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Founded in 1989 Fox Cr, a rent has experienced a huge bloom into its growth by the hard work of its founders. Currently, it provides its services to 19 major airports across the States, offering customers the selection of foreign and domestic vehicles at good discount rates.

The organisation was established in the collaboration of three partners with its first air location near Los Angeles. In 2017, it launched its program known as FOXpress and a mobile;e app at LAX location.

It employs approximately 364 employs having its current head office at Los Angles, United States. The firm is lead by Joe Knight, Vice President of Business Development. Recently it opened its latest branch at Chicago, which is its latest outlet. Not only in US Fox has its expansion to 22 countries and over 50 locations. It has successfully managed to grow and create profit to its consumers over the decades.  

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  • Victoria Dukes says:

    I rented a car at OAK. First it was not the car I was promised and prepaid for. I received my credit card statement with extra charges. I was able to get SOME of that refunded then received a bill for the toll plus 15. admin charge. My Aunt who lives in the bay area has a fast pass for the TOLLS. you put it in the dash and the bill comes to her house. I tried for an hour to resolve this on the phone. I was transferred and hung up on and apologized to again and again 7 times! and disconnected AGAIN. Finally I just sent a check. These people are rediculous! Shady! I believe I went through COSTCO to rent the car? I asked for a picture of me going through the toll which would show the fast pass in the dash. My 90 year old Aunt is upset because she also paid. good luck my advise DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE!

  • Michael Burrow says:

    I have used and enjoyed Fox Rental car for years but the last experience with the company 2 weeks ago has changed my entire view of the integrity of the company. I picked up a car at the Atlanta airport location and noticed shortly after leaving that the brakes were squeaking but not enough for me to be overly concerned. 5 days into the rental I went to press the brakes and the car came to an abrupt jerky stop. I immediately pulled out my phone and proceeded to drive while recording the brake noise. I called roadside assistance and reported the incident. They asked how far I was from the rental location which was 120 miles away. Surprisingly, I was asked to drive the car 55 miles to one of their authorized service centers which upon arrival could not take me without an appt. So I was instructed to go the next day to a Firestone which was another 48 miles out of the way to have the problem diagnosed. I got there at 11 a.m. and the technician immediately stated that the brakes and rotors were both in desperate need of replacement. At 3:30 Fox finally authorized the repair and then the parts had to be ordered. I left the shop at 5:30. I expressed to the RSA personnel that 2 days of my rental was tied up getting the car repaired and that I had to reschedule several appointments that I had flown in for anyway. She indicated that she would put in the notes that I could extend the rental without charge to accommodate for inconvenience. The new brakes did not feel comfortable and I had a toddler with me so I asked to give me a new car. The Atlanta location manager called to see why I had not returned the car and I informed him that the agreement was being extended for the brake issue AND that I was driving 120 miles to exchange cars. He instructed me to call and extend the rental BUT there would be no additional charges. When I called, they charged my card $197 for the extension. I told the personnel at the Atlanta location and he said to see a manager on Sunday morning when I return the car to get the full refund. On Sunday morning I arrived at 6:00 am to see a manager and return the vehicle. No manager in sight and they could not tell me when one would be available. My flight left at 9 am so I had to leave. Later that day an additional charge was made to my card and since I have returned how I have called 8-10 times requesting someone to help me resolve the issue. I am told that they are emailing the manager and to give them 24-48 hours for a response. Almost 9 days later I still am getting the run around. This brake incident cost me gas, flight changing fees and fare increase plus the loss of 3 days’ time. I am appalled. The notes are in the system but no one has stepped up to the plate to resolve the matter.

