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  • Address: 1070 Thomas Busch Memorial Hwy, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08110, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 856-486-1447

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1977

  • Founder: Richard Forman

  • Key People: Richard P. Forman (CEO)

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Richard P. Forman

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President

About Forman Mills, History and Headquarters Information

In 1977 Rick Forman took a loan of $80 from his father for starting his business of garments. He started selling Sportswear, t-shirt, Sweat-shirts on the weekends. Rick Forman operates his store on his own.

His business nourished and grew rapidly and he became a popular and leading businessman having his biggest supermarket. In 1981 in Philadelphia, Rick Forman opened his first store named Forman Mills. Its clothing store has an indoor showroom, including an outdoor flea market. His store rapidly becomes so popular because of their quality of work.

In 1985 in the old warehouse of South Philadelphia Rick opened his first clothing factory. The business expanded and they started keeping a variety of clothes for Men, Women, and Kids. Their business grew so wide from 1989 to 2007. They started delivering their serving to multi-locations.

Its headquarters are located in 1070 Thomas Busch Memorial Hwy, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08110, United States.

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  • James Landers says:

    Looking to be a manager at the Superior or Maple Heights Store in Ohio Cleveland. I can bring my 10 years experience and Loss Prevention to the table.

  • Danita Owens says:

    Hello I was employed at the Wilmington De location.I was harassed by one employee for months.I kept goin to the store manager & assistant manager.But it kept goin on.Until one day Stephane let her harass n ma children over head n handled her for disrespecting me.I never touched the girl.I tried telling to stop but they did.Now I’m fired n can’t come back in the store as customer n Forman Mills talking about pressing charges on me ?Im confused.Also never took ma statement.

  • JM says:

    Good day, I hope that whoever reads this is doing well. I’m writing this email to get some help, right now I’m having an issue with my store manager. Today I was told to clock out, and was taken off of the schedule for tomorrow because I was brushing my beard during a meeting. I don’t know if I’m even employed with Forman mills (Whitehall, PA) at this point. I will not allow someone to discriminate against me or disrespect me in front a group of people because I have a beard, the same way a woman would run a comb through her hair is the same way I use brush to keep myself groomed. Would she have been told to clock out because the sound annoyed her boss? The store manager was just reported by customer for calling her a “Black B****” over a video call and the customer heard it, then she Blamed another manager because she had followed the rules of not having headphones in while on a video call with the manager. The company has an open door policy and I don’t feel like I can use or take advantage of that with any of my immediate managers/supervisors. One being the fraternization and/or favoritism. I don’t feel comfortable going to my district manager either because it seems like it would be a conflict of interest. I’ve gotten written up for absurd an reason, one that was out of my control and now I’m being dismissed because the store manager has an issue with me brushing my beard during a meeting? I don’t feel comfortable in my work space, this is becoming harassment and it’s discriminatory in nature. I’d like to get this resolved as soon as possible and get some clarity as far as this situation is concerned. I’ve had to go as far as sneaking my employee handbook out of the store to be able the contact information to call. I was never given the disclosure for the handbook nor do I think I signed one either.

  • Kayellin Welch says:

    I never received my W-2 and I don’t understand how and why

  • Duorail Legene Ratliff says:

    Your business maybe completely illegally operating, financially consumed illegally, at these locations: Forman mills 5751 Mercury Dr. Dearborn Michigan 48126. 2) Forman mills 15400 Grand river ,Detroit Michigan 48227. 3) Forman mills 91 Manchester street, Highland Park Michigan 48203. Crime tip. D.Ratliff(social security number #312-78-8389) does not work there. Does not have any accounts there. His name and personal identification is under identity theft. It is being compromised.

  • J Hines says:

    Dear Rick Forman, 1st great deals on your items, but unfortunately you will end up closing store, because your employees at the Dearborn store, don’t help each other, the line should not always be as along as it be they will see that the cashier needs help and walk away to the back or wherever they go and act like they can’t help. Don’t like coming to this one because they always only have 1 or 2 Cashier’s to 50 people sad.
    I wish I can send you a picture of this mess.

  • Tamara says:

    This is my fourth time visiting this Forman Mills location on Branch Ave in Maryland and nothing has changed. The store manager is arrogant. He’s never available. The store is 86 degrees inside while it’s 96 outside because the a/c is broke. I know because I asked as I almost passed out. The staff act like you bet not ask them for anything or to do anything and the quality of the clothes seem to have worsened even for a discount store. The plus sizes aren’t really plus sizes, things are cut smaller. This is the only Forman Mills accessible to Washington DC families. Please don’t disrespect us or our money because we’re shopping at a discount store. We come for a nice shopping experience to buy quality items for our families and home. But because management doesn’t care it speaks volumes about the non care of the customers who are spending their hard earned money there.

