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  • Address: 401 Merritt 7, Norwalk, CT 06851, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-921-8101
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 32,000
  • Established: 1935
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Dan McCarthy (President and CEO)

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Daniel J. McCarthy

President, CEO & Director

Ralph Perley McBride

Executive VP & CFO

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  • Don Hubbard says:

    Waited on the phone for 2 hours and 5 minutes nobody ever came back on to help resolve my billing issue, poor poor poor customer service. Made a payment for what I feel covers the 4 days of service from 9/15-9/19 in the amount of $19.92. I can’t believe that 4 different people have given me 4 different answers when I have called before in getting this resolved.

  • Don Hubbard says:

    Worst customer service been on the phone now 1 hour 3 minutes waiting on a Supervisor to talk to me regarding my 80 year old mother-in-law bill, what do I need to do to get some help to resolve this

  • Sally says:

    I need a new remote control and Frontier tells me I have to pay $14.99 pus tax (of course). I have been with this company since 1972. I don’t remember getting a new remote before today. As far as I am concerned these people are disgusting. All they want is money not service.

  • Brenda allen says:

    45 minute plus on a dead end call to customer service today. The one and only way I would ever go back to Frontier is if they were the only option!! Argh!!!!

  • Pissed Off says:

    Hey, assholes. We have an outage out here that i know damn well you’re doing nothing about. You can get out here now and fix this shit TODAY or we can use cell phone hot spots and drop your incredibly bad service in the toilet where it belongs. And don’t think you’ll get paid when we terminate that contract, folks. You won’t. Not a blessed dime.

  • Chris Stafford says:

    Customer from Jan. 1st 2004. Been a loyal customer. On the other hand you were the only vender in the small rural town that I have an office in. Every year or two the rates would go up, I would call and complain and they would re adjust the rate, calling it a promo. I was told on the last adjustment that you could get me faster internet (never happened no more space available) so I bit. Now a new vender came to town and I switched as they have fiber optic lines. Now I received a bill for $1833.02 for a parting gift.
    I feel that it is un fair as you could not live up to what you offered, I did not have any information stating a disconnect fee, no contract signed. Can you help me here? Small town struggling business with a population of just over 600 people. Thanks in advance.

  • Charles says:

    On 22 September I spoke with a Frontier sales representative from your call center by the name of Ralph. After approximately 45 minutes of discussing different plans and options I provided my personal information to the representative and scheduled an install date. The bundle package that was outlined to me was 500/500 internet with Prime TV. The price quoted was $130 with all equipment (I was told this was on a recorded line!) I asked for an email detailing our discussion with cost. The representative told me I had to call the service center to complete the order and then I would receive an email from them.
    Well I called the service center and Rena (very nice) could not find any information of my order. After another 35min call we finally located it. She then informed me that the sales person should have had me pay a deposit due to my credit report. This puzzles me because my credit is excellent. Rather than delay the installation I provided a credit card for deposit of $297. I then set up an install date of 30 Sept. When I ended the call with service I was appalled to receive an email with outrageous fees with a monthly cost of $165.51 for your bundled service.
    I immediately called the service department and spoke with a representative by the name of Mike. He was very apologetic and offered me gift cards and said he would correct the issue. After 25 minutes of muting, feeble excuses blaming a slow computer, the phone line disconnected.
    I have done business with one of your competitors for several years but had decided to try Frontier because of your FIOS and channel lineup. I am completely disgusted with Frontier service, incompetence and deceit.
    Because of your deceptive pricing, outrageous fees, demand for deposit, and inability (or unwillingness) to honor your quote I want to cancel my order and demand an immediate refund of my deposit.
    Very dissatisfied potential customer!
    Order #: FT75511192

  • carolyn hinton says:

    What address do I use for Frontier PHONE service for Better Business Bureau report ? I live in Rochester NY

  • carolyn hinton says:

    Adjustment to my bill for lost phone service I will not receive till December !!!!
    Time for Frontier to shut their doors for the incompetant service !