  • Deny says:

    a company just to avoid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bart Merrill says:

    My wife and I️ must concur with Jim Boston’s comments. This is categorically the worst rental car company we have used. We arrived at the Seattle-Tacoma site. The car they promised was not available & we were stuck with a Toyota Highlander that broke down twice, both times the car ceased to work. We had to have the vehicle towed to a Toyota dealer. It took them 4 days trying to fix the engine problem. 2 hours after taking the car back, driving it a grand total of 57 miles the car broke down again, same problem. The “help” line was totally useless. In the end we had to leave the car at our hotel, take a Lyft for 4 hours to the airport to get our flight. When my wife finally got thru to an agent they blamed the problem on us for using Chevron gas. They have no threatened us that they will charge us to tow the car and get it fixed a second time. No reputable company would rent a defective car to someone, have it break down twice and then threaten to charge the customer for their negligence. By our estimate we have spent in excess of $2,000 due to their shoddy business practices with no avenue of recovery. Steer clear of these jokers

  • Jim and Chris from Boston says:

    Absolutely the worst company that I have ever had to deal with. We arrived at their Las Vegas location at 2am…. never knowing that it was not located at the car rental location where all the other vendors are. Never informed that we would need to take 2 shuttle busses to arrive at their location. Once there we waited 45 minutes to be waited on. There was only 2 other people in line in front of us. We paid the $36 fee to leave a half tank. Insuring us that we would NOT be charged any additional fuel fees. We were told section 5 … pick a vehicle. Every vehicle was dirty inside and out. After a long flight … a shuttle and a cab… we were exhausted and simply took a vehicle. We were checked out with paperwork from a yard employee. FYI… ONLY the Ford Fusion had GPS!!!! Seriously???? Needless to say … while traveling… it rained. The windshield wipers were dry rotted and we had to replace them! I couldn’t believe that I was experiencing this. When we returned the vehicle. 2 hours prior to our flight… the lines were packed and we could not wait to discuss the wipers or we would miss our flight. We left the tank slightly above a half tank. When we arrived home… we found out that they charged us $66.96 for a half a tank of full replacement. My girl called and explained that we paid the $36 fee to leave a half a tank. They told my girl that they will give her a $25 credit!?!? Then my girl also mentioned the wiper blades and the expense. They then stated we will give you a $50 credit. This is NOT a negotiation! Come to find out … they NEVER answer their corporate line … and the is NO email to contact them for support. Fraudulent Company! Definitely calling the better business bureau. We don’t want a Credit with your company. Because we will never use your company again!!!!! June 17, 2022!!!

  • Danilo Acosta says:

    Very difficult to understand people dishonesty working in salt lake city location.
    Recently I return the rental car in this location with the gas tank full.
    The report it enty and stole my $153 deposit.
    Contact customer service located in Manila Philippines and no help at all.

  • Mike L says:

    When I returned my car at Chicago O’Hare on 5-11 after a 2 day rental for work, a rental rate that was supposed to be $210, the final receipt I was given was for over $400. They checked the gas upon return, which was full, but charged me not only for gas, but mileage – the rental was for unlimited miles. When I questioned the charges, the same person who checked the car, who is the manager, told me to wait in line. That was all I needed to hear since I already waited in line once for 45 min and then again when I returned the car. I was sick and in no mood to be bossed around as a customer. She was taking care of new customers – I asked since I already waited can you please correct the mistaken receipt? She yelled at me and said it was human error and you can wait – I was beyond pissed. I had to go back downstairs, wait for her to correct her mistake, and I left.
    Fast forward to May 26th, after waiting in line for 1 hour at the Ft Lauderdale Fox Rent a Car for a reservation I made in December, I was told that I was banned from renting from their company ever again.
    So they banned me for their mistake and never told me until after I waited in line.
    Here’s a clue, Fox needs me, I do not need Fox. After what I experienced at the Chicago O’Hare location earlier this month, they need to understand that when a customer is right, it’s not good business practice to punish the customer. It was a holiday weekend and it ended up costing me over $300 all because Fox banned me behind my back for their mistake in the first place. No need to ban me, I will gladly never use Fox Rent A Car again – that is an easy and painless decision for me.

  • DRG says:

    We did a one way rental from TPA to MIA in Dec, 2021. They refused to provide an invoice at the time of rental return and did not email one as promised. When I got my bank statement, they had charged almost twice what was on the contract. They failed to respond to 3 different attempts to get at the source of the overcharge. I disputed the fraudulent charge with USAA. Fox told USAA I’d returned the car with the tank empty. I was very careful to return the car over half full, as I’d prepaid for a half tank of gas. Am I supposed to take a picture of the gas gauge with a time and date stamp?!?!

