Where is Foodtown Corporate office Headquarters

Foodtown Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 600 W 160th St, New York, NY 10032, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 732-596-6000

  • Fax Number: 732-596-6020

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 208

  • Established: 1994

  • Founder: Martin Vitale 

  • Key People: David Maniaci

Foodtown Headquarters Location & Directions

Foodtown Headquarters Executive Team



David Maniaci

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Esmail Mobarak


Kostanty Lebiak

Vice President of Center Store

About Foodtown, History and Headquarters Information

In 1955 Twin County Grocers in New Jersey founded this company Foodtown. It is the supermarket in the northeastern United States. In Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey there are 73 stores of Foodtown. Foodtown headquarters are located in Iselin, New Jersey, U.S. Each store of Foodtown is owned and operated by the individual owner. Some owners own more than one store.

Between the 1980s to 1990s in New Jersey,Foodtown was the largest store for selling product and services to the customers. Its product is a bakery, dairy, foods grocery, liquor, snacks, and many others. In the mid of 1990, Foodtown company came to its closing due to two major incident. The food stores which was owned and operated by Melmarkets and Mayfair were all at once purchased by Ahold, a Dutch retailer in 1995 this was the first incident.

The second incident was when the money of the organisation had been stolen by Twin County’s.

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  • nancy kimich says:

    I have lived in Highlands Texas for 18 yrs & have always liked that there was a Foodtown here right down the road. But up until Mr. Bill & Miss Sam left it was a fantastic store. But now I hate to even go there it has changed so much. It has become more of a Hispanic store than for all races. I go to channelview or Baytown lately. It’s not as friendly & homey like it was. Maybe you should have your manager or managers realize there are all races that go there. I’ve known others who have chosen to stop going to the Highlands Tx store also. And why is that you could hang meat in that store? It’s to damn cold it’s uncomfortable to your older clients. A very unsatisfied customer.

  • Eleanor Campbell says:

    Your store excepts food stamps WIC there has been a new OTC card for seniors. Our dollar general does


    Its true, We both are doctors we dont need to steal – I was there when the security guard Hernando pulled his gun and had his hand on the gun under his shirt, with threatening words and hostile jesters – try me , try me, try me he keep saying – Security Hernando at the West Palm Beach Military and 45 St store grabbed the bag out of my friend’s hands, who is a elderly looking gentleman. the entire groceries – scattered out – nasty dirty security – I would sue FoodTown – especially when all items were paid for except one item in the same fish bag – not his fault the other 2 bags of items were paid for. I was there with him all the way he did not steal of shoplift as Hernando call the cops and told them – dam lie. Security like Hernando should be fired or removed in hostile environment where he belongs, he is very rude to many of the guess – Just his looks alone will want you shop at a different stores. We should petition till he is fired or removed –

    Get rid of Hernando the head security in the West Palm Beach Military and 45st Store

  • BLACK PEOPLE Victimized BY SECURITY says:

    I am 72 yrs, and was accused of shoplifting while all other items were paid. The cashier did not ring up the item. Police came and I am banned from the store. At the same time we are the community that advertised and solicit the store for advertisement. Should we sue the Store? Demand that the Hernando, Head Security at FoodTown, 45th and Military in West Palm Beach, Florida 33407 be removed for his nasty behavior towards several black persons who has suffered under his bull dog attitude. But not the same for his Spanish patrons. We hope the management to investigate into why would a security guard treated me by pulling what seems like a gun and accuse me of stealing, where there is more than enough funds on the card. The issue is the cashier did not check the item.

    The Hunan Error is Buying an item from one department and walking with the bags to pick up other items. A more conscientious trained security would say you did not check one of the items and return it for payment not call the cops when there are 2 of the same item, one was cashed and the other not. I this tines people need to make better assessment. Here I am a Radio Personality advertising their products and you think I am stealing. Something wrong with that Security Training.

    Our intent is to speak with the management to remove such ban and for management to train the security force to treat the patrons with respect and a smile. Not to look at everyone with a grouchy look as we all are going to steal. You don’t find the same security attitude in NY FoodTown. Get rid of Hernando the head security. Post him in a prominently Spanish store. Not in a WPB mixture of many nationalities. One day he is going to pull that gun and you will have a bloody mess. He loves to step up in others face, hold his gun under his shirt and say “Try Me, Try Me” cursing all kind of profanities, till now we have a crown. What did I do? Not only me, but he has done this to many others. Just ask the workers and patrons in the store. In fact we can start a petition to boycott the store till Hernando is fired or removed. There are many employees including the 2 Jamaican brothers as owners for the 45st and Military store in West Palm Beach, Florida. That I know personally, from Clarendon. I was there when there only 5 shelves were on the floor in FoodTown WPB. I did real estate back then in showing the listing thats how that store came about. Now I am Banned from the store?

