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John Michael Schlotman

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Paul W. Heldman

Vice President, Secretary, and Director

Mary Elizabeth Van Oflen

Vice President, Controller, and Principal Accounting Officer

About Food 4 Less, History and Headquarters Information

Food 4 Less is founded in the year 1977 by Kroger, and other key people include John Michael Schlotman. This company is a national grocery store, and it is operating through many retail stores. The customer-oriented process makes this process very relevant, and customers are free to choose their groceries.

Kroger operates this company through 4 different stores which are situated at different locations. Company is working with many popular brands, and all the products are available in the stores. Grocery stores are very common nowadays, and they are useful for customers. After the introduction of app-based marketing, it’s very easy for the customers to avail discounts and new deals.

The company is headquartered at 1100 W Artesia Blvd Compton, CA 90220 USA. Food 4 Less has launched its app where users can select all the products and add them to the cart for payments. The services are easily available to all the customers.

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  • Monica says:

    The employee from Chula Vista store located in the palomar shopping center flipped me off

  • Jessica A Dodd says:

    I had a slip and fall incident in one of your stores.

  • Agent of Jesus christ A.O.J.C non profit says:

    Food 4 Less on 1700 w. 6th street.los Angeles Calif. Is discriminating on me based on my religious belief. I was attacked security and management of the store didnt say or do anything to the attacker.he was a man and im a woman. That was this week last week they stole my basket and irvin the manager did nothing. Thank you Kroger

  • Pastor,Dr.Johnson says:

    Good evening ,As a Compton resident and customer at Food 4 Less that’s located on Central and Rosecrans Ave . I’m very dissatisfied with the service. There are not enough Cashiers to service the customers . On June 23,2023 , there were only two lines open for more than 15 items or less . The store was packed, and the lines were curved around the isles . This type of service is unacceptable and is very disheartened for the community that supports this franchise . This appears to be a regular occurrence and the comments from the customers supports my concerns. Respectfully , Pastor Dr. Johnson contact email :drpjmyseason@gmail . com

  • Joel Ortiz says:

    Please tell your CEO that your ad sucks. I tried an hour getting to your corporate office! What a crap crap crap result! You have people coming in running your corporation and saying all this is going to be just fine and it sucks! My number is 951-241-4426. Please have your CEO call me I’m 57 years old. I’m a United States Navy disabled veteran grew up in Southern California. When I go to your website and look for your ads I expect to click one or two clicks and go to your ad! Thank you for your continued service to the community and your continued service to our nation.

  • Alex Giron says:

    Hi idk if this message will reach the appropriate persons attention. But I’m leaving this comment because I have a problem with the kind of security guards you put in your store (Imperial and Western).These incidents happened On 3 Different occasions. 2 of those occasions I witnessed the security fail to do their jobs as far as getting people who are stealing from the Store they did not do anything but look away. But the 3rd one happened today 10/27/22. I was in line with my wife and kids and the intercom came on and a F4L employee announced that he wanted idk who is in charge of the cameras but they said in their own words “ can you zoom in to try to get his face on isle 5 we have a pervert that touching women around the store” your security just sat there as if nothing was said. I had 5 people in front of me by the time it was my turn to pay your security still didn’t do a thing. You guys have a very poor program going on in your store and I thought I’d bring it to your attention In hopes of you guys doing something about the situation and not let getting it go unseen

  • Vickie campbell says:

    Food 4 less in santee,ca, is hiring only young boys now.They don’t want adies much it’s sad business. I got hired and 3 weeks later the 4th week they let me go with no reason at all and now I see very little workers there. If someone did their best in 3 weeks with very little go on leave in 3 weeks and then let go when it was a long applications its sad. I did nothing wrong got yelled at by male manager continue and I leave.I also first week got harass by a male Hispanic that only work one day a week. What a mess there.Too easy let go now with no reason.

  • Debbie Williams says:

    There’s absolutely no reason and at 8:51 p.m. on a weeknights Thursday night not even a Friday night for there to be to catchers in a store that is this busy you’re probably about 45 people in another Lane and about probably 22 to 30 here in the past night it’s redundantly ridiculous when there’s employee standing around doing nothing. P Franklin assuming that overall customer service with me when you bring back your your boss from lunch you bring everybody in from the outside and you have to work these registers so the lines go down.
    Haven went so far as to call the manager and tell them that they were in the middle of being shot and I got no response and register has not opened.

