from the date of it showing up broken with no resolve. stay away from this sub par company

  • Thaynara says:

    On 05/13/22 I placed an order for the White IPHONE 11 PRO MAX 64GB $568.99, I received the order confirmation email on 05/14/22 with the order number 1100000047660875 (attached image 1). On 05/17/22 I received an email that the order arrived at DEPARTED FEDEX HUB, FORT WORTH,TX (attached image 2). On 05/18/2022 I received an email that the device arrived in LONDONDERRY, NH, AT LOCAL FEDEX FACILY (attached image 3). Unfortunately, I was not at home at the time of delivery and I received an email (attached image 4) saying that there would be a new delivery attempt on the next business day. I called the company and fedex and received authorization to pick up the package directly from the carrier.
    I got the package from the carrier at 6:22PM (attached image 5). I received an email from GameStop at 6:38PM (attached image 6) confirming the delivery of the IPHONE 11 PRO MAX 64BG WHITE.
    When I opened the box, was a totally different product, I received an iphone xr black (attached image 7) but on the label there was the description of the right product and on the box the description of a device completely different from the order, so I immediately call customer service informing what happened, so they tell me i need to return the device so i can get my money back. I decide to do it at store, at Amherst street Mr Dave was there and I said that i would like my refund, but he said he could take but he call to a directly line (between store and customer service) and help me with that. he informed me that he had requested the refund and that I Don have to return the device , that I could do whatever I wanted with the device and that the return of the money was being processed (attached image 8) but in the image it appears that it is waiting for the device to be received. I made a new call and informed that I would not return the device by fedex because the label was with the description of the iphone 11 pro max and the box I had was with the label and the iphone xr device. I received an email from fedex with a new label (attached image 9). I kept saying that I would not send it by fedex because the company made a serious mistake of sending different invoice and device. So on the 19th I decide to go to a different store, since the first one lied to me, there was Mr Samuel, who’s also call the direct line and then the attendant JON R said it’s ok for me to return the wrong phone at store and then he can refund me, the store provide me a receipt ( attachment image 10) and informing by email how the return request would proceed, (attachment image 11 and 12) PS: on the email Mr John sent to me you can se ( Customer can keep the phone) but over the phone he keeps saying that I have to return, so I did it. but after 10 minutes of the first email with the refund confirmation, I got another email that the confirmation number he gave me appeared as a canceled order (attachment image 13). As in the email he had informed that the process would take up to 24 hours for the money to go to the bank, we waited 24 hours. On 05/21/22 I went to my bank to see if there were any pending refund, and it was stated that there were no pending transactions. I called VISA and it was also stated that there were no pending transactions. A new call was made, in which it was informed that the return request was canceled, as there was not enough evidence that I have returned the wrong phone, so they request me a email if prove of that, so I sent a copy of the confirmation of delivery of the device. I made a new request for the refund, which I don’t have any case number. Still on the 25th I spoke with supervisor Zayna A, and she told me that 3 Tickets numbers were open and that one of them should work
    ( 3213965) (3215242) ( 3215054) and that she would personally contact the correct department and ask for a refund as she can confirm that the store received the device (since I emailed the store receipt) and she said the process would take 24 hours. To my surprise, I called today 05/24/22 to check the status of the refund and spoke to supervisor Camden T, who told me that she needs to wait for the phone to arrive at the Warehouse and then GameStop will work on my refund. It was said that the process can take 3 to 5 business days. I’m on a trip scheduled for 03/06 to another country, and that’s why I bought an unlocked phone, to have communication during my time outside the US, and the company refused to send me a replacement in an acceptable time and also refuses to return my cash. I was treated very badly by several attendants and the supervisor Zayna told me “If you want a phone you will have to take money out of your pocket and buy one, because the refund will take time! That’s not the way to treat a customer, so disappointed in GameStop. All this started on 05/18 and since then there have only been errors after errors, lack of interest on the part of the company in repairing the error, lack of ethics and technical training. Every call a different information and I, as a customer, have no money, no device and no consideration for this company

  • John Hibbs says:

    Please have someone reach out to me regarding a VERY offensive issue that has occurred several times at one of your Colorado Springs locations.

  • Monica says:

    Terrible customer service. They stole $400 from us. I keep calling to try to get this issue solved, contacted them through email and twitter, and they straight up told me to figure it out myself. Go spend your money somewhere else, this company doesn’t care about customers at all.

    • Don’t need my name says:

      That is terrible. But yet they fire people without letting them know or giving them enough notice over an issue that happened months ago. Keeping this person working coming in on his day off. Opening and closing when no one else could. Always there when needed. Corporate acts like no one can make a mistake. Are they perfect nope. Is human resource perfect no. Are managers perfect no of course not. A great worker especially if liked by the customers should have been given a second chance. It professional at all. No one is perfect. You are horrible. But yet their customer service with your issue is not acceptable and especially the way they spoke to you. Unprofessional you’re not perfect.

