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  • Address: 4120 N 103rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85037, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 623-772-0501
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 30,000
  • Established: 1960
  • Founder: Lorenzo G. Smith
  • Key People: Ron Schuster (CFO)

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Stephen M. McKinney


Ron Schuster

Chief Financial Officer

Kendra Merritt Doyel

Director of Public Relations

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  • Larry Bravo says:

    My prescription is given to us by a doctor for 90 days. your clerk at the pharmacy said we could only get a 30 day fill, I’ve been getting prescriptions there for years, sadly to say I am changing to a different pharmacy.

  • Darenda Small says:

    First of all I had macadamia nut cookies but can’t see if they’re b on there bc due to thermal paper fades quickly, second of all what I’m missing isn’t over $20.00 and I wouldn’t go through all this hassle if I was a big lier or scammer. I just want what I paid for and I felt like the treatment I received was way more than inadequate!!! I think Frank should’ve showed me GREAT customer service instead he did totally the opposite!! I would think he even could’ve took the benefit of doubt😢yes, I’m tearing up while writing this and my feelings are truly truly hurst and I’m still very irrated and upset!!! I’m not done yet!! I’m calling corporate tomorrow and I hope someone will get my food so me and my granddaughter can have the seafood feast we planned weeks ago!! I talked to Frank yesterday and to this day he NEVER called me back!!! Please Fry’s Coorporate make a long time and deservant customer happy by giving me a call and at least talking to Frank and Zema about their CUSTOMER SERVICE skills. I work customer service as well and the only person that I felt cared about my issue was AMBER so KUDOS to her. Please give me a call @ 520-256-0715 or the VIP# 520-272-0606 Elizabeth but PLEASE explain to her who you are and why you’re calling so she doesn’t think you’re a bill collector lol. Thank you

  • Darenda Small says:

    I’ve going to my neighborhood Frys at 1st & Grant, Tucson AZ before Fry’s was even there ( it was WAREHOUSE FOODS). I have NEVER EVER been upset and disturbed as a customer in my life!!! I’m sure my comment will be longer that the amount of characters allowed. I’ve been having this issue from 4/11/20-4/25/20, with GREAT FUSTRATIONS!! At 7:15 after leaving the pharmacy that closer at 7pm. I picked up a few groceries. My ride called to advise they were there to pick me up. I checked out and made a few more stops before going home. I was putting my groceries away around 9pm and noticed I didn’t have my shrimp that was on sale, 2 lemons and 2lbs of Land ‘O Lakes butter both unsalted one of the lbs was creamy in a black box. I called Fry’s around 9:02 pm and to my surprise a very nice young lady by the name of Amber answered the phone. She advised me she would check to see if someone brought it to customer service and to call back the next day. I called back and talked and talked to Amber and she said nobody turned in my bag of food. She asked me if I had hm the receipt and I looked for it while she waited patiently on the phone. I didn’t find it in my purse and I told her I probably left in my rides car. She told me that’s fine and asked what my VIP# was, I told her I put in a phone# and gave her that. A few days later I called and she said they couldn’t find my sale. I was upset and almost took it as a loss until a few days later I found the receipt!! I called and Denise said to bring it in. It was later in the day and I asked to speak to Denise or Amber and the young Black lady who I found out was Zema. She’s always at customer service. I could tell by her demeanor that she wasn’t in the gm best of moods that evening. She told me to write the VIP ph# and my cell# and a manager will check the tape. I shopped for another 20 mins and she told me a manager hadn’t checked the tape yet but they will tonight, I thought she must’ve made a copy of the B receipt and gave it back to me. She never once asked me for my name and I told her I had a ride and had to leave. I called the next day and OMG!! Talked to Amber first and then a Manager by the name of Frank(this is where CUSTOMER SERVICE went out the door) he starts asking me a few questions and I already know Amber briefed him on the situation. By now I’m really irritated!!! He got the VIP ph# AGAIN and asked me if the# I was calling from a good call back # and I told him yes. He started asking me stupid questions like: my race, my body type!!! Wth!!! and what I had on: like really I can’t remember!!! After a few hrs I call back and told him I was with teen granddaughter. I told him she was a light skinned Afro American and she had long blond braids and hoped that could Gn narrow his search, he then asked me if her body type was full figure and I said she’s a little chunky!! I didn’t like his questions to begin with and I really got irrated when he asked the questions about my granddaughter. I told him for the second time the receipt had a ref# he didn’t want it because it would take days to search by that (makes no sense to me). By this time even more irrated!!! He also told me that he called the # he was to call me back on and some elderly lady answered and said she didn’t know me and I told that couldn’t be because I was the oldest person in the house. I told gm him the VIP# is my mother’s and I laughed that she might’ve thought he was as a bill collector. He told me he looks, couldn’t find me in the tape and told me to call back again. I called my Mom laughing and she said a man did call her but he was asking for a SHOLANDA!!! WTH!!! More that upset, pissed and irrated!!! I call Frys back and got Amber and I asked for FRANK!! She told me she hasn’t seen him for a few hrs and may have wen home!!! What?? He was supposed to call me back and I told Amber he called my Mom looking for SHOLANDA!!! I vented on her but didn’t mean to, I apologized and she was very sympathetic. Thanks Amber🥰 I needed that!!! First of all I think I had Macademia nut cookies cont on next cmnt

