Where is Food Network Corporate office Headquarters

Food Network Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 422-400 W 15th St, New York, NY 10011, United States

  • Phone Number:+1 212-398-8836

  • Fax Number: 212-736-7716

  • Email: feedback@foodnetwork.com

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: April 19, 1993

  • Founder: Reese Schonfeld, Joe Langhan & Jack Clifford

  • Key People: Maile Carpenter

Food Network Headquarters Location & Directions

Food Network Headquarters Executive Team



Maile Carpenter


Carrie Welch

Vice President of Public Relations

About Food Network, History and Headquarters Information

Food Network was incorporated in 1993, as “TV Food Network.” It was developed by Reese Schonfeld. In 1997, it was known as the second fastest-growing cable network. After launching the largest and number one site for food, FoodNetwork.com in 1998, its business grew by leaps and bounds and resulted in double subscriber base, and triple viewership along with the network’s yearly revenue. Food Network grew leaps and bounds and went international in Great Britain, India, Asia, and Africa. It has its headquarters in New York City. Food Network went international and was introduced in the United Kingdom in 2009. As of 2018, it reaches 91 million subscribers.

Food Network is an American television channel. It is owned by Television Food Network, G.P. It broadcasts special and regular types of programs about food and cooking. Food Network has its branches all over the USA such as Tennessee, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Detroit, Jersey City, Chicago, Knoxville, and Atlanta.

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  • Helen says:

    This email is for : Bob Tuschman
    First I love the food network and my pups watch it when I leave home .
    But we have a problem, tonight on the Gingerbread showdown season 2 episode 5. Carla Hall said to Kalen : I’m going to have to TAKE YOUR BLACK CARD !!!!
    First of all don’t know what a BLACK CARD is ( I don’t have a white card ) using RACIAL SLURS ON THE NETWORK IS UNACCEPTABLE. IM a 63 years young white female and I will be sharing this on my social media and with friends and family.
    The network needs to NOT renew Carla contract! Hopefully the network doesn’t have a double standard, This bring me to Paula Deen , she lost her renew contract for the same thing . Didn’t hear the N word come out of Paula s mouth but I did hear the racially slurs come out of Carla mouth .
    Please NOT SEND A automated response. Do the right thing ,and show American what you believe in .Bad things happen if good people do nothing !!!!

  • Joyce says:

    Has your website been Hacked ?? Can’t access it to enter sweepstakes ente it es

  • Chef Reginald Dwight says:

    Hello i want to Share information that Celebrity Chef Jonathan Scinto…… Has had a stroke more can be shared as you learn more about this he’s been in the hospital for about a week

  • James Guynn says:

    I am very upset with a racist remark Guy Fieri made on the show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives that aired on 29 July 22 filmed in Nashville, Tn at Chaatable restaurant. The owner explained one of the seasons she was using on the lamb sliders would be black salt and I quote Guy said “black salt who want some of the N salt I do” and both thought it was funny. Paula Dean was removed for similar remarks now Guy is making racist remarks on national TV.

  • Juju says:

    I watch the Food Network a LOT. I have a couple complaints that are making me to turn to another channel often. Guest and stars on the different competitions, PLEASE MAKE THE WEAR GLOVES PLEASE.
    They put their hands with Lon finger nails, rings, bracelets, and bare hands. Many have nose rings IT FLIP YOUR Stomach to see them cooking with nose rings, Long hair hanging over the food long sleeves dangling in the food long beards just hanging,
    Clean up the cleanliness of the shows.PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Also you run the Danes shows from morning til night.
    Guys Diners Drive In and Dives. BORING. Alternate the shows each day show a few episodes of got diner drive-in and dives grocery games chopped don’t show the same show all day long boring

  • Dixie says:

    Snoop dog just called conservative blacks coons! What the hell. Since hes a lousy pimp, rapper, he thinks he has the privilege to call them a word we as a society have buried. Is he gonna resurrect the N word next? I’m disgusted beyond common sense. You seem to run a racist ship there. You recently had another host pick on a child by saying horrible things about Baron Trump. You had no problem unfairly removing Paula Deen for having a damned imperfect past. Well, food network looking racist to me. Adding Any Schumer didnt help and I will watch something else from now on.

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