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  • Address: 3800 SE 22nd Ave, Portland, OR 97202, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 800-858-9202

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 31,000

  • Established: 1931

  • Founder: Fred G. Meyer

  • Key People: Joe Grieshaber (President)

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Joe Grieshaber


Chris Albi

Vice President

Karen Hughes

Vice President of Merchandising for Fred Meyer

About Fred Meyer, History and Headquarters Information

Fred Meyer was incorporated by Fred G. Meyer in 1922 in Portland, Oregon. In 1981, the company was sold to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. The company joined hands with Kroger in 1998.

Fred Meyer, Inc. owns and operates a chain of supermarkets. The Company provides a wide line of products such as bakery items, apparel and accessories, home furnishing, vegetables, deli, bed and bath products, health and beauty care, prepared meals, home decor, cereals, clothes, coffee, garden and patio products, alcoholic beverages, and other related products. Fred Meyer provides its products and services to its customers all over the United States. It has its stores throughout the western U.S which includes Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. This chain promotes one-stop shopping. Anyone can find the following brands at a Fred Meyer store: Country Oven, Homesense, Splash Spa, F•M•V, Michael Morgan, Private Selection, HD Designs, Curfew, Kidz Korner, Simple Truth, Psst, Kivu Coffee Great Northwest, GNW, Everyday Living, Moto Tech, and Naturally Preferred.

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  • Julie M Johnsem says:

    Ok..I am 79 years old and have been shopping at the Fred Meyer Store in Burien WA for about 50 years. I went to pick up during Covid and thought it was very convenient until now. Your Corporate has changed to scanner for pick up..1st I have no cell phone so obviously I cannot scan or use your App. 2nd Poor communication as to how I would pick up my groceries with out using the scanner or app. Was told those were the only two options..Oh well this kid uses a cane and walker so shopping in store in not an option. I know so many seniors that are not able to pick up or shop in store. Of course you can always use delivery for a fee, something a senior does not have that extra money since they live only on SS. 3rd I find it disgusting that you use certain items for delivery only…really stupid things like Candy, packaged meats that are fully packaged, Peanut Butter . Anyhow I know that all Kroger Stores are going to Scanners and that includes the QFC that was another option for pick up. Now Albertsons and Safeway will be owned by Krogers, I assume they will also be using scanner soon. I am so disgusted with Corporate that totally disregards the Seniors when making decisions for a whole. We seniors are not all dead yet, but you make decisions for the young and techies>. Well you have lost this customer, I know only one, maybe a few more in my neighborhood. Guess I will have to start shopping more at Costco and Amazon, at least the serve the entire generations.

  • Jo G Haemer says:

    And now this…..https://www.kptv.com/…/fred-meyer-workers-say-grocery…/
    Checks are getting shorted. The big guys are claiming errors in a new software. I’d be willing to bet that their paychecks are arriving on time and in full. When our father Alan was the comptroller for an Air Force base he was getting complaints from the GIs that they were getting paid late. Alan had been a PFC three times in his checkered military career. He knew what it was to be a grunt. He called all of the officers in charge of their units and told them that they had to get their paperwork into him in a timely manner and if they didn’t he would hold onto their paychecks until he got their budgets. Payday came and went. The officers started complaining. He called them into his office and pointed to the safe where he had all of their checks. Problem solved.

  • PJ says:

    I placed a FM refill order online for my regular brand of the insulin QuikPen needle that I have been getting from FM for a few years. I didn’t hear anything from the pharmacy for several days (I’m signed up for texts), so called and they told me that it is not available from their wholesaler and suggested I find an alternative brand of the needle. I called around and found out that all my area pharmacies have the same problem, so I called the manufacturer, NovoNordisk, who said they’re back-ordered for the foreseeable future, date unknown.

    Fast Forward 2.5 weeks and multiple phone calls, web searches, in-person visits, and more phone calls trying to find an alternate brand, turns out my FM pharmacy had a Kroger version of it all along.
    PLEASE PLEASE train employees better.

  • Emma says:

    The Fred Meyer in Everett on evergreen way needs to retake food safety classes. The bakery manager doesn’t wear a hair net, if she does….only on her bun. Frozen items are left out, then refrozen. People in the deli don’t wear hair nets either. In the meat department there are people who don’t have on beard nets. The customer service skills are in desperate need of a refresher course. Products are placed on the floor then on the table in the departments. And the treatment of the workers need massive improvement.