  • King says:

    607 has a lot of messy stuff going on as far as the youngest manger Giving her sister special Privileges then any other co worker in how she talks to certain co workers

  • Regina Wells says:

    I need corporate to contact me

  • LM M says:

    Angry Bitter Angie at your Dearborn MI Store in an Aggressive Irrationally Angry Bitter Horribly Insulting simple really bad employee who should be Reprimanded and Fired. I really hope you listen. No company allows nor wants this persons type of unprovoked hostile verbal attacks on customers driving down store’s revenue, reputation, & izncrwasing hostility & potential violence, This is very bad for our solicited & at the very least for business. Please Foreman Mills give employee reviews & let go of this person & any Angry insulting Employees with, unprofessional, unapologetic practices. This is not acceptable & leads to hostile potentially violent environment!
    Why let bad employees with potential to escalate poor customer service to violent crazy police filled workplace.

  • Derek L Johnson says:

    I need the EIN Employer identification number

  • Barbara Fernandez says:

    I worked at Forman Mills for 1 month and had the worst experience down to my enrollment to my paycheck very unorganized now I’m being harassed by an manager and 3 employees smh I had to call the police and make a report I’m so tired of being bullied I left the store and still am being harassed 3 months waiting in cooperate now

  • Latonya R Wilson says:

    I need to talk to someone about an incident in this Chicago store asap

  • Mariah says:

    Would like a call back your management at Northeiverside is very unprofessional and do not know how to speak to customers also why am I being charges tax for each item .

    • SM Henry says:

      I would like to speak with the Corp complaints in your Corp office . Your store in Wilmington is in need of customer service training. Please respond within 24 hours . After then I’ll consult with my legal team on how to handle the return of my money after a debit card purchase and return with receipt .

  • Kofi Ariemiokhai says:

    I left a message for the Director of Loss Prevention. The manager of the Egg Harbor Township was insulting and obnoxious to me a few minutes ago. I need to speak with someone if possible.
    You have very dirty and stained merchandise for sale. I have pictures.

  • Penny Negron says:

    Well I’m an employee at forman mills 111 in vineland,nj.and l work with the best managers,and co-workers.ive been there for few years and l can’t find one complaint.and it’s still my favorite store to shop.

  • Philip Wade says:

    My Name is Philip Wade and I work at the location in Chicago Illinois. In The Burbank Location located on 4829 W 77th St. 60459. I am an employee and also the front supervisor who yesterday, I was threatened by a customer who got very upset about a Bra she wanted to purchase that didn’t have a price or anything on it. I was trying to do my job and explain to her that the Bra could’ve possibly been apart of a set because it had no entry or tag on the bra and it was purplish pink. The Bra also looked like it had stains on it. And she seemed to get upset with me and in her words “can you just give me the price for the Bra” so I sat the bra on the table. The bra seemed to fly in the air. So as I walked away back to my register she literally threw the Bra directly at me and cursed me out and caused a scene in front of security saying that I literally threw the bra at her which I didn’t attend to throw anything or harm the customer. She wanted to file a complaint to management and I’m not sure if she called corporate but the lady was way out of line and she threatened me and told me she was going to whoop my a** in front of management and co workers. She was Hispanic or Mexican.

    I was only trying to do my job as a supervisor. But it’s not fair that customers have the right to curse or threatened employees for doing their jobs. Before corporates gets anything. I am stating my claim. I did attend to harm or throw anything at a customer. I however was frustrated from the customer because she seemed to get upset about the Bra and when she didn’t get her way. She insinuated that I accused her of stealing to the manager.


  • Aaliyah Young says:

    They terminated me for no reason and I want my job back for a person that explained she wasnt tryna take nothing they keep someone with a gun within the job on 119th and superior I just want my job back

  • Danielle Murdock says:

    Hello, 1 of the managers at the Highland Park in Michigan store is so rude. I don’t know her name but she normally wears blonde and or orange hair. She has been working there for years and she does not know anything about the rewards program, or common customer service skills. She made a huge scene with me before when the system wasn’t allowing mills bills to be scanned and called me a liar and said I already used it while swinging the handheld scanner toward me, she was screaming well let me try it again then. I spoke to another manager about it, but all the managers there are normally not interested in any questions or complaints. The store is ran so poorly I almost completely stopped going there, but it the closet to my home. I am a top tier loyalty member and all I ask for is respect. Today the same manager was giggling and trash talking with a cashier about me as I was getting rang up and was explaining to the guy ringing me up about Mills Bills. He had no clue what they were or how I acquired them. This happened today, which is 3/19/22 and it occured at about 5:15 today. This same manager was also bullying a team member earlier this summer, I overheard it and I spoke to the manager Ms. Brenda about it. I was told that they were aware of the issue and she was going to be speaking to certain people again. Please email me at the provided email address. I would like for cooperate to see how loyal of a customer I am after providing my loyalty card info. Thank you.

