Where Is Frito Lay Corporate Office Headquarters

Frito Lay Headquarters Address and Contact

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  • Address: Plano, TX 75024, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 800-352-4477

  • Email: Click Here

  • Established: September 1961

  • Founder: Herman Lay

  • Key People: Steven Williams, Joan Cetera

Frito Lay Headquarters Location & Directions

How to Contact Frito Lay Corporate Office

One of the biggest brands for packaged snacks, drinking water, and soft drinks, Frito-Lay is a name we all have heard at some point in life. It is a subsidiary of PepsiCo and covers brands like LAY’S Potato Chips, Fritos, Doritos, Cheetos, Baked, Cracker Jack, SUNCHIPS, CHESTER’s Snacks, BAKEN-ETS, and many more. Being such a large-scale brand, Frito-Lay has its customers spread throughout the world. Thus, it is evident that people have their questions, queries, and complaints about the brands associated with it.

To resolve these issues, give feedback, or have a discussion with the right person from their team, people usually look for ways to contact Frito-Lay. We will discuss how you can contact them in later sections. First, let us see why people usually contact Frito-Lay’s headquarters:

  • For consumer complaints regarding the products
  • For consumer queries regarding the products
  • For queries about retail accounts
  • For queries about community services and safety measures taken
  • For submitting ideas to Frito-Lay
  • For queries about donations and sponsorships
  • For queries about promotions and discount coupons

The list is long! So, let’s get straight to the point and see how you can contact Frito-Lay.

Ways to Contact Frito-Lay


If you’re looking forward to sending your queries, complaints, and feedback as a hard copy, you can simply mail it to their headquarters. In case of important matters, you can even arrange for a visit to the headquarters by scheduling a meeting beforehand. For both these options, the following physical address of the company headquarters can be used:

Plano, TX 75024, United States

Phone Number

For a rather direct approach with customer support executives or other members of the management, you can give a call to their phone number given below:

+1 800-352-4477

Email Address

One of the most comfortable ways of contacting Frito-Lay is by writing to them via email. While such huge businesses have loads of emails to look after, they also have dedicated teams to respond to the same. So, you can write your complaints or queries straight to their email address, which can be accessed through the link below:

Frito-Lay Email


Frito-Lay has a fully functioning website that can be explored and navigated to get the answers to your questions. The latest information about products, discounts, accounts, career, etc. can easily be fetched from their official site, mentioned below:


Frito Lay Headquarters Info & Photos

While Frito-Lay has numerous manufacturing plants and offices throughout the world, the company headquarters are located in Plano, TX. The headquarters building is divided into three wings of three-story buildings that join together to make a triangular courtyard, which is a beautiful and serene landscape. The premises of the headquarters are spread across the land of 530,000 square feet infused with all the important facilities and infrastructural needs. The support facilities include a conference center, company store, four dining areas, and a fitness center.

There are personal offices, laboratories for testing, packaging, etc. Being such a huge organization, Frito-Lay often hosts educational trips organized by schools and colleges.

Frito Lay Headquarters Photo
Frito Lay Corporate Office Photo

Frito Lay Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

Plano, TX 75024, United States



Tower A, Level 4, 799 Pacific Highway, Chatswood 2067



Cazadores de Coquimbo 2860 – 3er Piso B1605BZU – Munro Buenos Aires, Argentina

Frito Lay Headquarters Executive Team

Steven Williams

PepsiCo Foods North America

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Joan Cetera

VP of Communications
PepsiCo Foods North America

The Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo, Steven Williams has been working with the company PepsiCo for the last 24 years. He has been serving as the CEO of the company since 2019 and has worked as senior vice president and chief commercial officer for the company before. He went to Harvard Business School and currently lives in Dallas, TX.

Herman Lay


An American Businessman, Herman Warden Lay is known for his involvement in potato chip manufacturing, being the founder of Lay’s potato chips. He was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, US, and founded H. W. Lay and Co., Inc in 1939. The company was started after Herman Lay started working for Barrett Food Products Company and later, purchased their manufacturing plant.

