Where is Four Seasons Corporate office Headquarters

Four Seasons Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1165 Leslie St
    North York, ON M3C 2K8

  • Phone Number:
    +1 416-449-1750

  • Fax Number: 416-441-4374

  • Email: reservations.lis@fourseasons.com

  • Number of Employees: 45000

  • Established: March 21, 1961

  • Founder: Isadore Sharp


Four Seasons Headquarters Location & Directions

Four Seasons Headquarters Executive Team




Founder and Chairman


President and Chief Executive Officer


Executive Vice President, Global Business Development


President, Worldwide Hotel Operations


Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


President, Portfolio Management and Owner Relations


Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer


Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary


President, Hotel Operations – Asia Pacific

About Four Seasons, History and Headquarters Information


Four Seasons was founded in the year 1961. The company has been operational for almost 58 years now. The founder of the company was Isadore Sharp. The founder of the company had bought a large piece of land in Toronto and therefore had planned for a stopover for various other business travellers. And thus, the Four Seasons Motor Hotel started its operations. Over the next course of the years, the company had built more hotels too, especially the $4 million Inn on the Park hotel in the year 1963. The company had later expanded to London as well, where upscale luxury was a part of the company too. The company also established a hotel in London in the year 1970.

But in the year 1974, due to overruns of the various costs at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, the company almost went into bankruptcy. Due to the same reason, the company had planned to shift to its own management only business model and therefore removing all the related costs that are associated with buying lands and building. In the year 1986, the company had become a limited public entity. Then in the 1990s, the company was competing with another well-known brand of hotel and resorts, named Ritz Carlton – for which Four Seasons gained the most market share. During the 2000s, due to various economic downturns, the operations of the company was affected. The September 2011 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centres also slowed down the tourism business as well. The company was recovered from its losses by Bill Gates of Microsoft and Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, in the year 2007. The company was then owned by the same pair as well, for about a cumulative amount of $3.8 billion. The company also faced a financial crisis between the years 2007 and 2010, and about 10 per cent of its employees were sacked too. The company started to open new hotels in China and India, during the years 2010 and 2012. In the year 2013, the company had also opened its latest hotel in Russia as well, followed by hotels in Indonesia and Jakarta. The company had also opened a new hotel at Yorkville, known as the Toronto Hotel which had almost 259 rooms. The founder of the company was also responsible for writing a memoir known as Four Seasons: The Story of Business – describing all about the company since its inception. The headquarters of the company is based in 1165 Leslie Street. The name of the place is North York, while the name of the state is Ontario, Canada. The pin code of the area is M3C 2K8.


Four Seasons is a company based in Canada that helps in providing various kinds of international luxury hospitality services to its customers and clients all over the world. The company has over 112 properties in over 47 countries around the globe. The current chairman of the company is Isadore Sharp. As of the year 2015, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $4.3 billion. Also, the number of employees working at the company is more than 45,000, as of the year 2018.


The primary services provided by the company include allowing customers and clients to obtain various kinds of hospitality services via the company’s established hotels and resorts worldwide. The company helps in maintaining a depth of reliability, along with connection and trusts with their guests. 

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  • Arup Kumar Mahato says:

    Please check this email

  • Mona says:

    Dear Coroporate Team ,

    Kindly, know that I have been employed for the position of front office receptionist at four seasons San Stefano Alexandria, Egypt, employed in 16 of Aug 2022, till the date I have received a forced resignation letter throw the director of receptionist Mr Rabiaa , Meanwhile my direct manager said I have no doubt you will be doing something ethical or unreasonable behavior that would be against the policy that leads you to termination.

    Afterwards, i found out that i have been missled to akind of studies work papers for the whole property to make a recorded test without my permission and it’s against the law in Egypt .

    Therfore I intended to complete the training because I wanted to work in a global group like four seasons with no doubts about their business and training , technology and on job training follow up ..

    Lastly, I wonder how someone being accepted in a job without a professional training program for people whose outside of hotels carrier with no chance even to have transfer, mercy of humanity towards them and get ride of them by telling them your not good , and your the reason ..

