Where is Furniture Row Corporate office Headquarters

Furniture Row Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: Suite FR, 5740 North Broadway
    Denver, CO 80216
  • Phone Number: +1 303-296-9514
  • Fax Number: 303-296-3462
  • Email: services@furniturerow.com
  • Number of Employees: 000
  • Established: 1974
  • Founder: Barney Visser
  • Key People: Bill McKendry

Furniture Row Headquarters Location & Directions

Furniture Row Headquarters Executive Team



Bill McKendry

Marketing Directo

About Furniture Row, History and Headquarters Information

Furniture Row is the speciality home furnishing company that has chain of stores across America selling mattresses, home furnishings of different brands. The store focuses on delivering you the best shopping experience that is customized as per your needs and budget. This is the reason why it is the fastest growing retailer of home furnishing in America today. They pay close attention in choosing the styles of home furnishing and ensure that it suits the specific needs and budget of the buyers. You are likely to enjoy the largest collection of furniture which are tailored to the specific needs of buyers and for enhancing the purchasing experience the stores have helpful salesperson that has rich experience in home furnishings. Lastly, all its products are handpicked and you are likely to get a great value for your money. You will experience a friendly associate at any of the chain of Furniture Row.

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  • Larry Mullis says:

    We bought a love seat and sofa from you in Evansville Ind.,we tock several months shopping kept coming back 5 times in all. Made purchase Sat. At time of purchase salesman was Not Knowledgable of merchandise and warranty .my question was on motors in sofa and love seat and was told you did not offer anything other than the one year. Was told by salesman on second visit there was a 3-5 year warranty. After making purchase we are now wondering did we mess up? Hope not.

  • Janet Matos says:

    I retired to San Antonio Texas from Mesa AZ. Sold everything furniture related. Dropping $10,000.00 . First my mattress fell apart 2 weeks after I received it. Went back to replace it. Was told oh they don’t make that one anymore. We can wait for the one that is equal to that. I decided I would pay MORE to get a better brand. Keep in mind I was still waiting for my bedroom set and Special order. Sectional. Once they came due to Pandemic (understandability). They dropped it in the shipping boxes. They left me with fleas, cockroaches and scorpions. From Vietnam.Now this is a 3 month old brand new House. My exterminator informed me fleas scorpions and cockroaches in bed their selves in cardboard. Specially from overseas. I exterminated my home and garage again. Waited for my special ordered sectional. Now I’ve had my sectional two weeks. We are back two scorpions cockroaches. At least the fleas did not return as of yet. I am so disenchanted with some of the Rude and out of line employees. Sherman at my location was a wonderful help. He reached out to help but, I am over disrespectful rolling eyed Men . I should have never purchase anything from there. Now I’m out over $300. To kill bugs that should have been left overseas. Really? I am expecting to NEVER hear from you due to the fact your Manager took me as a joke . Why not headquarters. I would be shocked.

  • Jeanette Bergeron says:

    I want to express my appreciation for Louis Dennert assistance. We ordered two new recliners and a new area rug on February 11, 2020. Then the corona virius happened. Our order was delayed. No surprise. Our new chairs were sent to Albuquerque NM. Louis drove to Albuquerque in his own car and picked up our chairs. We received our new rug July 7th. We appreciate all his help. Our salesman Troy Mack was very nice, he listened to all my complaints. The tried to ease the concern my husband and I had. Jeanette and James Bergeron

  • Raymond Brandenburg Jr says:

    I received my furniture again this Wednesday and again I received the wrong furniture and the wrong plug for my recliner. I don’t know why I keep getting the wrong furniture. But for the last time they said they will send me a new recliner and my love seat in the next two weeks. Well we will see. I would not recommend furniture role to my friends or my family.

  • Raymond Brandenburg says:

    I went to Furniture Row in Harker Heights, Texas. I bought some Furniture there and it was on the Following Wednesday that they were to delivery my Furniture. When they got here they had the wrong couch and my recliner did not work. They told me that they would get back with me that day, and they did not. They said the recliner needed a adapter for it. They finally called and said they will deliver my couch and adapter on the following Wednesday. I called them Tuesday about 07:30 and they told me that they will call within 20 mins. So l waited and never got the call. So, Wednesday morning I called them to find out what time they were to deliver my Furniture. I will not go to your store again. I was deprived of my happiness with out my Furniture that day.