    • Ruthie Buttrick-Best says:

      Agree with that. I stopped service on 1 Dec and they told me I wouldn’t get my credit until the 3rd billing cycle and couldn’t tell me why except it was their policy – that is crazy! Am complaining to BBB

  • carolyn hinton says:

    HORRIBLE company as I switched to Spectrum
    Had lost my phone service and NO ONE came to fix it !!!!

  • Kelly P says:

    I have emailed the office of the president about having to wait 10 days for my internet to be repaired. I have not heard back. I called the office of the president and the recording says they are closed. Closed on a Monday ? This is terrible customer service. I should not have to pay for something I am not getting.
    Can anyone help ?

  • L Fultz says:

    WARNING TO ALL CONSUMERS! Frontier will NOT change the charges for services between billing cycles unless it is in THEIR favor! My promotional pricing stopped while I was on vacation. Came back to a bill almost double what we have been paying for the last two years. Called and talked to a representative who was able to offer me less services for $25 more per month. Hmmm. Doesn’t sound like a good deal to me. So, I downgraded to just internet services. Rep I talked to wanted the downgrade to occur at the end of the cycle. I stated that I was absolutely wanting it to happen ASAP because I was not paying the high prices (this bill is bigger than my water, gas, and power combined!!). He canceled the services but neglected to tell me that I would STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM! So now I am stuck with a bill for 3 weeks of services I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE! Yes, that’s right. They stopped the services but refuse to pro-rate. UNBELIEVABLE! Filing a few complaints will be heading that way!

  • Robert D Sears says:

    I recently placed an order for new TV and Internet services and recieved a $220 bill for $100 ordered services. Your agent LIED. See Order # CZ1172075

    Please also review my scathing survey response for this order.

    I need to speak to someone in corporate before my installation date of Monday 8/19 between 0800 and 1200 Pacific Time.

    Please also provide me with your address for “notice of service”.

  • Jody Sellers says:

