Where is Fred Loya Insurance Corporate office Headquarters

Fred Loya Insurance Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1800 Lee Trevino Dr STE 201, El Paso, TX 79936, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 915-629-6300
  • Fax Number: 866-685-6260
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 5200
  • Established: 1975
  • Founder: Fred Loya
  • Key People: Flower Loya

Fred Loya Insurance Headquarters Location & Directions

Fred Loya Insurance Headquarters Executive Team



Fred Loya Jr.

Chief Executive Office

Flower Loya


Joe Ramirez

Chief Financial Officer

Ben Salazar

Chief Operating Officer

Tommy Cano

Director of Personnel

About Fred Loya Insurance, History and Headquarters Information

Fred Loya Insurance is founded in the year 1975 by Fred Loya and other key people includes Flower Loya. The employee strength of the company is around 5200. The company deals with all types of auto insurance.

Fred Loya Insurance provides services which are extremely good and efficient at affordable rates. They are specialized in car and automobile insurance for all the drivers. They are based in Texas and they have a huge number of offices in Alabama. This company is the 18th largest Latino owned company.

This company believes in maintaining good relations with the customers by giving them services which are affordable and quality based. They give insurance with bad credit history also with no terms and conditions. Customers can get quick online quotes by the company as well for the fair idea. The company is headquartered at 1800 Lee Trevino Dr STE 201, El Paso, TX 79936, USA.

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  • Anesia True Thomas says:

    Please have someone in upper management contact me

  • Blanca says:

    I need a good number to talk to someone getting the run around here but you guys are good to pull the payments out of the bank but not good for helping with problems

  • Rg says:

    Not too happy with service at Fred loya in San Antonio wurzbach and evers. New people did not know what to do and made me-a disabled person go into the office when they had pictures and information already on file. When I went into the office the girls there were discussing a girl that wants to be hired but has several tattoos. Now if Fred loya is going to be hiring people with multiple tattoos all over no one is going to take Fred loya serious. I am thinking about switching my insurance carrier to somewhere more professional. Thank you

  • C says:

    They are the absolute worst. Trying to get your claim paid is a full time job and requires a lawyer. Better Business bureau rates them F. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Rebecca Phillips says:

    I work for fred loya and I was dismissed for gross conduct I can say with all my heart that I loved the company well trained and I miss it wished there was a way to be back on the team .

  • Noel Maranan says:

    My sons car was park and a drunk driver crushed into the back in December. Filed a claim . After a few days of dealing with the adjuster the car was finally towed to a repair shop. We did get rental car because fred loya insurance only covers $250 a week. Now the car is done ..we cannot get it out because the first payment was supposedly sent to us but we did not get the check..somebody stole and cash the check..now we are waiting for another call from fred loya insurance to see who cash the check and where..please . Some body please help us..

  • Anit says:

    The customer service is horrible. Agents will drag their feet when settling a claim. My daughter car was hit by Loya’s (insured), they took “FOREVER” on everything. Her hit (while parked in right of way) Sept. 9, as of today there is no check. To add insult, her totaled suv was picked up over two weeks ago
    Do Not Get this service.

  • Erica Caudill says:

    I asked them to wait till the 15th to take the money out of my bank because I did not have it and the people was very very rude and now my bank is negative 200.00 dollars cause of the overdraft I asked them to wait to take the money till the 15 when I had them money and they told me no they was takin the money on the 12Th when I told them I did not have no money in my bank now my bank is negative 200.00 cause of them

  • Jessica trevino says:

    I don’t understand why I am being charged 20 dollars to change vehicle !!!!!! This is ridiculous and outrage as I already pay monthly

  • Ruperto Morin Jr says:

    We had an accident and called the 800 number and first thing was i get is “hello?” like i just woke someone up. And then when i asked if this was Fred Loya they of course said yes it is. Mistake number 1!!
    Then we went ahead and told them what happened and made a claim and gave them the other cars information so they know who it was when they called.
    So after towing our vehicle to a Chevy dealership to be fix since it was a Chevy.On the 18th of Jan 2020.

    Fred Loya rep that we called (Mistake number 2 -we had to call, never call us) told us that Chevy would charge a storage fee and that we (Fred Loya) need to tow it to their shop and have an adjuster look at it to assess the damage. Jan 24 2020

    Next was since we haven’t heard from Fred Loya we decided to call and see what was going on and the claims adjuster ask who we were 3 times (Mistake number 3). And once we told him again George Baylon, he asked where is was and to which we told Fred Loya people where it was before we had to call. Then asked if the Chevy dealership is where we want it fixed.(mistake number 4) C’mon REALLY??!!

    So now its Feb 4 2020 we call again because we never heard anything back and who of course ask us where the car is…..George Baylon!! Once again we asked what is the issue with the car has the adjuster went out there to see whats going on.(Mistake number 5) To which he said he is waiting on a 3rd party adjuster to call him back with the information. We asked we need an update on our vehicle since its going on 3 weeks, said he will have the adjuster that afternoon for first thing tomorrow.

    Feb 5 2020, called again before and after lunch and no answer. But finally got George and of course asked what is the question that we need answered!! (Mistake number 6) So AGIAN we said whats the update on our vehicle. Then he said the exact same thing the day before to which i just was fed up with this Fred Loya insurance…(Mistake number 7)

    Then about 15 mins later we get a call from another man that said he just got the assignment paper work to go out and assess the damages to which i was told already happened. This was the point showed me that Fred Loya is not a worthy insurance to have and use. So now the NEW adjuster said itll be 2-3 more days to get the vehicle towed to their facility and checked.

    Then we get a letter in the mail saying that the investigation is complete that we are at fault to which we already knew that. And that now since we had an incident and our first claim on this so called insurance that our premium will go up. 8 years with Fred Loya and never had a claim and the first one i have they got you!! In their office more like “WE GOT’EM”!!

    This has been the worse 3 weeks ever with a claim. Would not recommend this insurance to anyone. You get for what you pay for!…….

    • MARLOW Jones says:

      Yes this insurance company is not good at all someone totaled my car from this insurance and they haven’t paid out yet

    • GRT 1505 9070124 claim 62-200757 says:

      tis insurance is apiece of shit 62-00000200757-01I paid for 2 years ubntil my veicle was broken into my FULL COVERAGE insurance now doesnt cover even acar rental and the cunt representative from el paso Arlene acosta and elizabet cruz 19156295167 treated me like a fucking dumbass wen all i wanted is te service i paid for and im not getting as of today tey dont want to pay to fix it im paying for rental I would recomend tis insurance to reir own employees or Flower loya ,brag about te fre loya culture ow about te people you fuck over you give atinos abad name sould be SCAM LOYA
      see you in court,or can you do someting rigt FLOWER LOYA

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