  • Jim Garrigus says:

    I have previously purchased two end tables (amour) they were discontinued. The assistant Manager in Lansing Michigan was trying to get me the table from other stores or moved closer to Michigan. He has since left the company. I found the top in Normal Illinois and the base in Springfield Illinois. (separate locations) the coffee table has been discontinued or D coded for a while. Neither spot has a full table together. I am looking to purchase the table and willing to drive to Illinois to get them however was told they would be at full price. I asked the manager and the regional manager for a clearance price, they were previously clearanced out. I was told because your stock is low on merchandise that you are no longer willing to do anything on clearance??? Could someone please contact me that could help me get these two pieces at a fair price.

  • Tonya Shoemaker says:

    My father purchased a couch and loveseat from your Lafayette Indiana furniture Row. That was two years ago. He was told that he was buying leather furniture. He’s 75 years old now so 73 then. The sales person missed lead him. Sold him an extended warranty for an extra $175. Then about 45 days ago the back of the loveseat where he sits has started peeling. It peeled to a large spot very quickly. Within a matter of days. He tried contacting the store, they sent him to the warranty company, who emailed him to fill out a form, he filled out the form they’ve never responded. Now he’s trying to talk to the store manager about a manufactures defect because obviously it is the way that it’s peeling off. This furniture has only been set on by him. No one else lives in the home with him. It’s not heavily used. Just sitting on the sofa. The only option the regional manager has given him is $400 off of a new loveseat. This brand is no longer in stock and no longer carried it’s been discontinued. What they have to offer would not match what he has. And besides that why should he have to pay basically The same price even with the $400 off for another one that won’t even match his sofa couch. Why is there money coming out of his pocket when he paid $175 for a warranty. Your warranty company won’t even respond to him. We have sent them messages. We tried to call them. They are not responding. My father took it to a upholstery shop to have it redone. They said it was going to be over $350, would not match the leather that was the fake leather vinyl whatever it is and the sewing thread could not match. My questionIs why is he having to pay anything out-of-pocket. When it’s within the five year range of the warranty. Why is it that no one will give him any customer service. We are extremely dissatisfied and this is terrible Customer service. Please respond.

  • Roberto Lopez says:

    I am experiencing the same. I bought a love seat sofa and the order called for 12 week delivery, but no furniture. I spoke to manager and told me he would call me once he was able to contact the department that handles this type orders.This man just keeps lying and doesn’t care to provide some customer service. I wish I could cancel the order, but since this is a special order, I am obligated to wait with my empty living room. If and when I do get my furniture, I will no longer return to Furniture Row. I bought from them before and never encountered such bad customer service.

  • Jennifer VanZuyt says:

    I was at your Davenport Iiwa store today buying furniture for my new business. The helping me was absolutely amazing unlike her co workers. When it was time to check out rhe computer we were doing my sale on was taken over by a girl named Lexi. Mary who was helping ne asked if she was almost done or if she could use her computer and Lexi proceeded to yell at her in front of clients and in front of the manager Jake, who did nothing but get snappy to at Mary who was just trying to get my order in and get us out. I have bought numerous pieces from that store but will never go back because of what i witnessed today. If it wasn’t for Mary apologizing and giving me the great customer service I would have walked out.

  • Leslie Ogilvie says:

    I went to the Furniture Row store in Harker Heights Texas. I got zero customer service. I am a black woman looking to buy a new bed room set. when I walked in the store I got no customer service, no one acknowledge me. As I was looking around the store some white people came in and they got great customer service. I then decided to leave, on my way out I stood right next to the customer and sales person (lady) and still no acknowledge. So I just walk out of the store with my money and went to Room to Go. I will never shop or send anyone to Furniture Row.

  • Carl Williams says:

    Zero customer service. We ordered and paid for furniture 13 weeks ago, estimated delivery to Grand Junction 6-8 weeks. Our furniture has been sitting in a warehouse in Denver for 3 weeks. Apparently they can’t figure out how to load it on any of your trucks that come weekly to Grand Junction. We have been lied constantly about delivery and still have nothing. Order number is 201-10454465 purchased at the showroom @ furniture row, 5445 N. Bannock, Denver.

    • Amirlo says:

      We have had the exact same experience with them and are still waiting on our furniture and have been told 3 separate times it was to be delivered only to be rescheduled

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