  • Charles says:

    Can you delete all my post from the public?

  • Charles says:

    GameStop Chat

    Valentin F
    Customer Support
    Chat started
    Hello I need help with locating my package. Order Number: 1100000046331669
    Order Date: 3/28/2022.

    Here is the tracking info with USPS
    Tracking Number:
    Your package is on its way to a USPS facility. Sign up to get updates, and we’ll send you a delivery date and time when available.
    USPS Tracking Plus®: Extended Tracking History
    USPS picked up item
    March 29, 2022 at 10:18 am
    STERLING, IL 61081
    Valentin F joined the chat
    Valentin F
    Thanks for chatting with GameStop. My name is Valentin F and I’m happy to help!
    Let me check this for you
    Thank you very much
    Valentin F
    sorry to hear of the order delay
    checking now
    No problem. This is s gift for my daughter that she specifically requested.
    Thank you again
    Valentin F
    sorry seems that this
    package is lost in transit
    there has been no updates on here since 3/29/22
    Valentin F
    is going to be an investigation with
    the carrier
    When I purchased the item I picked the 3 day arrival window. It never arrived that Thursday.
    Valentin F
    please tell me would you want a replacement or a refund?
    Thank you for the investigation.This pkg is a present for my daughter Birthday.
    Valentin F
    oh wow sorry to here that
    I would like a replacement please with better shipping
    Valentin F
    one moment please
    I need some sort of guaranteed shipping. Time is of thee essence.
    Valentin F
    what is the last date you want to receive it ?
    I am heading out of town tomorrow to go to a funeral. I arrive bk Sunday. I wanted this game console before I left. I have been checking everyday.
    Before the 13th.
    Valentin F
    this type of case is considered lost in transit
    it will take 7-10 days to be reviewed
    that is the timeframe for this type of case
    I understand. I did nothing wrong. The shipping should not be at my expense. I would like for the pkg asap.
    Valentin F
    sorry to inform you of this time frame
    I will go ahead and let the lost in transit team know of the birthday present time frame that you are dealing with
    one momnet please
    I paid for a expected delivery and it was not met. You cant fed ex on your dime? This is on game stop. I received no messaging of delays or nothing. I was in limbo.
    Valentin F
    just to make sure
    may I get the ship to address?
    and your full name with primary phone #
    909 S. Monitor chicago, Il 60644. I need to know 1st that you will provide a better shipping service
    Charles Norman 7086004617
    Valentin F
    thank you
    this is handled by the other team
    as far as the shipping
    You all have expedited shipping correct
    Well this is a total disaster. The other team is part of your company.
    Valentin F
    yes we do
    have expedited shipping
    almost done
    Can you promise the expedited shipping on your dime as a convenience?
    Valentin F
    I am not able to guarantee this
    Wait I meed need to know how your shipping the pkg and delivery date before I sign off on anything
    Well . If not that is not fair. Can someone call me to discuss this matter in management
    Valentin F
    the replacement is handled by the lost in transit team
    This sucks
    Valentin F
    I understand your frustration and I do agree with you
    And your customer service who handles these situations.
    Sure. Tks. But I need results at this point.
    Valentin F
    This is one of those special cases
    not your fault
    This is a once a year gift. Game stop ruined it so far.
    Valentin F
    but these packages sometimes get stuck between systems
    this maybe the case here
    the package may be stuck between the Gamestop system along with the carriers system
    I understand. I was informed. Looks like there is a logistical situation with shipping and receiving.
    Valentin F
    That is why this is classified as lost in transit
    I didn’t pay $400 for that nor will I suffer at that expense
    Valentin F
    I am not sure if you want me to process the Lost in transit form now ?
    or if you want you can speak to the voice team directly
    but this is a lost in case in their system or my system
    there is no other way to classify this case
    I would like to speak to a team leader please
    Valentin F
    All systems are the same
    Game stop can’t cover a charge for shipping in this error is ludicrous.
    Valentin F
    no one can override this type of case just to let you know
    Let me get a team leader for you
    Thank you. God has the final say. I will take my business elsewhere possibly to a more reliable vendor. Thank you for your time.
    I don’t believe that no one doesn’t have the power to overide
    Valentin F
    please tell me do you still want to speak to a supervisor ?
    Hey there! Checking in to see if you’re still with me. 🇨🇨
    That has been my only request you know I’m here of course I want to speak with a supervisor
    Valentin F
    ok I am speaking to them now
    Yes thank you
    Valentin F
    one moment almost done
    still waiting
    sorry for the delay
    I will write the corporate office about this experience to inform them of my logistical nightmare I experienced on behalf of shipping and receiving
    No problem
    I will write the corporate office about this experience to inform them of my logistical nightmare I experienced on behalf of shipping and receiving
    Valentin F
    ok very uderstandable
    Take your time. When you dominate any Market like GameStop does the customer doesn’t warrant the customer satisfaction because your company is making money hand over foot
    Valentin F
    thank you
    Take your time
    Is there a reference number or log number available for our chat today for my records
    Valentin F
    I am going to transfer you now
    I need results not excuses and by the way you didn’t answer my question
    Thank you for the transfer
    Thank you for the transfer
    Valentin F
    one moment please
    almost done
    Again is there a reference number or log number for our chat that I can have for my reference
    Again is there a reference number or log number for our chat that I can have for my reference
    Chat box is duplicating messages take your time
    Chat box is duplicating messages take your time
    Valentin F
    sorry for the delay
    I been waiting for a week and half now no worries
    Type a message here…
    Type a message here…

