Where is FlexShopper Corporate office Headquarters

FlexShopper Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2700 N Military Trl, Boca Raton, FL 33431, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 855-353-9289

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: IR@flexshopper.com

  • Number of Employees: 

  • Established: 2003

  • Founder: Brad Bernstein

  • Key People: H. Russell Heiser, Jr.

FlexShopper Headquarters Location & Directions

FlexShopper Headquarters Executive Team



Brad Bernstein

Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

H. Russell Heiser, Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

Ravi Radhakrishnan

Chief Risk Officer

Frank Matasavage


About FlexShopper, History and Headquarters Information

Flex Shopper is a company that provides tech-related goods to the customers on a lease-to-own (LTO) contract basis. It is ideal for those people who want good durable products but do not enough supply to buy the brand new ones. Retailers can enter into a business here by renting their goods on a lease based bond, and collects money from the consumer for the same.

The company offers three ways to customers who are looking for durable and branded goods. The customers can either visit the e-commerce website that they run. The second method is to find the Flex Shopper payment method on the third party suppliers. They have retail locations in some places. Customers can visit these places and select the product. You have to make 52 weekly payments or apply for the Early PurchaseOption if they want early ownership of the product.

Find the address below:

2700 N Military Trl, Boca Raton, FL 33431, United States

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  • Shaquavia says:

    I have been trying to contact you all for the last 5 hours. No one comes to the phone and it hangs up. The customer service is horrible via the chat and I need to speak with someone about my order. This has to be the worst company to order from. Ridiculous. So far I’ve chanted with Dominic and BiBi and both were rude and not helpful at all.

  • Felicia F. says:

    Flex shopper debited my account twice today, I’m very upset. That was money for my kids and they messed up my checking account. The manager I spoke with (Cornell) the billing manager (Millie) was no help to me. The billing Representative (George) tried to flip the call saying I was past due??? I was only showing past due because of a glitch in (their) system. I have never been past due on my flex shopper account. The reason I’m going through all of this started with flex shopper. The worst experience. They drafted the money I was going to use for food for my family & now there is nothing.

  • Nicole says:

    My experience at Mavis tires In Clemmons NC was Horrible, Un Called for, and Pathetic! And my experience with Flex Shoppers is worse than mavis!
    Well let me start off by saying I am a single mother that works hard everyday to take care of her family and herself. A long time ago I learned to work on cars. I do my own work to my car unless it’s a big job or I don’t have the tools. My car was leaking oil and smoking and the engine light was on! I took my car to Mavis Tires thinking I could trust them! I also was looking for a shop to go to when I could not work on my car. They guy told me a few things that was wrong with my they only said the battery, sparkplugs, catalytic coverter, and that I needed to drain the power steering because I had metal in it! He said it would be 900, but the bill turn out to be over a 1,000. On the bill they charged me for the following things!
    1. Camshaft position sensor $109.40
    2. Camshaft position Sensor mvcg valve cover gaskets $115.91
    3. Power steering $79.99
    4. PCV hose $11.98
    5. Misc shop supplie $25.00
    6. Valve cover gasket set $73.53
    7. R&R valvecover gasket $65.40
    8. Spark plugs $54.96
    9. R&R Spark plugs $54.50
    10. Air Filter $37.14
    11. R&R air cleaner/ element $32.70
    12. PCV valve $22.80
    13. R&R PCV valve $32.70
    14. Sprinter battery $124.99
    15. Battery installation $ 10.00
    16. Weather Blade 19.79
    17. Weather Blade 19.79

    NOTE: (they only said the battery, sparkplugs, catalytic coverter, and that I needed to drain the power steering because I had metal in it)
    When I ask about the windshield wipers they said they put them on for free!

    Nothing on there about a catalytic coverter, did not ask for a lot of those things, like I said I could of changed the spark plugs myself, changed the battery myself, and drain the power steering fluid myself. Never did ask for windshield wipers!
    They fixed my car and I had to sign up for the Flex shopper program. They told me the payments would be taken out once a month. Come to find out they take a payment out every friday!

    I got my car back and a few days later it over heating and still smoking,, so I took it back to the shop when I got off work that day. The day before Easter! They were busy so I told them I was going to the house to call me when they where done. 5 or 6 I still have not heard nothing from them so I called up there. I ask about my car and they said they still have not looked at it yet and I said well yall are closing at 6 right, He said no we are staying till all over the cars are taken care of. 7 oclock rolls around and I tried to call them no answer 8 oclock still no answer. So I get someone to ride up there and the shop was closed! They did not call me or nothing and remind you it was the day before Easter so they was closed till that Monday! So there fore they kept my car without my permission and did not call me period. I had to work the next day and did not have a ride to work. I should of made a police report to where they kept my car without my permission that night! I had to go two day without my car and without knowing what was going on! That Monday I had to call out of work again so I could be there when they opened to find out what the hell was going on! When I walked in the guys could not even look me straight in the eyes! I ask them what the problem was and why they kept my car without calling me. “The guy says, we tried to call you, I ask what number he had on file and he started reading off my number and when he got to the last number he almost said four but switch it to 5 in the middle of 4. I knew he just lied striaght to my face because they had my number on file and they called me the first time to pick it up on that number just fine. He tho I should of let them have it then i still gave them another chance to see why it was over heating. I went to pick my car up that Monday afternoon cause they said they still can’t find the reason it was over heating and they did not see it smoking, when it’s been smoking this whole time. When I went to pick my car up it was sitting outside the shop. I picked my keys up and got into my car. Note I only live a few mins away from the shop. I came home and seen the car smoking and I’m like what the hell If it will start smoking in less then ten mins then why could they not see it smoking? So I get out the car open my hood and clearly it was smoking. I seen the fuss box lid is off, a cord was unpluged from my engine and the cap to my over fill was laying on my engine. You figure after all they have done to me you would think they would put the car back together right! For my saftey as well!
    I contacted flex shoppers and told them what was going on! These people are just as bad as Mavis Tires! Mavis tire told flex shoppers that they have paid me back! No one has paid me back, so without any proof flex shoppers said that mavis tire paid me back and they took me to court! NO ONE HAS PAID ME BACK! You would think that flex shoppers would ask for proof from mavis tire that they paid me back but did they no because its a lie now flex shoppers want to charge me 2,000 for work that was not done. All my paper work is fraud and I have the proof! You would think a big company like that would check and ask for the proof that they paid me back! I have so many emails from flex shopper. This is what i get back
    This is what flex shop is saying! It lies yall never took care of this like they said!
    LIES ALL lies! I want proof of what u said to flex shoppers
    We reached out to Mavis, and they are telling us that they took care of it. When you file your lawsuit against Mavis, they will provide all the information they have on their end. Nothing we can do further on our end. We reached out to them, and they told us they accommodated you.
    Your Service Request 0500-715873 has been closed. If you have any further questions or need addtional assistance please call our Customer Service Department at *******500 Extension 6550
    All they had to do is ask for the proof that they paid me back! This is very sad and FLEX SHOPPERS AND MAVIS TIRES IN CLEMMONS NC IS a total scam and rip off
    Mavis Tire told them I dont even have the car no more and til this day Im driving the car and I have my proof that its fraud! U would think a company like this would want to fix the mistake. Now They say I owe 2,000 and for what they did not do the work to my car that they said they did! Its been over a year and no one wants to make it right! I would strongly recommend not to use flex shoppers or Mavis Tires and I wont stop til they make this right!

  • Agaton CCJ Johansson says:

    How does it work in Sweden or?

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