    This is my email address for urgent matter..


    Mona M Basyouni

  • Mamoun Marrakchi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Four seasons customer ;
    I have been to the Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul from August 25th -30th.
    During my checkout, the clerk made a mistake and charged my room twice from my credit card. They ve also forgotten to charge a rental boat booking that I immediatly settled the day after.
    Few days later, I found the double room charge; I have contacted the bosphorus hotel to ask for the refund.

    Here start the problem, after few days they agreed they ve made a mistake. They said it wil take two week to be refunded. After 2 weeks, the refund hasn’t been received, they kept saying “ask your bank”
    I asked for a document from their bank to trace the money which they have never given, nor they gave a clue on how to trace the refund.
    This is a TERRIBLE service. I have never experienced such a bad service.

    I am turning to your headquater to solve the problem before going ahead and make this problem known to the hole YPO members organisation.

    Awaiting to read from U
    Many tanks

  • Michael Phillips says:

    I need your help and a response. My wife and I stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel, West Lake, California from 5/27/22 – 5/30/22. There are two charges for the hotel. The first is on my (Michael Phillips) credit card (invoice no 720652) which is correct. There is an additional charge to my wife Janice Phillips Credit card (Visa – last 4 #s 1244) for $575.62 which does not appear on the above invoice. In addition, my wife’s identity was stolen at around the time we stayed at the hotel. I have called twice to the Accounting Office at the hotel (818-573-3000) and left messages. No-one has called me back. I would have expected better customer service from the Four Seasons. Please call me back about the $575.62 charge on my wife’s credit card Thank you. Michael Phillips, 508-904-9033, 4 Greene Street, New Hampshire, 03842.

  • Novali ramdani says:

    Dear,,,Corporate..I have been working at four season for 25 years,,,I dedicated to this company cause The four season accommodated everything,,from training,,educating, and caring …I was so excited, also the four Season ,willing to job training,,all over the world.frankly speaking I had no graduated from Hotelier Diploma..even english language growing with this amazing company…and so on and on, but sadness thing happening at Four season Bahrain,when I was transferred there from early 2016,,,,I was so extremely happy,,I don’t mind joining as a server for beach and pool..recreation…as we knew so well…the highest summer heat wave,,and humidity ,in the Gulf Country..but I never complaint,,cause I am happy,,,from the moment the ‘CORONA’ Pandemic surrounded all-around the world..I am the one ,got fired,,with the newcomers..including,,,I was deeply frustrated…and I am in well condition till now.2022..the hardest thing seeking a job in Bahrain,,it was difficult..3 times,,I had joining in small..company,,but they just using me without giving visa,,,the other hand I was struggling have no shelter…to stay..all the small retail company just liar to me,,and the worst thing one of company doesn’t Paid my salary,,for 2 month,,the name of company,,is HASAN MANSOURi..Oh my god,,I was struggling,,living with different 2 people just for short,,shelter..and 1 week I got ill,,,without money in the pocket..for your information,,I have got the allowance from Four season.2019 December approximately 3.979.0715 US dollar,,plus ticketing ( ticket I didn’t take it ),,cause I need money still from abroad to feed my family..and the situation those day,,very critical …for instance,,I had no vaccinated.,..before,,but this day Thanks God,,I had 3rd doses…the question is,,why after 25 years dedicating,,they put me in by discontinued, my dedicated,,while the new comer they keeping, and no allowance made me difference from other,,while discontinued my job….(till now I am still struggling to feed my family in Indonesia,,,and I am in Bahrain still…

  • Bruce says:

    I’ve tried 23 times to reach folks in the corporate office about “customer service.” Can someone please contact me? Email address entered as requested.

  • Mr.Egodage Dakshina Ramesh Abayasekara says:

    please be kindly up dating you ,that the employment on line asking arabic name/ latin scripts high disturbing for applicants bt IT Administration ?

