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  • Address: 4425 William Penn Hwy, Murrysville, PA 15668, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 724-733-7888

  • Fax Number: N/A

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  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1971

  • Founder: Jim Fox

  • Key People: 123

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Jim Fox


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Fox’s Pizza Den is founded in the year 1971 by Jim Fox and other key people include managing staffs and CEO. This company is famous for its pizzas and strombolis. They serve the authentic pizzas and they are operating in the market from 44 years.

Fox Pizza Den is famous for its pizzas and they started a company from a small storeroom. Now they have created a huge impact on the people through their services, and they become a huge success in the market. They started working on innovative ideas and completely revolutionised the pizza industry by all the efficient process. The company started its retail stores in other parts of the country and by the time they improve their services by providing rewards and coupons to the customers.

The company is headquartered at 4425 William Penn Hwy, Murrysville, PA 15668, United States. Pizza is a delicious dish, and it comes in different varieties.

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  • Sherry says:

    Ordered a medium pizza and pickle bread sticks on october 6th went to the drive up window to pick it up a few days later i found out they ran my card twice i called and talked to a gentleman by the name of Joseph he said he was the owner he said he had to contact the credit card company they use and he would call me back the next day I never heard from him a week later I call again and he supposedly wasn’t there but they would tell him I called never took my name or anything it is now another week later and still no word I hate a liar this is no way to represent a company very disappointed cause my husband and I love foxs den

  • Scott A McDonald says:

    I ordered a large pizza on October 5th. After waiting an hour and a half I finally called. I was told that it was placed on my porch because I didn’t answer my phone which I was just on ten minutes prior. The driver who called himself “Bill” then proceeded to call me a retard. I used to order weekly.

  • Tony palmer says:

    No delivery driver for day time delivery in reynoldsville pa …asked if they was hiring for delivery and was told no

  • Linda says:

    This happened at the fox’s in slippery rock pa. I placed an order and they sent me all the wrong items I called them when my order got delivered and the girl was nasty to me on the phone my husband took the whole order back to them and some kid said he was the owner of the store and was really nasty with my husband we have a recording of it

  • Brian says:


  • Matt Bartlebaugh says:

    Ok 1st i dont usually ever complain, id rather never order from a place again if they mess something up multiple times but today 11/4/22 my kids wanted foxs so bad because its been awhile since i last ordered from there because the last 2 times i ordered a big daddy pizza i ordered extra cheese and neither time did i receive extra cheese on it, but my kids wanted foxs so i called in an explained the situation of the last 2 times i ordered, They reassured me this time there would be extra cheese on the large pizza i ordered. I dont even know if there was extra cheese on it because it was so burnt. i ordered jalapeño poppers and they weren’t even deep fried they were so cold, i ordered mac n cheese bites and they forgot to put them in so we were stuck waiting and when we got home they were still stuck together and frozen inside, i also had to remind them they forgot our order of cheesy bread, so we were stuck there waiting even longer. The cauliflower pizza and onion rings i ordered were good but thats it. So out of the large pizza, jalapeño poppers, mac n chz bites, cauliflower pizza and cheesy bread, only the cauliflower pizza and cheesy bread were edible. this is the most ridiculous experience i have ever had in my life. I called the store and spoke to whoever answered the phone and they had the audacity to give me an attitude like i did something wrong, they then put me on hold to give me to the manager Christina who said she was the regional district manager and they were busy. Well im sorry Christina being busy is no excuse for the amount of things that were messed up with our order and then to give me an attitude about it is lousy customer service and poor management. Then to tell me theres nothing you can do but to remake my order, Why would i want you to remake my kids food after you and your employee gave me attitude about your mess up that i paid for. Im sorry but there is absolutely no way after her attitude and the young mans attitude on the phone that im going to allow you to remake my kids food. You as a district manager should know for the amount of things that were wrong with this order that being busy is no excuse nor is ever giving your customer attitude and allowing your employee to ok. blaming it on being busy is not taking accountability for your mess up and then to give attitude about it is lousy management and customer service. I dont know what changed at this store but when it reopened it was a wonderful place to eat in or order out from but not anymore. I didnt want a refund when i called in, after this experience i would like a refund because i will never order from here again. This was from your Blairsville PA location
    Thank you Matt Bartlebaugh 8145029292

  • Travis Drennen says:

    My wife ordered delivery last night. Instead of taking it to my house they took it to my place of business. Which is only 8 min from my house. The driver which is the owner most of the time does this crap with out asking. It then took another 25 min to get to my house. By this time it was well over an hour on a Tuesday evening. I called the store and told them I wanted new product or a refund on our card. I got neither. The owner brought our crap food and made no apologies and no attempt to give us a discount or a credit to our account.. Simply put he did not care. Took my $60 and said piss on me. We will NEVER order from there again nor will my place of business…. This is a small town and word travels fast I will help it along. Absolutely terrible !!!!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN !!!!

