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  • Address: 3880 N Mission Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90031, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 888-494-3837

  • Email: press@forever21.com

  • Number of Employees: 32,800

  • Established: April 16, 1984

  • Founder: Do Won Chang & Jin Sook Chang

  • Key People: Linda Chang

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S. No.




United States

3529 N Mission Rd Los Angeles (HQ), CA



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Forever 21 Headquarters Executive Team

Winnie Park

Winnie Park

Chief Executive Officer

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Brad Sell

Brad Sell


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Keith Herbert

Keith Herbert

Marketing Head

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Name Title
Jeffrey Scott Gomez Senior Vice President Retail & Store Operations
Scott Hampton Vice President & General Counsel
Sookhee Lee Director Global E-Commerce

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  • Brenda Margaret Glass says:

    I just received in the mail a dress that I ordered as a gift. That dress is not labeled correctly as X-large. That dress is a Small at best!!! I went back online to return it and I was told that I cannot return a final sale item….it WAS NOT clearly made known that it could not be returned. I’m so disgusted with you companies being so deceptive. I’m left stuck with something I DO NOT WANT…lesson learned..I will never trust your website again and I will make sure everyone I know not to trust your website. There’s no reason to be this deceptive..this greed will do you no good in the end.

    • Art (Forever21 stinks) says:

      Instore purchase is no better. Daughter bought gift for my wife. It was the wrong size went back to see if we could exchange it. Receipt showed different item but correct amount of money that was giving. 16 y/o daughter was dropped off again at mall to see if she could exchange it but was told since the receipt was not showing item there was nothing they could do. No exchange no refunds. After daughter came back home I called the store explained the situation and was told by Manager that as a courtesy she would allow the exchange. The next day my wife drove out with daughter to store and the manager I spoke to told her she would look up the purchase and told them they could not find it so they are pretty much out of luck and no exchanges even though I spoke to the manager Kelly @ Garden state plaza in NJ and said she would exchange it. So yup wife stuck with a gift that is too big. Told my 2 teenage girls to never shop at this store ever again worst customer service ever. Retailers wonder why sales are down, between crappy service and how one can easily buy online from Amazon etc and returns/exchanges are so easy they are their own enemy.

  • kenyetta enumah says:

    I came into the store on Saturday August 20, 2022 around 2:45pm. I applied for a credit card and was approved. I used my credit card to purchase my items and decided to go and grab more things. While shopping, my daughter’s bag was stolen in the store along with her phone. I called the police, and I have a police report. The police came into forever 21 to view the footage, in which they could not identify the suspect due to faulty footage. I have a police report, but I have not been offered reimbursement or to be allowed to get my items back at no cost. The store manager Ashley and Evon, says they are not able to do that because in the footage the police says my daughter never put the bag down. However, the police officer said it was the quality of the footage and angle of the footage that wouldn’t allow him to see that they stole the bag. I’m just frustrated because I wasted time and money and Forever 21 in chandler 85226 does not care

  • Mindy Cripps says:

    CONTINUALLY discount codes do not work! BMSM30 does not work-even tho it says an additional 30% off of price whether in red OR black. This happens when logged in and when NOT logged in! Verbage is the same for offered discounts EXTRA30 and MVP30. When I called I was told that indeed it DOES NOT mean an additional 30% off-EVEN THO IT IS WORDED EXACTLY THAT WAY- and that in order to receive the discount on a regular priced item I would have to separate the orders and not only have multiple orders, but multiple shipping charges! It INDEED is not helpful when you have a customer service rep that when these facts are brought to the attention, says, WHY DONT YOU JUST LOG IN AND TRY THAT. On another note, WHY when I log in, does ALL PRICING GO BACK TO REGULAR AND NOT SALE PRICE? Certainly that is not a stated occurrence for an account holder! Why then, other than allowing you to track orders for marketing, is that beneficial to the consumer?
    Indeed I am a loyal customer, but the CONTINUAL frustration of all of these issues have me resorting to shopping with BLOOMCHIC, BOOHOO, & RUE21.
    I would VERY MUCH APPRECIATE feedback from YOU on these issues! Yes, I am an older consumer purchasing, so I tend to lean toward this being a BAIT & SWITCH STYLE ADVERTISING-AT the very least FALSE ADVERTISING that you are visiting upon a younger and less experienced shopping mind. I find that reprehensible.
    Mindy Cripps
    Hopeful Shopper & Current But Pending Account Holder

