Where is Frontier Airlines Corporate office Headquarters

Frontier Airlines Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 4545 Airport Way, Denver, CO 80239, USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 720-374-4200

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1994

  • Founder: N/A

  • Key People: Barry L. Biffle (CEO)

Frontier Airlines Headquarters Location & Directions

Frontier Airlines Headquarters Executive Team



Barry L. Biffle

Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

Ashok Shah

Vice President of Finance

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About Frontier Airlines, History and Headquarters Information

It is the 8th largest airline company in US. A low-cost carrier it is a great initiative for budget travellers. It has it headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Frontier Airlines is present in about 100 destinations within the United States and six destinations worldwide.

It is under LLC and Indigo Partners. Barry L. Biffle is the current CEO of the corporation.

Frontier Airlines started operating in July 1994 between Denver and several other destinations including Minot, Grand Forks, Bismarck and Fargo and Grand Forks. The airlines operated under the following slogan “The Spirit of the West”.

Towards September 1999, Frontier started operating in destinations Bloomington, Atlanta, Illinois, Baltimore, Boston, Phoenix, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, Portland, Salt Lake City, New York City, Orlando Oregon, San Diego, Seattle and San Francisco. The Headquarters of Frontier Airlines is in Denver, the address of which is: 4545 Airport Way, Denver, CO 80239, USA.

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  • Regina Jones says:

    I purchased my ticket through a third party for a trip to Dallas for 10/26/23; Without insurance. My flight was canceled. I received several emails noting my flight cancellation; I later received an email that my flight was on time. Upon arriving at Philadelphia international airport, it was pure chaos. Representatives provided no information; only, apologize for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, I’m out of money for a trip not taken. However, to this day, I continually received emails from Frontier about my Cancellation but when I click the link it won’t allow me to proceed further.
    Frontier is a no frills company with excellent prices but a la Carter you for everything; not appealing at all! With that being said, I’m reluctant to fly Frontier in the future.
    I’m out of money through no fault of my own.
    Please advise!
    Thank you Regina

  • N/A says:

    My wife is at the Denver airport right now, she’s an amputee trying to get on another flight and the woman behind the counter refused to help her and told her to go away. It’s time to form a joint law suit against the airline and put them out of business.

  • Malika Brockington-Hall says:

    Frontier Airlines are the WORST airlines ever!!! I will make it my mission to RUIN this airline. Their customer service is AWFUL and they treat people like they are disposable. They left my blind Mother and teenage son stranded in Philadelphia, waited an hour before they were supposed to fly out to tell them that their flight were cancelled, and that there wouldn’t be another plane leaving for Vegas until Wednesday. They wouldn’t provide another ticket because they don’t partner with any other airlines. Nor did they give them a hotel voucher. So my Mother had to pay an additional $1400.00 for tickets in addition to $300 for a hotel room.

  • Kym says:

    Kym again. After almost 2 and 1/2 hours on the “chat”, I was told that they are supposed to give the person with the bag the times they will be at the airport because Frontier only staffs the desk for 2hrs before a flight departs. She is staying a 2hr drive away from the airport. She’s only there in OK for a total of 60hrs, then she leaves. When you subtract sleep time, she’s there for 36hrs. She already wasted 8hrs tonight trying to get her bag, now has to wasted another 4hrs tomorrow plus however long she has to sit around the airport waiting for someone to come to the desk. But I guess Frontier only thinks about the money, not the people that needs help because they screwed up.

  • Kym says:

    Daughter flew from SLC, UT to OKC, OK and had to change planes in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her luggage didn’t get to OKC at that time. She was told it was still in Vegas and it hopefully would come in the next. The next day they called her and said that it’s there, and she could pick it up anytime after 5pm. She had to wait for someone to take her to get it, and they got to the airport at 8pm. No one was there! She drove 2hrs one way, now she gets to make the same trip again tomorrow?!? All because Frontier can’t get the luggage on the correct plane, don’t staff their desk unless they have a flight leaving within 2hrs, and have no phones numbers or live people to talk to on the phone!!!! So over this airline. Never ever will we fly Frontier again, and we are going to blast it on social media about everything too!!! I’m trying to help from SLC, but the guy on chat is too worried about getting my name and claim number instead of trying to get me to someone that I can talk to that can help us!

  • Debbie says:

    Flew out of Trenton, nj to Orlando on 7-5-2023. My husband had a personal item that measured the requirements. He was charged $99 for it and the boarding pass woman basically told him pay or don’t fly (obviously she had sand in her vagina) On the return we had no problems with the personal item. Reached out with photos and measurements and refused to refund and said sorry. WORST AIRLINE! They beat spirit airlines for the worst!

  • Sergio says:

    You guys have taken my money when I had an error on check in was told to get a refund now I am being told I do not qualify. Is this what you are calling customer service. I am out $533 and missed out on a family wedding. Why can’t I speak to a human being to get my issue resolved. You are proving to be one of the worst air travel companies because of this type of activity. I need help and have never received it. What are you going to do to help me.

  • Jacci Mooney says:

    I have an issue with their pre paid baggage, they charged me prior to going and then I had to pay again on the day of the flight for my grandaughter and her son and then they charged her again at the airport. What is the deal with these triple charges for luggage I think its a scam to get you to buy their tickets then extra charges appear when you arrive at the airport. Filing a complaint with the airlines and my credit card company.

  • Shay says:

    They deserve ZERO stars. only gave one cause that’s the lowest I could do. They should be out of business. i understand weather delays but canceling flights and then not getting you on another flight as soon as possible is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. I should not have to wait 2 days when flights are leaving in one day. I should be compensated for the hotel room and my inconvenience. I’m missing two days of work. I AM PISSED TO THE NTH DEGREE AND BELIEVE ME I WONT BE QUIET UNTIL I AM COMPENSATED FULLY!! I see a small claims law suit happening against you from me in the near future.


    I am trying to access my Frontier air miles to book a flight and I don’t know my acct. Number and it is not recognized my email address or password. Trying to reset password and nothing ahappens Please help !!!!

  • Tina says:

    Flight Dec 30, 2023 I purchased the extra Perks I guess it’s called for seat choice: stretch seat, baggage check. I am trying to request a full refund as they stuffed my 6’3″ spouse in a cramped middle seat of their choice and bag wasn’t checked. I’ve tried 3 different numbers given but each one doesn’t work. I haven’t been able to contact anyone from the “24 hour customer service line” and when you press the “1” to chat it hangs up. I’ve even tried calling the airport he flew in and all you get is a recording to contact each airport and it’s the same running in circles. I think it’s very very rude and no actual customer service. I will think 3x before ever booking another flight with this airlines. I WANT A FULL REFUND FOR SERVICES NOT RECEICED BUT PAID IN FULL FOR.

    • Kevin says:

      I fully agree I just had the booking agent call me back and say fuck you 3 times will never fly frontier again

    • Tyler Neace says:

      I agree 100%. They messed up my whole return flight. I’m not very happy, like you said you can’t talk to no one. Lesson learned!!!!! I don’t know how you get a job with them, simple because no customer service. So how do you apply. Not happy

  • Hanna R says:

    Our Non-stop flight scheduled on 12/22/2022 from Pensacola, Fl to Denver, CO (F9 639) was cancelled on 12/22/2022 approximately 8 hours before boarding. The reason for the flight cancellation was due to insufficient amount of passengers ticketed for the flight. As the flight was cancelled by the airline on the supposed day of departure, (not to mention a holiday weekend) I request that not only my airfare be refunded but also my seat selection.

  • Kimberly Petersen says:

    This airline is a joke. They have conveniently stopped allowing phone calls if something needs to be escalated and when the agents on chat decide they no longer want to provide customer service, they just stop communicating. I had credits from a cancelled flight fraudulently used by someone claiming to be one of the passengers on the original flight (my 17 year old nephew), they just keep insisting it was him when it absolutely wasn’t. I feel like this was an inside job! How would someone from the outside know who the passengers were on our cancelled flight AND what the reservation/cancellation number was? The people on the chat are either incompetent or are trained to ignore customers who will truly fight to get the funds that are rightfully theirs. I’m furious.

  • Todd D Anderson says:

    …as I read all the negative comments regarding Frontier Airlines’ incompetence as a “BUSINESS ENTITY” it seems futile to add to the truth supporting these negative comnents. What I will be doing, instead, is telling everyone I encounter to NEVER use Frontier…I look forward to trashing this company comparable to the level of trash I’ve felt like via FRONTIERS’ concern for me relative to their THIEVING COMPANY.

