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Where is Frontier Communications Corporate office Headquarters

Frontier Communications Headquarters Address and Contact

frontier communications logo
  • Address: 401 Merritt 7, Norwalk, CT 06851, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-921-8101
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 32,000
  • Established: 1935
  • Founder: N/A
  • Key People: Dan McCarthy (President and CEO)

Frontier Communications Headquarters Location & Directions

Frontier Communications Headquarters Executive Team



Daniel J. McCarthy

President, CEO & Director

Ralph Perley McBride

Executive VP & CFO

About Frontier Communications, History and Headquarters Information

Frontier Communicationscompany excelling in telecommunications is based in the United States. It offers a wide variety of services including fibre- optic television, internet access, wireless internet access, local phone service, distance communication, digital phone, fibre optic internet as well as dish satellite. It is headquartered in the city of Norwalk, Connecticut in the US.

The company was initially named as Citizens Utilities Company and later until July 2008 it was known as Citizens Communications Company. Frontier Communications, in the beginning, operated only in certain specific areas including smaller communities and rural areas, subsequently it expanded to large metropolitan areas as well.

Initially placed in Minneapolis the communications company was established out of the remains of Public Utilities Consolidated Corporation. Richard Rosenthal was appointed as the President of the business in 1946. Currently, Dan McCarthy holds the position of the CEO.

The headquarters’ address is: 401 Merritt 7, Norwalk, CT 06851, USA.

Frontier Communications Headquarters Photos

Frontier Communications Resources

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  • Dray Holland says:

    Very disappointed,

    The company I work for requested a service tech to come out, fix a trouble on our fire alarm service line and help us identify several lines that we are paying for today. The service tech called his immediate supervisor to seek guidance on something, which I totally understand chain of command having a 20 year law enforcement background myself. While standing in our IT room with the service tech, while he is on the phone with his supervisor, I can clearly hear both sides of the conversation, the supervisor stated, and I quote:
    Supervisor: “what else do you have to do today?”
    Service Tech: “just the trouble up on Spring Forest”
    Supervisor: “well get out of there, go fix the trouble on Spring Forest and tell them to go fuck themselves, its their problem”

    Very disappointed with the service today, if it was up to me, I would yank every ounce of service we had with your company today and give our business to someone else and then I would drop your company service from my private residence as well however its not up to me and given where I am physically located Frontier is the main service provider for our area. Disappointed beyond words however I could fine a few colorful words to say myself but where would that really get me anyhow……….

  • Anon says:

    Frontier never fails to let down their customers. Promises don’t count unless you follow through, and so far, their follow through is atrocious.

  • Afriana says:

    This driving me crazy my kids have stay home cause they have COVID have to do finals and no internet they keep setting up appointment cancel then they say is outages I check internet their is no outage

  • Patricia Pisani says:

    My phone # 727-229-0495
    Patricia Pisani.
    I pre ordered installation of high speed internet.

    No-one bothered to show up.

    They took over $100.00 from our bank checking account and we never saw anyone at all.

  • Diane says:

    Frontier stinks

  • Denise Garcia says:

    Stay away from this company I agree with every other comment here they should be out of business by now to make a long story short I got quoted on a higher internet speed but like always when you get your bill from frontier you are being asked to pay double the amount I had to call customer service to get that issue resolved after the representative adjusted my bill he asked to take my payment for $110 dollar on Monday they withdrew $1,1000 from my account I called they said it was a mistake and that I should
    Be getting my money back within 3 business days is been 2 weeks and I still don’t have my money back when I called back I was told they charged 3 billing Internet cycles because that’s something that the automatic system does and that’s why the 1,100 dollars were being declined so now instead of getting my refund they can only refund me $800 up to this day I haven’t gotten anything back they joust transfer you from representative to representative to managers who incompetent I need to talk to someone in corporate office or does anyone else know who can I file a complaint with this is ridiculous

    • Fed up says:

      I’m having the same thing paid them by accident and did not have a payment due but still can’t get back my money. This is really ridiculous. Every time I call it’s a different response. Good luck that’s a lot of money. Mine was not that much would be going crazy because People just don’t care about your well-being.

