Where is Fox Rent A Car Corporate office Headquarters

Fox Rent A Car Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: LAX International Airport (LAX, 5500 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 310-342-5155
  • Fax Number: 310-337-9178
  • Email: reservations@foxrentacar.com
  • Number of Employees: 364
  • Established: 1989
  • Founder: 
  • Key People: Joe Knight

Fox Rent A Car Headquarters Location & Directions

Fox Rent A Car Headquarters Executive Team



Joe Knight

Vice President of Business Development

About Fox Rent A Car, History and Headquarters Information

Founded in 1989 Fox Cr, a rent has experienced a huge bloom into its growth by the hard work of its founders. Currently, it provides its services to 19 major airports across the States, offering customers the selection of foreign and domestic vehicles at good discount rates.

The organisation was established in the collaboration of three partners with its first air location near Los Angeles. In 2017, it launched its program known as FOXpress and a mobile;e app at LAX location.

It employs approximately 364 employs having its current head office at Los Angles, USA. The firm is lead by Joe Knight, Vice President of Business Development. Recently it opened its latest branch at Chicago, which is its latest outlet. Not only in US Fox has its expansion to 22 countries and over 50 locations. It has successfully managed to grow and create profit to its consumers over the decades.  

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  • Stephanie Hood says:

    I am so disappointed in your company. I reserved a car with you guys through Priceline last year (Ffx017bdf9)at the Phoenix sky harbor location. I had to cancel due to covid and of course Priceline wouldn’t refund me and told me I had to call you guys to get a refund. So I did. I spoke to Ana R Orozco through email. During the emails, she issued a store credit. I was so grateful for it. I ended up reserving a car directly through fox car rental for the dates of November 2-5. I called this past Monday (Nov 1) to discuss and make sure the store credit was applied. Over the phone they said yes and that I would have to wait until we arrived to have the credit applied. I emailed Ana R Orozco just to be safe. Her response at first was she didn’t receive an email from me last year stated I’d like a store credit. I send my saved emails that states she responded saying i have a store credit. This was her response: That`s odd , but  now you  have to pay for the rental. – in my opinion, that was very rude customer service. We get to the airport after our flight arrived Tuesday nov 2. We speak to a man in your rental car department. He was able to refund some of the price. The only catch was that we needed to have a credit card on file. This is apparently a huge FLAW on the companies end. Nowhere on your website does it state we have to pay with a credit card. Needless to say we were unable to get a rental car and we were out almost $300 from where we paid In full for our rental car LAST YEAR. Thank you so much for not being helpful to us. I will be contacting my lawyer about this. Thank you and have a great day.
    Stephanie Hood

  • Candace says:

    I rented from fox in Seattle.The second day the car said low tire pressure. I Filled the tire And continue driving across the state. The next day low tire pressure again. I filled it and began calling Fox. When I finally got a hold of someone which was after half an hour and two phone calls. The girl told me to take It to Walmart service center and gave me a contact number to call back. When I took it to Walmart they said there was a nail in the tire and apparently it was there when I rented the vehicle. They had noticed a mark on the tire Where the nail was. They told me that they could not patch the tire and then a new tire was needed. I could not reach fox, But walmart guys told me to use fix a flat to get me back across the state. I called Fox daily both on emails and phone and no one answered. Not One phone message or one email was ever answered. They did not want to address this problem. It was now my problem. I did continue my journey with the fix a flat. When I return to Seattle and turned the car in, I was told that the car was to be retired as it had over 80,000 miles on it. Bottom line don’t rent from FOX! “Nobody cares, nobody bothers “ that’s their motto.

  • richard says:

    My rental experience at Fox was good. The car provided was enjoyable to drive met my travel requirements. My issue is with their customer service lost and found. I returned the car back the Denver Facility on time. However, shortly after my flight departure, I realized that I left my cell phone in the front seat area. This was my fault completely. I followed the Fox process and email customer service with the required information. The issue I have with Fox is why it is taking over five days to notify me that the Phone is lost forever or recovered. This is a lack of efficiency for a business as big as Fox. I believe as a company they should be able to provide a better customer service experience in regards to their lost and found service.

  • Cheryl says:

    DO NOT RENT CARS from Fox rental car… Security deposit is too much… if you cancel months before your trip you will not be refunded and that is UNACCEPTABLE

  • Dean Parker says:

    I was threatened by one of your employees in Burbank.

    He will remain nameless until I speak to someone.

    Backstory. Rented a car on sunday. Had res. No cars. It took 45 to get a car. There were 6 people waiting in front of me. They said you would get cars in order they came in, so if I wanted premium I could get a standard. I need a full suv. I changed it to small. I wasn’t going to pay more for a lesser car. I’m changing my res at counter. The employee said why dont you do that someplace else. No one was behind me and both employees in the back. That’s how they treat customers? I found it strange that they had a sign that said we reserve the right to refuse anyone. A corporate company????!!!

    So I go downstairs. And waited with everyone else.

    The employee really had a chip because many were complaining. So the guy ahead of me decided he wasn’t going to take the car they offered and offered it to me. He wanted the fusion hybrid. He didnt want the mitsu suv. I ask the employee. You told me it was in order. There was the hybrid and a full size suv I wanted. I’m like really dude? You are wrong to do that. Then he said. You are lucky I’m working. I yelled you are threatening me? I’m going to talk to corporate. He says go ahead. Are you crazy? I had a meeting and he gave me the mitsu and the other guy the fusion.

    This is my first time at fox.

    Well, today my battery went dead, had to jump and now have a need service light. The car wont sync with my phone either.

    If I dont here from you tommorrow I will call corporate. I’m a producer and production manager in Hollywood and will go to all my friends on my Facebook all in the business and cancel this company. I have about 2000.

  • Andrea says:

    Worst car rental company. They rented my son a dirty car that had a full crack pipe in it. The car obviously was not sanitized after the last person used it. They hung up on me after I spent 3 hours on hold. I had just explained the situation and the customer service person hung up.

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