  • Fuck off says:

    This is the worst airline ever I was at the gate to board at 530 the flight didn’t leave until 545 and I wasn’t allowed to board total bullshit then to top it off the next flight was 2days away Thanksgiving day I had to book a flight on another airline . No way in he’ll will I fly with this bullshit company

  • H Guy says:

    Received text from Frontier that our flight, 1519 on 30 October. was delayed 35 minutes. An hour and a half before original departure we checked our bags and the desk attendant said the flight was delayed 1 hour and 45 minutes. When we arrived at the gate 20 minutes before the original flight time, the door was already closed and eight others were stranded. No update texts or calls. The explanation, the pilot “decided to leave early.” Felt sorry for the gate attendants whose only explanation was that they don’t send out texts. The luggage did arrive at our destination but the “24 hour customer service” didn’t open until 10a.m. the next day. When I called the local Frontier customer service upon arrival after midnight (via another airline), the customer service number was a private cell phone…the Frontier customer service number wasn’t working.
    No refund; why would I be stupid enough to try Frontier again?

  • Lynn Traci says:

    Frustrated is not the word here…needs be much stronger. Had to cancel a flight with conversation that a voucher would be issued by email for future booking. Then was told it would take 7 days to get voucher. Then after multiple calls and hours of my life…got the voucher number. Attempted to use but was told amount only covers base fare and nothing else. Voucher must be used all at once….not possible to use dt restrictions. This was not how it was suppose to be. Spent over 6 hours on phone with no resolution. Disappointed! They took 744.00 as they know using is not possible. The word stealing comes to mind here. Bad business.

  • Alexa says:

    Hello attempting to reach Frontier Airline Corporate by phone. Have tried 2 diff numbers. Please provide a true number.

    Thank you. FA passages..

  • Earnestine Bennett(Self)Kenya Rodgers(Granddaughter)Kimberly Bennett(Daughter) says:

    Frontier Airlines needs an upgrade in all areas. I give them a 0-star rating, their disclose, flight agent, website and airport agents is terrible. They take their customers money and leave them in distress.

  • Earnestine Bennett(Self)Kenya Rodgers(Granddaughter)Kimberly Bennett(Daughter) says:

    This airlines isn’t capable of having any compassion for their customers. Frontier airline isn’t the airline to do any business with. FRONTIER AIRLINES IS THE WORST AIRLINE EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Earnestine Bennett(Self)Kenya Rodgers(Granddaughter)Kimberly Bennett(Daughter) says:

    Frontier Airlines is the most unprofessional, give you the run around. liar’s and dysfunctional airlines. I will
    never…………. book a flight with this lousy airline. They ruin my granddaughter’s Birthday weekend. We missed are flight and they couldn’t give Us a flight that day. The manager promised Me my refund back ,that never happened. I got some receipts but no refund. We got treated with no respect from the manager Marcella she didn’t want to assist Me with my flight information. It was a nightmare and heartbreaking for my granddaughter Me and my daughter.-Earnestine Bennett

  • Andrew Newcomb says:

    I booked my trip to Ft Myers Florida and due to the hurricane I have nowhere to stay. I spoke to several people at Frontier and said a refund is IMPOSSIBLE. We only issue travel credits. Nothing is impossible. I have been refunded my hotel and rental car fees in full due to the hurricane. Frontier has no empathy for the people in Florida and no customer service

  • Cenia A Poulsen says:

    I was disappointed, disgusted. I purchased my airline tickets and obtained the bundle off the bat. I made it to my destination perfectly fine. I even used the self-service. On my way back from Nashville, once again, I had self-service, but Nashville had no machines. I waited 40 minutes for the bag to drop off. I saw the clerk tag my bag and put it on the belt. I made it to Vegas with no suitcase. All my work equipment, medication, and a small travel jewelry box which contained my great grandmother’s wedding ring, I have insurance on it for 4,000.00 and a rosary necklace I recently purchased at the Vatican for 2,000.00.
    I went to baggage claim. They had me file a complaint. The form given to me already listed claim no. According to the complaint department, that was not a claim no. I even have a picture. So I had to file a new one. For an agent to tell me, we refunded your bag charge, and we can give you 75.00 to replace some items. NO, my bag contained more, including Jimmy Choo shoes, work equipment, and a jewelry box that could not be returned. It’s a slap to the face. Now I’m on day 2 with no response. As much as they brag about getting bigger as a company, you shouldn’t—poor service. Offering me 140.00 to make things right is a slap to the face. Your employees also look miserable for me to see my bag go on the belt and not get it in Las Vegas. I also cannot obtain a refill for my medication for the next two weeks, and you could care less. Thank you

  • Disappointed Left Stranded at the Airport due to cancelled flight says:

    It’s too bad. Frontier doesn’t care about their customers and customer service. Lost another customer.

  • Diane Luke says:

    For the last week I have been trying to book a flight for 3 passengers from Grand Rapids, MI to Ft Meyer FL in February 2023. I have tried on the frontier app, the frontier website and with a frontier airline employee at the Grand Rapids International Airport. I am a frontier miles and den discount member. The Frontier App for Android kicks me out of the app every time I hit next after providing my passenger info. I try multiple times a day. Every time I try on the Frontier Website, put in my passenger information and hit next, I get a message saying that my Frontier miles # does not exists. Two days ago I went to the airport to get help from the Frontier employee and she told me that there was only 1 seat left on those dates. I found out that was a lie. Yesterday, I spent over 1.5 hours, chatting virtually with a frontier representative who couldn’t figure out either problems with the app nor the website. She abruptly ending the chat as I was trying one more time to book a flight. Because the frontier site was going so slow, she thought I hung up on her. I have already flown on Frontier Airlines 3x this year with no problems. Maybe its time to fire your IT people and bring in some that have the skills to fix all the bugs on your app and website.

    If I was not going with my adult children and grandchildren who like the nonstop flights, I would have booked on another airline a long time ago. Especially since Frontier prices are not that cheap considering if you want to bring anything on your trip other than a personal bag, you have to pay more, per person, per flight.
    From reading the comments below, I’m not expecting to hear from anyone at Frontier Airlines.

  • Brandy Sellers says:

    So beyond disappointed in Frontier Airlines! Completely heartbroken! My father passed away on Sep 6, 2022 here in Orlando, Fl. I bought my family of 4 plane tickets to fly my dads cremated remains out to Ontario, Ca to have his celebration of life there with family. We were to fly out on Sep 28th at 7:35pm. The flights got canceled due to the airport shutting down because of the hurricane. So, I ended up having to do my dads services by video conference with my family. I get it… safety first. Frontier agent told me I would get my full refund back of $911 to my credit card within 7 days. It’s been almost 3 weeks and now said they only going to give me a credit and we have to use that credit by Dec 2022. Absolutely ridiculous and heartbreaking. That money could be used to feed our family. But, you all decide that I only get a “credit” when the ENTIRE airport was shut down. I would like a supervisor to call me. My husband retired from the Air Force and civilian life brought us here to Orlando away from family in California. Please contact me!!

    • Andrew Newcomb says:

      I feel your pain bud. I booked a trip to Florida. My flight can still go but I had nowhere to stay. I’ve been refunded my hotel and rental car fees but Frontier said a refund is Impossible

  • Dimone wiley says:

    I was not allowed to board the plane 45 minutes before the flight was suppose to leave. Then the agent was joined by a man that claimed to be a Frontier manager and he was also very rude and I asked for there name they refused to give me there amez and there name tags was being hidden. I would like to speak with someone with authority concerning this matter as soon as possible. Iam dimone wiley 7027130669
    1. Denver – Las Vegas 10-10
    Airline Booking Reference M6U1XL
    2. Las Vegas – Los Angeles 10-11
    Airline Booking Reference M6U1XL

  • Lee Winston says:

    Spent at least 5 hours trying to make a simple res. to Florida from Long Island. I do not think it is possible to make customer relations worse than Frontier is doing and has done. It was a terrible experience and 1/2 day time-consuming and then they tell me that it was their mistake when I finally talked to a human being. Customer service is the most important part of any business and if it is so poor, all you do is lose your customers and thus we get extremely angry and frustrated. You guys better wake up or you are doomed in the future. With all the technology out there, you should hire some new IT’s to make it work for you, not against you!!