Name Title
Steven Williams CEO PepsiCo Foods North America
Jamie Caulfield Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer PepsiCo Foods North America
Joan Cetera Vice President of Communications PepsiCo Foods North America
Rachel Ferdinando President PepsiCo Foods Canada
Cara Keating Chief Customer Officer Frito Lay North America
Denise Lefebvre SVP Foods R&D Global R&D
Steve Llewellyn Senior Vice President and General Manager of Field Sales Frito-Lay North America
Laura Maxwell Senior Vice President of Supply Chain for PepsiCo Foods North America
Patrick McLaughlin Senior Vice President of Human Resources Chief Human Resources Officer PepsiCo Foods North America
Brett O’Brien Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Frito-Lay North America
Leanne Oliver Senior Vice President & General Counsel Frito-Lay North America
Ashin Parikh Senior Vice President PFNA Sourcing and Procurement
Parth Raval Chief Growth Officer PepsiCo Foods North America
Robbert Rietbroek Senior Vice President and General Manager Quaker Foods North America
Shyam Venkat Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer PepsiCo Foods North America

About Frito Lay


Frito-Lay was founded in the early years of the 1930s. Frito-Lay started as two different companies – The Frito Company founded by C.E. Doolin in 1932 and H. W. Lay & Company founded by Herman Lay. In 1961, both the companies decided to merge, and this way Frito-Lay Inc. was founded. Later in 1965, Frito-Lay Inc. merged with PepsiCo.


Frito-Lay is a subsidiary of PepsiCo and is an umbrella brand for many small brands dealing in packaged snack foods and drinks. With over 29 snack food brands and more than 60,000 employees, the company runs its manufacturing plants, labs, and offices worldwide. At this point, Frito-Lay is one of the official sponsors of the NFL. Frito-Lay accounts for a huge part of PepsiCo’s revenue. In 2018, 24% of PepsiCo’s annual sales were made through Frito-Lay.


  • Frito-Lay has more than 30 manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada
  • The company had over 200 distribution centers as of 2019
  • Over 500,000 weekly service calls via 15,000 routes are made by the company’s customer support centers, serving more than 300,000 customers
  • Frito-Lay has a fleet of over 24,000 vehicles

  • Shawna says:

    Why did you discontinue the Flaming Hot Chipotle Ranch Cheetos? They were the BEST flavor. I’m very disappointed.

  • Ronald Haynes says:

    Sour, cream onion spicy new taste

  • Ronald Haynes says:

    Lays chips ..
    Sour cream & onion should turn in to sour cream & onion spicy I promise it will sell.

  • Darren Buttram says:

    Why do I only get partial orders. It’s been over a year Spence the last time I received a full order.
    Covid is the new old excuse.
    Someone needs to get out their office and fix this problem.

  • Emma says:

    You guys have.a mailing address

  • Mr. julian pena says:

    I buy every week a box of flavor mix 50 bags box ,which my family love all but 1 flavor which is cheetos . I be so happy if you start boxing without cheetos which get thrown away. tks

  • Yolanda valdez says:

    I don’t want to post this for friends I posted this so the person who deals with this kind of situation deals with it and gets back to me my throat is so raw and irritated from that piece of plastic or what ever it is

  • Yolanda valdez says:

    I bought two jars of tostitos chunky salsa medium and your tostitos. Chip I was snacking on them and started to choke I finally cough up what looked like a piece of plastic I’ve been calling no answer I wait and wait so who do I contact

  • Elba BAEZ says:

    Why can’t anyone be human to answer a phone call without automating me to a level where we just give up… employment with you is so inhumane.

  • Ida Cobb says:

    I live in kingman, AZ and I cannot find lightly salted Lays chips. Why is that? I’ve even looked for them in larger cities. No chips!


    Doritos needs a scoop shaped chip for dips.

  • Christy Reeves says:

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  • Erich says:

    I found something in a bag of chips that wasn’t chips I took pictures video and witness who do I contact

  • Lucy Beaty Walmer says:

    I would like to see you bring back the Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Cheetos. It’s been many years since I saw them on the shelf anywhere. My mother & I loved them but they didn’t last long on the shelves as you discontinued them. Why, I have no clue. My mother has been gone since June 1984. My husband & I found them one time several years ago but haven’t seen them since. Please bring them back. Thanks!!!!!!

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  • Dax Tinsley says:

    What is the # of the local Rep. For Macon, Ga??

  • Natalie says:

    Bring back the Chesters (BUTTER flavored popcorn)
    Pretty Pretty please with butter on top.

    Really, I emailed the contact us page and I appreciate that you responded to my email, and said you were sending me out coupons, but the coupons won’t be of much use if you don’t keep the product. I hope that your marketing team realizes that discontinuing this item is seriously the wrong move. I know that my family all like this item. In most cases we were buying all available on the shelf (minimum 10-12 bags per visit). I don’t know if you looked at the pictures I sent you or not, but the one with the price difference wasn’t selling your item at a discount price, just the opposite. Instead of charging the $2.29 that is the usual price , but price gouging for two bags and the asking price is $31.57. And just looking on Amazon the prices range from $4.99 for a single bag to $64.50 for a 12 pack of 3.25 oz. which says it’s equally to $19.85 per oz. So why let a product go that is selling. Please bringing back the chesters butter flavor popcorn and that will really make me happy.

