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  • Address: 15031 Commerce Dr S, Dearborn, MI 48120, USA
  • Phone Number: 313-322-3000
  • Fax Number: 313-322-9600
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 2,10,000
  • Established: 1903
  • Founder: Henry Ford
  • Key People: James Hackett (CEO)

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Robert L. Shanks


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  • Carol Weathersby says:

    To whom it may concern:
    My name is Carol Weathersby Campbell and in October 2019, I purchased 2 vehicles from Planet Ford 59 humble Texas in cash. One of the vehicles was a 2013 Dodge Challenger RT and the other vehicle was a Chevrolet Tahoe. I was told by Stewart at Planet Ford 59, that the dodge Challenger had a remaining bumper to bumper warranty with Dodge since the vehicle had less than 50,000 miles. I purchased an additional extended warranty from Steward from Planet ford dealership in Humble Texas. In November 2019, I had major throttle problems with the dodge Challenger. I was told to take the vehicle to Texan Dodge with Mrs. Sheffie. Once the vehicle was analyzed, I was told that a new motor would have to be placed in the vehicle. The dodge Challenger stayed in the shop at Texan dodge without a loaner vehicle or rental car for a month. In December, the vehicle started having additional problems, and I brought the vehicle back to Texan Dodge to have the problem fixe. This occasion I was without a vehicle for a week and had to pay another deductible. Now, March 2019, my dodge Challenger is leaking oil and I am being told to bring it back to the same dealership.
    I do not understand that if there are no recalls on the vehicle, and I had another motor placed in the vehicle in November 2018, why would I have an oil leak? I was told that the parts were not new parts and anything could be wrong with the used parts that were purchased to put in the vehicle by Mrs. Sheffie. I am trying to resolve this matter as it has been an inconvenience to me. I have had time lost from work, out of pocket deductibles paid over 5 times, and given the run around.
    I was also told that I could not get two copies of a key to my vehicle even though it was purchased with cash. I was only given one copy of the key to this vehicle. I am not certain if this is some sort of scam going on between Planet Ford (59 in Humble, Texas), and Texan Dodge, but it is frustrating. The additional vehicle did not come with a third row seat, and the sunroof is leaking water when it rains. We also had problems with the struts and brakes on the Chevrolet Tahoe that is making the vehicle difficult to drive.
    I am not certain if I need to retain a lemon law attorney to handle this matter as no one is properly repairing this vehicle. The Dodge Challenger had another insurance claim on the vehicle according to Texan dodge before I purchased the vehicle and another motor was placed in the vehicle. I know that this some sort of game that the two dealerships are playing at my expense.
    I am reaching out to your office because I am frustrated and would very much like to see this matter resolved.
    I can be contacted at either carolweathersby77@yahoo.com, 832-881-2018, or 832-672-6193.
    Thank you.

  • Carol Weathersby says:

    Good Evening,

    In October 2018, I went to your dealership (Planet Ford) located in Humble Texas. I purchase (debit card) two vehicles off of the lot. I purchased a Dodge Challenger 2019 (Hemi V8 RT), and Chevrolet Tahoe 2007. The Chevrolet Tahoe (I was told); the dealership could not find the 3rd row seat. I still purchased the two vehicles and paid for a Platinum extended warranty for the Dodge Challenger. I was told that the Dodge Challenger since it had less than 50,000 miles had a bumper to bumper coverage still with Dodge. At least a week later, I started having mechanical problems with the Dodge Challenger. I spoke with Steward (who sold me the extended warranty) at Planet Ford in Humble, Texas and was told to take it to Texan Dodge. I was told that the vehicle had multiple engine problems and it would require another engine to be put into the car. I left the car with Texan Dodge and another motor was ordered and I was told that everything would be taken care of as far as the vehicle was concerned. The car was at Texas Dodge in Humble Texas and authorization information was being relayed between Mrs. Sheffie (Texan Dodge) and Stewart (Planet Ford). The car stayed in the shop for 1 1/2 months. In December, I picked the car up and had to pay $160.00 deductible. I did not receive a loaner car or rental car. I lost time from work, and ended up being fired from work due to lack of transportation.

    After all of these issues were supposed to be completed. In December 2018, the vehicle suffered another problem and it was sent back to Texan Dodge for a Throttle problem. Again, i had to pay $ 114.00 deductible after the vehicle was released (after a week). Now, January 2019, i have an oil leak. I went into Texan Dodge and spoke to Mrs. Sheffie (after calling her multiple times), and she told me that I might have to pay another deductible and that the car had prior issues when i bought the vehicle. I told her that the vehicle had a new engine that Texan Dodge (their dealership) put in and also worked on the faulty throttle in 2018. She told me that she want sure if Planet Ford (with the extended warranty) would cover the oil leak. I also found out that a prior claim was put on the vehicle before I purchased the vehicle in October 2018.

    I am horrified with the matter. Not only am I getting the run around, but I know that according to the prior insurance claim that was put on the vehicle that Planet Ford was aware of the damages to the vehicle. The Chevrolet Tahoe also has strut problems and water is leaking (when raining) through the sunroof, and has not 3rd row seat. I purchased both vehicles for $36,000 plus another $3700.00 for the extended warranty. I also paid 2 times for deductibles and now the vehicle still has an oil leak.

    I have dedicated time, money, lost my job, and patience dealing with this matter. I am writing your office for help. No one else has looked at the vehicle or attempted to repair the vehicle at all. Right now, I am taking a chance of driving the vehicle because I have to get my children to school every morning.

    The is horrible, horrible situation and I would like some kind of result, or my money needs to be refunded to me under the Lemon law.

    Thank you.

    Carol Weathersby

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