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  • Address: 401 Merritt 7, Norwalk, CT 06851, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-921-8101
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 32,000
  • Established: 1935
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Dan McCarthy (President and CEO)

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Daniel J. McCarthy

President, CEO & Director

Ralph Perley McBride

Executive VP & CFO

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  • Debbie Dean says:

    Your salespeople that come to our neighborhood…a senior one…are so aggressive and rude, will not take “no” for an answer, ring doorbells..knock..ring again…knock again…..2 days in a row!
    Today they were again at our door and when my husband answered our dogs were barking and the person was so rude…he told my husband to get “rid ” of the dogs so he could talk! Really?
    After these confrontations with your salespeople there is absolutely NO away I would ever waste my time with Frontier!
    You probably should take a hard look at your expectations of the sales staff you employ!!!

  • Claire Dunsmore says:

    I live on a cul d’sac in a fairly rural, very quiet area of southern Calfornia. Multiple Frontier sales reps, wearing red shirts and black pants are dropped off in our neighborhood and swarm the area with RELENTLESS annoyance. There are 15 houses on our street. Since the beginning of April, we have been solicitied each month consecutively….on back- to- back days in the same month. Tracking your solicitation metrics, you have had reps ringing and annoying me EIGHT TIMES in just three months.

    We are out in our yards minding our own business and sales reps persist in trying to engage in conversations re our interet/tv, etc. We tell them we have no interest. They won’t stop spewing their sales script. We have to get rude to run them off and they move next door and start over. Then they come back the next day…we’re getting out of our cars and we’re accosted by THE SAME rep we ran off yesterday – back again to yammer….vacant-eyed, probably really thirsty and in need of a bathroom and desperate for us to nod “yes” to their pitch.

    Having run off multiple reps in early April – the day after a tragic death in our family – another one starts ringing on a Friday at 2 PM in late May. I ran that one off. I was entertaining company the NEXT day on my front patio and the SAME rep interrupts us – ON my property trying to upsell me on something that I thought I shut down the day before. Same rep, same conversation, incredibly annoying. I said to her: “you were here yesterday”….”yes, she replied”….”Ok, well I’m not having the same conversation with you again today. Please don’t start your pitch again. I AM NOT INTERESTED in anything Fontier is selling.” She kept trying to talk; had to out-talk her and get rude. (Really thought to offer her some water and bathroom but feared I’d never get her off the property with kindness).

    Frontier has become PREDATORY and are without a doubt abusing their sales people by demanding sales metrics that are not sustainable. With this predatory behavior, I cannot emphasize more profoundly how NEGATIVE I have become about your company…..and how many times I speak negatively about Frontier and have written about this behavior on social media.

    Your sales management needs to revamp your processes. This is an embarrassing, desperate, predatory program of abuse of your reps and is negatively impacting the reputation of your company. Noting that I am but one person contacting you about this…understand that I am not unique or alone in how awful this is being perceived. My neighbors feel just as annoyed and have the same negativity about your company. I will contine to speak and write negatively about Frontier until I’m no longer seeing your abused sales reps swarming my neighborhood trying to carry out the unreasonable demands put on them to produce numbers.

  • Ronald Sheppard says:

    I am a disabled 65 yr old male nurse who can no longer work due to a brain tumor. I have been having recurring brain siezures and have not had a phone for 8 days now. I keep getting promise after promise with a no show. There is only one frontier employee to cover 3 towns which is rediculous. They said they have put the ticket in as a medical necessity. I have no cell service where I live and live in a rural area with no nearby houses. I can no longer drive because of the brain siezures. I have medical people who were going to call me for 3 appointments for brain related issues. They have a stong suspicion the brain tumor has returned. If it has, here I sit home with it growing larger. This I have told frontier customer service so many times with the same result, Nothing! I know all of the past employees by name now the son of a former employee has taken his place was this job ever bid out?Why is there only one employee? Does he get to pick and chose who he goes to first? Are you going to act or put me off til the 12th as he repair ticket says? My acct# 814-698-2513-120516-7

  • Randall Good says:

    Hello, I called into the escalations/retention department on Friday May 31st to address a concern I had due to no solution to after spending a half hour in Chat with a Frontier representative. I recently decided to finally address the cost to service ratio with Frontier. I have been a customer for approximately 20 years prior to Verizon’s sale to Frontier. I also worked in telecommunications industry for 14 years. My assessment of the worth of service compared to cost is quite disparaging. Factors involved include my location and Frontier’s lack of effort addressing customer’s issues like mine due to extenuating circumstances. I am currently receiving up to 6 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds. This is the maximum that can be achieved at my location. Keeping this in mind Frontier FIOS customers who receive 100 Mbps with fiber are paying $29.99 introductory packages and standard prices that rival the monthly I am paying for DSL 6 Mbps. The value of what I am receiving compared to what other Frontier customers are receiving solely due to their geographical location is not only unfair but staggering. The CSSR’s resolution was to give me a 2nd line for $5.95 additional charge monthly to receive up to 6 Mbps on 2 lines. I explained that this was not addressing my concerns and I would only incur increased charges in this scenario. The Representative had zero resolution and seemed as if I was more of a bother than a twenty year customer she was trying to retain.

