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Where is Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Corporate office Headquarters

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2650 Warrenville Rd Suite 700, Downers Grove, IL 60515, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 331-251-7100

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 5000

  • Established: 2012

  • Founder: Chris Sherrell

  • Key People: Carol Okamoto

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Headquarters Location & Directions

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Headquarters Executive Team



Chris Sherrell

Chief Executive Office

Carol Okamoto

Chief Financial Officer

Dean Little

Chief Operating Officer

About Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, History and Headquarters Information

It is a retailer focused on healthy, organic and affordable fresh goods. It possesses a huge produce department housing local and organic fruits and vegetables, nutritious deli food, natural meat, dairy as well as frozen foods, bakery goods, health supplements, food bins, and natural and organic products. It was established in 2012 by the founder Chris Sherrell.

They also offer well-planned diets for customers, like paleo, vegetarian, vegan, keto and gluten-free to name a few. Undeniably Fresh Thyme Farmers offer the freshness of a farmer’s market and convenience of a supermarket.

It has been progressing across Midwest registering a double-digit dollar acceleration of 19.8 percent as per the SPINS data. It has successfully overtaken most of the other retailers

The Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Support Office is located at, 2650 Warrenville Rd Suite 700, Downers Grove, IL 60515. The current store’s location in- Downers Grove, IL 325 Ogden Avenue

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Headquarters Photos

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Resources

  • Timothy Sipes says:

    I am an electronically challenged senior without an iphone. I feel I am a third rate customer in your market. Please advise.

  • Kim John Riemenschneider says:

    I live in Indianapolis I was looking forward to cooking up some brusselsprouts for my son and putting up some for the freezer.When I get to the store I see the things are close to the size of tennis balls and squishy. Do the people who buy your produce even cook? I think not or if they do ,pobably not very good at it.Please fire these people or at lease send someone with them who does know how to cook.

  • Jan Petty says:

    Your store on University Ave in Mpls, MN is ghastly! Tried to speak to Frank, a manager to compliment an employee with excellent customer service, but he said NO to speaking with a customer when called( I watched the employee’s face as she called and was responded to with anger..which I heard). Took my cart(purchased $100 worth of items) out of store down the block to Dawn, supervisor from store in liquor store. She treated me like I was a criminal ( bothersome to her and did not want to hear that employee was unusual in her helpfulness) and spoke coarsely to me when I tried to compliment ReRe, store employee. I put away groceries and putting cart away when I encountered Frank(mgr) in entry ( Busy customer spent 20 minutes trying to speak to store mgmt) . Told him Rere(employee) was excellent and that was rare as employees are unhelpful, don’t know the store or merchandise and do what they can to avoid helping customers. He became irate and when I said, this is not PERSONAL, this is your job, he raised his voice and became adversarial as “It is personal, I spend all my time at this store….etc”. I am confused how customer feedback is viewed by store mgmt as reason to become unhinged. I have had much experience talking with store managers about positive employees and areas where they miss the mark. They are trained to know it is about customer feedback so they do not verbally attack a customer, rather are open minded, professional and DO NOT act with defensiveness and denial. These mgmt deserve the reputation this store has of being unhelpful, unfriendly and a tense atmosphere. I am now concerned that these mgmt are so unbalanced and scary (post Halloween faces) that they will mistreat the employee I was complimenting.
    The most bizarre store management experience ever. Please have Frank and Dawn get mental health counseling and training in management style.

  • genya says:

    company like this should have a person who answers a phone, you disrespect your customers because you think of us as deplorables. you stink and its not only my opinion.

  • Gary says:

    Your store at 2500 N Elston Ave. in Chicago, on occasion, has employees that have masks dangling from their necks, i.e. not even covering their mouths. For example, last week there was an employee talking to a customer without his the mask on. Today, another employee was walking around without a mask on, and there have been other incidents in the past weeks. The employees are either in the produce dept. or another individual stocks the dairy products. The rest of the employees are compliant. I have spoken to the manager about this both today (a female manager working for the male manager on vacation), and the male manager. Will the corporate office please do something about this non-compliance of the mask mandate?

  • Carlo Pierandozzi says:

    This is for Allie Cotter.
    My name is Carlo. I have a company called the CustomMadePizzaGuy. I make gourmet frozen pizzas.
    The pizzas are an upscale product; they are assembled by hand, ( you’ll know it when you see it!) using the freshest ingredients. The dough comes from a bakery that’s been in my neighborhood for over 100 years. I make the crusts myself; the toppings are sautéed, then marinated overnight.  I use marinated grape tomatoes instead of red sauce on my pies, lending healthiness to the product.  
    I started the business after Covid hit, (sometime in August); as of today, I’m in 21 grocery stores.
    In Chicago, I am in all of the South Loop markets, both Potash Markets, West and North Loop Markets, and Uptown Deli; and Belmont Harbour Market; also, Bockwinkle’s on Columbus. (hopefully all 3 in a month or so). In the burbs’ I am in Casey’s, in Willow Springs, D&D’s in Chicago Heights, Grand Markets in Glencoe and Winnetka, and Sunset Foods in Highland Park, Northbrook, and Libertyville, (soon to be in all 5 Sunset Markets!). I will soon be in Charmers Cafe in Rogers Park.
    If possible, I’d like to come in and show you my product; it looks like a perfect fit for your stores. I’m free most days; whatever works for you.
    Included is my price/product sheet; they are $42/case(6), most stores mark up from 1.7-1.9, ( $9.99-11.99), and pictures of the finished product.
    references: Chris Hanson
    Jeff Iwamuro @ Potash market on State
    Sonny at South Loop market on Sheffield
    sheffield@southloopmarket.comand more if need be! 
    As with all of my new customers, I’d be happy to GIVE you a case or 2, (slotting fee), to get started.Thanks for your time,

  • Linda Ferguson says:

    When are you going to make the first hour of your sales day for only your senior shoppers. They need a space and place that is clean and stocked so they don’t get 1. infected and 2. run down by younger shoppers

  • Brian says:

    Hello. I am the Corporate Support Manager for WBAA AM/FM/NPR Public Radio at Purdue University.
    I would be very interested in speaking with your Marketing/Public Relations Department. On a side note, as a “Foodie” and a “Chef wannabe”, I’m excited that your Company is located in Lafayette and soon to be West Lafayette.

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