  • Scared of retaliation says:

    Is it normal policy to harass employees, who miss work with medical conditions? It’s concerning that an absence due to surgery is unexcused, and that when I provide a note from my dr. That I’m told I still have to call every day to say I’m not coming in. I call yesterday cause I’m told I can’t go back to work till Monday, I spoke with 2 separate managers, that I won’t be back till Monday ( with dr. Note cause of kidney stones)and I get called today saying it’s a no call no show? I’m told my change of availability is denied because of my prior surgery being unexcused? At this point I’m feeling like this is discrimination, and I’m going to contact human rights council, and possibly hire an attorney.

  • Sondra Ragle says:

    Thought head office would like to know that in the last month I haven’t rcvd your ad in the mail until Thursday or Friday, it’s Thursday and don’t have it. I live in Canby. Oregon, 97013

  • Erin says:

    Fred Meyers on 82nd in Milwaukee should not have changed the sushi company within the store. The new sushi doesn’t taste as good and doesn’t have the dishes I eat or like. No brown rice, salad rolls or poke bowls, and more. It looks cheaper and has less flavor. I noticed the previous company is now at the Safeway down the road. That is where I go now to get what I like. I hope this change wasn’t because of trying to save money. I think it was a big mistake.

  • Larry Wilder says:

    I am a big fan of FM!
    But, PLEASE amend the silly new ID policy. I am a 79 year old vet. The other day, the clerks didn’t know what to do w/ my ODL. Hence, no beer.
    How incredibly ridiculous can a rule be? I don’t look anywhere near 21.
    This is, pure and simple, harassment of elders.
    Oregonian ought to do a story on it.

  • Card that is inclusive. I may start a movement via AARP on behalf of seniors. says:

    I truly hate digital sales. They are imposing on my time, budget (I don’t know how to use them), I’m unwilling to learn to use them.

    If I have to use them I will need multiple lessons to learn. I am a 80 year old,computer shy. Maybe you could iss a c

  • SEK says:

    I am extremely displeased with the customer service at Fred Meyer. I purchased a Macy’s gift card for $60 and paid in cash for the gift card. The card was never activated. I made numerous phone calls to both Fred Meyer and Macy’s and I have never been able to use this gift card. I also emailed the receipt to Macy’s and I am still not able to use this gift card. I will never shop at either store again unless this issue is resolved!

  • Hannah says:

    I use to love the store, good prices and loved checking out from a real person. Not anymore incorrect prices due to intentionally placing signs under name brand items to only find out your Item was not on sale! So now you put it in the cart, take it to self check out. Take it out of the cart, scan it too only find out most of the items you thought were on sale are not. Load it back into the cart. Push the cart to your vehicle unload again. Take home and unload again. This is not customer service this is a company that went bad. Also another thing your high pay employees making 120,000 to 250,000 sitting at home working from the computers. Right I see them doing yard work visiting with other people that do the same thing only with other companies. I would love to make that much money doing nothing. That’s why we don’t shop at your store, also Big Fred would have never allowed this. But if I can get a job with you guys making 200,000 I’m in. If you can pay people that much, why can’t you pay people 15 or 16 a hour and open more check out lanes. Totally ridiculous!!!!!

  • Mila says:

    I would like to get ahold of corporate,
    and the president of Fred Meyers how to I do that. I would like to file a complaint
    for inappropiate coversation that happened

  • Marty Thayer says:

    I am a health care person and take my clients to Fred Meyer Sumner WA. One of my clients uses the electric carts. As she cannot walk through out the store. MOST of their carts have signs OUT OF ORDER.If we do get a cart. On several occasions we get through most of our shopping and the the cart runs out of battery. SO we contact a empoyee and they go see if there is another available cart. Then transfer all items and we are good to go. On SEVERAL occasions they have to push us to the checkout and then to our car. I have spoke with customer service numerous times. All I get is they know and cant do anything about it. They (carts) are managed by corporate. I have called corporate several times and still nothing happens. When we get there and there are no carts available we then have to drive to Bonney Lake WA which takes time alotted for the person daily care.
    This is my ONLY complaint on this store. We have our favorite checkers and the are ALL very friendly. Also customer service is always there to help.

    • Cynthia Louise Gregg says:

      Contact the District general manager if you want action. You will get it there. Don’t sugar coat it when you talk to them. They need to know how that impacts her directly. I have had to use the cart several times from surgeries. I understand your frustration.

  • Cassondra Wood says:

    My boyfriend bought me a ring from your jewelers less than a year ago and it has had to be repaired 3 time already because the spacer for the resizing keeps falling off. It is broken again and the only option we have is to trade it in and pay more money on different one as well as paying for the insurance on it again. To be honest all I want is a full refund for the ring and what was paid for insurance. I seriously done fighting with this issue.