  • Smith says:

    DO NOT EVER BOOK FLGHTS ON FRONTIER AIRLINES!! Both our outgoing and return flights were canceled by Frontier. For the outgoing flight we were offered a refund for the one way and $100 vouchers per ticket. We rebooked our flight on Frontier to a different Florida airport later that day. Tried to use the $100 vouchers and they didn’t work. We were told there was a glitch in the system and there was nothing they could do. So we paid triple what we originally paid for the one way. Our return flight was also canceled. At that point we were done with Frontier and were offered $300 credits per ticket to fly on another airline. You have to pay in full for the alternative flight and submit for reimbursement. Frontier sent us a reimbursement check (months later) that deducted the refund they issued for the first one way flight that was also canceled. So to sum this up we originally paid $325.92 for 2 round trip tickets. After both legs were canceled we ended up paying $873.88 for this trip!! FRONTIER IS SCAMMING CUSTOMERS AND HAS INCOMPETENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. THEY ARE THIEVES AND SHOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS. WE WILL NEVER FLY FRONTIER AGAIN.

  • Dr. Jeffery Romig says:

    Luggage lost on direct flight from Indy to Orlando. Found out that my luggage sat in the corner of the ticket counter at Indy for 10 days even though the Orlando agent called daily trying to track it down. The luggage was sent to central clearing in Atlanta even though my information tag was on the bag. It has been two months and I have filed claim to request my luggage to be returned and called multiple times and have met with no help. Finally, Frontier closed my case and said I will not be reimbursed for my luggage and I will not have my luggage returned even though they know where it is located. The only help I received was from Tasha in Orlando who did her best to help me but even she said that she was frustrated and did not know why this could not be resolved. So, I am now filing a court claim to ensure that justice is ensured. Sad that this is how poorly the little things are managed.

  • Carmelite says:

    I’ve flown Frontier Airlines several times without major incidents. A few delays, but overall pleasant and decent service, until my recent experience at Denver with Manager Tigist who was incredibly rude, racist toward Hispanic customers (complaining loudly that they “couldn’t even speak English” (despite her own thick accent), ignorant to basic understanding, refusing to listen, not knowledgeable about basic details of her job (things that the regular agent was able to assist with very professionally), she was hostile, impatient and overall created a disgusting and distasteful experience for myself and others who were at the terminal complaining about her lack of professionalism.

  • Brenda Johnson-Hogan says:

    I am very disappointed in Frontier, I booked a flight from Tampa to Vegas that was canceled by Frontier due to Hurrican IAN, found another flight leaving from Orlando to Vegas 1 way that was also canceled. So I canceled my 1 way from Vegas to Tampa and the kept $122. of my dollars because it was not a round trip ticket after clearly seeing the previous trip they canceled themselves………this is sad…….Frontier will definitely be a last result for me moving forward.

  • Rich Montour says:

    Good morning! My husband bought 4 tickets last year
    To travel last march in spring break! We got email on February saying our flights were canceled! We need the solution for this situation, or payback our money! Flight was IFU37H

  • Karen Kemp says:

    My husband and I booked round trip flights from XNA to Orlando for travel in March. Several weeks prior, Frontier cancelled our flights. Been trying to obtain a refund, which their Customer Service Plan says we may do with request, since then. They refuse to reimburse us $1100. They say they notified us of the ability to obtain it several times, then offered 1/2 ( $544 ) in airline credit that had to be used by 9/3/22 and now has expired. We just found out they used an erroneous email. Communicated by phone and email with Customer Service Specialist who for months could not find our reservation. Spoke with a supervisor who said we were out of luck. Have filed complaints with Better Business Bureau who have closed our case due to no response from airlines. Have also just filed complaints with State Attorney General’s office and Consumer Protection Agency, Division of Aviation.
    What other agencies can we contact to mediate our grievances for us?
    What they do to customers is just not eight, unethical, and fraudulent. How do they stay in business when they treat their clients this way?????

  • Bessie jordan says:

    On August 22,2022 I traveled to Atlanta Georgia to one of my family members funeral .I can for bwI to Atlanta I had one small carry on bag and I was charged $79.00 for one carrier on bag plus my flight was two hour late .and the flight attendance was so rude tome I am a senior the way she talk to me was unexpected then on my way back from Atlanta one bag again then this person charged me $99.00 money that I did not have .the cashier told me that I could not board the plane unless I pay $ 99.00 I promise you I will never fly frontier again and will not recommend you to anyone .I’ll fill that you are a rip off and very disrespectful to there customer. The customer service it suck

  • Sandra D Baker says:

    Frontier Airlines-Lost Item Report Number 1279593, can someone please contact regarding my purse

  • Sandra D Baker says:

    Good afternoon I boarded a flight yesterday afternoon from NY LaGuardia Airport heading home to Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport and I left my purse on the floor in front of my seat. I was on the last row on the flight. I’ve submitted a report and just wondering if my purse was found as of yet. I’m trying to contact anyone verbally regarding this matter please. Thank you!

  • Stephanie Shea says:

    Will someone at Frontier please check your staff in Denver? I flew San Francisco to Grand Junction with a layover in Denver. My daughter met in the airport in Denver for our 36 min flight to Grand Junction. I paid for my pet in San Fran and because I added a passenger (same pet, under my name both flights), they forced me to de-board, threatened to send the flight without me while my minor child was on the flight with the pet, and demanded I pay for the pet twice even though all publications say pet fee includes one way. The employee at the podium could see I paid the fee but claims her paperwork had to match and it did not. I felt bad for how rude customers were to staff on the plane from San Fran to Denver and was treated like dog crap by the Denver staff, while I was cooperating. They have double charged me and will do nothing about it.

    • Karma says:

      I recently encounter terrible service at the Denver ticket counter as well. I witnessed the manager, Tigist, berating a customer in front of me, and she was just as rude with me as well. Her lack of professionalism, ignorance and overall disrespect was such a terrible look for the airline.

  • Rabaca Haji says:

    Worst airline ever. I bought 3 tickets to leave Florida on the 9th of August 2022. I lost my wallet that same day and called the airline 3 hours after purchasing the ticket to let them know I’ve lost my wallet and can’t fly and need a refund. They were extremely rude. We’re rushing to get me off the phone and we’re not helpful in the slightest. Finally they agreed to give me a credit. I called a few days later to redeem the credit and could not. That’s $500 of my hard earned money flushed down the toilet. I hope everyone who reads this message saves themselves the stress and aggravation. Don’t book with this company. Save your self some time and money please.

  • Tampa says:

    This airline has the worst customer service, that’s even if you can get someone to answer your call. I had BonVoy points transferred on July 16th (takes 5-7) to Frontier. Here it is Aug. 7th and still no points. I have been placed on hold twice, once for 45 minutes and once for over an hour no body came back to the phone. I have called, daily and opened up several complaint tickets with a screen shot of the points showing transferred from BonVoy. Today, I even did a conference call with a BonVoy rep on the phone and still nothing. We asked, for a supervisor and he placed us on hold and then disconnected the call. My trip is in 2 weeks and I still have no points that I have earned. BonVoy needs to terminate there partnership with Frontier! Frontier has all of my contact information, here is just ONE of my complaint reference numbers, 220807-000204 PLEASE, contact me!!!

  • Raashid Adowa says:

    This airline is the worst. They beat me out of $500, which they gave me a credit but want allow me to use it. Every time I call them, it’s someone I cant understand.

  • Takisha Darby says:

    July 23rd I arrived at the counter to my flight with Frontier and I was rudely stopped by the ticket agent and was told that my 11 year old and I were not allowed to board the plane 45 minutes before the flight was suppose to leave. Then the agent was joined by a man that claimed to be a Frontier manager and he was also very rude and I asked for there name they refused to give me there amez and there name tags was being hidden. I would like to speak with someone with authority concerning this matter as soon as possible.
    My name is Takisha Darby and I was suppose to be on flight K6U1TY at 5:31 p.m.
    702- 591-4747 I will be awaiting your call so that this matter can hopefully be resolved.

  • Huetta says:

    Will never use this airline. Booked then wanted to cancel and can’t so have to pay for tickets I will never use and they will probably sale again to someone else. The web site say that you can cancel upto 7 days before you can fly.