  • Tasha Yarwood says:

    I will never order another thing from game stop ever. They don’t give a shit about there customers,

  • Jacob Luna says:

    I ordered a very simple Funko pop Gremlin with 3d glasses through the website in plenty of time for an event with the intention of having our guest Mark Dodson sign it. I checked on it a couple of days before the event and I was told it was stuck in process at the warehouse. They said it would be sent out soon. A week pass with no pop and I checked on it and told again it was still in process. At this point (a 3rd email) requested them to just cancel the order and give me my money back. Said they couldn’t do it I had to either recieve a tracking number and they could reroute it back or they could send me a shipping label or I could take it to a game stop. Just checked on it earlier and still hasn’t been sent out in fact the warehouse is looking for them to fill my order. This company is terrible, their customer service is a nightmare and I feel as though this entire situation has been treated like a joke. After 5 emails sent Lesson learned, next time I will go to a local shop or to funko directly.
    The accolades they give to their great caring customer service is a joke.

  • Laquaya says:

    This has happened a few times. The male customer service representative in Pelham, NY is Rude and Disrespectful. This is his job….. if he doesn’t want to work at Game Stop then he needs to move on. He has a Nasty tone. My children and husband went to the store today 1/16/22 in the evening. He needs BETTER training!!!!

  • David says:

    Walked into a GameStop store with my two young kids which had 1 Xbox series x in stock but wouldn’t sell it to me because it’s only in a bundle deal and reason is to prevent scalpers from purchasing them, what do they call making you purchase a system plus extras you don’t need?(scalping) Keep up the awesome job GameStop!!

  • Gwen Cunningham says:

    I purchased a PS 4 for my grandson for his birthday in August. It does not work at all. I tried calling the number of the GameStop it was ordered from but can’t leave a message because their voicemail hadn’t been set up. The serial number on it is mg358000486. I’ve called corporate and still waiting for someone to call me back. 661-547-0724

  • Lorraine Davis says:

    Why did I get charge twice and game stop tried to take a total of four payments. And I never received my order and I’m getting the run around about my payment back after I cancelled the order

  • Lisa Haught says:

    Never use gamestop.

  • Lisa Haught says:

    I ordered 2 xbox one s on the 8th and cancelled on the 9th because they were not the right console’s. I was told I could get a refund because I just placed the order. Then on the 13th I sent a message to see how long a refund takes. Then the 15th I get message saying they are sorry and looking further into my messages with the I was not eligible for a refund and will work on getting my refund. I replied telling them I got it on the 14th and then today the 16th I look in my account and there was 2 transactions from gamestop. And I didn’t get a message about anything from them. Even the tracking number says awaiting carrier. But I was looking through my messages from the order I first made, I clicked on details and it popped up a Fed ex order placed on the 14th and I talked to 2 reps today and the tracking number didn’t take them to that fed ex bull crap. So I know they stole my money and was trying to hide what they did. They wiped out my account without permission and its against the law.

  • Kathleen says:

    I originally banned game stop when I bought my son some games for Christmas and was sold a demo..haven’t bought a thing from game stop for over 3 years being that no one reached out after I emailed called costumer service nothing!! I Figured let me try this year with them again.. what was that for..I went to purchase a gaming monitor witch said 5 to 7 business days I’ve been waiting for over 2 weeks .. called costumer service told to give them 10 to 15 days to then replace Order .. and wait another 10 business days..they keep saying there waiting for higher up!! I’ve sent several emails no response!! Just horrible experience over all!!

  • Hon401104 says:

    I reserve farm simulator 22 at one of your game stops paid for it already went to pick it up today and the woman in the store sold it to someone else so now I have to try to find another one she said there was nothing they can do about it is the GameStop in Marysville Ohio

  • Jacob Hyson says:

    I pre-ordered pokemon v-memories boxes at 29.98. now I just get an email stating they are charging me 39.99 each. I contacted them via online chat and the representative confirmed that the error was on their part and will not honor the original price! After I contact corporate I will be contacting BBB.

  • Milagro Castillo says:

    I recently received an email from your corporation with respect to purchasing a Google Play $50 eCard which I did not purchase. Receipt # 215955964276975 – item # 137406. I don’t even have a pay pal account. Would you please advise as to what to do about this. I believe that this is a scam that you may not be aware of.

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