  • CL says:

    Shame on you Fred Meyer. I walked into the store at 39th and Hawthorne (Portland) at 6:15 pm tonight and went to the cheese counter as I desperately need either Jarlsberg or Emmethaler (or ANY kind of Swiss) for a quiche I need to make tonight.There were huge blocks of all of these cheeses, but no small chunks packaged for individual purchase. Not one. I went to the Deli and asked if they could help, but they said that no, they cannot help because they were on a different contract (huh?). I asked if they could find the cheese person, but turns out, that person was gone for the day. It was 6:15 pm with a full parking lot. I went to customer service, the fellow called three different people, ending with the store manager, who said, sorry can’t help. Huh??? The Store Manager?!?!?! What ever happened to Fred Meyer being your friendly local neighborhood store? I took a picture of all the big cheese blocks which also shows no smaller ones, but I cannot post it here.

  • Clifford says:

    Hi I’m trying to find out my rifles serial number I purchased from Newport Oregon. My name is Clifford Ernest Cardin the rifle was a Remington 783 calibered in 300win mag . The rifle was stolen from me and I’m trying to report it to the police but never wrote the number down please help me recover the sales receipt that has the serial numbers. You can contact me by email cliffcardin72@gmail.com or by text or call at 5038013783

  • M. Graece says:

    I am very, very fed up with Fred Meyer’s willinging engaging in discrimination. There is no absolutely no excuse for demanding our us of digital coupons in order to get a sale price. We all know that not everyone has a tablet or an idiotic “smart” phone; we just can’t afford them, for one thing.

    Also, there is no excuse for our having to buy 5 or 10 certain items in order to get a sale price. Single households, especially, can’t use so many. And we don’t need to load our carts with crap like potato chips, crackers, flavored water, etc.

    F.M. would get more customers if they got a functioning brain and printed coupons we can cut out, and do away with the “buy 5 or 10” to get a good price.

    On the whole, American businesses have become very ugly, to say the least.

  • Chucky Quartarolo says:

    This is a matter of much concern. Please click the link below. It is a video about a book I wrote regarding people struggling with mental illness, depression and suicide. You will then be directed to a video about Huntington’s disease. My wife, Karen suffers from this disease and I am trying to save her life and any and all who also suffer. I am very passionate about Huntington’s Disease Awareness and doing all I can to spread the word. Funding for research and finding a cure someday takes a lot of money and I am trying to aid in that effort. But I can’t do it alone, please help me. Many lives depend on it.


    Please order this book as a percentage of the proceeds go to the Huntington’s Disease research.

    Thank you.


  • Penni Marie Briley says:

    COMPLIANT against a Employee of the Fred Meyer Johnson Creek Blvd. Portland Oregon Is Name is Melody not sure last name, Here I’ve have been a Customer there for years of my life and it’s been since 1965 That that store was, is still the store I’ve known for my life that she who? Is working there as a employee had stoled my money from me as she has and was Confronted by me several times about the issue that the coin is, and is mine!! She seems to assume it’s hers, as I told her she is not to take it that she was going to look for me to see if that coin was real or worth something!!!? Well I’ve not recieved it back yet!!!? Why? And where is my coin???! I want it back???!! Or I’ll file claim on your Fred Meyer for theft!!!! It’s a 1941 Nickel that I’ve had and it is a keeper of my family being member who? Had died the Date of coin has my family Date of Birth!!! It needs to be returned ASAP!!! NOW!!!

  • Gary Rider says:

    Fred Meyer in Bonney Lake, Washington Sucks!
    We bought a Nike card and lost it. 200 bucks…
    Why can’t we cancel the card and get a new one?
    Such a scam A SCAM!!!
    Just cancel the existing card and give use a new one.
    I have the receipt…

  • alena says:

    could I obtain a W-2 for 2020 from the Corporate Office? If not, where do I go for that? thank you!

  • Ben Dover says:

    Your Fred Meyer in Covington, WA has the rudest, nastiest employees I’ve ever met. Especially your Customer Service Desk. The main woman that works the desk has such a nasty disposition. She is so rude to the customrrs. I have shopped at this store for over 20 years and if I find myself having to go to the customer service desk I end up dredding even going in.