  • NG says:

    PLEASE Check your credit card statements very close. We stopped using Frontier 2 years ago for the same reasons as many of your other comments. This month my credit card statement has been billed $59.99 from Frontier Denver CO. I absolutely did not, and never ever would have booked with Frontier…they must be desperate and are now resorting to stealing money from previous customers this is a crime…same way as keeping money that is owed to customers. I can only hope we all will receive the justice we deserve and that a Class Action against Frontier is filed soon.NG

  • James says:

    Barry L Biffle,

    Any reason your company is run so horrendously??

  • James says:

    The most mismanaged airline!
    No communication to customers!!

    Canceled… delayed and they could care less about the customers….

    Literally NO regard for the customers!!

    When they go out of business I too can care less!!!

  • Norman Breault says:

    confirmation code NCQNPG. Flight was canceled after spending 2 hours on the tarmac. Was told that they couldn’t get us home until Saturday or Sunday and it was only Wednesday. Told you have no ability to book us on another airline and also told we would have to travel to Miami for the flight. There was no apology and no offer to accommodate us in any way but to refund our ticket cost. We were stranded over 2000 miles from home and had to pay $500 to another airline , $200 for a hotel room and $50 for an Uber from Ft Lauderdale to Miami for a flight the next day. Extremely poor service in every way.

  • R Williams says:

    I have a lost bag that I need to track. Claim ticket number 0422985446. We can’t get any answers.

  • mrs celeste says:

    i booked a flight on the web around pm after confirming i noticed that it was charged to a different credit card, i called to cancel . but now there ia a charged of $144. this is within 3 hours . the same day

  • Chrissy Cathers says:

    I see alot have the same experience. i had a delayed flight then cancelled. i cannot reach anyone to give status of my claim for the lost baggage – we had none of our clothes etc for a WEDDING! And cannot even get a confirmation of the cancellation to get my hotel refunded. Worst business i have ever dealt with and i will never fly them again.

  • Pat C says:

    As many others are stating below, we will never use Frontier again. Back in November of 2021 our flight was canceled. It is now May 15, 2022 and every time I call regarding my claim it is always the same response. They are waiting on my documents….or you need to send your mailing address. The same documents that were attached in the initial claim and the documents that I have sent almost monthly since. Documents were again sent today, they have 30 days to send a check or this time next month I plan to start legal action. I will be reaching out to every person in comments below that this has happened to in addtion to taking to social media to file a Class A action Lawsuit.

  • Shaquanna Trice says:

    I fly frontier frequently however yesterday was the last time for me and my group of friends. Leaving Cancun Mexico Supervisor “Said” and “Juan C.Viloanueva “ we’re very rude and disrespectful to us upon arrival. They would not let us on our flight. After military came they tried to lie and say we were drunk to cover their ass. Their were a lot of racial slurs thrown. Me and my friends have multiple videos and will be posting . They said we will get a refund however we didn’t !! WORST SERVICE EVER NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

  • Cathy Ennis says:

    I paid for a one way flight from Atlanta to RDU . My departure time was 5:22 pm . At Gate E1 on time waiting an agent announces this plane is not going out today . We will be back with you . They changed our gate to D1 . We arrive at that location and held hostage for 9 hours with no help , no info, no food or common courteously ! The time kept being pushed back for different reasons . At one point we were told to board by an agent only to be sent back to the lobby ! Tired , angry and dead phones , lack of outlets for charging ! An angry, frustrated mob of people creating almost a riot type situation emerged ! We were told there had to be one more flight attendant to board . We did not board that plane until 11:0O pm I arrived back home at 1:30 am exhausted and head pounding ! I will NEVER fly Frontier again and will spread the word ! No passengers were apologized to or offered compensation ! This is ridiculous !

  • Nirma says:

    Will never book with this airline. While making my booking there system frosted and kicked me out. Never gave me a confirmation nbr to know the flight was confirm. Then I tried to find the reservations with no luck. So I booked with another airline then to find out that I was charged for a fight that was never confirmed at booking nor a flight taken. They will not refund me money.

  • Ms C says:

    On March 12, 2022 my trip from Miami to DFW was cancelled twice. First time 30 minutes before take off, the second time at 1:00 am the night before the rescheduled 7:15 am flight. After they promised a refund… a month later I am still fighting them for tickets and hotel reimbursement. I will never fly this sorry airline again. EVER!

    • Josh says:

      Such BS! I had the same exact thing happen to me as they said they wouldn’t refund unless front desk people provided official documentation saying they would reimburse flight. Did you ever get reimbursement?

  • Nicole R Pennington says:

    You can’t get anyone on the phone that can help you, when you are trying to get your money back. It is ridiculous to me how your phone number doesn’t even exist to the upper offices. You owe me $400.82 and you should pay for my spirit luggage too. FOR ALL THE CRAP I HAD TO GO THROUGH TO GET HOME!!! I’m so disgusted.

    • Sra. White says:

      Nicole Pennington ¡Por Favor! contacteme ¡Urgente! Interesamos realizar una entrevista a personas que han sido engañadas por Aerolineas como está; Realizaremos unos Programas para transmitir Mundialmente en varios medios dichas acciones tan Inaceptables.


  • Patrice Pearson says:

    Worst Airline ever!!!! I was supposed to fly out on March 20 from Tampa Fl to Atlanta my flight was supposed to leave at 7:15 AM and I would have had to arrive in Atlanta by 8 AM I was at the airport checking in and by the time I got to the counter they told me that I missed my flight I was there an hour early so I don’t know how that could have happened would not refund me back because due to the cancellation I just want to know what are they doing with the funds that people are missing their flights or if it’s canceled what are they doing with the money they can just go to hell

  • Arlene Rementer says:

    To whom it may concern:

    I just want to let you know that we will never fly Frontier Airlines again and will not recommend you to anyone. I work at a Government Agency and I will spread the word.

    We cancelled due to illness and the doctor’s note was not good enough and were prepared to pay $470.92 charged to our credit card, but being charged for the $150 for the extra leg room is a total rip off. I am so surprised that Frontier charged us for that and we did not travel.

    I am sincerely asking that Frontier remove the $150 from our credit card which would be the respectful thing to do.

  • Flo says:

    Our flights was delayed twice and due to plane needing fuel so they delayed us over night when it was suppose to be a straight flight. And no one at frontier was willing to help with at all.

  • Sean R says:

    On Feb 12th i went online to get price for 4 tickets from ord to Phx from 3/23 to 3/26. The total was $526.85 (including discount den…still have screenshots). I went to Mke airport to purchase because i only had cash and no card to make purchase. There was no staff at the airport…apparently there staff is only present when flights are leaving out. I called customer service and was advised to come back on 2/13 to purchase around 1 or 2 because a flight was leaving 2 hours after. I was assured i could purchase tickets then with no problem. I get there at 12:30 just to be sure…I wait until 3 and no one is there. I check online to see if price is the same and it’s doubled. I’ve been calling customer service every day to provide an explanation for the misinformation provided to come in the next day at a certain time to purchase and no one has an explanation. In addition to that no one is able to honor the price that I had cash to purchase on the 12th. It’s very frustrating to have no resolve on any issue from a billion dollar company. This trip was important for my kids and I. It was gonna be their first time flying and during spring break. I’m beyond frustrated, because for what was supposed to be simple to do has become hell. If someone is able to honor the original price at the time i searched and was at the airport the same day please contact me!

  • Krysteena LoDuca says:

    I flew into Philadelphia weds night 2/16/22 on flight 1164. We had forgotten a Disney shopping bag in the overhead which had 3 pairs of sneakers, a sweatshirt and 2 souvenirs. Our luggage was over and we had to scramble to move things around in our luggage so that’s why we had it on the flight. We realized when we got into the parking lot that it was missing. We had forgotten it in the overhead. I immediately contacted baggage claim customer service as that was the number I was transferred to when I called the main number. I explained to the rep named “Cindy” and she immediately contacted the gate and they told her they had our bag but they refused to release it to her as that’s not protocol. I had to submit a claim online which I did. Since it was 10:30pm and I had 4 kids with me, we had to go home until we could get in contact with whoever could release OUR belongings to us. I have been calling several times a day and just received a generic email from Frontier stating our items had not been found! That’s a lie I described all items and sizes in the bag and it was confirmed by phone it was originally found!! I can not get a manager to contact me! At this point I am going to be posting on all social media because it’s obvious they stole the items!