  • JB says:

    Your corporate contact info listed is actually a store, ridiculous!! If I wanted to contact a specific store, I would have done so.

  • Nina Brannock says:

    I went to a Frys store on 4/15 in Gilbert at Williams Field and Pecos. I was appalled that your employees were not wearing face masks or gloves. I felt very unsafe. I will not be shopping there anymore. Trader Joe’s provides their employees with PPE. I will only shop there from now on. 😷

  • Fuck frys says:

    Fry’s cooperate in Tolleson do not care for there employees! They do very little to protect their employees they have no hazardous pay considering they essential. They were not informed that another employee was carrying the Coronavirus!

  • Dennis Williams says:

    I guess nobody cares that we are not getting our ads timely from your company. For the last two weeks we have not received your ads until real late Wednesday. Our mail arrives late in the afternoon and It is senior day today. We have been loyal customers for years but I guess your advertising department has decided to not send your ads in a timely manner. I hope it works out for you.
    Dennis Williams

  • Dennis Williams says:

    We had been getting the grocery ads on Monday. All of a sudden the ads have been delayed and the last two weeks we have not received any ad from the post office. Our zip code is 85382 95th and Lake Pleasant Rd Rd Peoria

  • Frank H. says:

    Store #66 has an assistant produce manager named Frank tovar of whom an investigation needs to be done about his inappropriate conduct and very sloppy quality of work. I’m gonna report him to the BBB as something needs to be on file about this guy he not a good person or manager

    • Fuck frys says:

      That is only half the cake with this company! They don’t pay the warehouse employees hazardous pay! They don’t sanitize the warehouse that selects the inventory for the local grocery stores. This is sick!

  • Ronald Russell says:

    I have loved shopping at Fry’s but when you added a $4.95 pickup charge I switched to Walmart. Please reconsider this charge.

  • Sue Clark says:

    Bad experience Sahurita Arizona Checker was questioned x3 about wrong prices. Did not even check. So I went back and pulled the ads by the product. He then said he would not wait on me and called his supervisor She said they were old ads not pulled. I was then upset and quit shopping and went to Walmart and spent 142.67 on groceries If Frys is in trouble they need to emphasize customer service. I will no longer shop at Fry’s in Arizona. I do shop at Kroger’s in Taylorville Il and they are all helpful and courteous I will continue to shop there.

  • Sheri Kozlowski says:

    My husband bought potato salad from the Union Hills store on Tuesday, November 18th. I started to eat the remaining salad last night, November 21st and choked on a plastic tab that was in the potato salad. There was no tab on the container the potato salad came in so this was obviously something that was in the potato salad when it was being made. I called the customer service number for the Fry’s Headquarters and was told they were sorry and simply return the container and they would give us another one. I taught Customer Service for General Motors and hardly call this a recovery effort. This doesn’t fix the issue, quality control is not obtained by replacing a defective product with the same product. I am very disappointed in Fry’s “Customer Service” and will never buy a packaged product from their deli’s again. Buyer beware!

