Where is Fox News Corporate office Headquarters

Fox News Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1211 6th Ave New York, NY 10036 USA

  • Phone Number:
    +1 212-301-3000

  • Fax Number: 212-301-8588

  • Email: yourcomments@foxnews.com

  • Number of Employees: 2826

  • Established: October 7, 1996

  • Founder: Rupert Murdoch & Roger Ailes

  • Key People: Suzanne Scott

Fox News Headquarters Location & Directions

Fox News Headquarters Executive Team



Suzanne Scott

Chief Executive Officer

Jay Wallace


Raymond Hennessey

Managing Editor and Director of Fox Business Channel Website

Keith Rupert Murdoch AC

Executive Chairman

Carl Cameron

Chief Political correspondent

Mike Emanuel

Chief Congressional Correspondent

Kevin Magee

Executive Vice President

John Roberts

Chief White House Correspondent

James Rosen

Chief Washington correspondent

Bill Sammon

Vice President of News and Managing Editor of Washington Operations

About Fox News, History and Headquarters Information


Fox News was founded in the year 1996. The company has been active for almost 22 years now. The founders of the company were Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes. Five months of 14-hour workdays along with several weeks of shows were rehearsed before the channel first aired by the end of the year 1996. The company’s channel debuted with almost 17 million homes in the USA watching it. The channel hosted various kinds of shows, which included 20 minutes shows like Fox on Politics, Fox on Crime, The Schneider Report, The O’Reilly Report, etcetera. From the start of the company’s operations, Fox News focused mainly on its visual presentation. The company used attention seeking and colourful graphics, that helped the viewers understand more of what is being told on the screen, in case the viewer cannot hear the host of the show. The company was also responsible for establishing the Fox News Alert – for broadcasting any type of breaking news.

The company had tried to accelerate the viewership of its channel, by paying $11 per subscriber to its cable providers and distributors. This was a contrast to the standard practice. During that time, Time Warner wanted to start another news channel other than CNN and therefore selected MSNBC. Fox News had claimed that this decision had violated their own agreement. Therefore, Time Warner was finally pressurised into transmit Fox News on a city-owned channel. The city officials then threatened to take action against Time Warner, thus affecting the broadcast of Time Warner’s channels. During the famous September 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centres in the USA, Fox News was the first news company to run a new ticker to keep all the USA citizens updated about the situation of the problem. The news ticker kept its viewers updated about the information that reporters on the screen might not mention. As of the year 2014, the company’s channel was the number one rated news channel for about 145 consecutive months. The channel has about more than 81 per cent household viewership, as of the year 2015. It also had hosted the GDP 2016 Primary debate as well, which attracted almost 24 million viewers – the largest for any cable TV channel. The headquarters of the company is based in 1211 6th Avenue. The name of the place is New York, while the name of the state is New York, USA. The pin code of the area is 10036.


Fox News is an American company that focuses on providing 24-hour news service that includes various types of breaking news stories along with numerous kinds of business and political news as well. The company has its presence in over 86 countries all over the world. The current CEO of the company is Suzanne Scott. The number of employees working in the company is around 5,000. The company currently has a viewership of more than 90 million homes, all over the world.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers to view and obtain various kinds of news and other types of shows produced and aired by the company itself. The range and variety of news include political news, business news, or even breaking news stories as well. The Fox News channel is the most trusted source of news on television in the USA.

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  • Carol Clabaugh says:

    FOX is very much suppressing President Trump

  • Mary Lorenz says:

    They talk about freedom of choice about abortion. What about people who were forced to get a covi shot? No freedom there!! Lost they job, etc. Also, the president and his wife got 5 shots and still got sick? There is no democracy on this!! very sad!

  • Sonya says:

    Why is the FOX network silent about 2000 mules? Also, after the airing of 2000 mules, it was said that Fox employees were told to NOT cover the information on 2000 mules ? Really? Why?
    As a citizen that watches news stations, it appears that your station and others aren’t covering everything.
    It’s very disheartening and super fishy that We can’t trust Fox & others anymore.

  • David Saperstein says:

    I see that Fox News is now an extremely high rated program in Russia starring Tucker Carlson, the brilliant FOX Journalist..? Reporter…? Commentator…? European Political Expert…? who unabashedly announced that he didn’t know who to “back” when Russia, led by Vladimir Putin, invaded Ukraine and began to murder civilians just as the Nazis had in 1941. I know about murder in Ukraine because my mother was born there and in her family’s city, the Nazis murdered 2,000 Jews in one month. Some of them were my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Great-grandparents. Mr. Carlson seemed casually confused about what and who was right and wrong. The same way Tucker is furious about “immigrants” as though he is descended from the indigenous, tribal people who lived here, and whose culture, land and very survival was destroyed but “immigrants” – Tucker Carlson’s immigrant forebears. Now, while Trump praises Putin, a vicious war criminal, as a “genius, Carlson casually dismissed the impending murderous disaster in Ukraine with the question whose meaning was, “Who cares?” So, I now understand what Fox News is and what it stands for. It is American Pravda. It is not what my country is, was, or can ever be and survive. Shame on you Tucker Carlson. You are my idea of the perfect poster child for arrogant, treasonous, disgusting bigots.