  • Myles K says:

    Terrific service. I was lost trying as usual to find the right connection flights online. My highest compliment to the ladies at the counter of CVG (Gr. Cincinnati-N.KY ). One in particular, Ms. Karen, went way above and beyond in her dealings with us trying repeatedly to get the right times and best pricing. Karen treated us not just as valued customers, we felt like we were being treated as if we were her family. I do hope Frontier acknowledges what a fine staff they have and offers special accolades to Karen. btw, she likes Mountain Dew

  • Monique Robinson/Tiffani Mclean says:

    On 2/3/22 my daughter booked us to fly with frontier on flight 108 PHL to SJU. I should of known when they did not put my KTN # on my boarding pass when the representative stated it was on there after getting my boarding pass it was not there then I had to go through security, removing my shoes and pat down. I was humiliated and stress!

    That was a red flag about Frontier and their lying representatives.

    On 2/7/22 returning flight 109 SJU to PHL I called before hand again to make sure my TSA KTN# was on my ticket. And ONCE again when I got my boarding pass. NOT on it!

    Another round of humiliation and Stress!!

    Then to TOP IT OFF… we were DELAYED for 7 HOURS!!!
    (claiming their system is down)

    MORE stress and frustration. I had members with me crying thinking they can’t get back home cause she didn’t have money to catch another flight. My anxiety is off the roof. Trying to keep myself and others calm after we paid for them to come to P.R. We all Flying Frontier for the first time! So we are stuck waiting on them after a vacation for us, with not enough money for last minute to book a flight for all 4 of us to get back home.( 1,200 to 1,400 just get a flight out for 4 ppl) How can I take my daughter and leave her two friends behind???

    Then once boarded, the flight attendant Ashley was rude with the passengers. I observed and listen to her as she tell the passengers she just a tired and frustrated as they were! Now that comment she should of kept to her self. She was yelling at passengers not to change seats, cause the empty seat was for plane balance. Then in the same breathe she told the passengers if they move they have to pay $50 and she is doing her job!
    Being the frontline worker for Frontier after what everyone experienced she should of has more empathy!! Where people who left the seats where available for the people who wanted to move, it shouldn’t have to be a big deal! Just more anxiety!

    WAIT it don’t end there…. Now we on the runway to take off, THE PILOT 🧑‍✈️ announce we have to TURNAROUND. Cause they didn’t have enough GAS!! WTH… then as we are back to the gate. TWO more passengers boarded.

    Then when we arrive to PHL… WE HAD TO WAIT again before we could get off the PLANE.

    And for the flight attendant Ashley, she duck in the row seats, seemly appearing as she was picking up items off the floor, instead of smiling and wishing people well.

    What do Frontier do?? They send a $100 voucher to be used in 91 days!

    Are you kidding me?!! After all I been through!!!

    I WANT my REFUND back!!! Take your voucher, one I will NEVER Fly Frontier ever again!! Now they merge with Spirit.

    OMG!!! Count me out for either one since Frontier is with them now!!!

    My anxiety and stress level is so high. And in all I had to wait another 2 hours back in PHL for my ride cause of the delay from frontier!!!!

    I want my Refund for all 4 tickets!!!

    TickeT’s # FCYEFT and UCEB3T
    Card# ending.. 8294

  • Linda Reaves says:

    I will never use this airlines again totally ruined my birthday weekend. My husband broke is ankle 2 weeks before our reservation and doctor said he couldn’t go. Customer service told me I can get name changes if I get a doctor note stating that he can attend the flight, I did everything that they said then told me no. I have pay $75 for name changes I said okay but this is crazy !!! So I was trying to pay name changes and he told me my total was $465. I SAID FOR WHAT ??? ARE You GUYS CRAZY ! IT STATED THAT PAY FOR NAME CHANGES POLICY $75. SO I ASK SANTIAGO CAN YOU EMAIL THE POLICY STATING THAT I HAVE PAY ADDITIONAL MONEY FOR NAME CHANGED ONLY ??? THIS IS ABSURD. A WEEK BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY NOW MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND IS RUINED , BECAUSE THERE GREEDY TO GET EXTRA MONEY OUT OF CONSUMER BECAUSE OF LOW FARE. THIS AIRLINES IS A FRAUD WITH HIDE FEES AND CANT SUPPLY THE PROOF. I ASK FOR IT THEY HANG UP . KIM HUNG UP ON ME , SANTIAGO HUNG up on me . What a nightmare I will never use this airlines in future

  • Jeremy Goetsch says:

    Took our money for a flight that didn’t exist 🙃 cost us 800 for new tickets to go home.24 hours later and another 350 bucks, dinner, Uber, ect.gave us a refund of 142.32. Who are you kidding ??I just want the 803 that’s all. What a huge joke your company is.

  • Nathan Perdomo says:

    To Whom it may concern:

    I flew to Philadelphia on 1/7 from MCO everything went great and on Monday 1/10/22 I returned with many issues I was charged for my backpack which I was not charged for in Orlando. The flight was delayed and when I made an inquiry I was told the plane was not there rudely. The gate attendant who charged me was very rude to me another passenger did not weight nor measure our bags nor make notes. Was given a paper to call corporate office to handle refund or flight was going to be delayed for us with a major attitude.
    Today 1/11/22 I called as wel as my mother and we were given false information original call got disconnected we were told that there were no notes in the system. One representative told me to call the philadelphia airport personnel directly for the refund. Your personnel is not properly trained and give customers run around and are rude. No compassion what so ever. I expect a call back 954-347-6454 as I will go on to social media and tell everyone I know. This is crazy. For more information contact me.

  • Ted Mavrakos says:

    To whom it may concern: I’m trying to reach customer service agent. It’s not working. Your phone number asked for an access code. That doesn’t work. I would like to speak to somebody at your corporate office about your Covid mask policy, as I am a disabled senior who has a breathing disability and cannot wear a mask. The last time I tried to solve the email system, I was computer refused my appeal which I did not ask for. I would like to know what the policy is and the customer service agent that I finally did get a hold of doesn’t speak enough English to be able to communicate or understand what I’m saying.

  • Theresa Collins says:

    Ok I read the comments and this is sad and before I let this company get away with putting my life in danger I will hire a attorney. First I’m glad they have cameras at the airport that will help my case . But I won’t let it go and I promise if I check my card and my refund is not on there after what he called hisself the supervisor clearly said you can’t fly on my plan tonight or tomorrow so I would have to find a way to get where due to the airport was closed where was I to go ? I’m going to say this in plan English so there’s no misunderstanding what happened to me . I came in a group of 5 women which it’s best to travel in pairs not alone especially when your going out of town. We all go to the check in to see if our bags can go in the over head my sister was charged $55 for one of her bags she had 2 duffle bags and I had 1 roll bag and my purse I ask did I need to pay for my bag the 2 people at the baggage check both said no. Now mind you I went to frontier airlines check in not to any other airlines so I was told no charge for me and I get the the gate mind you there’s delay after delay there is a person who was ahead of me who had a problem with his bag which didn’t look much bigger than mine he was refused to have his bag on the plan unless he paid a fee so I asked well would my bag have a fee ? With attitude he tells me yes $79 ok I ask why would I pay that amount if I had an option to pay less at check in he says I’m the supervisor and he makes his price for his plane now I’m upset we begin to have words I ask to speak to his manager and of course I receive the answer of he was it now i said if I had to pay I would pay the $55 based on it’s your employee error since your the supervisor so why should I have to be charged a extreme amount more than the flight it’s self for a 1 way long story I’ll save the rest for an attorney and the news and out government I’m not going to let it go I was left in a closed airport niece crying she never had been on a plane no one that knows me can say I would have got in that plane and started trouble but he said I would I let my niece and sister which both have never been on a plane go ahead with 2 of the girls who had been on a plane just once before I’ve been on plans for years working for Bank of America and never had this problem I guess because they didn’t have a budge and put me on a better airline this was my first time flying with them and my last but I promise this won’t be the last time they here my name Cleveland Oh or anywhere you fly with this company you should not have to bullied by there staff or life put in danger I promise no women in this day in age be put in danger due to a hot head he will be accountable for his mistakes or a airline that due to the reviews I see hide everything in the comments working for large companies taught me a lot and see what’s going on in this world I’m not going to let nothing happened to any of my kids again and my granddaughter will be respected she will not have anymore reasons to be afraid of other’s mistakes

  • Juvelyn Noman says:

    I have tried to contact your 1800 customer care, I have also emailed a complaint but instead they hang up the line on you (on purpose, by the way) and no response yet to an email.. except for sending me a $25 vouchers.

