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Where is Gabriel Brothers Gabes Corporate office Headquarters

Gabriel Brothers Gabes Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 55 Scott Ave Morgantown, WV 26508 USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-458-6546

  • Fax Number: 304-292-0871

  • Email: vendors@mygabes.com

  • Number of Employees: 6300

  • Established: 1961

  • Founder: James and Arthur Gabriel

  • Key People: Jerry Rossi

Gabriel Brothers Gabes Headquarters Location & Directions

Gabriel Brothers Gabes Headquarters Executive Team



Jerry Rossi

Chief Executive Officer

Art Gabriel Sr.


Don Mancini

Corporate Vice President of Human Resources

Blaine Kuhn

Vice President of Planning Allocation & Merchandising

Kevin Stinnie

Store General Manager

About Gabriel Brothers Gabes, History and Headquarters Information

Gabriel Brothers Gabesis the family-owned private discount retailer in West Virginia USA and it was formerly known as Gabriel Brothers Stores which is owned by Gabriel Brothers INC. Commenced in the year 1961 and headquartered in West Virginia, the retailer operates its business through its 104 Gabe’s stores sprawling across USA. The company also operates Rugged Warehouse stores which were closed in 2017 and some of its stores were either relocated to Gabes or changed to a retail store and some were shut down permanently. The retailer specializes in selling designer brands and fashions with highest discount of 70% and also offers speciality store pricing systems. The store comprises of best collection of designer brands for juniors and ladies and men. From footwear to apparel to handbags, accessories, home decor products electronics and beauty products, you will find the long list of products across the stores of this retailer.      

Gabriel Brothers Gabes Headquarters Photos

Gabriel Brothers Gabes Resources

  • Rhonda Clark says:

    Questions about severance package. Keep getting wrong email address from your people.

  • Dixie Darling says:

    We are thrilled to have Gabe’s in Sevierville TN. Great selections & prices. Older lady cashier 08/01/22 Mon. working around 6pm was a WITCH to customers. She will continue hurting business in GABES. I’m in no hurry to return. Someone her age can not be retrained. IF there are signs where customer service or returns are handled I did not see any. Neither did another lady. That might help & get rid of the older cashier with a horrible attitude. The younger girl was very nice & treats people with great customer service. I hope to hear back from someone.

  • Irene Baron says:

    Healing miracles
    4 July 2022
    Can you imagine the free publicity the store would have received to have a miraculous healing from God occur on their premises with one of their employees? With news stations searching for “GOOD” news, this story would have gone internationally viral in an instant.
    What happened was, I contacted the Zanesville store where the instantaneous and miracle healing initiated by Mitch Bensel through the Holy Spirit occurred for a copy of the store video. Mitch wanted to see if the video showed the healing light of God entering the young lady who was healed of lifelong asthma or any angels about. Unfortunately, like most businesses, Gabe’s could not release the video. So sad. We only needed a minute or less. There were no others around us that would have been in the video. Store personnel were caring and considerate, but had to follow corporate rules. So sad. An opportunity of sharing God’s caring love lost. But, now we know he was present in that store and healed a young lady in less than 30-seconds. What a wonderful God we have. Bless Him.
    Request healing prayers and read about this miracle at mitchbensel.com

  • Chrisandra Rutledge says:

    I worked for gabes in Charlotte North Carolina,for 1yr and 4 months and was at work every day even came on my days off and was treated like an dog I will never treat no one bad as they treated me, I was a manager myself for 18 years and never treated my employees like that, if they get rid of the bad manager it would be a good place to work

  • Tabatha says:

    I have worked at Gabes for 3 months. It was obvious they show a lot of favoritism and don’t care about there employees. I always showed up and took extra shifts. I tested positive for Covid yesterday and called to tell them I would have to quarantine. Her response was “so you’re just choosing bot to come in?” I was honestly speechless. Finally I said obviously I can’t come in because I am contagious and very sick. Her comeback was well you have to have a doctors note to come back. I simply said I’m not doing that because #1 I’m too sick to go anywhere and #2 I took an at home test which is the same the doctors use. Needless to say I will not be going back or even shopping there!

  • Douglas raymond. says:

    York, pa. Location, is rude and is holding back tax returns, from Emlpoyees, and some never recieved back pay, .dana, west from york, location, isn’s doing whats right or helping there Emoloyees.

  • Stephen M Filburn says:

    I and my wife were in Gabes in fort oglethorpe ga tonight 1-26-22 and had fun picking up some items. Things were fine until we tried to check out. One sloooowwww girl…turns out her name is Samantha….was working one register. There were only 3 people in line at this point and we were second. We waited and we waited. The lady she was ringing had bought a lot of clothes so there were a lot of hangers. Meanwhile the line is growing. A lady finally showed up to help but all she did was grab the coat hangers and leave. Guess she didn’t notice the 6 people in line now. The people in front of us had a few things but slow Samantha took her time. When she got done with them she went to price a couple of bras the first lady didn’t take or something. Meanwhile another girl or two drifted back behind the counter….but none opened a register. The line is 10 now. Now there’s no one checking anyone out…finally another girl shows up…looking like she’s been tweaking all day. She rang us up. Finally Samantha shows back up and starts to check someone out. I said that there was actually another live person in the store…to which she replied that I was a bit rude. I replied that is way ruder to keep paying customers waiting while you priced bras. Someone needs to teach this young lady that customers are the only reason Gabes is even open…they come first. Reprice and rehang stock later. And SPEED UP.

  • Kimberly Baker says:

    That don’t treat there employees very well and that just lost there great employee today if anyone really reads this you should get with me about how she had to go through every day! Sham on them!! Sevierville is a small town and you can’t keep doing this to people!

    • Sue says:

      Your right about that!

    • Chrisandra Rutledge says:

      I agree with you I work for them and they treated me so bad even the manager called me a nigger and a lot of other things and then text me and terminate me

    • Dixie Darling says:

      I did not completely understand your post. But I do agree we are small town & it is disappointing when an employee is rude to customers. The older lady cashier 08/01/22 Mon. evening around 6pm needs to be fired. She can not be retrained. She has no customer service & obviously hates people & hates her job.
      I am in no hurry to return now. Loved the selection in store & pricing is excellent.

  • yvette smith says:

    Went to Gabe for the first time brought a hair piece with flowers for a wedding. Look at my statement when I got home. The cashier charge me 101.01. The price was only 9.99. Really so disappointed. Disputing the transaction.

  • Lilly Aliff says:

    I WAS a cashier at the Chesapeake Gabes, please explain to me why all my other coworkers got paid on Friday since we get paid every other Friday and I have yet to receive mine! Today is now Tuesday! Get it together this woman will not work for free!

  • Josie says:

    Hi I received a $5 coupon off $25 for my birthday when I went to use it on July 2 2021 it told me it was already used and I did not use it very disappointed

  • Daniel Richmond says:

    Scrolling through Facebook and saw a post giving a shout out to Zack that works at your Fairmont store.
    The next morning I was congratulating him and he said that his hours got cut from 20 to 11 hours.
    That’s not how you should treat a loyal and good worker.

  • Melanie Carter says:

    I brought back some items. My refund hasn’t came back on my card. Its been three days. Im very unsatisfied. I shop in Gabe alot. Im disappointed

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