Where is Flowers Foods Corporate office Headquarters

Flowers Foods Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 1919 Flowers Cir, Thomasville, GA 31757, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 229-226-9116

  • Fax Number: +1 229-226-9100

  • Email: info@flowersfoods.com

  • Number of Employees: 9800

  • Established: 1919

  • Founder: William Howard and Joseph Hampton Flowers

  • Key People: Allen L. Shiver

Flowers Foods Headquarters Location & Directions

Flowers Foods Headquarters Executive Team



Allen L. Shiver

President, CEO & Director

R. Steven Kinsey

CFO & Chief Administrative Officer

A. Ryals McMullian Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

Bradley K. Alexander

President of the Fresh Packaged Bread Business Unit

David M. Roach

President of Snacking & Specialty Business Unit

Robert L. Benton Jr.

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Harish Ramani

Senior VP & Chief Information Officer

About Flowers Foods, History and Headquarters Information

Flowers Baking Co is founded in the year 1919  by William Howard and Joseph Hampton Flowers, and other key people include Allen L. Shiver. This company deals with all type of baked foods, and they own all the famous brands.

The company opened its first bakery in the year 1919, and now they are one of the largest producers of baked products in the United States. Company service all the baked products through retail stores and outlets. They use efficient mechanisms, and advanced processes for the production of bakery products and they have a team of experienced bakers.

 The sales of the company are reaching new heights every day. The company works with various brands such as Nature Own, Canyon Bakehouse, and Tastykake, etc. The company is headquartered at 1919 Flowers Cir Thomasville, GA 31757 USA. All the tasty and delicious cake products are available in their outlets at affordable rates.

Flowers Foods Headquarters Photos

  • Anne says:

    Since Heather is no longer with your company, I have not been able to buy trays of bread. Today was the third time I’ve been to your Marion, VA store and told there are no trays. I could clearly see the loading dock and there were plenty of pallets of bread. You might want to find out what your new employee is doing with all the bread.

  • Concern friend of your employer from there. says:

    Work at Bardstown,Ky Flower baking company for yrs and the term for some works or not being treat equally.Ive gone too my plant manager many times nothing has been done.I like coming too work but there is many r very rude and inconsiderate and don’t finish there job on 3rd and half or more of there work for 1st shift worker.Need insurance for your employers.

  • A. Concerned-Citizen says:

    Someone from your Corporate HR office need to check on the operational efficiencies at your Villa Rica location. The HR department needs to be restructured, the managers and some supervisors need to be replaced. I say that because employees, some in supervisory positions (Dewayne H.) can abandon their job and then are allowed to return in the same position as if nothing happened. I understand the plant is short staffed but what kind of example is being set for the rest of the employees. There is favoritism, some employee’s are put on corrective action, while others are allowed to get away with the same offense. Women in the plant are being sexually harrassed and instead of it being addressed these men are simply moved to another location within the plant and allowed to display the same behaviors. There are not any women in upper management, which is an issue in itself. There needs to be a balance. Its called having a diverse work environment. This may be the reason the plant is having a difficult time retaining good people. If someone doesnt intervene, this may set your company up for law suits. I tried calling your corporate HR department but I was given the run around. Hopefully someone will pay attention to this post and take action. Im choosing to remain anonymous because I dont want my loved ones retaliated against, because that happens at this plant also.

    • iMac says:

      You are right. Everything that you said is true. I plan on doing something about it though. I faced workplace discrimination every time I clocked in on Kelsey McKay shift. Micheal Hanson the superintendent on B Side has all of his friends as supervisors on that shift. Its a piss poor shift and they lose toms of product everytime Michele Grili works as bagger. Lot if people in position of power that abuse it there.

  • Sherri l. Shanks says:

    I worked at Flower’s bakery in crossville Tennessee for a total of almost 17 years. I was injured they went above and beyond trying to help me so I could keep my job. All of management and HR were amazing. Sadly my back could not be fixed, they offered if I could be fixed i could come back. Tony Hall, Robert Smith, Judy Hall, Linda Cox plus my crew tried there best to help me. Excellent company to work for,.

  • Lolly audet says:

    I have worked Nature’s Own Bakery Outlet on Old 41 in Bonita Springs Florida for almost 2 years I am the hottest and most loyalist worker you have ever employed yet I gave my 2 weeks notice because I am not appreciated at the store I work the job of 3 people I run the store a lot of the time by myself taken in pallet and truck drivers how can they just let me walk away Knowing Me Knowing that I bring the customers in and I’ve lasted more than a week I’ve lasted almost 2 years how can you let a great employee get away

  • Irma Stehm says:

    I’ve been buying your White Wonder bread for many years now and don’t know what has happened to the freshness, as ordinarily, it stayed fresh for about a week, but the last two times, after 3 days and it didn’t expire, I threw the bread in the garbage, as it was stale and hard. Don’t think I’ll be buying your bread anymore, as it’s a waste of my hard earned money.

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