    I have also tired to email Mr. Barry your CEO to inform him how horrifying it is to fly with you guys, because your Frontier Airline agent at the ticketing counter will threaten you and will flex their muscles on you, if you asked too many questions about “why your flight is delayed” if they won’t threaten you they will yell at you! So unprofessional, unacceptable to be treated like this specially flying as a military.

    No customer service at all. I am traumatize with the incidents that happened with me with this airline! I don’t want a refund nor a voucher because I never asked for it in the first place, I asked for the issues to be resolved, so in the future no one goes through what I went through because NO ONE DESERVE TO BE threaten or treated BAD for asking a question.

  • Peggy Pjay Cryer says:

    There are so many lawsuits on frontier airlines and their all for the same thing.

  • Peggy Pjay Cryer says:

    I will try calling CEO Barry L Biffle on Monday even though I was told by CSR Marcus that he was the final point of contact, I will contact my attorney and post the information on social media so that everyone that has been ripped off and treated with much disrespect can follow suit and to warn everyone not to think about using Frontier Airlines I will make it my mission. I was almost willing to give up and chalk up the $257.95 but when I the read the other messages and the dates they were posted I realized that this issue need to be addressed further. I have never been met with misinformation, rudeness, no resolve and out right disrespect as a consumer in my adult life. I decided it’s time to stand. Hypothetically speaking if 10 out of the 31 complaints I’ve read paid $257.95 Frontier gain $2579.50 and we the consumers walk away with NOTHING not even a tshirt! Their strategy is to repeat their policy over and over which changes from one rep to the next they already know that after so many times the customer is just going to give up and take the lost…..NO! I will NOT!!


  • KATHY says:


  • Jeannie sledge says:

    Hello Mr Biffle
    I am not sure if you are the right person for me to speak to however
    I am completely disappointed in frontier my husband and I have travels to Orlando our bag was left in Philadelphia this morning and yes accidents happen however it is now 11:10 pm and my husband is in need of his blood pressure medicine ..
    My vacation and sons birthday has been ruined but as a mother I’ll smile through this however having to take my husband to a hospital is not what I had in mind the staff are in helpful they have lied to me and now as I have left my family paid $30 to Uber back to this airport and be told I couldn’t talk to anyone I’m in tears
    No one here cares they have not called me and to them because this is a regular of them making this mistake I’m just an angry customer but if this mistake cost my husband his life or a visit to the hospital I won’t be able to look at this as just a regular mistake
    I’m bother because they are sitting here as I text not even addressing my issue even after I explained the medical situation and that my infant was now in need of formula I packed because I had enough to get me here at 8am it is now 11:14pm
    Mr.Biffle I know you did not have this in mind for your transportation service and I don’t hold you accountable I’m sure you have directed your team on customer service and policy and procedures ….. this will make me never fly or recommend anyone to fly this airline ever…
    I’m asking that not another person has to feel how I feel right now and that even if you never get back to me you address this situation with high regards and top priority
    Thank you and have a great day
    Because mines has been ruined behind the services of Philadelphia and MCO airport staff

  • Alan t shea says:

    You guys have refused to reemburst me for a flight you cancled. Flight f9827. Confirm number sb8qqj….for $170 ……this is robbery..,..

    • Judith Brandon says:

      Same with me! I’m so annoyed and frustrated! It’s impossible to speak to anyone. The foreign cs agents are useless!!

    • Pjay says:

      Yes, they’ve got me for $257.95 and the reps are so rude. In a year if the funds are not used we’re just SOL. I’m contacting my lawyer on Monday

  • Nicole says:

    Trying to get a refund and I keep getting brushed off . Do I need a lawyer

    • Judith Brandon says:

      It’s ridiculous how hard it is to get your refund from these people. I believe they are going out of business, that’s why they don’t give a shit about their customers. Smh

    • Pjay says:

      I’m having the same issue, a lawyer seems like the only way to go. Their robbing us!

  • Rose M Hudson says:

    This air lines is a joke…. My daughter’s Bachelorette party down the drain. She was to leave Thursday return Monday. SFO to ATL. Due to a tragic accident on the free way she made it to the airport 20min before boarding and ask at the counter to help with holding the plane/escort through security or exception to process check bag. No assistance was told take luggage security at the gate they will put on plane. My daughter explained it will not pass TSA too much hair product, lotion and cosmetics over 3.5 oz. Clerk instead and would not help. So she went to security to get denied. She returned to ticketing counter where a different agent said “Why did you not check it in when you got here”..Duh! tried. They could not get here on the flight, and they would not help her get on the flight leaving out of Oakland 4 hrs later but instead put her on a Stand by for a flight leaving late night 6hrs later, oh and can not check back because it is more than 4nrs before the flight. so she had to travel back home with luggage. She returned to SFO checked in was at the gate 2hrs prior to flight 30min before boarding the flight was cancelled and was not told she realized no one was at the gate and had to go to the ticketing counter to find out. They returned her luggage and again had to return home. She did finally get a flight the next day (Friday) but had a long lay over over night) getting her to ALT Saturday morning. Missing 2 days of her agenda.
    She tried to look at if positively but then Monday she goes to ALT airport to return home and the horror story starts all over again. Flight delayed 3hrs before they take off, then they had 2 not 1 layover but 1 lay over was not to get off the plane. Crew had everyone get off the plane by mistake and before everyone can completely get off they returned back on the plane. The next lay over also was delayed and makes me think back to the beginning of my story…. and how did she not get on the flight she was right on time for..hhmmm. So after another long lay over she get to her destination (home) to discover they lost her luggage. oh wait not lost “DELAYED”. was treated rudely when trying to figure out what happen. One agent can’t find the other stated oh it was off boarded at the 1st lay over A.K.A not a layover just a land pick up more people. was told unfortunately no more flight coming to Oakland so they will put it on the next flight when available and call us to come get in when it arrives…EXCUSE ME!! Next flight when available … Can you not fed-ex/UPS it to our home from where it is since it was your mistake. NOPE!
    Called customer service and got the run around they have it then they don’t, it is in New Mexico then it is in Colorado, but it is not lost it is delayed. I asked for a manager 3 different called 6 – 8 time during the call and they will not pass me to a manger. they keep saying they will have a manger call back with the hour it has been 3 days and no manger has call me or my daughter and we still do not have the luggage

  • Ms.Brown says:

    Trying to get a REFUND what a joke no one answers the phone no E Mail addresses to send messages they can’t handle that but can sure TAKE YOUR MONEY.
    I will never waste my time with this company again they have no remorse or understanding for the others. From the beginning of my experience with airline to the end was extremely stressful and traumatizing. This is my flight information departing flight 1243 &1281 and my returning was 2982 the confirmation number for the flight was Zbyc9j. When arriving to the airport to check in our bags there was no one there to check in the bags at all the lines were extremely long which didn’t matter because they had no staff anyway so everyone is waiting for almost and hour before so finally came to check the bags in which forced us to be late to check in with tsa almost causing us to miss our flight.
    But if we made it due to an unexpected delay and originally it was communicated to us that is was due to The weather but as time went on we were 5 delays in and the truth was told that frontier was short staffed at multiple locations. During this time everyone is trying to figure out what’s the problem because the staff that they do have isn’t communicating and or even interested in doing there jobs they were avoiding questions or any engagement with the customers the reason we found out that they were short staffed was based off communicating with each other and looking up stuff online. Not once did an employee try to communicate what was happening. We tried asking an employee and he was extremely rude you could tell he hated his job he was very disrespectful to us while our only concern was how long we would have to wait to due to the fact that we had another flight to take and we were possibly going to miss it at this point this employee became extremely aggressive he refused to give us his name and threaten to remove us from this flight if we tried to get his name or picture to report him for his rudely and unprofessional behavior this situation definitely caused me stress and anxiety this was the worst experience of my life and I spent money on this flight to be disrespected and mistreated by people who get paid to do this daily. Once we arrived to our next destination the connecting flight had the same issue and the staff on this flight was rude as well and basically expressed to us that they don’t have enough people working to get us to where we need to be so we would have to be patient due to the lack of staff and we had to wait until they found someone available to be able to load our bags from the last flight which was delayed due to the same things that we had to deal with for the second time. Once we were finally able to leave 2hours later to get to our final Destination we had missed all of our advance paid reservations because of the delays so I lost money due to this company’s poor customer service and the only reason they had was they were short staffed and they couldn’t do anything about it when I was able to speak to someone I was told I couldn’t get any Accommodations or a refund because I boarded the flight.
    This situation escalated and was reported to the news due to so many of the same concerns and yet they still offered no accommodation for this experience. After all the money lost with my departing flight I had to turn around and deal with the same things during my returning flight. With the retuning flight it only was worse be the next day I was returning to work and with the same issue with delays I was forced to miss work which caused me issues with my jobs due to yet again the horrible customer service due to the lack of staffing which I don’t understand because that’s how this business runs by having people who come to work to be able to support the needs of paying traveling customers so how can you have a company that can not provide the services that people pay for and then explain to your customer that it’s nothing that can be done it’s out of your control then take it as far as blaming Covid to avoid refunding then to also tell me that I boarded the flight so you can help me at all when I had no other way to return home I couldn’t risk trying to get another flight because the delays were on going and I need to get to work because my jobs was put on the line from the lack of service provided from this company.
    I’ve been in contact with multiple people regarding this situation and they give me the run around I spoke with a Jennifer we were discounted and every time I’ve tried to call back no answers no one has tried to react out to me to resolve this issue and due to my list of money on reservations because of the delays also the fact that I no longer work because I could make it to work due to the delays. I need my money returned and I will continue to react out because this is unacceptable.