    Mr. McCarthy,
    I work in an industry that I am part of customer service and know it needs improvement all the way around these days, sadly the client often doesn’t receive adequate services and I found this true more than once with Frontier. Yes I could change to another corporation that offers the same type of services and did change from another corporation to Verizon years ago for that same reason, but after speaking with consumers who have those other services that are available it would be just changing current issues with other issues as it appears that if you have no real competition in customer services or services in general there really is no reason to be concerned-why put in the effort, funding and energy to be the best if you know the consumers must just pick one and are always changing to find that better service or deal as after all we are making a profit right? Honestly if a corporation really took the time to listen to the consumer and put in the effort with reasonable costs and good service, they would have loyal customers and word of mouth would boost overall the corporation’s earnings. I have stated to my management repeatedly good service is the most important. I was happy with Verizon as my cost never changed, bill didn’t go up whatsoever with service package chosen and had very little difficulty with services.
    Recently 6/30/19 I found myself without any of my service and called into Frontier and got an automatic message stating there was an outage in my area and there was no options for speaking with a rep or other information, just to enter my cell and I would be updated on my services being restored. After 24 hours no update and still no services so I outreached Frontier again and got the same message and no options to speak with a live rep, so I called back and chose a prompt for new services and yep finally got a live person/rep to speak with and they did send me to the IT/repair division to speak with a live person, who stated oh yeah looks like an outage in your area, however there was no ticket for the repairs…how was I to have a ticket for repairs as when I called in I was told it was an area wide issue and I would be contacted for updates but he will now put in a ticket and my repair date was to be 7/10/19. I stated I work from home and do need my internet for my job and was told I would be put on the escalations list and my account would be credited for days without services.
    I have to say 2-3 days should be all the time someone should have to wait for service repair as now days really most jobs are linked to the internet and we must have a reliable service for there not to be an issue. I had to spend my own money and time to go to an office setting to not have issues with how I make a living. Not to mention thank goodness I am lucky enough to live in a good area as my alarm system doesn’t work without my services and my cell doesn’t have the best reception in my home so if there were to be an emergency, I would have payed a price in that way as well. I thought wow I am glad I am not elderly as that is not good to have no services for my job, but if my safety were also @ risk, that would be another story really. I thought wow, I have electric that doesn’t even cost ½ what I pay for to have cable, phone and internet…of course I do need a phone that is reliable and internet for my job and well in general life these days and yes I do have a cable package that is high, but that was due to my father who moved in with me and he was dx with non-curable cancer and so I had gotten that package while the corporation was still Verizon for my father to have entertainment since he was unable to do much, he has since passed and I was told since I was grandfathered in with that package if I changed it now I would not get near the savings. I have since tried to view on the Frontier web site packages for all services to see about a smaller package however when I go under bundles wanting to find what is a package price for internet, t.v. and phone really I think you would need to be an IT person to understand how to figure out what channels for packages are available, internet speed and services with phone would cost as it appears under bundles to state internet but doesn’t really state all together as a package…so how do you figure it out? I asked where my closest Frontier office was turns out it is in Tampa I don’t live in Tampa so again very inconvenient when you have a full time job and only 2 days off to run up to Tampa and find an office to discuss this and if you call customer service they tell you to review packages on the internet. I had asked for a box to send back the adapter I was paying for months ago and that never came.
    Well of course I didn’t hear anything on my escalation and repair person came on scheduled day, I asked if there just are not that many repair persons in my area and turns out there are a large # of repair persons however they apparently have 20-30 service calls a day I was told and escalations is what is stated but that is only if a repair person is in your area and gets done early which really doesn’t happen to often.
    I then received my new bill and not only was the time not credited, my bill again went up, so I again called customer service and was told customers are not automatically credited for services and then was told for almost ½ the month not having any services my credit is 36.57, wow so my charges have been 286.21 and no service for ½ the month but still must pay for taxes ect even though you have no service? Not much in savings, is that really acceptable? or treating your consumers well? So cost me more money to not have services as I had to drive out of my area to an office to do my job, my bill went up and I had to use more of my own time for the driving and back on the phone to get credit due to me. I also have noted my connection for whatever reason runs in 60-70% range, so not even is my connection @ 100%. The one good thing is this time when I got a rep for crediting my account they did send me a box and I could finally return the adapter that has not worked in months or longer instead of being sent from one dept to another and still no box.
    If you did actually read what I have stated I am sure you can put yourself in my place and would also find this to be very poor service for the cost, wouldn’t be so bad to pay so much out if you at the very least had 100% connection and 2-3 day repair and it felt like you mattered…wouldn’t you think so as well?

    Thank you for your time,
    Jody Sellers

  • R.W.C. says:

    “TheBlaze” is being taken off. Are you kidding me? One of the few “Conservation” voices on Cable. Is Frontier that far Liberal Left?
    Think it’s time to dump Frontier. Stock price in the toilet. Revenues declining. Dan McCarty needs an exit visa.

  • k.s says:

    In july frontier installed internet and phone service for us.The job was never completed.Now I cannot call outside my area code,and internet is at snails pace.I called frontier several times,only to be shuffled from one agent to other.No action has been taken so.I hope this comment will come to the notice of some one at corporate office.

  • Dianne says:

    No phone service for 3 days now. No local offices to visit. You shut down two in our area. When you call your customer service number just a big runaround and a ridiculous wait time. If I had a choice you would be dead last. I wish some giant would buy you out. From the comments on here it sounds like you are on your way out.

  • Debbie Dean says:

    Your salespeople that come to our neighborhood…a senior one…are so aggressive and rude, will not take “no” for an answer, ring doorbells..knock..ring again…knock again…..2 days in a row!
    Today they were again at our door and when my husband answered our dogs were barking and the person was so rude…he told my husband to get “rid ” of the dogs so he could talk! Really?
    After these confrontations with your salespeople there is absolutely NO away I would ever waste my time with Frontier!
    You probably should take a hard look at your ex