  • Muntaha Odtallah says:

    Yes the worse company don’t deal with them they just want take your money very rude and money hungry a

  • Muntaha Odtallah says:

    This worse airlines I ever experienced they just want take your money don’t ever fly with them they worse airlines

  • Anonymous says:

    Working here is absolutely terrible. Tried to call the corporate office and got stuck into an infinite bot loop trying to talk to the secretary. Your guy’s working conditions are TERRIBLE! And for customers looking at this, beware. The reps are just as unhappy as you are. We’re put under super strict guidelines, we can’t have the call go over 9 minutes or we get in trouble. We can’t have hold times go over 2 minutes so we’re just stuck talking to another rep with the same restrictions as we do going back and forth even though we aren’t even close to solving your problems. Their systems are SLOW! It takes at least 9 minutes to process an order (No matter what the order is) and sometimes it’ll just crash so we have to restart the whole order. We have 10 different things we have to look at and multi-task with. One of our systems we still have to launch with INTERNET EXPLORER, WHICH HAS BEEN OUTDATED SINCE 2015!!! They rate US on what YOU think of the company. (If you rate the company negatively, we get in trouble). As a customer service representative, transferring is FROWNED upon, even if its the only way to solve your issue. Our training consists of them shoving a ton of information at our face and sending us onto calls with barely any actual experience. I honestly think none of the corporate executives have ever actually taken calls before. Its ridiculous! They update our script every single week, so we have to memorize an entirely new script every single time. They want us to call you back if you disconnect, but won’t allow us to pause our calls so we can call you back. (Which is the reason we never call you back, because we can’t due to high call volumes). They DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR THEIR EMPLOYEES! DO NOT GO FOR THIS COMPANY!

  • Leslie thomas says:

    My moms going through the same thing people gets on her phone listens to her conversation don’t fix anything when they say they will I’m really tired of calling them so they can fix my moms phone its getting rediculous.

  • Cam says:

    I have NEVER been treated so poorly by a company! I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worse enemy. Their customer service is poor and their supervisors are just as bad. Lack of professionalism. They were supposed to hook up 90mbps and then when I was notifying them that was not the speed the tech that installed came back out months later, and said he couldn’t get that speed. There was a problem in office. I had been paying for the higher speed! Been disputing this for months! Terrible service, terrible customer service. I had been warned by coworkers I’d regret choosing them, unfortunately, they were right.

  • Georgeann Dodge says:

    First off, let me say, I’ve been a customer of Frontier Communications for close to 40 years. Today I hit the jackpot thanks to a dedicated Frontier employee named JoAnne who lives and I imagine works in New York. What a bright ray of sunshine she was! For three months, I have been trying to get a phone line hooked up in my mother’s room in a nearby assisted living facility. No one would help me. They kept saying they had to speak with her and her facility has been on lockdown since March. I begged, pleaded, spoke to supervisors who promised to call me back, etc. no one ever did. Decided to try again today. JoAnne stepped in and got it done. Very efficiently I might add. Technician is scheduled for Thursday @ 1 pm. I was so grateful. My mom’s 99th birthday will be on Sunday and now she can talk to her children any time she wants too. Thank you JoAnne from New York. Frontier is lucky to have you!

  • Melissa says:

    My mom has home monitor system she unfortunately relies on a working phone line and 3 days now no phone line and won’t be looked at until Tuesday went back and forth from departments after I first talked to to corporate not resolved It happens yearly

  • Beverly says:

    I’m not even a customer yet, we attempted to get Internet hook up at a brand new residence I waited at the house nine hours called twice and then was told no technician is coming out today will have to reschedule spoke with the supervisor he told me they would waive the installation fee and they would definitely take care of us tomorrow which was today. my husband went back out to the house sat and waited no one showed up now we’re scheduled for July 2 this is how you treat new customers coming aboard I can’t imagine what happens if we actually become customers how poorly we would be treated. Hopefully we can find someone else to take care of our internet needs. Waiting on hold for over 30 minutes and the only help you receive is an apology and they read the same notes in my file as the person before. Nothing resolved. A terrible way to do business.

  • Darren says:

    Poor Communication. NON DISCLOSURE OF CHARGES. Major issue with internal teams being able to communicate with one another. These issue stem from leadership. Good luck getting these charges removed from bill. It is a small amount $85.00. It will costs them $1000’s answering to FCC and others.

  • Mary says:

    Spoke with supervisor Zack in Texas 507205 very rude told him he has no customer service responded that his not in customer service aggressive and told me he won’t help me this company should close

  • Raymond Humphrey says:

    This company should be out of business….apparently it is working very hard to attain this goal! I spent five and a half hours yesterday being transferred among the most incompetent people I’ve ever encountered because telephone was arbitrarily disconnected (without notification or my knowledge) because I allegedly had an overdue bill of $41.00. Despite 5.5 hours of “transferring” among borderline intellects (!), I eventually encountered someone not brain dead (and who should be a rising star in Frontier Communications) who “discovered” that my $41.00 allegedly debit should have been a $41.00 CREDIT (!) validated TWICE in Frontier Communications own records! I have multiple accounts with Frontier Communications…and a large audience. I will be a vocal advocate about this icon of incompetence…perhaps its own record speaks volumes (an alleged $345M loss in the marketplace…and alleged loss of 71,000 broadband subscribers according to one or more web articles…Raymond Humphrey (ps: yesterday’s 5.5 hours (!) was the culmination of repeated calls with Frontier Communications…my next actions will be with Florida’s Attorney General’s office and the FCC!