  • Kasha Johnson says:

    Worst airline EVER! Worst than Spirit

  • Betty Herron says:

    total shame frontier airlines cancelled our flight over 2min knowing we had been in line for over two hours at Orlando airport, shoved a piece of paper at my husband saying our flight is canceled and offered us no other flight or help, then turned away from my husband and us my husband was exhausted being in the line so long who is a 100% disabled vietnam veteran, we arrived 3 hrs ahead of flight when we finally got to the ticket agent he stated and claimed that we were 2 minutes by his calculation at check in and gave my husband a little white slip of paper that says they would appreciate our feedback. had to be out another $850 bucks to get another flight at the last min. and all frontier agents say the same thing no refunds or reimbursements! I feel sick that this airline cheated us, humiliated us, disrespected us and discriminated against my husband who has tremors, this whole experience by frontier was and is shameful!

  • Gaelle says:

    My daughter and I were supposed to go to a funeral that week. They canceled the flight 3 times. She was so frustrated, she was crying because they kept charging her fees like crazy. When trying to get in touch with someone from Corporate, they kept referring her to customer service instead. These people, I feel like they are taking advantage of the consumers. I will report them to BBB and go to the media to expose them. She is not working and they drain her account by charging her extra after they canceled her flight 3 times. Blame it on their system.

  • Cristina says:

    Horrible customer service.
    No reiable phone number for corporate office. Frontier airlines just decided to pocket $900 because of a very recently expired voucher! Unacceptable!! The reason I kept postponinh my flights was because I am a health care professional and my hospital will not allow associates to fly outside of the state for many months. Very disapointed! Frontier, however, reserves the liberty to cancel flights left and right without proper refund!

  • Barbara says:

    January 17, 2020 I made reservations from Orlando MCO to DFWfor May 2 2020. Due to the coronavirus I canceled these reservations with the words I had up to one year to reschedule with a Credit. I tried to reschedule for July and was told it would cost me $100.00 more money. My original ticket was $263.00.
    Why would I want to pay more. I said no thankyou. I will just try another flight cheaper. I got one for $262.00 for the same dates in July 9-25.
    I am requesting my money back since we were given money back on a trip just recently cancelled due to your schedule change. When I book a flight I book it for my convenience not yours. This has happened to us 3 times. So needless to say I will not be booking any more flights to be cancelled or rescheduled at YOUR convenience.
    Confirmation # K7KJQC
    Reference # 200322-002059
    Cancelled on March 22, 2020
    Credit good through Sept 21, 2020
    When I asked to speak to someone else I was told due to the high call volume due to Covid19 I would be on hold for 3 to 4 hours. Who does that!
    This airlines is literally stealing from travelers. With the seriousness of this virus you won’t refund money?
    I will share my story with whoever will listen. As I am a heart patient with a defibulator in my chest I think I am at high risk for this virus.
    I recently cancelled another flight for Sept 6, 2020 because you insist on changing flight times and days and we got our money back on that one.
    So my question is as many times as I have called frontier airlines to request my money back on my May 2 trip what is the problem.

  • Big B says:

    I cannot for the life of me find a working number for Frontier Airlines corporate office. The numbers listed are disconnected or answered by agents who know nothing and want to keep it that way.

    This stingy airlines apparently is the ONLY airline on the planet that does NOT know there is a pandemic on. DO NO FLY WITH THIS BUNCH OF OUTLAWS. They don’t care about you and only want your money to steal in bad times.

    • Judith Brandon says:

      I agree! It’s a disgrace! They might as well go out of business! Perhaps the worst airline of all times!

  • M Dranchak says:

    Trying to get a REFUND what a joke no one answers phone no E Mail addresses to send messages they can’t handle that but can sure TAKE YOUR MONEY BOYCOTT THIS AIRLINE!!!!!

  • Kimberly Cunningham says:

    Please do not fly frontier! I booked my ticket and within one hour after booking I saw my baggage was to be carry on when I wanted checked! Checked was actually less expensive but when I called the auto system says to call back if not traveling within 48 hours. Now one week later still 2 weeks before i fly I call to clear this up same message however I decide to hold. Only to be told this will now cost an extra $15!!! If I would not have listened to their instructions on their auto system this Would not be an issue

  • Jim R says:

    We had made reservations to fly to Seattle to attend our grandson’s college graduation. That was $411.00 ago. We were forced to cancel as the college did not conduct the graduation due to C-19 virus. Then Frontier gave us a pass for a few months as the Virus got worse and worse.

    Of course, this thrifty airline stole our money and applied to their own debt as they declared bankrupsy recently. Yes, we were allowed to fly until June. 2020, but Frontier did away with most of their flights by April, 2020.

    The crooks got a ton of honest passengers’ money and then they hide in bankrupsy. If they get back in business, which many of us hope will not happen, no one in this family will ever fly them again. Nice work Frontier and the heavy weights who stole all the passenger funds.

  • Jackie S says:

    Frontier Airlines has decided for $900. to lose a family of customers permanently. I’m disgusted that no modification in cancellation policy was enacted for flights made before this global pandemic occurred. We made our reservations in January not knowing any pandemic was on it’s way to the US. Because my company canceled it’s National Conference (much like every other company) I now am stuck with tickets that I am expected to use (book) within 90 days or lose the value of the tickets. In addition to that, if I do make reservations, I now have to wear a mask for the entire flight- a condition that was not required at the time of booking but now expected. Frontier has lost any desire (however slight originally) to extend customer service to their patrons. I can only hope the vast majority of your customers find other airlines happy to welcome them and that Frontier gets thrown on the garbage heap of airlines refusing to serve their customer and show the loyalty to them they have shown to you.

  • Lucas T Cobb says:

    This airlines is ridiculously stealing from travelers. It is a shame your company doesnt respect our president or the nation. With the seriousness of this virus you wont refund tickets. We had scheduled a flight on 5/10/20 and cancelled due to virus. We were flying with a two year and my wife is an RN. We feel it is best not to take the risk. Even though our tickets were refundable we bought insurance only to be told airlines wont refund and insurance wont pay because this virus is against their policy requirements. Really???? Who would have even know this would happen. I will never fly Frontier and will share our story with anyone that will listen. You should be ashamed of the business standards you have in place.

  • Diane says:

    I fly just about every week for work and am an elite customer of Frontier. I spend thousands a month on my frontier credit card as well. Up til now I’ve been pretty happy with Frontier. I guess in a time of crisis; peoples true colors come out….
    I fly back and forth PA/NJ to Florida for work. During the COVID-19 crises I received emails to get a 50.00 flight voucher if I cancel my upcoming flights. I figured Frontier was going to condense their flights (not get rid of every single one of them-which I thought was a great idea). I figured frontier would leave the most populated flights-and possibly move the other passengers to one flight. I am a nurse; I am on the front lines I can not cancel my flight; I have to get back and forth to work. (I just bought a house in Florida and have not obtained a job there yet). Well frontier cancelled my flightS…..told me there was a “change” in my flight and to call to rebook. After spending 2 hours on hold; being disconnected and spending another 2 hours on hold (I’m still working-I don’t have time for this). There are no flight in the next 2 weeks to rebook too ! They left none ! To make it worse they arnt even giving me a voucher ! So all the people that canceled got a 50.00 voucher for each flight and i got nothing but stuck !! I HAVE to fly ! I HAVE NO choice !!! It’s not a luxury to me not to ! If I’m not at work that’s one less health care worker (I work in the emergency room) and you won’t even give me the same flight voucher ?! This is how you treat your faithful elite members that are trying to keep you in business ???? I may have to find another airline. Spirit, American, Southwest are all still flying.

