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  • Address: 10718 Richmond Hwy, Lorton, VA 22079, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 703-339-9500
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click here
  • Number of Employees: 20,000
  • Established: 1986
  • Founder: Jerry Murrell & Janie Murrell
  • Key People: Jerry Murrell (CEO)

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Jerry Murrell

Founder, Corporate Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Jose Garzona

Chief Operating Officer

Greg Decelle

Franchise Development Director

About Five Guys, History and Headquarters Information

Five Guys was incorporated in 1986 by Janie and Jerry Murrell; Jerry and the couple's sons, Jim, Matt, Chad, and Ben in Arlington County, Virginia. By 2001, the chain experienced expansion and opened restaurants in five locations throughout the Washington, D.C. metro area. Five Guys Holdings was established in 2007. From 2010 to 2011, this company showed a rapid growth with a 32.8% sales hike. By 2016, it spread over 1,500 separate locations all over the world. It went international with its first location in the United Kingdom in 2013. In 2016, this chain bagged the first position in the burger, steak, chicken and grill category of a Market Force UK survey. It is headquartered in Lorton, Virginia.

Five Guys Enterprises, LLC owns and handles chain of restaurants. The Company provides hamburgers, snacks, and drinks. Five Guys bagged "Number 1 Burger" award by Washingtonian Magazine for seven consecutive years. It now has 79 outlets in the UK with the estate now close to reaching maturity.

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  • Deb Grossman says:

    The Pittsfield Five Guys restaurant in Massachusetts is absolutely disgusting the floor is dirty every table is dirty the chairs are even dirty the workers are slow laughing fooling around rather than preparing the orders on time the restaurant was completely dead we waited over 20 minutes for three burgers highly disappointed

  • Tucson says:

    Have you ever wondered why D & J Holdings in Az have such a hight turn over rate in Management? Maybe ya’ll should ask former Managers. Joe Masiello is a bully. And asking even GMs to call and speak to guests who have complained while at home sick, is ridiculous. Being complained on by SL and crew because of not saying please, and then saying I’m not being hard enough. Overwhelming your Managers even while they are at home and not allowing them even one day away from their email and phone is not the way to keep good staff. Asking for help and being told other stores are in more need and then telling me I’m not doing enough. I will never recommend this franchise for employment to anyone.

  • Phoebe says:

    Your store in Moore, Ok is open with no HEAT and it is 5* with a windchill of -18* outside! It’s warmer outside than in the store. I hope y’all plan on paying for the dr bills that your employees have after working in these conditions!

  • Natalie Beavers says:

    My name is Natalie. I have worked at the W Walnut location for two years. Everything was great at first but after being there for two years I’ve noticed as a manager myself the good employees get the worst end of the stick while the rest of them don’t. They seem to have trouble wanting to hold onto the bad employees who get way more write ups than deserved and still get to keep their jobs but the ones that actually work and come in and do their jobs get fired because why because they are good with a few flaws like everyone else and a few mess ups. But there is a difference between learning and fixing and getting a slap on the wrist and getting away with it but still continue to do the same things repeatedly after being told not to. Here are a few examples. We have a manager with three kids that work there. One is late every single day and one just flips burgers and takes orders and sits down. Does not clean or anything else really. We also have another manager who is also late to his shift at 4 anywheres between 30 minutes to an hour and gets a slap on the wrist while making another employee late as well because of a ride. I’m late as well but I’m never holding up my shift, it’s not everyday, and it’s not always 30 minutes to an hour. I get fired, but they get to stay or get hired back. Everyone including myself vape in that building as we are not suppose to as well as our GM Sarah and another manager Olivia who is one of the daughters and delta (THC) pens are being hit as well. I get that added to the list of reasons for firing. Another issue I locked the store down early on the 4th of July because of a rush and I knew that was wrong to do as a manager. I got my talk about that and have learned my lesson to not do it again and I haven’t but I get fired for it as well five months later. Well that’s a little too long ago to fire someone if you ask me. My point on this one is the fact that my night shift people do not clean like they are suppose to, they leave the tea urns for days without taking them apart and cleaning them, they leave grease and dirty sinks all the time , don’t clean the restrooms like they are suppose to, will leave 7-9 tables sometimes less/more dirty overnight and well that list could go on and on. I can email some pictures over the last few months that’s an everyday issue if I have to. We have an employee Fatima that all they talk about are very gross and disturbing sexual things that should not be talked ab at work in front of 16/17 year old boys and even customers or says a racist term after every word that comes out of her mouth. I think that’s a form of discrimination, right? Unprofessional! But that’s ok bc she’s a friend of the family. Unprofessional. But I get frustrated and go to the back and have my moment and yet another thing that I’m fired for. They have been told and warned multiple times to fix it and haven’t but did they get fired. No. Did they have multiple write ups yes and once again they get a slap on the wrist. I am not a perfect manager myself but I make sure to fix my mistakes and work on them as I should for myself and to grow as a manager . I’m not excusing myself at all but I should not have got fired when others do the same or worse with more write ups than I have and still do not fix their issue but expect me and the ones that actually do work and clean like you’re supposed to to get treated this way. I’m not the most professional person but this treatment is unprofessional as well. I would not want to work for this company again but all this location is showing that it’s ok to get away with everything because you’re a friend or family or a higher up. Or just don’t want to do your job. As I’m writing this I’m also trying to state my mistakes as well but I was willing to and was working on mine but as the others they do not. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a blessed day!!!!