  • AB says:

    I am a loyal employee of the fred meyer pharmacy in cda, id. I am so frustrated, as are my coworkers, the way we have to work in such tight space, not enough help, equipment that never works. We are the busiest pharmacy in town and do the best we can with what we have. We get abused by the customers on a daily basis. I and others are contemplating finding different jobs because of this. Something needs to be done ASAP before we all have a nervous breakdown. We shouldn’t have to leave work crying and feeling rundown and unappreciated. I’m tired and upset that we have to deal with these issues day in and day out.

  • MK, eugene says:

    I and I’m sure many others are extremely frustrated with the pharmacy on West 11th in Eugene. I have been down there to pick up a prescription 6 times. Different excuse everytime why it is not ready and always at least 20 people in line and 1 person working the counter and 1 pharmacist. After waiting almost an hour, I gave up. I felt sorry for all the elderly people waiting in line and no place to sit. For such a large corporation you should be able to accommodate people better. They aren’t there to shop, they are there to get necessary and sometimes life saving medications. Please hire more people and help people.

    • alena says:

      They need to hire people all over the Pacific Northwest, but they also need to pay a living wage according to the rent inflation. Figure what people need to make paying all these very grossly over priced notes. Iam talking electric, food, rent. Everything it takes a person to live at a higher level…….most companies could pay much more. Why do we have to live so suppressed? most of the population…on struggle mode.

  • Klint Walker says:

    I just talked to pharmacy at wood village and I keep getting different days and times when my medication will be in to pick up. I wanted pick up the medicine on the 6th, but here it is the 11th around 2pm and they say it won’t be ready until after 5pm,

  • Lisa Floe says:

    I just wanted to complement Fred Meyer, specifically the Monroe Washington Fred Meyer. I bought some potted plants four to be exact, and they turned out to be the most amazing luscious and loaded with flowers. tons of flowers. At the Monroe stores flowers are completely amazing. This is the second year in a row that I’ve bought parts from Fred Meyer that came out absolutely beautiful. I really wish that I was able to send you pictures

  • Ryan mobley says:

    i recently got E-coli i bought a bag of tysons air fried chicken from the west 11th store in eugene,i cant say this is were it came from but it did have a odd taste and infact after 2 pieces i threw it out then later on got sick,i dont know if anyone else has mentioned having a issue or not,and it very well may not be this product but like i said i threw it out,i have no reference to the purchase now except if i used my rewards card you may have record i just thought i would pass this on in hopes no one else gets sick,thank you for your time
    sincerely Ryan mobley

  • Thomas Patterson says:

    I was overcharged on a meat item.Ut scanned regular price instead of special price.Several emails have not taken care of issue.Weird it has taken so long and such a run around.40813242 is reference number.With pictures of meat and receipt .They should notice I have limited my shopping their since then .

  • Kris Richardson says:

    Hi l shop at 3184 ocean beach Hwy this store has a problem the prices marked on sale does match what rings up ,for instance egg 18count were on sale 3.99 on yellow sale sign but 4:99 fm savings.50 making them 4:49 I did not see it until putting away my grocery . What can you do about this it seen on going problem.

  • Jennifer L. says:

    It is sad to see Gateway Fred Meyers can’t figure out safety. Putting up fences across crosswalk, closing entrances, and forcing trimet riders/pedestrians/disabled to walk through parking lot is dangerous. Building fences/walls and blocking entrances to impede theft is not a solution, but a way to make it harder for the poor to access the Gateway Fred Meyers safely. I have photos but I could not locate who I could email info to. Do better! Hire more staff! When will we learn that building walls doesn’t stop illegal activity?

  • Katrina says:

    Very disappointe!!! I went to the restroom and came out and all my stuff got put away. I have no idea why but I definitely wasn’t done shopping and after that I felt like they were judging Because of the way I was dressed considering I just got done working my ass off, I was sweaty , and was in the garden all day. or they wouldnt have put my stuff away. so I didn’t buy a single thing and I’m very disappointed with the employees at Roseburg Fred Meyer’s in Oregon It will not be returning to the store location.

  • Carrie L Kent says:

    I’ve been TRYING to find and Purchase the ADVERTIZED
    HD Design Hard Top 10×12 Gazebo with Netting and NOT A SINGLE STORE My Area Has One
    ANYONE to give you a Real, Truthful Answer as to WHY…. for the Past 3 or 4 WEEKS ADVERTIZED THIS ITEM KNOWING FULL WELL THE STORES DO NOT HAVE ANY IN N STOCK.


  • Karly cagle says:

    Not accepting returns in ridiculous due to COVID. Every other company is accepting returns. When purchasing items it was not disclosed items could not be returned. Not acceptable . Will be contacting the BBB and atty general for fraud .