  • albert & Mrs farnham says:

    Fox national news ( Hannity,Laura,Tucker etc )Have told nothing but lies.
    It is a proven FACT : that FOX News commentators “TWIST ” the facts,lie.
    Why would other stations talk the same and ONLY FOX tells a different story ???
    HMMMM .Must be that Hannity,Tucker,Laura etc.LIE on their shows,spread FALSE accusations..

  • Gary Catarina says:

    Put Trish Regan on hiatus because of complaints of something she said; can it then be deduced that there were no complaints about Donna Brazile telling the head of the RNC to “Go To Hell” multiple times?

  • Sylvia Galbreath says:

    I have tried to contact your company be phone and all I get is a recorder or a person you can’t understand. She would not take my complaint. I asked her was she a republican, she would not comment. So what does that tell you? My complaint is you need to start cleaning house at Fox. Your station is looking more and more like CNN. If that continues you are going to lose. Hannity is the only one who does not give way to the left. You need to get rid of JUAN WILLAIMS, and NEIL CAVATO. People are getting tired of him also. Chris Wallace is another. Juan Williams pounded on the table the other day and really pointed at Dana. He should be ashamed of himself. They were not even sure how to go on from there. There was a minute of silence, didn’t know where to go. You need to pay attention on what’s going on at Fox. I would like a response from your company. I have tried to send e-mails, they will not accept my e-mails. I’m sure you’re not going to respond, your higher ups I hope are going to the left. Are they getting pushed by someone/

  • Neverita A. Shepper says:

    I believe you should give ‘Mr. Reagan’ from You Tube the job Shep Smith (or whatever his name was) had before you fired him. I might even turn the TV on and watch him otherwise I will never turn my TV on.

  • Tommy Bowling says:

    I represent a group of conservatives that have been loyal watchers since the days of hannity and colmes ( in other words long time viewer’s) that are disgusted with the fact that someone in your organization has hired as a contributor a disgraced liar and cheat donna brazile. this woman was fired from another network for giving advance questions to old hillary clinton in 2016. We are sick and tired of now having to watch her on our favorite shows like the FIVE and forced to fast forward her comments. Yesterday Dana gushed over her in the daily briefing then she plopped her fat butt down on the FIVE and spewed her liberal bull in that nauseating southern drawl. Since we have to pay a cable charge to receive FOX, we are not interested in constantly seeing and hearing from this progressive liberal. Either you send her packing or have her only appear on say your three AM broadcasts. Remember your viewer’s are interested in truth and facts and not lies.

  • monte mishoe says:

    hats off to Martha on her interview with lindsey . i would vote hero of the year had she asked one more question … so you are refusing to do your job in the investigation of joe biden ; your friend? monte mishoe Aforgotten democrat , now registered Voting republican , that supports President Trump 100 PERCENT!!!!


    Would it be possible for the entire staff of FOX NEWS and THEIR GUESTS to always refer to Donald J. Trump as President Trump?

    We would appreciate very much if the CEO of Fox News along with the Executive team consider SERIOUSLY getting rid in the near future of guests like Juan Williams, Jessica and all the others on the far left who always have arguments that are never constructive for the American People.. They constantly trash President Trump EVERY DAY, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, 365 DAYS A YEAR.

    These people would easily find a job at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, CHICAGO TRIBUNE.


  • Maria Bozza says:

    I will no longer watch Fox channel even though I have been a loyal viewer as long as Juan William is a member and that idiot who was head of the Democratic party and gave all the questions to Hillary. She is a liar and a cheater. Juan William is so un American I can’t stand to watch him bash the President and roll those ugly eyes each time President Trump’s name is mentioned. He forgets when he was fired for being afraid of Muslims now he is a Muslim lover. What a coward and a phony. Send him off to CNN where he belongs. Fox is no place for a liberal American hater. Or am I wrong is FOX now going liberal if so I hope you lose your license and go off the air. Twll Juan to go home with his white wife, couldn’t find a black women to marry him? He is a poor excuse for a comentator or a news reporter. Get rid of him!!!

  • corazon hall says:

    Please do not share my comments. to any liberal network. I want keep my privacy. Please respect my privacy and my family. Thank you

  • corazon hall says:

    please bring back Judge Jeanne Pirro’s Saturday night news show. We look forward every Saturday to watch her. We love and we respect her a great deal.
    She’s one of the best in your station. of course including Hannity, Laura I., The five, Greg Greufeld, Jessie Watters, Tucker Carlson and the other people we can only a few. Please bring back her show Jeanne Pirro.
    God Bless all the fox employees.

    • Roy Ferry says:

      It was the publics understanding from Fox News had suspended Judge Jeanne Pirro for two weeks. It has been over that time limit. Where is her program?
      Yesterday BPR had a poll and 96% wanted her back and only 4% didn’t. Please consider what the people want not what you want for the people.

  • >