    Bottom line is being in the industry for such a long time gave me great and detailed insight into the technical and customer service aspects all around. Having this knowledge and experience allows me to analyze companies fortitude’s as well as their weaknesses pertaining customer products and interface. I know that an enormous amount of capital was spent upgrading to fiber map but for some reason Corporate has negated to address the many customers who are paying the same if not more but receiving substantially less. My suggestion would be to address these customers concerns individually and then structure their product pricing accordingly, i.e. cost to service ratio compared to FIOS customers, it is the right thing to do.

    I would appreciate some attention to my individual concerns pertaining these issues and would welcome a resolution in form of a price structure that I feel is fair compared to FIOS subs or at least something temporary in the interim. If you can help in any way I would appreciate it immensely and as you know my word of gratitude can travel fast nowadays.

    Thank You,

    Randall Good

  • Geraldine Fink says:

    Mr. McCarthy, I have only two suggestions for improvements to your telecom services: If you want to charge the exorbitant rates you do for service, at least provide WORKING service & better customer handling from your service reps. Since you’ve failed to do either, could you change that horrid music you force us to listen to when we’re place on hold for hours waiting to report problems with service? I wonder how well you would tolerate the treatment you provide for your customers? Bear in mind, we contribute to your fat salary, sir!

  • Sharon Miller says:

    I am sending a letter to the Corporate Office regarding the incompetence and lying regarding my services.

    Dan McCarthy
    President and CEO
    Frontier Communications
    401 Merritt 7
    Norwalk, CT

    Ralph Perley McBride
    Executive VP & CFO
    (Same address as Dan McCarthy)

  • Paul J. Ober says:

    I was received a call from Frontier last night setting up an appointment for this morning. A service man arrived around 10:30. Installed the phone jack and was gone within 20 minutes. Thank you for responding to my complaint.


  • Paul J. Ober says:

    I have had Frontier since it took over from AT&T. I just wanted a telephone jack installed in another room. I have made 4 calls and was given a work order number 4 times and no results. This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I guess you don’t need my business. As soon as I can find another provider I am leaving you.

  • Pat Donley says:

    Your tech support shuffled me to Comdesk, LLC. I found out they are scam artists. Why is Frontier using these cheats? I am determined to get to the bottom of this. If you don’t take action immediately, I will.

  • Natalie says:

    I spent nearly an hour on the online Frontier chat and was shuffled to 4 different representatives. None could answer a simple question. They just transferred me. The third one transferred me to the repair department – TOTAL INCOMPETENCE! No common sense. If they could not answer my question, they should have said so or offered me an alternate contact. And I thought Verizon’s service was bad!

  • Terry says:

    I spend at least an hour a month talking to retention dept. Supervisors about the continual monthly increase of $15-20 on my bill. Went from $135 to $195. In three months, who can afford these ridiculous prices on fixed income. They are the most expensive communications company and offer the least amount of service, they won’t even pick up their equipment they tell you to box it and take it to ups. UNBELIEVEABLE!!

  • Kathleen Jacque says:

    Just spent over an hour on phone with either representative or his supervisor trying to find out why the Frontier internet and phone that I’ve had for over 15 years can’t be moved from this house to the house I’m moving in next door. Only answer they’ll give is Frontier isn’t in this area, which comes as a complete surprise to me inasmuch as I’ve been paying them for over 15 years. Also, my daughter who lives next door also has Frontier. Whole problem doesn’t seem logical. My blood pressure probably rose to the nth degree, and who needs that at 85!

  • Lisa B says:

    I want to know why you send surly Technicians to my home. This man came here upset he was going to have to go out in the windy weather to take care of a downed pole. He took it out on us, he was abrupt and rude. He made unnecessary comments about our house, my computer and how my mother will never get out of her apartment. This man was here at our home before & he was downright rude the last time. She waited to tell me all this after he left her apartment. We reported him back then as well. I’m tired of your surly techs. If he ever shows up at our home again I will be slamming the door in his face. My mother and I deserve much better. If he represents your finest I’ll be shopping around for another company and better customer service. I will be encouraging my mother to sell her shares of Frontier communications as soon as the stock increases in price. Let me tell you if I see him out in public you can bet I will give him an earful about manners when entering someone’s home! I am fuming you sent him here. I will be writing a letter to corporate as well. You can count on that! I will be shopping around to replace your service. I am done tolerating people like him.

    • Terry says:

      I understand and totally agree, something needs to be done about Frontier and their poor service and outrageous prices.

  • Chuck Simmerson says:

    I represent a Rural Telephone Co. In Georgia , established 73 years ago,
    Founder has past away, interested in selling the Co. Presently serving , landline, internet and cable TV. Participanting in ACAM program. Also, has the most complete and largest Rural Telephone Museum in the world.

    For more information please call 828-421-4379.

    Thank you,

    Chuck Simmerson

  • Kevin says:

    I have spent over an hour on the phone trying to find out why Frontier can’t make the 4 hour window that I wasted the day staying home for. I called the office of the president in Connecticut, the the phone system doesn’t work. just got the same message every 20 seconds call me at 206-240-0275
    my name is Kevin

  • Alan Konigsberg says:

    I have several phones number accounts with you: 203-227-3585 , 203-268-8089,203-227-9469
    The phones go out. 203-227-3585 was out 2x in a week It takes OVER 24 hrs to the phones repaired.if there were any other landline service avaiable, rest assured I would use them and not you

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