Where is Food Maxx Corporate office Headquarters

Food Maxx Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2020 W Briggsmore Ave
    Modesto, CA 95350
  • Phone Number: +1 209-530-9677
  • Fax Number: +1 209-530-9670
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 16000
  • Established: 1986
  • Founder: Bob Piccinini
  • Key People: Robert M. Piccinini

Food Maxx Headquarters Location & Directions

Food Maxx Headquarters Executive Team



Robert M. Piccinini


Greg Hill

Co-President & CFO

Steve Junqueiro


About Food Maxx, History and Headquarters Information

Foodmaxx is founded in the year 1986 by Bob Piccinini, and other key people include Robert M. Piccinini. The employee strength of the company is about 16000 people.

The company deals with all types of herbs and spices and it is the one-stop web shop for all kinds of herbs. They deal with online services and easy payments through the online app. The timely delivery of the products is a key step for the customers to feel contented.

They are one of the best known for providing vital flavourings, exotic herbs, and spices. All the kitchen products which are used in the cooking is available with them. Food recipes are available, which are mouthwatering and they are the traditional ones. The company is headquartered at 2020 W Briggsmore Ave Modesto, CA 95350 USA. They are working with some of the prominent brands for promotions. Foodmaxx is a key player in all types of herbs market.

Food Maxx Headquarters Photos

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  • Daryoush Ashtari says:

    Att BOB piccinni
    Sir hi , i hope all is good in this difficult time, i am refering to your food max fremont city in california on mowry and walnut, i know you have been there personally and you saw me i said hi and pass bye, i think there is too many problems with the staffs line up with the store , i am not a regular customer , i am every day 3 times shopper at this store because i live one block away and i did not want to go to the other store in newark wich is almost 5 miles further than this store, anyways it was an afternoon that i went to your store to get the best hennsy which i buy from you regularly and started to come to your store after the outbreak started because i did not want to travel too far from home to get to one of your stores due to coronavirus epidemy for which i think you agree with me sir
    anyways when i went into the store , the store was almost packed but not too busy like before the outbreak… i asked one of your customer service to help me , she was a lady old age standing at the self check out line where there was nobody at the time and she was looking at the wall, but not me to welcome or ask me if i need something , it was a total ignorance and i got a little hot , but did not say anything , inspite of calling the women a few times for help, needless to say i needed a key for the liquers , finally i found someone to call a manger , but manager did not come at all after 20 minuets , again i saw this one and that one , evethough the store was not busy nobody wanted to work and help customers which was amazing to me , because i really do not need the help of the customer service if you call it customer service if there in this store a customer service ever existed, i doubt it,, never…….
    in this wirwar i was mixed up and finally a manager on the floor brought the key and nobody could open the shelf to give me the liquer , i was frustrated as i wanted to leave, one of them called me and said here is your liquer but after so long line as i did not deserve to stay in the line as i was in the line and i was taken out of the line to get the liquer twice i lost my space in front of the register and i was sent back to a long line, i got upset and i wanted to leave and put the liquer down but again one of your customer service a short white skinny woman which i took pictures of all secenn and vidoe shows what dis organized store you have as i have never seen in my life , even in the slopiest store employees respect customers evcen if they do nothing for the customer, anyways after all this trouble i left the liquer on the counter and left,… i think your store manager was behind the sceen was telling his employees to run this show i swear to god this is true and wanted me out of the store with all sort of tricks even making me fall on the floor, as i almost did and i cotrol myself and i stood up,
    i can provide it to you that i have a disabled leg with 5 surgery on it and i can nort walk too good but i was not in the weehchair this time and i keep a stick in the car , but i forgot to bring it to the store, that way with too much pressure i injured my leg and i am seeing a doctor for this purpose, and i can not slep at night , because at the time of almost fall i put too much pressure on the spot of surgery where my femur was cut in half in an accident and it took me 6 years until i could walk and i am disabled and getting ssi at this point , all records are easily obtainable by me,
    okay i did not say anything and i left, next day as i shop in food max mowry fromnt every day several time may be around 50 to 60 dollars a day after shopping and getting superb customer service at the cash out line, the store manager who i took his name down met me outside of the store looking at my bag to see if i have stolen anything which i will sue you later and this is amazing and i took a picture of it and after searching me by looking into the bag , not touching the bag in a suspecious way , my heart started pounding i said what you want , you are not allowed to stop me outside of the store , said i was okay but due to the incident yesterday i am not allowed to come back to this store at all and i left. that was it , i never came back and i went happily ever after shopping at my new favorite store walmart and safeway and reilys which i love the way they treat me. i promise wether you allow me to come back or not i will never ever come back to your store and i personally want to say that you should regret having these few employees who have established a gang by the manager as sabotaging people and toturing human beings for shopping there by all means , as store manager to be seemly very happy and proud that he is trying to kick me out of his store looking like a revenge to me rather than a suspension forever,
    sir my time is very very very expensive and i am not writing this trauma for fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you need to line up your legal team together and fight this lawsuit, because i i have money to bring you to justice by all means . i never give up until you personally pay for this that you never ever ever forget that cheap emplyees like also your dumb manager is the cause of your failure. i sue the heck out of you with pride, and i along with my best lawyers in town make a real show of justice as you and the generations after you never forget this such incidents even worse than this on a disabled ever happen again. and…. Get Ready
    i will furnish you with my lawyer information or i have you call back your lawyer, therefore; in your next correspondence you mention the name of your lawyer, this way they will contact him ( your lawyer).

    please do not communicate with me because i do not respond due to sensivity of the matter.
    Daryoush Ashtari

  • Susan Holliday says:

    Foodmax Santa Rosa CA… The produce guy doin veg told me when I asked if he could send someone to grab carts. Cause there was none. He replied for me to go out & grab one myself. In which I would have if I was younger. But I’m old. So foodmax lost $$$. Cause I can only hold so much in my arms. I spend between 120.00 to 150.00 each time I go there. What’s this world coming to when a man can’t even take the time to help someone. I guess he’s not to leave where he’s at nor be bothered. It was pouring rain. & I had a flannel jacket on with hood. So maybe I looked homeless to him not sure? but Very sad no matter what I looked like at the time. He could of asked someone to go & round up some carts… Baskets… Very disappointed.

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