  • carol w, says:

    You might want to take a look at your Frito Lay Headquarters Executive team info. Looks kinda of messed up. Articles don’t match person in picture!!

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    Just want to let you know how much we loved the Super Bowel Dorito commercials. I think it is an excellent decision to engage the consumer in creating your commercials. They are so enjoyable that I have watched most of them many times, especially “Timmy’s Time Machine”. Most commercials I pay no attention to, but the ones created by your customers are terrific, and are watched on TV and on YouTube.

  • John WV says:

    I am pecking these key strokes with my right hand ring finger because I have nacho cheese fingers from eating Doritos…I want to say thank you for giving a very large college scholarship to a high school senior from my hometown. I do not know her, but I sure will be reminding people to buy Frito Lay products…

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    We need a printable smile face from Lays like you put on your bag before, so we can print them and have some fun!

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    New commercial, “Its not about branding” is incredible. There are so many self servicing commercials that simply are pitiful self promotional exploitation of a very serious and sad situation that it is horrible to what depths companies will go for 15 seconds of name recognition. Great job addressing the real facts, well done.

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    You have permanently made me an UTZ fan with your new stupid commercial featuring Anna Kendrick with the blasphemous version of ” My Favorite Things”…she has zero charisma and no visible talent…I’ve already boycotted Hilton Inns for making her a spokesperson…I could give you a 100 people with more talent than her!

  • Louis F. Von Den Bosch says:

    13 Nov 2019

    1. Just finished a bag of Frito-Lay’s Tostitos Cantina Thin & Crispy Tortilla Chips bearing identification
    markings: 31 Dec 2019 319329855 46 08 25.
    2. The chips were purchased either the 1st or 2nd of Nov 19 in the Frederick, Maryland area They have
    been in my possession continuously. Much to my surprise a stone was discovered among the crumbs
    in the bottom of the bag. It is dark brown in color and the shape and size of a dried prune.
    3. No damage. Just thought Frito-Lay should know.

  • L. Claxton says:

    Where can I purchase the Frito Lay BarBQ Corn Chips? I’ve looked everywhere for them and can’t find them. My husband loves them. I was wanting to purchase them as a surprise for him for our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

  • Phyllis Johnson says:

    I was very appalled last week and embarrassed for my husband when we found out that your mini bags of chips had went up 50%. We actually went back to the store and told them we were overcharged. I thought “well maybe there are more “Cheetos, cheese puffs or chips in the bag”. As I thought wrong. I thought of the billions of dollars your company makes of consumers. The part that is really wrong is that there was no type of publicity in the media about the 50% increase. Only way we found out was to go back to the store and be told the price is on the bag. DUH! Who would think to look at the bag after several years of paying $.50. There were several customers at the store also complaining. This is utterly outrageous. Everything is about the money these days. See when your prices go up, our hourly work wages stay the same. It is hard enough keeping all the bills and the rent paid with the prices of groceries skyrocketing daily. No snacks will soon be the option for our children. Thanks Frito Lay for the heads down. “Continue to live lavishly corporate America”.

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    Ok…I’m very dissapoined..why u ask…well, you have this chesters cheesy puffcorn….well. You did…!! That snack is my 4 yr old grandsons and my absolutely favorite snack…!!
    Unfortunately you just don’t find it anywhere anymore..!!! WHY..??!!
    Having this with him is our time to bond in the morning…we get to spend quality time together while his two older brothers are in school..
    I have been in search of them..just can’t find it anywhere .when I do find them..which is really hard…I buy all that I can find..but.we do run out of it…!! Lately I’ve had to go out of my way to find them..!!!
    Which sometimes very hard, but
    For my grandson, it’s with the trip..!!! Unfortunately. Were about to run out here & can’t find anymore..we have a bag & a half left ..so..tell me, how do I explain to a 4 yr old that there is no more puffcorn..? he calls them “cheesy poofs…we still get our quality time together…but he asks where’s cheesypoofs nana..? My grandbabies are very important to me.I would I go anywhere ,& do anything to keep my boys happy..I live them & they know it…but..HELP..!!!! My address is 455 n.e. 17th st..#4
    McMinnville Oregon

  • Ruth Epperson says:

    I have a great idea for your commercials on the Lay’s Poppables. The commercials I am seeing re using the old Motown R&B songs. This song would describe your product better than any of the ones I have heard. Please contact me. Thanks 615-810-9562

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