    Please have management contact me. bigholdings@gmail.com

  • Michelle Moody says:

    I just left Brooklyn food town on broadway .The mangers who would not give their name gave the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE
    I am a homeowner who been in this area for years and who also is a member of various organizations in Bed-Sty as well Brownstoners The first employee argued with me regarding the price of jelly when I ask to speak to the manager another employee who refused to give his name kept me waiting while he talk about me with the other employee and then took a call on his cell phone no apologizes nothing was addressed or resolved .As a former retired bank manger

  • Kay Wickersheim says:

    What can’t you hot picks be digital like Safeway or Frys? Not everyone had capability to print. Seem discriminatory to us that can’t print as we lose this advantage. Thanks for listening

  • George says:

    So I shop at the Throngs Neck store faithfully so today as I was struggling to find a way to feed my daughters 4 and 15 plus disabled wife, there happened to be two bags of Greek salad dated for today leading them to throw away. After pleading with 4 managers with the support of most employees to please let me have their “trash” and the main manager possibly owner actually said no. I go hungry 2 days a week to feed my girls and they had the heart or lack there of to insist it was a poor idea. I could’ve waited til an unknown moment it went to dumpster but I don’t have that luxury of time. I have spent so much money at my local Super food Towne. Thank you for your gratitude and empathy.

  • Veronica says:

    Im of the opinion that Foodtown stores needs to pick up the pace in regards to customer care.
    I went today to retrieve ham based on coupon from a store in White Plains road and 2017 street the Bronx. I was told that the card and the coupon number doesn’t match. I told them the cashier used the store card, before i could present it to her.
    They said that i couldn’t get the ham. I said ok and left the store but i forgot to collect back my receipt because it was attached to the coupon. Within 5 mins time. They destroyed the receipt.
    The cashier kept on saying you won’t get it. I kept on asking for my receipt they only gave me the coupon all crushed. Until now no receipt. Im of the notion that its only when one is doing scam that they destroy evidence.

  • Jenny Dunn says:

    There is a recently closed Walgreens on Union Turnpike and 187th Street in Fresh Meadows, Queens, New York. 186-16 Union Tpk BL 07256 LOT 0101. Ideal location for a FoodTown.

  • Diane Giles says:

    I made a call to
    corporate regarding now I was treated. Last week I purchased 2 item for $2.99 per lb I though. Today the same item is being sold for $1.49 per lb. I ask for a store credit. I arrived early and notice to purchase had change. Maura told me that last week last week it sold for $1.69 but today its sold at $1.49. Nixon Herrera manager even stated I had purchased from another store. But my receipt and the label said otherwise. I usually paid $2.69 per lb. Clearly a human error I just wanted them to own it and give me a store credit. I was truly upset when both employees started speaking Spanish. I ask them not to please. They both spoke better English than I. I filled like I had been cheated and scam. I spend lots of money in this store because its near my home. As of today I’m asking my Alumni members and our neigborhood counsel membership not to shop with you guys. I felt like Nixon called me dishonest. He didn’t ask for my received at all. Foodtown store on Antoine in Houston, Texas

  • COOP says:


  • Frank says:

    Why is Foodtown is Racist against all diabetes customers who buy their Canada Dry sales of two liter seltzer water. Canada Dry soda bad sugaree soda cost a lot less while at the same time their selling their 2 liter seltzer water cost for a lot more money. For pictures proof see your ad week of 09/ 03 to 09 /2021.

  • Karen says:

    I am at the Food Town in Cortlandt Manor and although there is a sign on the door specifying masks many people are not wearing them. There should be an announcement made over the PA System.

  • Mike says:

    I would like to make a discrimination compant, The store is located at croton on hudson ny, please call me about this I am going to call my lawyer on this, the manager was so mean and called me WHITE trash, I am sueing if I don’t here from you, thank you # 914-257-2156

  • Tracy P says:

    My foodtown on Albany Post Road in Croton is wonderful. The large staff is professional, very hardworking and very nice to interact with. Ronette always tries to find special items to please her regular customers, the cashiers are always sweet and very quick to keep the pace. They are EXTRA AMAZING during this pandemic !,!! It’s a great staff.
    The store like a bit more expensive than ShopRite but FOODTOWN has more organic fruits and vegetables and better food quality. But it’s the people that make the experience worth shopping there.

  • R Kennedy says:

    Ordered crawfish Monday for Thursday pickup. Added an extra sack Tuesday morning. No problem Thursday no crawfish, lady manager was helpful and called shipper ERIC said will be here Friday. I called at noon Friday as delivery was normally 11o clock. Sorry running 2 hours behind come at 3pm.l stood by the meat market door 45 minutes before the cf showed up. I went up front to pay and found 2 checkers and 5 to 6 in line. 4 people were cleaning up a broken container on #3. The mess was cleaned up and the light was turned on and the checked indicated for me to come over. The short heavy set manager yelled at me to not unload my basket because there glass on the floor. I had watched 4 workers cleanup the mess shuffling around with a mop and drying the area with towels. I handed the checker the bill for two bags of crawfish and the manager waddled over and started running his mouth. I tried to explain the whole story and he did care. I raised my voice and told him the other managers would get behind a register. At that point he said he wasn’t up front and did know the lines were as now 10 deep. I did let him know Foodtown should not advertise they sell Crawfish if this was an example.
    I had promised first responders and mother a boil but with the unprofessional attitude of the manager who was there Friday at 3pm you should be ashamed as he could only tell me to leave. As far as going to register 3 at the beckoning of the cashier other customers spoke up and said turn the light off. This guy needs help with his customer service. Maybe he should stick cans or sweep floors until he realizes with out customers he doesn’t have a JOB. 832-771-7338 I’m really disappointed with your choice of Managers.