  • Laurie Collins says:

    I m asking for a refund on my 6 tickets that we can not use now as we are on lockdown per our governor and Florida doesn’t want any more tourists. I will not be needing a voucher as we are not doing any more traveling. I NEED that money back to survive this lockdown.

  • Mark says:

    Does anyone at this airline take Customer Concerns seriously? I was about to write a letter to Frontiers headquarters about my experience today but after reading these comments from other passengers, I decided to use my time to be more useful.

    Quick scenario: I had booked flight with miles for 2 passengers. I then realized my partner had already booked our flights. I called customer service and they told me that I would receive a credit for the amount I paid for seats/baggage/and fees. The 20,000 miles I used for the booking would be returned to my account. This was same day reservation was made (within 24 hours of initial booking).

    I recently checked my account and miles were not applied back to my account. I called Frontier and they told me I would have to pay $25 to reinstate miles back to account. I asked for a supervisor (Bey) is who I spoke with. I was asking her why I needed to pay reinstatement fees if I cancelled within 24hr window. Her attitude was not what I (former vice president of a bank) would want handling my customers concerns. She proceeded to tell me I booked flights on Aug 3. I cancelled flights Aug 19. Now, if that was the case
    I would be happy to pay fee. However, my flight dates were Aug 17 to Aug 20. I do not believe I would have cancelled this booking after my departure date. The system says one thing, I say another. She proceeded to tell me that I pay the fee or the miles will not be returned. I thought this is NOT Acceptable and asked to speak to her manager. She replies, I am the management!!!!!

    I decided to make one last effort feeling betrayed by my favorite airline. I have spent $$$ to acquire those miles and would like to enjoy them. This agent when I called, proceeded to tell me the Miles Department rejected my miles resubmission because I need to pay $75 PER PASSENGER. I stayed silent for a moment,
    then replied, I would rather use my $$ for a more applicable purpose. Thank you for your time, have a nice day.

    Now, if Frontier Airlines MANANGEMENT is reading this, I would like you to respond to my concerns as I do like flying your airline. You have my phone number and email. Thank you

    • Big B says:

      Frontier AL apparetnly hasNO management as you cannot get them to take phone calls, answer questions, feel remorse for their customer’s predicament, etc. Truly- THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AND I !!!!!! USE ANOTHER AIRLINE WITH A HEART AND 1/2 A BRAIN.

  • julia says:

    I have never had a worse customer service experience than with Frontier Airlines. They lost our luggage on a direct flight from Denver to San Diego. We were to attend a family wedding and had our entire family’s belongings in one bag. Our luggage arrived in Burlington, Vermont 4 days later and we had to spent over $1,000 on wedding attire which we still have not received reimbursement for. However, the most horrific part about the experience is the way the baggage manager at the San Diego airport treated us. She was disrespectful and unkind to the point that fellow bystanders have written to Frontier to explain what they saw.

  • Judy Bonds says:

    I traveled on Frontier Airline flight 1622 Sunday August 4th, 2019. There were passengers on the flight with fresh flowers in a box with water on the flowers.
    When stewardess tried to close the over head bend the door would not close.
    The stewardess removed the flowers to plastic and never look to see if there
    was water in the over bend from the flowers. When the plants start to move
    the cam down on me. I was wet the entire flight and all they could do was
    nothing to a new person flying on Frontier.

  • wendy says:

    We had the same issue…flight cancelled supposedly for weather and no flight for 2 days! Customer service would not help with anything and now I can’t get a simple email stating why my flight was cancelled so I can file an insurance claim. Never,never fly Frontier. This was my first and last time.

  • jeff pitts says:

    If your plight is truly heartstring-tugging, with Frontier Airlines, call or write your local TV news station instead. Many TV stations have consumer-advocacy reporters who love a david-and-Goliath story that might have a happy ending.

  • jeff pitts says:

    for Frontier airlines customers who can get no satisfaction form Frontier do this: CONTACT
    “Chris Elliott, “the travel troubleshooter,” writes for Frommers.com and helps travelers in a weekly column; contact him at http://www.elliott.org

  • jeff pitts says:

    Consumers are constantly having problems with Frontier airlines. Frontier routinely takes no responsibility for their lack of service. The following will be posted everywhere it can be so that the FAA will turn its eye to you:
    Every month, DOT publishes its Air Travel Consumer Report, which contains information about the number of complaints we receive about each airline and what problems people are having. This report is made available to the public so that consumers and air travel companies can compare the complaint records of individual airlines and tour operators. In addition to complaints, the report also contains statistics that the airlines file with us on flight delays, cancellations, bumping, mishandled baggage, and other helpful information.

    How Do Consumer Complaints Help DOT?

    Complaints from consumers help DOT spot problem areas and trends in the airline industry. Complaints can lead to enforcement action against an airline when a serious violation of the law has occurred. Complaints may also be the basis for rulemaking actions.

    • M Dranchak says:

      wish I could figure it out a Refund would be great about now but airlines get away with everything

  • Ann Iademarco says:

    On March 9, I flew to Philadelphia on Frontier Airlines for the very 1st time. I must say that I was quite impressed. The plane was very nice, roomy and the flight attendants were hospitable. The flight home was also great with no delays and no problems. After having such a great experience, I decided to book another flight on May 30 to the same destination – Philadelphia. Again, it all went great. However, when I was to leave at 17:00 on Sunday, June 2, things started to change. I received an email and also a text stating that the flight would be delayed an hour (18:00). Ok, I can deal with that. While waiting in the terminal with other nervous passengers, we were told that our plane was now waiting for a part to be delivered and that was now the hold up and estimated to depart at 19:00. Well, at 19:56, a text message was sent stating that our flight 2363 departing from Philadelphia was cancelled. Next flight to Savannah was not until THURSDAY, JUNE 6!! Now what?? Stood in line with other passengers to see what flight I could get on to get home and what do I get? A piece of paper telling me how to get my refund and Frontier Travel Vouchers. No help to make other flight arrangements, no food vouchers nor any voucher for hotel accommodations!! We were all left to defend for ourselves!
    It was horrifying and just not acceptable! I can’t understand how you could leave passengers stranded like that. This experience certainly has put a very bad taste in my mouth and will make me rethink about booking another flight with Frontier Airlines!

  • Lucille Garvin says:

    I flew to Portland Oregon on a family emergency on June 6th thru the 8th, my trip was amazingly wonderful as I was able to spend time with my Mom as she changed from body to Spirit. On the flights, I had 4, I was happy to observe all the children who were taking advantage of your kids fly free program, how wonderful for them. The problem with small children flying is that they don’t know how to equalize their ears like we adults do, yawning and swallowing and such. The pressure builds up until they are screaming bloody murder and literally exhaust themselves and go to sleep. It takes a while. When I would send my young son to Idaho I would buy him “Mento’s” to chew on the way up and down. They worked beautifully. My hope is that you might find a way to inform Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, etc. to the difficulties they face flying with little ones to help eliminate such horrible pain in their loved one with know idea how to help. Maybe a limited number of laminated information pamphlets that could be given to those with children, asking them to slip them in the pocket in front of them when they are finished. Even just a paper flyer could help.
    By my 2nd flight l was approving those with Children and asking if they had ever flown with children before. If they said no I would tell them of the problem. I was thanked both immediately as well as when we landed and their children had no problems but they had to hear others with children who were screaming and understood what they had avoided. I know this is wordy but I felt it was important. Thank you for giving kids a chance to fly, one Grandma had three children she was taking home for a visit. Wow, so Cool. Thanks again, Lucille Garvin, Lake Arrowhead CA

  • Maria says:

    Attempting to reach a real person by telephone for answers appears t be impossible. At PHL gate personnel advised flt 1165 delayed due to weather. Yet weather at PHL while raining is flyable. Advised flt delay is due to weather in Orlando but weather maps show no weather conditions preventing departures from MCO. What’s the real storey??

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