  • Steven says:

    All year long most of the stock on the shelves have went up noticeably. That is, when you can find what you want on the shelf and IT NOT be OUT OF STOCK. I am disabled, and only get a monthly check that puts me below the poverty line level.

    To top it off, Fry’s is now charging a $.50 service fee for cash back on ANY AMOUNT of a grocery order.

  • Gil Matta says:

    The new Fry’s food store downtown Phoenix, eating area, the chairs need sliders under the chairs feet, so much noise, can’t have a nice conversation without having to speak up to the person you’re with. Please put the sliders under the chairs, thank you.
    From a long time customer of your other stores.

  • Carmen Mason says:

    Our church would like to submit a letter for donation of non perishable for our missionaries who travel to an orphanage in mexico /we collect clothing shoes sweaters toys /they travel 2nd week in december/thank you for your response sister carmen

  • john nelson says:

    I was informed this morning that there is a .48 charge for using our debit card. Well guess what, we spend thousands of dollars with Fry’s and that will come to a crashing halt real soon if this keeps on. YOUR CHOICE!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy Kindle says:

    I went to Fry’s store located at the Foothills in Yuma, Az yesterday they were very busy and as usual most lines were shut down and people were standing in long lines to get checked out. I wish you could have heard the comments made due to your trying to get customers to check themselves out with that brilliant idea of self check out! One lady said, “If I wanted to go back to work I would get a job instead of hiring our here at Fry’s and do their work instead, which takes work away from those who need it!” I have been a loyal customer for many years but since your installing self check out we will start going to Albertson’s! Your come on is saving on gas etc, but gassing at Sam’s club we save enough to pay for our membership. At the store yesterday I counted less than 10 people using self check out and while waiting another line closed. Your busy season is about to come and before self check out you had all lines open and a line or two for under 15 items and we did not have to wait very long to get out. Wise up and go back to what worked or lose more people and quit copying everything that Wal-Mart does. Kroger’s has always been a great store but you are sure bringing it down fast. I won’t mention the mess at your gas pumps do to the fact they do not know how to have cars enter one way and leave another instead of coming in at all directions. One thing you could learn from Wal-Mart (Sams club) they have such a system and it works great, copy something that works instead should be your goal for better customer relations.

  • Berna says:

    Why does Fry’s sell salad dressing with MSG in the ingredients? MSG was banned years ago due to health issues. You also sell soups that have GMO in them. Why? Food products from China were also banned years ago. How many food items are made in China for human and animal consumption are found on your shelves? You don’t care what is in your products, if you still have these items in your stores!!!!! I bringing this to the decision makers, as Managers in your stores couldn’t help me!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa says:

    Fuck u Frys

  • Sandra says:

    I go to the Fry’s in Mesa, AZ , I have been going there for 13 yrs but will be looking for a new store to do my shopping. The store is very busy with the snowbirds here yet they only have 3 cashiers because they have determinded that more people are using the self check out. I’m 73 yrs old and don’t want to scan, bag and pay for my things therefore like I said I will be going else where from now on. I was there the other day and there were at least 10 people in line at the three lanes that were open. Shame on you!!!

  • Delfina says:


    My complaint about your store on Highland was we were in line to cash out on #18 register and the cashier was having trouble running gift cards for another customer so he called over I think she was a Manager her name is Melissa she could not assist either then another Frys employee was there trying to assist. So you have three employees attending another customer we had to put our groceries back in the cart and go to another register. We were never acknowledged or given apologies. This is not good customer service!
    Your employees need to be more considerate of us we are the consumer giving you business.

    From a
    Displeased customer
    Delfina R.

  • Steven says:

    I just got home from doing my shopping at my local fry’s, I was unhappy with your new policy. forcing people to the self help lane. Well I watched the lady do the same thing as if I went to a regester, She took the food out of my cart and scanned the items and bagged them. and I will keep doing that when I buy a lot and am shopping for two people. I hope you gave them a pay raise for this.

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