  • Pettit says:

    We received our order for wings and they were burnt. We called and before we could ask for a new order, the phone was handed to a lady who was ready with an explanation. She stated it was “from the pan and it comes off the chicken … that all wing orders are like that”. She wouldn’t even listen to us explain that this was not lose crust from pan but wings were burned. She kept repeating the same exact thing. It sounded scripted and as if she had given this excuse many times. We did not receive a new order and the wings were burned so much that the smell filled our house. When we said we would no longer order from their she just said “ok. Thank you “ and hung up. We never received burned food. Is this the new standard for Fox’s? We have been in this area for 24 years and have been patrons of Fox’s since it was established in our area. Is this how customers are valued?

  • Glennda Pecjak says:

    My dear friend said it does no good to call the Carmichaels PA store to complain..I need b to add a picture of the nasty taco pizza she had delivered…

  • Charles Smith says:

    I tried calling your Olla Louisiana restaurant today August 12th to place a to go order for lunch. I called four times with no answer. The fourth time I called and let it ring for five minutes then I was hung up on. Totally unacceptable.

  • Demetria Lewis says:

    On Friday, August 5, 2022, my sister and I went to the Prattville location for dinner. We were told there would a 30 minute wait. We asked to be put on the list and gave a name and phone number so we could be notified when a table was ready. We sat and waited. We were called a short time later. My sister and I were led to a booth. This booth was situated in the VERY BACK of the restaurant. I arrived at the booth to find that there was no bench on the side where I would sit. The side where my sister was seated was torn and tattered so badly that I could have possibly fallen through it. I decided that this was unacceptable and went back to the hostess to request a different table. She explained that it was a normal size booth. I replied that I understood the size, and that was not the issue. The issue was that I didnt have a place to sit. She said if I wanted a different table, I would have to be placed back on the waitlist. I declined and my sister and I left. As we were walking out and going over what had just happened, we decided to go back and speak with the manager. He came over and we explained what had taken place. He apologized and said he would make sure we would be seated next and went back to whatever he was doing. Then he came back and asked if we would mind sitting on the bar side of the restaurant. This was a suitable option, so we agreed. He said that as soon as a table was cleaned, we could be seated. I thanked him. As I looked around, I saw the hostess and server looking at me and whispering. I noticed other diners looking at me and my sister with noticeable disdain. My sister and I are black women. We were in the middle of an establishment that has a bale of cotton in it’s display window. And all eyes were on us. When the manager came to get us to take us to the table, I told him, with tears in my eyes and a trembling voice that I did not feel comfortable and we would not be dining.
    This is Prattville, Alabama. ALABAMA.. The birthplace of the civil rights. And your hostess decided to send the ONLY black patrons to the back of the restaurant. I am 46 years old and have lived in Alabama my whole life. I’ve lived in Prattville since I was 16. I have never been made to feel so unwelcome in all my life. I left there in tears and trembling because of the way I was treated. I will never go back. NEVER. I’ve held my grandson’s birthday party there in December. I’ve ordered carryout numerous times. It’s my family’s favorite pizza and wings fix. But after Friday, I cannot allow myself to go back. An apology from the hostess would be a great gesture. She had an arrogance about her. An aura of superiority. She would benefit greatly from sensitivity and diversity training. And she should probably be assigned a new duty. She wasn’t as friendly to us as she was the other diners of the white race.
    I would love to speak to someone regarding my visit. If possible, I would like to speak with the owner of this franchise. I’m sure they would love to know who is representing them and how their customers are treated.

  • Sam says:

    I have tried to contact by email with photos, can’t do it, go to the feedback page and it won’t go through. Friday I purchased 2 Big Daddys and a medium pizza….46 dollars. Top was totally burned, cheese was black. But “corporate” has no way of letting you inform them of the terrible service.