  • Vera Mullins says:

    This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. It’s been two years of trying to get my Internet fixed. they say that they have fixed the problem and never do. they say they sent a tech out but I never see anyone. They tell me it was fixed remotely. They know that they have people that live in remote area’s and don’t have many choices in Internet, so they can take advantage of them, this is so unfair. I’m trying to work from home but can’t because of this company, so I have to risk getting sick to go into the office.

  • Priscilla Bunting says:

    This company is the worst. I am isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic., This company shut my services off and then when they went to fix the issue they charged me a new deposit. It took 2 days of being on hold to get charged again and still no service as they
    Need to send a tech out. I have my equipment, they said it could take days. What a shame.

  • Sharon says:

    Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I have made over 7 calls to try to get my moms internet working. Talked to a different person every time & had to tell them the same thing over & over!!!! Sent technician twice to wrong address/city. They were dispatched to a city 3 hours from my moms address. As I’m typing this I was on hold for a supervisor for over 15 minutes just now got disconnected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what you have to do to get someone at this co to help!!!! I heard they filed for bankruptcy, if customer service has anything to do with it I can understand why!!

    • Wilton Hollins says:

      They are the worst! I’m in the process of contacting my state attorney general’s office to file a complaint!

  • Kim says:

    Worst CS I have ever had to deal with. Every time I call them I end up having an issue. Giving me a service I didn’t ask for or taking a service away. On top of that you get a different answer every time you call. You can hardly hear the reps because there always seems to be a party or something going on In the background. So very frustrating trying to deal with this company

  • Michael P Elliott says:

    Credit Control Corporation
    P O Box 120630
    Newport News, VA 23612-0630

    Frontier Account # 8127341484100219
    EDP# 2-200137984

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I received a letter from your office on January 21, 2020 to collect on a debt of $62.53 that Frontier Communications believes I owe. I am disputing that debt because I never received the services that Frontier Communications promised me that I would receive. After speaking with a representative from Frontier each time I received a bill, I was assured that the bill would be taken care of and that I would not have to pay because I never received the services. There was never any mention that the bill was in jeopardy of being turned in to a collection agency. I am hoping that this issue will be resolved by canceling the debt for services I did not receive.
    From the very beginning, the service from Frontier was less than desirable. I called to inquire about the possibilities of using Frontier internet for my home. We have never had telephone service since we lived at the home. We have Frontier service at church, which is next door to my house, and the church has never had any problems. The speed is fast, around 12MB. When I called Frontier at the onset, the representative asked what I was going to do with the service and how many devices I was using. I told the representative that I intended to stream TV and that my daughter does online school. The Frontier representative on the phone said I would be getting 12MB and that would work for us. Based on the representative’s assurances, I told the representative to go ahead and install the service. I was sent a modem (via UPS, FedEx or USPS, I don’t remember which), and I did receive it. It was a self-install, but it would not work when I did a self-install.
    Frontier had to come and lay a new line because there was no signal on the line coming into the home. The Frontier serviceman came to install the internet/modem. It took him a long time, and he made several trips to the downtown office to check connections. The Frontier serviceman said that the modem that the company sent me was obsolete and would not work, so he went out to the truck and exchanged it for a “better” one. After the service was finally connected, the Frontier serviceman told me my speed would be around 3MB. I then asked him why the representative told me it would be 12 MB. The Frontier serviceman confessed to me that I could not do a lot with this service and said that my daughter could not even do her online school, nor could I watch streaming TV without buffering all the time. I called and told Frontier that I did not want the service, and I wished to cancel because it was not what they promised me. I was never able to use the service at all. Frontier told me that they would cancel the service and would take care of it.
    I received a bill for $62.53 from Frontier (billing date 12-2-2019). I called and told the Frontier operator the above story, and the operator said she understood and would try to take care of the issue/bill. I then received a letter dated 12-27-2019 that stated I had a bill of $62.53 that was past due. I called Frontier on 1-2-2020 and talked with Jamie for a long time. I once again told my story, and she spoke with a supervisor and came back on the phone stating that I would be getting a credit of $59.37, but I should call back to Frontier when I got a bill. Jamie said that the rest of the bill should be coming off and that Frontier would be sending a box for me to send the modem back to them.
    I received another bill for $62.53 from Frontier (billing date 1-2-2020). I called and talked to Stephanie on 1-15-2020 to make sure the credit was there that Jamie had told me about when I talked to her (Jamie) on 1-2-2020. Stephanie stated that she understood, but she said she needed a passcode because she could not get into my account without it. Stephanie said that I must have made a passcode at some time and was very adamant about it, even though Jamie had never asked for one on 1-2-2020. I assured Stephanie that I had not gotten on my account online since I had never used the internet services. When this conversation with Stephanie ended, I immediately went online to get a passcode as she had asked me to do. I had to sign up and register (since I was not registered) to get my passcode, which is now 19375.
    I called back on 1-17-2020 at 12:39 pm and talked with Tashone, and she found the account. I told her my story, and she saw the notes about my account. She said the bill was still $62.53. She put me on hold and talked with her supervisor and came back on the line and told me that it should be taken care of soon. NO ONE EVER SAID THAT THE BILL WAS GOING TO BE TURNED IN TO COLLECTIONS! I WAS ALWAYS TOLD, “IT WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF.”
    First, this is an inferior business practice of telling or promising a customer one thing and not following through with what Frontier pledged to me. I should not be forced to pay for something I did not receive. I believe this is called fraudulate, or at the very least, misrepresentation. Second, we have an excellent credit rating/score, and if you would look at it, you will see that we pay our bills and that we pay them on time. Third, I am agitated that this bill was turned in to collections after they said, “It is going to be taken care of.”
    I do not owe this bill because it was for services that I never received (12MB internet). At the internet speed that I was provided, I could not do anything with the service, almost as bad as dial-up. (Most importantly, my daughter was not able to complete her schoolwork.) I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau about Frontier Communications’ poor business practices, and possibly other entities if necessary. If you need further information to eradicate this bill from my record or if there is someone else I need to contact, please let me know. I am hoping you will be able to resolve this issue with Frontier.