  • Jim says:

    What the hell is going on with food for less. 3 check stands open, 40 people in line and some bare shelves. This is in Sylmar california. Is Food for less going out of business or just shitty management

  • Ruby Rodriguez says:

    Why is the food 4 Less in the city of Huntington Park have one door to go in? It’s been like that for months.This market makes alot of money.Why isn’t the door fixed back to double doors.What if there’s an emergency. How are people going to get out? Fix the door.

  • Gina Israel says:

    I was just at the Evanston, IL Food 4 Less. It is Friday morning about 9:15 am and there were only two people helping out at the front of the store. THEY DESERVE A RAISE! Only the self check outs were available and they had all they could do to help the customers using those machines to check out. There were at least 10 people waiting in line the whole time I was there. There was no security. Not only is the store understaffed, the employees you were lucky enough to have show up were overworked. The least you can do is compensate those people for their extra efforts and thank them for getting and keeping the store open, even though you had money walking out the door.

  • Chris Ibanez says:

    Food 4 less lemon grove went to crap in the last two months, long lines even at off peak times, store messy, employees have frowns…what happened?

    • MAYRA says:

      I can so agree with you!!! And give what, this year you probably won’t have any girl scouts selling cookies either. The new manager has a problem with it, he said it’s up to corporate office but other stores have said yes. I do not like going there any more.

  • destiny says:

    food for less in melrose park il hirid goffrey davis and kimberly davis forged goffrey davis application signature on internet okay

  • Pedro says:

    Store security guards waste of money at Food 4 Less Stanton Ca, 90680 . They stand by entry door for 8 hour doing nothing . Customers walk-in with backpacks, large bags , bicycles, roller skates, dogs, etc. They walk out with full baskets with groceries without paying. Last week I heard a cashier clerk on store PA warning guard that a customer was bypassing the check register and walking towards the exit door with a full basket with groceries. Security guard looked a customer with basket and did nothing . Cashier clerks raising her hands with frustration.



  • Pam Perry says:

    Would like to see a Food 4 Less in Lebanon, OR
    There is land for sale.

  • Jim Cipriano says:

    Your food delivery siteS do not work. I ordered $200 of foods about two months ago, and everything went fine. Now, after trying for three days, going through ten sites at least, including Instacart, I can NOT order anything. YOU ARE LOSING MILLIONS OF $$$$$ !!!!! : (((((
    I have spoken to numerous site reps, all friendly and professional, except most hung up while I was on ‘hold’, and none could make ‘your’ site work for me. I want to give you business.
    I’d like to order through you. I shop at Food4less locally. But I need some groceries, and your site(s) don’t work. Guess I will go through

    Let me know if you can help (I’m at 619 460-8883 ). Thanks Jim Cipriano La Mesa (near El Cajon) CA 91942

  • Charles Hislop says:

    I can see get a back pack!!!! Cathedral City Ca. On 6/16/2019. Security guard made couple of comments “u didn’t buy anything. ( Just purchased $16.something). At that time I told him not to talk to me like that, do not judge me, and insinuate that I am something I am not.
    06/18/2019 Pm security officer told me to give him my small Tote bag. I told him I use the bag for my valuables. When I told him ” No” the Security guard made a comment ” why not? what’s in the bag “with a smile”?”. ( Manager )Little lady came out looking at the security guard saying I’m sorry you can not have the bag in the store. I made the comment that he can look in the bag when I leave. They stated NO.
    At this time woman with big bags, Back pack purses.and more going in and out of the store an going out of the store.
    I have been profiled by a security guard who tells You what a book is about. by looking at the cover.I am not a book that you can look at the cover an judge.

    95% disabled SSDI I worked for my Income. Lost $2,500 a month an more to be disabled , an then insulted like this.
    between the whip lash, and that guard. I do not know what is the biggest pain.

    • Gregory O.G. says:

      I read and understood what you have said about scrutinizing your bag the way they do, please put your thought together as if you were a security observing some one interring the store with a backpack, that looks lightly flat; what would the security code be to watch you, observing the culprit might leave the store with that backpack filled with expensive items that result to bankruptcy. Got it!

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