    Since discovering what was behind the fraudulent overcharge, I’ve made 2 more attempts to contact Fox, asking for them to correct the ‘error.’ Nothing but crickets so far.

  • Alexandrea Fernandez says:

    This company is a bullshit phony corrupt company do not rent from them ever I had purchased insurance for theft and lost on a vehicle the vehicle was taken out of my possession I filed a police report that was needed and they want me to pay for the vehicle not being returned the person that took the vehicle for me in the first place was an ex of mine and he told me that the vehicle was recovered by Fox in general now the fact that they’re trying to come after me saying that the car was not recovered and it was recovered by them it’s pissing me off they wanna file criminal charges against me and then they say that they want to put me on a national do not rent list that’s ridiculous I had cooperated I did everything I needed to do on my part for this company and they recover the car and they’re still trying to get me to pay them $23,000 for car that they should have I’m so mad I am going to file a lawsuit against this place because I know I’m not the first person that’s been through this don’t rent from this company.

  • Stephanie Hood says:

    I am so disappointed in your company. I reserved a car with you guys through Priceline last year (Ffx017bdf9)at the Phoenix sky harbor location. I had to cancel due to covid and of course Priceline wouldn’t refund me and told me I had to call you guys to get a refund. So I did. I spoke to Ana R Orozco through email. During the emails, she issued a store credit. I was so grateful for it. I ended up reserving a car directly through fox car rental for the dates of November 2-5. I called this past Monday (Nov 1) to discuss and make sure the store credit was applied. Over the phone they said yes and that I would have to wait until we arrived to have the credit applied. I emailed Ana R Orozco just to be safe. Her response at first was she didn’t receive an email from me last year stated I’d like a store credit. I send my saved emails that states she responded saying i have a store credit. This was her response: That`s odd , but  now you  have to pay for the rental. – in my opinion, that was very rude customer service. We get to the airport after our flight arrived Tuesday nov 2. We speak to a man in your rental car department. He was able to refund some of the price. The only catch was that we needed to have a credit card on file. This is apparently a huge FLAW on the companies end. Nowhere on your website does it state we have to pay with a credit card. Needless to say we were unable to get a rental car and we were out almost $300 from where we paid In full for our rental car LAST YEAR. Thank you so much for not being helpful to us. I will be contacting my lawyer about this. Thank you and have a great day.
    Stephanie Hood

  • Alisa says:

    I would like to share my recent experience with Fox Rent-A-Car – San Antonio International Airport.

    A Fox team member was rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. As I approached the counter at the San Antonio International Airport, a female Fox member requested my driver’s license and credit card. She then asked if I was opting for liability insurance. I explained that I was fully covered for all vehicles and declined it. She then stated that Texas law requires it and demanded that I provide proof of insurance. I explained that I was traveling from Florida to Texas and did not customarily bring insurance documentation. She stated that she still needed to see proof before she could provide a rental. Basically, I was forced to call my insurance carrier to send me an insurance verification to my iPhone for her review. After confirming—to her satisfaction—that I was fully insured, she charged my credit card. She then handed me back my driver’s license and credit card. She asked that I initial three times on the rental agreement machine, stating, “You are initialing that you are declining the additional insurance.” I later discovered that she charged me for “Personal Accident/Personal Property Coverage.”

    The Fox team member then asked me for my credit card again, which seemed odd because I had already received a charge notification on my iPhone. After handing her my card, she looked at it, looked at the screen, then stated, “Okay, it went through.”

    The implication was that she surmised that my credit card might be declined. I found her implication offensive. I am a person with a credit score of over 800. I am also a judge for the last fifteen years with good standing and moral character. Further, I dress professionally and do not present myself as a person with a lack of funds.

    The Fox team member then told me where to stand and indicated that someone would take me to the rental car. As I waited for another Fox member, her male colleague (who was present in the small booth through this whole previous exchange) walked out of the booth, passed me without a hint of acknowledgment, and walked approximately 30 to 40 feet, where he stopped at a rental car. He then turned and looked at me. I walked 30-to-40 feet to meet him. He had already circled the vehicle by that time, made marks on a damage notecard, and told me where to sign. As I was signing, I recommended that he and his female colleague invest in obtaining customer service skills. He did not acknowledge my assertion, gave me my receipt, and walked away.