  • Mark Grier says:

    I live in Newberg, Oregon and have shopped at the Newberg store since it opened. When will the bottle return area open again? All I get from my local store is “we don’t know”. When will the jewelry counter open again? Another big “we don’t know”. OK, so who the hell does?

    • Vince S says:

      Contact OLCC. It’s required by Oregon State law they at least accept 24 bottles per day for hand count! They are in violation and could possibly be assessed restrictions or penalties to their liquor license for not complying with Oregon law.

    • alena says:

      They either know and wont tell yet or they honestly dont have an answer. Its very difficult to hire good employees, who want to work.

  • Theresa says:

    There is no signs on shelves in the beauty section advising items purchase are not allowed to be returned after purchase due to a virus.

    I have my receipt and was told at c.s. i can’t have a refund until corporate approves.

    This is very inconvenient. There should be signs advising this new policy.
    I spend alot of $$ there.

    Don’t blame everything on the virus😷

    I need a refund on skin cream that burned my eyes.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    Theresa Ruiz

    503) 208-1227

  • Bridget m Riley says:

    This is a very sad letter Kathy stout Fred Meyer Bonnie lake ruined my life and I was exposed to black mold in that meat Dept so I really did give my life to Fred Meyer not worth it I’m not afraid to say my name Bridget Riley I hope that no one goes through what happened to me

    • alena says:

      I hope you are okay……Black mold is not good! They like to keep infectious germs and dangerous smells and particles hush hush….

  • Sean price says:

    So as a customer of my favorite Fred Meyers n Burlington . I drove in to fill my truck . But noticed something odd. A man came out of the west doors carrying a basket used for small items / groceries filled . This as being not normal being it should be in a plastic bag . He walked around building to south entrance , walked up to the cases of pop , picked up two cases and walked around corner to a waiting car ( voltwagon )lic# bow 9306. I tried to call the store but got no one answering phone . I hope this will help just amazing no one around to correct action . Angers me to no end .
    Sean c price


    As a disabled family, we find it very distressing when we go to our local Fred Meyers in tillamook, Or. and find that half the handicap scooters are parked with out of order signs on them. This has been the case for more than 6 months.
    i asked a cart person when they were going to do something about the problem and was told that they were told to not worry about it.
    I’m worried about it and as much as i don’t like to complain, i’m thinking a message to the BBB might be in order.

  • vicki Hobson says:

    As the holiday nears, I would hope that more cashiers are available for checkout. I was in the Meyers Sore in Detroit on Grand River Rd. last Sunday. There were only three working cashiers available. The lines were very long. The self-check lines were even longer.

  • JoAnn Palmer says:

    please please build a new Fred Meyer store in the West central part of Washington state, anywhere between Elma and Aberdeen in Grays Harbor county. I moved to ocean shores, wa 5 years ago. closest fred Meyers is a hour and a half drive to Olympia/Tumwater, and that stories very busy.
    our communities in Grays Harbor county are continuing to grow. we need a Free Meyers. HELP PLEASE

  • Bob Feigum says:

    I have been a customer at Fred Meyers for 50 years. I wanted to tell you the reason I have quit shopping there and now shop at Safeway and Albertsons.
    The reason I do, is the Digital coupon idea is confusing, I cant figure out how to use it and I hate it. It separates my family from participating in many sale items that other customers can and Makes me feel stupid

    At Safeway you can either CLIP or CLIck, you have a choice. Makes things much easier to take advantage of sales items. You have to remember that a lot of elderly people don’t shop at F.M. I have heard many complaints from friends and relatives some don’t have phones or computers.
    Just wanted you to know, why I don’t spend my time or money or read food ads anymore from FM.
    Thank You for listening

    • Jan Williams Coeur d Alene, ID says:

      Hi Bob,

      I agree with you totally. As to Safeway and Albertsons, I called Safeway this am (6-4-19)
      and was advised the stores here in Coeur d Alene ID are also doing digital only for the
      additional discount. I do remember past sale ads stating clip or click but the store
      employee today told me no you have to either go onto computer and check items you
      want and it will go onto your store card listed in the account you must create. Or you
      can load onto their phone ap you create. So basically you must go shopping on your
      computer prior to going to the store. I to have been a loyal customer of Fred Meyer for
      years and just don’t understand why they have decided to create all this time consuming
      and extra hassle for the consumer. It saddens me but I will probably have to do my
      shopping at Walmart or Super 1 in the future.


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