  • Adele says:

    Foodtown were letting seniors (65 and over) in at 7am before other shoppers. I guess as a way to give back to the community. Was I disappointed! The store had never restocked! I ended up leaving empty handed. So much for helping seniors.

  • Donnitta Mclaughlin says:

    This store is a complete waste of time. Upon entering there is always a Unhelpful Employee standing around looking people up and down as if they do not have money to shop. Whichever employee is in the front is always speaking horrible Spanish and being as as useless as possible. There is always employees just standing around, not assisting customers there staring at the female patrons and looking commenting on their looks and bodies. God forbid if you have a question about an item, and ask an employee. No one knows anything. In this instance, I went to the register to purchase my items. The checkout woman was not really paying attention, until she scanned an item that was not coming up. I told her the price of the item was $3.99. But of course, she had to call in for a price check. The guy who came over had an attitude because he had to go and check and it was 25 minutes before the store was suppose to close. Newsflash, the store isn’t closed! Paying costumers do not want to shuffle around piles of garbage and a dirty store because you are prematurely preparing to close. The store wasn’t busy, one cashier open no need to be so hasty to close. I had 5 small items and as I was paying didn’t realize the cashier put my things in two bags, she handed me one and I walked out the store. Thank goodness, I live upstairs. It wasn’t until 15 minutes later and my sister asking for an item that I realized all my paid items were not in my bag. This was a a mistake, an honest mistake. However, my true complaint comes from when I went back to store. The store was closed, and I had to bang on the door. Employees were just standing and/walking by watching me bang on the door, until one recognized me. In the most broken English employee said, “wuat u wont miss?” I tried to explain what happened and he told me, No! You wrung! I asked to speak to someone else, and I explained again that I had not received all my items and he also said “No! I saw you walk out with a bag. Again, I explained, I did walk out with a bag but the girl had not given me all my items. I guess a Manager overheard the conversation and said let’s look at the cameras we can tell. I said fine. After he played the camera footage, he said see, you left with a bag. Again, I said yes I left with a bag but all my items were not there. He played the footage again and slowed it down and saw the Cashier, had split my 5 small items into two bags push one bag along the counter and placed only ONe bag in my hand. Therefore not given me all my items like I had claimed. The other two useless gentlemen in the room, began speaking Spanish and making comments and realizing that I was telling the TRUTH. I told them, I just want my items I paid. The “manager” said Yes, go get the items. I went to go grab the three items and three employees started following, watching me as though I was STEALING. Again, none really being helpful. I grabbed the items and then bolted out of the store. The most ignorant part of the this ordeal is the staff. Because of my dark skin, I look like a regular African American female, however, my family is from and I was born in Belize. I’ve lived in Panama for 8 years, my father is Cuban, therefore, I speak Spanish. Actually, I speak, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and some Japanese. I’ve recently moved into this neighborhood to be closer to a business that I manage, and only because this store is downstairs of my building is why I shop there. The customer service is beyond HORRIBLE. The comments that I heard from the staff were absolutely disgusting and atrocious. I don’t care if they are Dominician decent. Hearing the N word and other disgusting language should not be Acceptable.

  • Gene says:

    Foodtown treats customers badly. Anthony R at the East Harlem store is the worst. I called about an item. His staff told me something was in the store, so it was okay to invest in travel. I got there. Item not in store. Complained to Anthony. Was told by Anthony I didn’t call when I showed him my phone history—that the number on my phone was not his. Then I called it. It WAS the store, it WAS him. Anthony had flat out lied. Then he yelled at me and told me he was at the end of HIS patience and to leave his store.

    I will never shop at a Foodtown again. I will advise others to avoid it, as well.

    Anthony Reynosa(sp) is a terrible owner-Manager and when I called corporate to complain, they told me there was nothing they could do.

    Foodtown—Zero Customer Service. Zero Accountability. Zero Stars.

    • A Neighbor says:

      This is typical of the now era. Hire people because you
      have. Can’t fired them or you’ll be labeled a so and so.

  • Leonard Carver says:

    Just left Store#602 purchasing several items. However, I was taken aback while trying to purchase fresh jumbo shrimp. Let me explain. There wasn’t anyone at the counter so I asked the meat department employee for assistance. She contacted the Meat Department Manager who tried to accommodate me by looking for the fresh seafood person. Once he located the person, he was told that the seafood person was at lunch and won’t be available for st least a half hour. I found this to be unacceptable especially on a Friday. Usually there is a relief person available in most places. Why that practice is not used here is a mystery to me. Hopefully, the regional or district manager can correct this problem knowing that shoppers come to the store as a choice and our dollars are important to the stability of the store. Thanks for reviewing my concern.

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