  • Taylor says:

    Foxs Pizza Smithfield pa. The food I received tonight was by far the worst thing I have ever tried to eat. The onion rings were soggy, the cheese sticks were cold and not cooked, the pizza sticks were stuck to aluminum foil so they couldn’t be eaten, and both pizzas were cold. It also took 20 minutes longer to get the food than I was told. I should have saved my $80 and went to get fast food at least that would have been edible. The last time I ordered from there the food was terrible. I figured after 6 months someone would figure out how to operate a restaurant and cook food but I was mistaken. This was definitely the last time I will order anything from Foxs pizza.

  • Joe Eoskey says:

    WTH.. we were at a show up in Coudersport, Pa. And I tried to order a XL deluxe pizza on line. Price was 21.00. It told me online ordering was disabled, so I called and was given a price of 28.00?

  • Friendly Loyal Customer says:

    Foxs Pizza Kingwood, WV.Never in my life have I dealt with the worst customer service on the planet. This place is by far the worst. I Called with a complaint about my order I have Been ordering same order for years. I however tried ordering online and it was wrong not on my behalf. Online ordering doesn’t specify what cheese they are using when in passed 10 years I’ve always received with cheddar cheese as it’s always been called the bacon and cheddar wedgie. I received it with mozzarella cheese this time and this is the only time in at least the past 10 years I’ve been ordering it. However first time I called the employee hung up on me and said she would remake only if i repaid. I offered to bring this one back untouched. So I decide to try to call back to get the name of employee and they refused to give me their names!! still continuing to argue with me and refusing to remake unless I pay again. I asked for Managers name which they said was Mark but refused to give me their names. They stated they were on the phone with him and again hung up on me. I will never order from here again. As an almost twice a week customer I will never order again not only because my order was messed up but the employees are rude and shouldn’t work in customer service. I understand they may of been told not to remake however she could’ve asked to call manager and call me back however I got hung up on twice!!

  • Sara says:

    Completely bull I tried to make an order for delivery with a coupon that was mailed to me that said “free food item with purchase of $20 or more before tax and delivery charges” when I said I need it delivered the lady said we don’t deliver free food I don’t have a car so I tried saying that the coupon says before delivery charge which implies that you can get it delivery she said it’s against our policy so I said that’s not right and hung up then had to explain to my autistic child that we are not getting it because they won’t honor their coupon

  • D says:

    Horrible, horrible, horrible experience!!!!!!!!!!!! Raw burgers, rude, disrespectful management, and broken promise to make things right!!!!!! Will never, ever give my time or money to Fox’s Pizza again!!!!!! Shame on them!!!!! I will definitely get the word out about my horrendous experience !!!!!!!

  • JM says:

    Yesterday on June 4 we placed an online order for the Bedford PA Fox’s. When we arrived it was very busy. There was only one worker who was trying his best to manage it all. An older lady came in, I think she was doing deliveries, and had a very bad attitude. She told the other employee that “I was only gone for 5 minutes and came back to this! You need to step it up.” During that time the phone was ringing which she refused to answer. She clearly was having a bad day and hated the fact that she working, which she stated. I feel sorry for the guy working with her as he was trying to do his best and keep an upbeat attitude. Hopefully the ladies evening got better, for everyone’s sake!

  • Sherree Peterson says:

    I am a paraprofessional at Gateway’s Mosside Middle School. Our teacher started a peer mentoring program for regular education students to come into our room and work and play with our students. We have 6 students in our room and 11 student mentors. We are planning a lunch at the end of May to thank the students for volunteering their time. I am asking if you would be willing to make a donation of food for our lunch? Thank you for any consideration that you could give us. Sherree Peterson 412 339 8685

  • Wesley McCourt says:

    Your fox’s pizza in philippi W.V. SUCKS!!!!!! Customer service is nonexistent 8 + mins on hold. Only to be told what was calling for was out of stock. Won’t call your P.O.S pizza shop again

  • Charlene says:

    I ordered a steak n cheese plain hoagie with extra cheese I got the hoagie n it had mayo all over it. I called to tell the manager’Michelle’ at the Kittanning foxs pizza and she basically laughed in my face when I told her, she said she would send another one to me, I’m not going to eat it do to the fact that something was probably done to it. The managers at that location are rude and ignorant, I will NEVER order from there again nor will I suggest that place ever again!!!!