  • Kevin tsetse says:

    Charged $142 for service calls that were all Frontier’s fault. Been in dispute phase for 4 months now, got no resolution yet. Total of 6 hours on the phone with “customer service ” 15 different people, on hold during these calls at least 1 1/2 hours. Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing Absolutely PITIFUL

  • Don Hubbard says:

    Waited on the phone for 2 hours and 5 minutes nobody ever came back on to help resolve my billing issue, poor poor poor customer service. Made a payment for what I feel covers the 4 days of service from 9/15-9/19 in the amount of $19.92. I can’t believe that 4 different people have given me 4 different answers when I have called before in getting this resolved.

  • Don Hubbard says:

    Worst customer service been on the phone now 1 hour 3 minutes waiting on a Supervisor to talk to me regarding my 80 year old mother-in-law bill, what do I need to do to get some help to resolve this

  • Sally says:

    I need a new remote control and Frontier tells me I have to pay $14.99 pus tax (of course). I have been with this company since 1972. I don’t remember getting a new remote before today. As far as I am concerned these people are disgusting. All they want is money not service.

  • Brenda allen says:

    45 minute plus on a dead end call to customer service today. The one and only way I would ever go back to Frontier is if they were the only option!! Argh!!!!

  • Pissed Off says:

    Hey, assholes. We have an outage out here that i know damn well you’re doing nothing about. You can get out here now and fix this shit TODAY or we can use cell phone hot spots and drop your incredibly bad service in the toilet where it belongs. And don’t think you’ll get paid when we terminate that contract, folks. You won’t. Not a blessed dime.

  • Chris Stafford says:

    Customer from Jan. 1st 2004. Been a loyal customer. On the other hand you were the only vender in the small rural town that I have an office in. Every year or two the rates would go up, I would call and complain and they would re adjust the rate, calling it a promo. I was told on the last adjustment that you could get me faster internet (never happened no more space available) so I bit. Now a new vender came to town and I switched as they have fiber optic lines. Now I received a bill for $1833.02 for a parting gift.
    I feel that it is un fair as you could not live up to what you offered, I did not have any information stating a disconnect fee, no contract signed. Can you help me here? Small town struggling business with a population of just over 600 people. Thanks in advance.

  • Charles says:

    On 22 September I spoke with a Frontier sales representative from your call center by the name of Ralph. After approximately 45 minutes of discussing different plans and options I provided my personal information to the representative and scheduled an install date. The bundle package that was outlined to me was 500/500 internet with Prime TV. The price quoted was $130 with all equipment (I was told this was on a recorded line!) I asked for an email detailing our discussion with cost. The representative told me I had to call the service center to complete the order and then I would receive an email from them.
    Well I called the service center and Rena (very nice) could not find any information of my order. After another 35min call we finally located it. She then informed me that the sales person should have had me pay a deposit due to my credit report. This puzzles me because my credit is excellent. Rather than delay the installation I provided a credit card for deposit of $297. I then set up an install date of 30 Sept. When I ended the call with service I was appalled to receive an email with outrageous fees with a monthly cost of $165.51 for your bundled service.
    I immediately called the service department and spoke with a representative by the name of Mike. He was very apologetic and offered me gift cards and said he would correct the issue. After 25 minutes of muting, feeble excuses blaming a slow computer, the phone line disconnected.
    I have done business with one of your competitors for several years but had decided to try Frontier because of your FIOS and channel lineup. I am completely disgusted with Frontier service, incompetence and deceit.
    Because of your deceptive pricing, outrageous fees, demand for deposit, and inability (or unwillingness) to honor your quote I want to cancel my order and demand an immediate refund of my deposit.
    Very dissatisfied potential customer!
    Order #: FT75511192