  • August 2021 says:

    Being my first experience with the Four Seasons in Atlanta, I was looking forward to the next 4 days. We had training on-site which, made it convenient. Unfortunately, it also made it convenient to notice the flaws this particular hotel has.
    Cleanliness is my top priority especially in the times we’re currently living in. I was shocked to see how dirty and stained the stairs were. The stairs that every guest sees multiple times a day! At first I thought it was the design in the carpet! Stains are throughout the hotel and conference rooms.
    I stayed in a one bedroom suite and at first glance it looked nice but, I was quickly disappointed. The wallpaper around the outlets is lifting, the baseboards are dirty, the furniture has months of dust around it. The rooms have poor lighting. I literally had to turn on every lamp light to have enough light to dress or work. What are they hiding? It makes you wonder after seeing the stains and torn wallpaper. And I was told I was in a recently renovated room. Needless to say, I didn’t want to touch anything in the room until I cleaned it myself. No one should have to totally clean there room before they can feel comfortable touching or sitting down. I changed my own sheets and tossed the comforter aside while I slept. I laid towels on the floor to not touch the carpet.
    One staffer gloated about a famous basketball player staying at the hotel, as if we should be honored and impressed to be staying at the same hotel. We were more shocked that they have such low standards for a premium hotel. I say we because the others in the group had the same experiences. It was a joke on who was going to press the elevator button or open a door.
    I’m the guest who’s calling to give compliments and I feel bad for sounding so rude. But honestly, attention to detail sets you apart from the competition and guest have expectations when they book at your hotel. Your management has a responsibility to the name Four Seasons and more importantly to the guest and they failed miserably. There’s no reason to have such noticeable flaws. Clean the carpet. Go to Home Depot and pick up a bottle of Folex and have the staff clean the stains. Don’t give me the excuse, we’re gradually updating and renovating. It’s all about accountability and a dirty hotel makes guest feel unsafe especially with the COVID pandemic.
    At the end of the day I’m glad the company booked me here. Because I now know I need to find a different premium hotel for the up coming vacation to Atlanta.
    I’m hoping the company will consider other hotel options for our next training session.
    Four Seasons you need to do better…one bad hotel experience shows negatively on all Four Seasons.

  • Jacqueline Coppenhaver says:

    I booked a room in Maui, full price for March 21-27. Prices have dropped considerably and I called to ask for what they are now advertising, $200.00 a day complimentary spending, or a price reduction. I’m not happy with getting no offer, and wish you’d grant us something. Conf.#3873934340. Pin9772. Thank you for the consideration.
    Jackie Coppenhaver 541-389-5547. It’s for my daughter’s 50th birthday. bubbaandfrosty@icloud.com.

  • Lance Lindholm says:

    I wanted to share with you our recent experience with your Vail location. I love to write Yelp reviews, and while I cannot say much about the Manager at Remedy Bar (Please see my review), I will say that Jackie covered for his shortcomings. She took immensely good care of us and deserved to be called out for exceptional guest service. Please pass this information along to the hotel General Manager.
    Exceptional service from:
    Jackie Orpett
    Assistant Director of Rooms
    Yelp review:
    This is a pretty awesome hotel right in the heart of Vail Village. Let me first state that on our 1st visit we had a few glitches. When I received my follow up review in email, I filled it out accordingly. I immediately received a call from Jackie (Assistant Manager of rooms). She apologized about our situation and offered us a return visit. Not free mind you but enough that my wife and I couldn’t resist a return visit from Denver. We utilized the Spa, enjoyed cocktails by the fire pit, and luckily an available room upgrade. What you’ll like is their attention to detail. For instance, flavored water around every corner you walk on the property. Anything you need is met off before you can even finish your sentence. I called down for ice, before I could complete my request a huge bucket was brought to the room, extra soap and towels? there it was! Microwave? Yep, that too! While we tipped accordingly, nobody held out their hand like it was expected from me. They are doing some remodeling, but do a good job of hiding it. Didn’t notice a thing. Overall, if you want the best, you will find it here.
    Lance Lindholm

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