  • M says:

    When did foxs pizza get so strapped for workers? Some of your franchises are having their underage children working at your store.

  • Jennifer Kozemchak says:

    This is former manager (as of yesterday) of monongahela foxs. Adam, I would like to speak to you when you have the time. Thank you.
    412 425 9083 if you would like to call.

  • MARLO says:

    On 10/5/21 I ordered a small steak calzone, 1 order of seasoned wings, an order of wedge fries an a tossed salad with italian dressing from the Frankstown Road locations (Penn Hills). Everything was good with the exception of the “tossed salad.” The salad had a small piece of hard sharp flexible plastic which I didn’t see or discover until I had to pull it out of my mouth while chewing. I don’t usually have any issues with Fox’s Pizza at all so I was a bit surprised. Sadly this happened during the third bite of the salad and unfortunately I had to discard it. I have taken several photos of the foreign object and a video of the container the salad came it (which was intact).
    I would like a replacement. It was a regular tossed salad with additional toppings, i.e: black olives and onions.

  • David says:

    Manager at Tuppers Plains, Ohio very rude, disrespectful and made false accusations against my granddaughter who worked there. My granddaughter took money out of her own pocket to pay for a customers order, mother of two children didn’t enough to pay for the order, manager said we’re not allowed to do that!!! She fired her!!! Will never enter that place of business again and looking into filing civil law suit!

  • Robert says:

    I ordered pizza from Fox’s Den and Vandergrift PA it was here cooking to my pizza when I called one of the workers said that the manager will call me back the manager never called me back so today I called the manager back he’s too busy to talk about the pizza that’s been delivered to my house with hair cooked into it

  • Kathleen Brewer says:

    We have enjoyed Fox’s pizza, unfortunately this is a super negative review not about the quality of the pizza but rather the extremely long and unexplained wait. We placed an order for pizza @ 6pm Friday July 9, 2021 @ the 200 Atlantic ave., Millville, DE 19967 and were continually told it was in the oven etc etc…@ 8:20 (2 hrs and 20 mins later) we finally said “enough” and left, without pizza!!! Just find it incredible that better management skills aren’t in place to accomodate busy weekend orders in a vacation location. Terrible customer service for what appears to be a thriving business smacks of corporate disregard. We will think twice about being repeat customers at this restaurant.

  • Vicki says:

    I would like to contact somebody in charge of the franchises or are they privately owned. In particular, the Leechburg, PA one.

  • Natasha Martin says:

    Not ever ordering food from these damn ppl ever again!! They barely put any meat on it and hubby called and talked to manager and he was a straight up dick to my hubby!! If I wanted a lettuce sub I would of ordered it…barely any meat on our subs is bullshit!! And the last time ther was meat on it now this sub is burnt and a joke!!

  • Patricia Wentz says:

    From Fox’s pizza in Philippi, WV, ordered a large pizza 1-30-21 with pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, extra cheese, mushrooms & pepper rings. Picked up pizza & when we got home, it had onions on it also. Called manager, who stated that we could get replacement. Advised we live 15 miles away. He stated could get replacement one next time we were in Philippi. Ordered pizza again on 2-3-21 with same toppings. When we got home, replacement pizza had onions also. Called manager again. Unsure what is going on at the Philippi Fox’s pizza but it is a mess!!!!

  • Christina DiGuilio says:

    On May 10, 2020, we went to Fox’s Pizza Den at 1070 West Main Street, Plainfield, IN 46168, we ordered several items, and my husband ordered a Philly steak hoagie/sub sandwich, he ordered his sandwich with just extra cheese and meat only, no peppers or onions, and we ordered pickup, and when we arrived at our destination, we discovered my husband sandwich was not correct. My brother in law lives in Camby, Indiana, and we had to drive back to Plainfield, Indiana to get the correct sandwich. Plainfield is about a 10 to 15 min drive from Camby, Indiana. At this time, the assistant manager Bob was on duty.
    However on 06/06/2020 , around 7pm, my husband and brother in law went to Fox Pizza Den at 1070 West Main Street, Plainfield, IN 46168 to order food for pickup, my husband dealt with the assistant manager Bob, and they placed their order, they waited and waited, customers came in, picked up food, got served for dine in, but they did not get their order, when my brother in law and husband checked on their order, the employees lost their food ticket, my brother in law ordered two sandwiches Italian sub with no tomato and lettuce, and when we got to the house, my nephew had take off the tomato on his sandwich, and my brother-in-law ordered a sandwich which he did not want green peppers, and green peppers were on the sandwich. In addition, my brother in law sandwiches sat out, getting cold while the employees were trying to figure out where my husband’s order was. We are not satisified with the level of service that we have received at your location on our last two visits. It seems like the assistant manager Bob does not have it together to run this location, or provide correct or appropriate level of service.