  • carolyn hinton says:

    What address do I use for Frontier PHONE service for Better Business Bureau report ? I live in Rochester NY

  • carolyn hinton says:

    Adjustment to my bill for lost phone service I will not receive till December !!!!
    Time for Frontier to shut their doors for the incompetant service !

    • Ruthie Buttrick-Best says:

      Agree with that. I stopped service on 1 Dec and they told me I wouldn’t get my credit until the 3rd billing cycle and couldn’t tell me why except it was their policy – that is crazy! Am complaining to BBB

  • carolyn hinton says:

    HORRIBLE company as I switched to Spectrum
    Had lost my phone service and NO ONE came to fix it !!!!

    • Pissed Off says:

      Not surprising. Not surprising at all.

      • Leslie thomas says:

        My moms going through same with internet and phone where people get on her line just to get her off her owe phone and they never fixed it after they said they would

  • Kelly P says:

    I have emailed the office of the president about having to wait 10 days for my internet to be repaired. I have not heard back. I called the office of the president and the recording says they are closed. Closed on a Monday ? This is terrible customer service. I should not have to pay for something I am not getting.
    Can anyone help ?

  • L Fultz says:

    WARNING TO ALL CONSUMERS! Frontier will NOT change the charges for services between billing cycles unless it is in THEIR favor! My promotional pricing stopped while I was on vacation. Came back to a bill almost double what we have been paying for the last two years. Called and talked to a representative who was able to offer me less services for $25 more per month. Hmmm. Doesn’t sound like a good deal to me. So, I downgraded to just internet services. Rep I talked to wanted the downgrade to occur at the end of the cycle. I stated that I was absolutely wanting it to happen ASAP because I was not paying the high prices (this bill is bigger than my water, gas, and power combined!!). He canceled the services but neglected to tell me that I would STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM! So now I am stuck with a bill for 3 weeks of services I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE! Yes, that’s right. They stopped the services but refuse to pro-rate. UNBELIEVABLE! Filing a few complaints will be heading that way!

  • Robert D Sears says:

    I recently placed an order for new TV and Internet services and recieved a $220 bill for $100 ordered services. Your agent LIED. See Order # CZ1172075

    Please also review my scathing survey response for this order.

    I need to speak to someone in corporate before my installation date of Monday 8/19 between 0800 and 1200 Pacific Time.

    Please also provide me with your address for “notice of service”.

  • Jody Sellers says:

    Mr. McCarthy,
    I work in an industry that I am part of customer service and know it needs improvement all the way around these days, sadly the client often doesn’t receive adequate services and I found this true more than once with Frontier. Yes I could change to another corporation that offers the same type of services and did change from another corporation to Verizon years ago for that same reason, but after speaking with consumers who have those other services that are available it would be just changing current issues with other issues as it appears that if you have no real competition in customer services or services in general there really is no reason to be concerned-why put in the effort, funding and energy to be the best if you know the consumers must just pick one and are always changing to find that better service or deal as after all we are making a profit right? Honestly if a corporation really took the time to listen to the consumer and put in the effort with reasonable costs and good service, they would have loyal customers and word of mouth would boost overall the corporation’s earnings. I have stated to my management repeatedly good service is the most important. I was happy with Verizon as my cost never changed, bill didn’t go up whatsoever with service package chosen and had very little difficulty with services.
    Recently 6/30/19 I found myself without any of my service and called into Frontier and got an automatic message stating there was an outage in my area and there was no options for speaking with a rep or other information, just to enter my cell and I would be updated on my services being restored. After 24 hours no update and still no services so I outreached Frontier again and got the same message and no options to speak with a live rep, so I called back and chose a prompt for new services and yep finally got a live person/rep to speak with and they did send me to the IT/repair division to speak with a live person, who stated oh yeah looks like an outage in your area, however there was no ticket for the repairs…how was I to have a ticket for repairs as when I called in I was told it was an area wide issue and I would be contacted for updates but he will now put in a ticket and my repair date was to be 7/10/19. I stated I work from home and do need my internet for my job and was told I would be put on the escalations list and my account would be credited for days without services.
    I have to say 2-3 days should be all the time someone should have to wait for service repair as now days really most jobs are linked to the internet and we must have a reliable service for there not to be an issue. I had to spend my own money and time to go to an office setting to not have issues with how I make a living. Not to mention thank goodness I am lucky enough to live in a good area as my alarm system doesn’t work without my services and my cell doesn’t have the best reception in my home so if there were to be an emergency, I would have payed a price in that way as well. I thought wow I am glad I am not elderly as that is not good to have no services for my job, but if my safety were also @ risk, that would be another story really. I thought wow, I have electric that doesn’t even cost ½ what I pay for to have cable, phone and internet…of course I do need a phone that is reliable and internet for my job and well in general life these days and yes I do have a cable package that is high, but that was due to my father who moved in with me and he was dx with non-curable cancer and so I had gotten that package while the corporation was still Verizon for my father to have entertainment since he was unable to do much, he has since passed and I was told since I was grandfathered in with that package if I changed it now I would not get near the savings. I have since tried to view on the Frontier web site packages for all services to see about a smaller package however when I go under bundles wanting to find what is a package price for internet, t.v. and phone really I think you would need to be an IT person to understand how to figure out what channels for packages are available, internet speed and services with phone would cost as it appears under bundles to state internet but doesn’t really state all together as a package…so how do you figure it out? I asked where my closest Frontier office was turns out it is in Tampa I don’t live in Tampa so again very inconvenient when you have a full time job and only 2 days off to run up to Tampa and find an office to discuss this and if you call customer service they tell you to review packages on the internet. I had asked for a box to send back the adapter I was paying for months ago and that never came.
    Well of course I didn’t hear anything on my escalation and repair person came on scheduled day, I asked if there just are not that many repair persons in my area and turns out there are a large # of repair persons however they apparently have 20-30 service calls a day I was told and escalations is what is stated but that is only if a repair person is in your area and gets done early which really doesn’t happen to often.
    I then received my new bill and not only was the time not credited, my bill again went up, so I again called customer service and was told customers are not automatically credited for services and then was told for almost ½ the month not having any services my credit is 36.57, wow so my charges have been 286.21 and no service for ½ the month but still must pay for taxes ect even though you have no service? Not much in savings, is that really acceptable? or treating your consumers well? So cost me more money to not have services as I had to drive out of my area to an office to do my job, my bill went up and I had to use more of my own time for the driving and back on the phone to get credit due to me. I also have noted my connection for whatever reason runs in 60-70% range, so not even is my connection @ 100%. The one good thing is this time when I got a rep for crediting my account they did send me a box and I could finally return the adapter that has not worked in months or longer instead of being sent from one dept to another and still no box.
    If you did actually read what I have stated I am sure you can put yourself in my place and would also find this to be very poor service for the cost, wouldn’t be so bad to pay so much out if you at the very least had 100% connection and 2-3 day repair and it felt like you mattered…wouldn’t you think so as well?

    Thank you for your time,
    Jody Sellers

  • R.W.C. says:

    “TheBlaze” is being taken off. Are you kidding me? One of the few “Conservation” voices on Cable. Is Frontier that far Liberal Left?
    Think it’s time to dump Frontier. Stock price in the toilet. Revenues declining. Dan McCarty needs an exit visa.

  • k.s says:

    In july frontier installed internet and phone service for us.The job was never completed.Now I cannot call outside my area code,and internet is at snails pace.I called frontier several times,only to be shuffled from one agent to other.No action has been taken so.I hope this comment will come to the notice of some one at corporate office.

  • Dianne says:

    No phone service for 3 days now. No local offices to visit. You shut down two in our area. When you call your customer service number just a big runaround and a ridiculous wait time. If I had a choice you would be dead last. I wish some giant would buy you out. From the comments on here it sounds like you are on your way out.

  • Debbie Dean says:

    Your salespeople that come to our neighborhood…a senior one…are so aggressive and rude, will not take “no” for an answer, ring doorbells..knock..ring again…knock again…..2 days in a row!
    Today they were again at our door and when my husband answered our dogs were barking and the person was so rude…he told my husband to get “rid ” of the dogs so he could talk! Really?
    After these confrontations with your salespeople there is absolutely NO away I would ever waste my time with Frontier!
    You probably should take a hard look at your expectations of the sales staff you employ!!!

  • Claire Dunsmore says:

    I live on a cul d’sac in a fairly rural, very quiet area of southern Calfornia. Multiple Frontier sales reps, wearing red shirts and black pants are dropped off in our neighborhood and swarm the area with RELENTLESS annoyance. There are 15 houses on our street. Since the beginning of April, we have been solicitied each month consecutively….on back- to- back days in the same month. Tracking your solicitation metrics, you have had reps ringing and annoying me EIGHT TIMES in just three months.

