Where is Frito Lay Corporate office Headquarters

Frito Lay Headquarters Address and Contact

Frito Lay logo
  • Address: 948 Avenue H E, Arlington, TX 76011, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-352-4477
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1961
  • Founder: Herman Lay
  • Key People: Vivek Sankaran (President)

Frito Lay Headquarters Location & Directions

Frito Lay Headquarters Executive Team



Jaime Montemayor

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Jeff Swearingen

Senior Vice President of Portfolio Marketing & Analytics

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About Frito Lay, History and Headquarters Information


Frito Lay Headquarters Photos

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  • L. Claxton says:

    Where can I purchase the Frito Lay BarBQ Corn Chips? I’ve looked everywhere for them and can’t find them. My husband loves them. I was wanting to purchase them as a surprise for him for our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

  • Phyllis Johnson says:

    I was very appalled last week and embarrassed for my husband when we found out that your mini bags of chips had went up 50%. We actually went back to the store and told them we were overcharged. I thought “well maybe there are more “Cheetos, cheese puffs or chips in the bag”. As I thought wrong. I thought of the billions of dollars your company makes of consumers. The part that is really wrong is that there was no type of publicity in the media about the 50% increase. Only way we found out was to go back to the store and be told the price is on the bag. DUH! Who would think to look at the bag after several years of paying $.50. There were several customers at the store also complaining. This is utterly outrageous. Everything is about the money these days. See when your prices go up, our hourly work wages stay the same. It is hard enough keeping all the bills and the rent paid with the prices of groceries skyrocketing daily. No snacks will soon be the option for our children. Thanks Frito Lay for the heads down. “Continue to live lavishly corporate America”.

  • Faye Thegg says:

    Ok…I’m very dissapoined..why u ask…well, you have this chesters cheesy puffcorn….well. You did…!! That snack is my 4 yr old grandsons and my absolutely favorite snack…!!
    Unfortunately you just don’t find it anywhere anymore..!!! WHY..??!!
    Having this with him is our time to bond in the morning…we get to spend quality time together while his two older brothers are in school..
    I have been in search of them..just can’t find it anywhere .when I do find them..which is really hard…I buy all that I can find..but.we do run out of it…!! Lately I’ve had to go out of my way to find them..!!!
    Which sometimes very hard, but
    For my grandson, it’s with the trip..!!! Unfortunately. Were about to run out here & can’t find anymore..we have a bag & a half left ..so..tell me, how do I explain to a 4 yr old that there is no more puffcorn..? he calls them “cheesy poofs…we still get our quality time together…but he asks where’s cheesypoofs nana..? My grandbabies are very important to me.I would I go anywhere ,& do anything to keep my boys happy..I live them & they know it…but..HELP..!!!! My address is 455 n.e. 17th st..#4
    McMinnville Oregon

  • Ruth Epperson says:

    I have a great idea for your commercials on the Lay’s Poppables. The commercials I am seeing re using the old Motown R&B songs. This song would describe your product better than any of the ones I have heard. Please contact me. Thanks 615-810-9562

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