  • Jeff Baker says:

    I recently purchased a pizza at the fox den in Leechberg. I used to live there and would regularly order their pizzas. We’ve not lived there now for over five years and were in the area visiting family. Looked forward to a fox pizza but was disappointed. One of our favorite toppings was double sausage. Your crumbled sausage topping was the absolute BEST! So when we got our pizza and opened the box and discovered chunks of sausage like everybody else does it was so so disappointing. I can’t believe you guys changed. One of the things that made your pizzas great. Why the change in sausage?

  • Erin B says:

    I just wanted to email you a complaint…I picked up a big daddy pizza from the vandergrift Fox’s pizza location on Friday 2/28/20 about 7:45pm. The pizza had extra cheese on I/2 and the other 1/2 had onions and banana peppers. The peppers and onions were just put on the pizza and not cooked in it, they were cold, it was disgusting. When I called to speak with someone about this all they said was “sorry”. That is very poor customer service, and you will loose customers with employees like that. I hope you will make this right by either giving me my money back or a replacement pizza since I couldn’t eat the one I have purchased.
    I hope to hear from you soon regarding this.
    Erin Barron

  • Alayna Dawn Shaffer says:

    So this was our 2nd chance for Vandegrift foxs. 1st time pizza was garbage we all ate 1 piece then the rest got thrown away. That was about $50 then today we spend $48 on a pizza & 2 wedges, wth, way to much. We get it. My wedge is missing a big chunk on top. I call they say box we will make you a new 1 & sen it out. It is not 9pm & I just ate 1 piece of my wedge that took over 30mins to get after the initial 45mins, ugh. Any other place would say we owe you next time you order. Not eat your dinner at 9 at night cause we screwed up. What a waste of $50. Never again will we order from Vandegrift Foxs. Also 1 of the 4 slices on both our wedges had no meat just lettuce, wth crap is that. Never again. $15 a piece for 3 pieces of meat & a pinch of cheese & pinch of bacon, garbage. We miss Tarentum Foxs. They were the best. Shout to them.

  • John Pivetta says:

    We are very upset customers. Last night my wife ordered us two wedgies. We requested that they be lightly baked. We got them and they were dark brown. This has happened before; whether our toppings were incorrect or not lightly baked. I’m not sure whether we will be patronizing Foxs in the future. There are several other pizza shops in town. My phone number is 724-545-2163 and our address is 501 Cleveland Street, Kittanning, PA 16201 if you care to reach out to us. Just wanted to make the corporate level aware of our concerns.


    John L. Pivetta

  • Timothy Ring says:

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    Our website is http://www.hirzel .com. Just wanted to put out our reference. Be glad to provide any further info

  • Norm says:

    This is a company that COULD become the best of its kind in the entire country and yet, they possess the same kind of backward thinking (or, lack thereof) in showing ANY desire to expand all across the country SO THAT OTHERS might be able to enjoy this great tasting recipe too. But instead… and for some insane reason(s)… there they are with only ONE location in the entire state of California after ALL THESE DECADES since 1971. It never ceases to amaze me how some peoples thought processes work. This same scenario can be said for White Castle Hamburgers. They have riches beyond imagination just WAITING for them here on the West Coast and YET… they say they want to stay “small.” WHAT? REALLY? I do not get it! Something is terribly WRONG in the minds of the people who operate these two companies. Are they AFRAID of success? Why even start anything like this in the first place if you don’t want any customers?

  • patb says:

    as a employee as foxes i can honestly say since ive worked here there is alot of concerning issues that’s going on within the franchise….ive spoken to location owner as he seems like he does not cafre about whats going on im not sure what next course of action to take but something really needs to be done asap

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