    We are out in our yards minding our own business and sales reps persist in trying to engage in conversations re our interet/tv, etc. We tell them we have no interest. They won’t stop spewing their sales script. We have to get rude to run them off and they move next door and start over. Then they come back the next day…we’re getting out of our cars and we’re accosted by THE SAME rep we ran off yesterday – back again to yammer….vacant-eyed, probably really thirsty and in need of a bathroom and desperate for us to nod “yes” to their pitch.

    Having run off multiple reps in early April – the day after a tragic death in our family – another one starts ringing on a Friday at 2 PM in late May. I ran that one off. I was entertaining company the NEXT day on my front patio and the SAME rep interrupts us – ON my property trying to upsell me on something that I thought I shut down the day before. Same rep, same conversation, incredibly annoying. I said to her: “you were here yesterday”….”yes, she replied”….”Ok, well I’m not having the same conversation with you again today. Please don’t start your pitch again. I AM NOT INTERESTED in anything Fontier is selling.” She kept trying to talk; had to out-talk her and get rude. (Really thought to offer her some water and bathroom but feared I’d never get her off the property with kindness).

    Frontier has become PREDATORY and are without a doubt abusing their sales people by demanding sales metrics that are not sustainable. With this predatory behavior, I cannot emphasize more profoundly how NEGATIVE I have become about your company…..and how many times I speak negatively about Frontier and have written about this behavior on social media.

    Your sales management needs to revamp your processes. This is an embarrassing, desperate, predatory program of abuse of your reps and is negatively impacting the reputation of your company. Noting that I am but one person contacting you about this…understand that I am not unique or alone in how awful this is being perceived. My neighbors feel just as annoyed and have the same negativity about your company. I will contine to speak and write negatively about Frontier until I’m no longer seeing your abused sales reps swarming my neighborhood trying to carry out the unreasonable demands put on them to produce numbers.

  • Ronald Sheppard says:

    I am a disabled 65 yr old male nurse who can no longer work due to a brain tumor. I have been having recurring brain siezures and have not had a phone for 8 days now. I keep getting promise after promise with a no show. There is only one frontier employee to cover 3 towns which is rediculous. They said they have put the ticket in as a medical necessity. I have no cell service where I live and live in a rural area with no nearby houses. I can no longer drive because of the brain siezures. I have medical people who were going to call me for 3 appointments for brain related issues. They have a stong suspicion the brain tumor has returned. If it has, here I sit home with it growing larger. This I have told frontier customer service so many times with the same result, Nothing! I know all of the past employees by name now the son of a former employee has taken his place was this job ever bid out?Why is there only one employee? Does he get to pick and chose who he goes to first? Are you going to act or put me off til the 12th as he repair ticket says? My acct# 814-698-2513-120516-7

  • Randall Good says:

    Hello, I called into the escalations/retention department on Friday May 31st to address a concern I had due to no solution to after spending a half hour in Chat with a Frontier representative. I recently decided to finally address the cost to service ratio with Frontier. I have been a customer for approximately 20 years prior to Verizon’s sale to Frontier. I also worked in telecommunications industry for 14 years. My assessment of the worth of service compared to cost is quite disparaging. Factors involved include my location and Frontier’s lack of effort addressing customer’s issues like mine due to extenuating circumstances. I am currently receiving up to 6 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds. This is the maximum that can be achieved at my location. Keeping this in mind Frontier FIOS customers who receive 100 Mbps with fiber are paying $29.99 introductory packages and standard prices that rival the monthly I am paying for DSL 6 Mbps. The value of what I am receiving compared to what other Frontier customers are receiving solely due to their geographical location is not only unfair but staggering. The CSSR’s resolution was to give me a 2nd line for $5.95 additional charge monthly to receive up to 6 Mbps on 2 lines. I explained that this was not addressing my concerns and I would only incur increased charges in this scenario. The Representative had zero resolution and seemed as if I was more of a bother than a twenty year customer she was trying to retain.

    Bottom line is being in the industry for such a long time gave me great and detailed insight into the technical and customer service aspects all around. Having this knowledge and experience allows me to analyze companies fortitude’s as well as their weaknesses pertaining customer products and interface. I know that an enormous amount of capital was spent upgrading to fiber map but for some reason Corporate has negated to address the many customers who are paying the same if not more but receiving substantially less. My suggestion would be to address these customers concerns individually and then structure their product pricing accordingly, i.e. cost to service ratio compared to FIOS customers, it is the right thing to do.

    I would appreciate some attention to my individual concerns pertaining these issues and would welcome a resolution in form of a price structure that I feel is fair compared to FIOS subs or at least something temporary in the interim. If you can help in any way I would appreciate it immensely and as you know my word of gratitude can travel fast nowadays.

    Thank You,

    Randall Good

  • Geraldine Fink says:

    Mr. McCarthy, I have only two suggestions for improvements to your telecom services: If you want to charge the exorbitant rates you do for service, at least provide WORKING service & better customer handling from your service reps. Since you’ve failed to do either, could you change that horrid music you force us to listen to when we’re place on hold for hours waiting to report problems with service? I wonder how well you would tolerate the treatment you provide for your customers? Bear in mind, we contribute to your fat salary, sir!