  • Crystal says:

    I placed an order on 12/29/2021 using two gift cards that were given to my daughter for Christmas. At the time the order went through successfully and I then discarded the gift cards. After three weeks I logged in online to check the status of my order and it showed the order status as failed. no one contacted me nor did I receive any email notifications from your company. I then tried calling customer service, the first time I was hung up on. I called again and spoke with a representative who stated that over the holidays there was an issue with order being processed and that they were handling them in the order they received. He asked that I give it a few days to hear back from someone. After a week I called back and spoke with three different reps on three different occasions and they all informed me that they had to escalate my case and that I will be contacted within 72 hours. They also informed me that since I used gifts cards they had to generate an e gift card with a pin that will also be emailed to me. Of course, I never received any communication. It’s been three months and I still haven’t been assisted. I called today and spoke with Oscar. Oscar then told me that there was a gift card of $100 that was refunded and used at a forever 21 store in California. Mind you I live in Illinois and don’t have the means to travel. I requested to speak with a manager, Oscar placed me on hold to speak with a manager whose name is Rosendo. According to Oscar, Rosendo advised if I no longer had the gift cards there was nothing that they could help me with. He refused to give me a number for corporate, he also refused to transfer me to the supervisor. This is not fair to me as a customer, why would I keep the gift cards if my order said it went through successfully? I’m requesting a refund and some type of communication from a manager. I’m attaching a copy of my order. If you value your customers, someone will reach out to me. For god’s sake, it’s been 3 MONTHS!

  • Roger Auguste says:

    I primarily shop at Forever 21 for my granddaughter. She loves their clothing line. All I want is for them to resend the lost items so as to restore my confidence in their service.

  • Roger Auguste says:

    I ordered 6 pieces of clothing on 2/19/22 an Everlast graphic sports bra, Everlast robe, Everlast drawstring jacket, a pair of Everlast Sox, a pair of Everlast joggers, and a pair of Everlast graphic pants. I received an email that the package was delivered to my house but when I checked there was no package. Next day 2/25/22, I went to the post office and found out that my package was delivered to the same street address in a different city. The difference of 3 numbers in the zip code. I called Foever 21 and spoke to 4 customer service personel whom blamed me for entering the wrong address. I assured them that was impossible, since I used the store card. One number off, maybe, but not three and in both the billing adress and shipping adress. The post office blamed Foever 21 and Foever 21 blamed the post office, leaving me with the bill and no package. Not fair. Forever 21 claimed they’re not liable and me the customer is screwed. End of story?? For those with a similar story , no. I called the store card’s bank and made a complaint (Comenity bank.) They are going to look into it. It could take up to 90 days. My credit is good and I can still order during the investigation.

  • Annette says:

    You need to fire the Forever 21 salesclerk at Yorktown Mall Lombard, Illinois for spraying Lysol Disinfectant spray in a customer’s face for not wearing a mask. The salesclerk could asked nicely to put a face mask on or ask if there she has a medical reason. Shame on your company. We will not be shopping there anytime soon

  • April says:

    I was embarrassed at the flimsy, provocative and frankly immodest clothes your store has for teenage girls. We want girls to feel good about their figures and build up their self-esteem.

  • Shawna taylor says:

    Hi. Shopping with my Daughter in Forever 21 in Manchester NH. She has lots to buy and I have lots of money to spend. However, because I have a bad back and nowhere to sit while she tries things on we have to leave. Please provide benches near the changing room or somewhere in the store for people to sit while they’re waiting for their daughter or granddaughter to try things on. This is a common courtesy that a store should do.

  • Debbie ventimiglia says:

    One of your employees on the phone tried to get my credit card info

  • Priya Suthar says:

    very good products i want to work with you..im fashion designer…my name is priya
    from Jaipur (Rajasthan )9664209574

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