    I have rented numerous rentals from Enterprise, Avis, etc., throughout the years since I travel from state-to-state to hold trials, and I have never been treated in such a disrespectful manner. On the contrary, rental car professionals have always greeted me nicely, walked me to the rental, opened the car door, and have asked if I needed assistance with my luggage.

    In this situation, the fact that two Fox team members were both unprofessional speaks volumes. It is a clear indication of the lack of knowledge that they would not have jobs if it were not for the customers.

  • Cody says:

    Worst experience ever.

  • Jmf says:

    Absolutely terrible service. I never received my hefty deposit back .Ivespent over 4days trying to contact them-even the corporate office- and no live person! I wouldn’t wish Fox Cars to my worst enemy. Save your money – my next move- The Better Bsiness folks!!!!!

  • Candace says:

    I rented from fox in Seattle.The second day the car said low tire pressure. I Filled the tire And continue driving across the state. The next day low tire pressure again. I filled it and began calling Fox. When I finally got a hold of someone which was after half an hour and two phone calls. The girl told me to take It to Walmart service center and gave me a contact number to call back. When I took it to Walmart they said there was a nail in the tire and apparently it was there when I rented the vehicle. They had noticed a mark on the tire Where the nail was. They told me that they could not patch the tire and then a new tire was needed. I could not reach fox, But walmart guys told me to use fix a flat to get me back across the state. I called Fox daily both on emails and phone and no one answered. Not One phone message or one email was ever answered. They did not want to address this problem. It was now my problem. I did continue my journey with the fix a flat. When I return to Seattle and turned the car in, I was told that the car was to be retired as it had over 80,000 miles on it. Bottom line don’t rent from FOX! “Nobody cares, nobody bothers “ that’s their motto.

  • richard says:

    My rental experience at Fox was good. The car provided was enjoyable to drive met my travel requirements. My issue is with their customer service lost and found. I returned the car back the Denver Facility on time. However, shortly after my flight departure, I realized that I left my cell phone in the front seat area. This was my fault completely. I followed the Fox process and email customer service with the required information. The issue I have with Fox is why it is taking over five days to notify me that the Phone is lost forever or recovered. This is a lack of efficiency for a business as big as Fox. I believe as a company they should be able to provide a better customer service experience in regards to their lost and found service.

  • Cheryl says:

    DO NOT RENT CARS from Fox rental car… Security deposit is too much… if you cancel months before your trip you will not be refunded and that is UNACCEPTABLE

  • Dean Parker says:

    I was threatened by one of your employees in Burbank.

    He will remain nameless until I speak to someone.

    Backstory. Rented a car on sunday. Had res. No cars. It took 45 to get a car. There were 6 people waiting in front of me. They said you would get cars in order they came in, so if I wanted premium I could get a standard. I need a full suv. I changed it to small. I wasn’t going to pay more for a lesser car. I’m changing my res at counter. The employee said why dont you do that someplace else. No one was behind me and both employees in the back. That’s how they treat customers? I found it strange that they had a sign that said we reserve the right to refuse anyone. A corporate company????!!!

    So I go downstairs. And waited with everyone else.

    The employee really had a chip because many were complaining. So the guy ahead of me decided he wasn’t going to take the car they offered and offered it to me. He wanted the fusion hybrid. He didnt want the mitsu suv. I ask the employee. You told me it was in order. There was the hybrid and a full size suv I wanted. I’m like really dude? You are wrong to do that. Then he said. You are lucky I’m working. I yelled you are threatening me? I’m going to talk to corporate. He says go ahead. Are you crazy? I had a meeting and he gave me the mitsu and the other guy the fusion.

    This is my first time at fox.

    Well, today my battery went dead, had to jump and now have a need service light. The car wont sync with my phone either.

    If I dont here from you tommorrow I will call corporate. I’m a producer and production manager in Hollywood and will go to all my friends on my Facebook all in the business and cancel this company. I have about 2000.

  • Andrea says:

    Worst car rental company. They rented my son a dirty car that had a full crack pipe in it. The car obviously was not sanitized after the last person used it. They hung up on me after I spent 3 hours on hold. I had just explained the situation and the customer service person hung up.

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