  • Sharon Miller says:

    I am sending a letter to the Corporate Office regarding the incompetence and lying regarding my services.

    Dan McCarthy
    President and CEO
    Frontier Communications
    401 Merritt 7
    Norwalk, CT

    Ralph Perley McBride
    Executive VP & CFO
    (Same address as Dan McCarthy)

    • Robert D Sears says:

      I recently placed an order for new TV and Internet services and recieved a $220 bill for $100 ordered services. Your agent LIED. Order # CZ1172075

      Please also review my scathing survey response for this order.

      I need to speak to someone in corporate before my installation date of Monday 8/19 between 0800 and 1200 Pacific Time.

      Please also provide me with your address for “notice of service”.

  • Paul J. Ober says:

    I was received a call from Frontier last night setting up an appointment for this morning. A service man arrived around 10:30. Installed the phone jack and was gone within 20 minutes. Thank you for responding to my complaint.


  • Paul J. Ober says:

    I have had Frontier since it took over from AT&T. I just wanted a telephone jack installed in another room. I have made 4 calls and was given a work order number 4 times and no results. This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I guess you don’t need my business. As soon as I can find another provider I am leaving you.

  • Pat Donley says:

    Your tech support shuffled me to Comdesk, LLC. I found out they are scam artists. Why is Frontier using these cheats? I am determined to get to the bottom of this. If you don’t take action immediately, I will.

  • Natalie says:

    I spent nearly an hour on the online Frontier chat and was shuffled to 4 different representatives. None could answer a simple question. They just transferred me. The third one transferred me to the repair department – TOTAL INCOMPETENCE! No common sense. If they could not answer my question, they should have said so or offered me an alternate contact. And I thought Verizon’s service was bad!

  • Terry says:

    I spend at least an hour a month talking to retention dept. Supervisors about the continual monthly increase of $15-20 on my bill. Went from $135 to $195. In three months, who can afford these ridiculous prices on fixed income. They are the most expensive communications company and offer the least amount of service, they won’t even pick up their equipment they tell you to box it and take it to ups. UNBELIEVEABLE!!

  • Kathleen Jacque says:

    Just spent over an hour on phone with either representative or his supervisor trying to find out why the Frontier internet and phone that I’ve had for over 15 years can’t be moved from this house to the house I’m moving in next door. Only answer they’ll give is Frontier isn’t in this area, which comes as a complete surprise to me inasmuch as I’ve been paying them for over 15 years. Also, my daughter who lives next door also has Frontier. Whole problem doesn’t seem logical. My blood pressure probably rose to the nth degree, and who needs that at 85!

  • Lisa B says:

    I want to know why you send surly Technicians to my home. This man came here upset he was going to have to go out in the windy weather to take care of a downed pole. He took it out on us, he was abrupt and rude. He made unnecessary comments about our house, my computer and how my mother will never get out of her apartment. This man was here at our home before & he was downright rude the last time. She waited to tell me all this after he left her apartment. We reported him back then as well. I’m tired of your surly techs. If he ever shows up at our home again I will be slamming the door in his face. My mother and I deserve much better. If he represents your finest I’ll be shopping around for another company and better customer service. I will be encouraging my mother to sell her shares of Frontier communications as soon as the stock increases in price. Let me tell you if I see him out in public you can bet I will give him an earful about manners when entering someone’s home! I am fuming you sent him here. I will be writing a letter to corporate as well. You can count on that! I will be shopping around to replace your service. I am done tolerating people like him.

    • Terry says:

      I understand and totally agree, something needs to be done about Frontier and their poor service and outrageous prices.

  • Chuck Simmerson says:

    I represent a Rural Telephone Co. In Georgia , established 73 years ago,
    Founder has past away, interested in selling the Co. Presently serving , landline, internet and cable TV. Participanting in ACAM program. Also, has the most complete and largest Rural Telephone Museum in the world.

    For more information please call 828-421-4379.

    Thank you,

    Chuck Simmerson

  • Kevin says:

    I have spent over an hour on the phone trying to find out why Frontier can’t make the 4 hour window that I wasted the day staying home for. I called the office of the president in Connecticut, the the phone system doesn’t work. just got the same message every 20 seconds call me at 206-240-0275
    my name is Kevin

  • Alan Konigsberg says:

    I have several phones number accounts with you: 203-227-3585 , 203-268-8089,203-227-9469
    The phones go out. 203-227-3585 was out 2x in a week It takes OVER 24 hrs to the phones repaired.if there were any other landline service avaiable, rest assured I would use them and not you

  • >