  • Akeelah Brown says:

    I have worked in the Elizabeth store 202 I was a very hard worker the manager there is very rude and obnoxious she haves no type of respect towards the workers that works hard the reason of this comment was because I was falsely fired do to a costumer buying an item for me didn’t know the customer was buying it for me but only because she said I am a very good worker but moral of this is that women brought me the item at the register I was at didn’t kno it was for me until after she purchased it instead of me taking it I calls a manager to tell them the lady for it for me how should I go about it she told me to refund her back her money well I did so but later on I was fired for no reason

  • Michael Washington says:

    I have Covid, and I’m trying to recover from Covid. I need foreman mills to stop e-mails

  • Renee Mclehan says:

    Goodmornin I have a problem with Ollie at store 407 talking to grown people like they are his slow ass kids that’s how he talked to me an I work not at the job to fuck an suck like a lot of them at that store . U need to send his to the clinic to take a drug test u can smoke weed an be a boss at your job ? Well he do He didn’t like me cause I come to work not play You need to fix your trash some one gets hurt !!! Renee Mclehan P.S. like he said u would never fire him So when someone sued your company u just remember that If he was doing his job u won’t have spring stuff just going out damn🥴

  • Kecia T Cooper says:

    Your store in Elizabeth nj, is horrible I have a video of a store with the line extending 3 quarters if the store. The manager is not taking action, the service in this store is horrible, even before covid

  • Upset Customer says:

    I had a rude experience with one of the managers, her name is Karen in the Totowa store. She doesn’t know how to treat a customer, and was dishonest with me about hold policy. I don’t appreciate how handled my situation even after I explained to her several times. All the other employees and managers are very nice but she is not fit to be a store manager.

  • Jenell says:

    I don’t understand why they do not have a customer service line when you want to return something the one on Cicero Ave I had to stand in this long line to return something then get back in this long line just crazy and the never have nothing but two mabe three lines open need to do better 😡

  • Julie says:

    Let me add I used to come here all the time but I won’t anymore

  • Julie says:

    In Franklin Park it refused to let me in because I wouldn’t wear a mask refused to let me in this is communism

  • Cheryl Evans says:

    You have the most ignorant workers at your lannsing store in illinois and i do mean ignorant one in particular Chastity needs more customer service training but i wont be back

  • jerry malone says:

    Ive worked for foreman mills for 5 months been employment of the month and havent been paid my check in a month I work at store #406 in Pontiac Mi. my supervisor Sharon has ignored my pleas to get my check and right now my rent is over due Please help me !

  • Damatí Velez says:

    Your store 104 is the worst store ever and I will be doing my review on it. The store manager lavenia is very very disrespectful to her employees. I couldn’t find no help on any of the departments. It was only 1 cashier and I can remember correctly because I liked her mask that had “Bad Face Day” on it. She made me feel a little better before I left but the fact is it was a very long line that she got down on her own with no mistakes and no attitude. Me personally I would have been very upset I’m doing everyone’s job. She had to do her own price check. That’s a lot for one person. By my understanding you were contacted on several occasions from different Forman Mills shoppers and nothing has been done. The same people there that should be replaced.

  • Dyamond says:

    This is the worst place to work. The store manager is very disrespectful and you can not talk to her the store assist manager drinks on the job plus she gets very disrespectful as well. They delete certain things from the tapes that records everything. I always wanted to work here and as soon as I finally had my opportunity this is the worst place I have ever worked. They let their employees walk off the register and do whatever they wanted. Not to mention it’s been times where I am on the register by myself and everybody walked including the store assistant manager. I had a long line and they were complaining why I am by myself. The only manager that’s doing everything right but can’t really help his employees because of the store manager and her assistant. Which his name is William.

  • Concerned customer says:

    We had a lot of handicap and elderly people, that love to shop at forman mill in Hillcrest heights location of Branch avenue forman Mills but can’t get around that good, could you please get some of those electric chairs in the store’s so that these people can shop the way they love.

  • Aaliyah says:

    No one gave me my package from the Philadelphia district store at 2500 grant academy Philadelphia PA 19114 so that I can get paid. I found out today March 23 2020 at 1:15pm. I was unaware of a package being handed out and was not told when or if I will be getting paid. I have no way of contacting anyone. I would like to know what I should do.

  • Patricia westbrook says:

    When will forman mill open a store in saginaw michigan? We travel to flint michigan just to shop there please consider a store in saginaw michigan. Truly Patricia Westbrook

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