  • scott mcallister says:

    Good afternoon guys ,
    I recently retired in Cebu province in the Philippines and I’m wondering about franchise opportunity here in the Philippines.

  • Richard Pilon says:

    Hello, my name is Richard Pilon and I was hired in December of 2021 at the 5 guys location in Plattsburgh NY. I am writing this complaint in hopes to reach someone who can help me resolve problems that I have faced, and some problems some of my coworkers have felt as well. I have tried to talk with several managers about some of these problems but to no avail. I have 10+ years of restaurant experience and I have never had such a problem being heard or taken seriously by any of the management. The first problem I would like to discuss is tardiness of management, mostly Zach our general manager. Zach is consistently late for his shift and it has impacted hours of the employees under him and morale for the group as a whole. I and several others have lost hours in wages because of this. Just this week he was almost 20 minutes late Monday the 31st and Wednesday the 2nd. On the 2nd, me and 3 other workers sat outside the store waiting for him for nearly 20 minutes. He never has apologized for a single time being late and usually works around 30 minutes after the fact before he goes outside to smoke a cigarette. This behavior is unprofessional and is robbing us of hours. This has happened very often during my shifts, especially Mondays when he has to be in earlier. I have spoken to him, along with 3 other managers about this issue with zero empathy or willingness to resolve the issue. This week alone I am out of 40 minutes of work due to his tardiness. There seems to be a huge problem with all managers showing empathy or a willingness to solve problems when they are presented with them. The next problem I have with the management is ignoring employee availability. Every week or so I have to remind my managers of my availability as they try to schedule me on days that I cannot work. Today, November 3rd, was one of those days as I have doctor’s appointments every thursday. I was told today by one of the managers that there is no such thing as a set schedule for employees. This was after I reminded Zach that I could not work because of my appointment but I was still told I needed to show up for my shift. This week I am missing 40 minutes along with a whole day of work because of negligence. I have proof of all conversations I have had about this scheduling issue. I may have to look for other employment if this issue is not resolved. I cannot afford these questionable hours and I cannot imagine if others are being treated in the same fashion. I especially need the money after coming back from vacation with no vacation pay. This location severely lacks professionalism and empathy for its employees. I am not the only one who feels this way who works at this location. When the general manager of any company talks about how he wishes he would be suspended in order to get a break and shows up late everyday it brings about a negative environment. There are health issues as well at this location with equipment not being cleaned properly. For example, both times I worked this week the tomato slicer was never cleaned the previous day as there was clearly visible tomato residue on the blades of the slicer. Both times I brought this to the attention of the general manager and both times I was ignored. I have witnesses and pictures if they need to be presented. I have no personal issues with the management, but I do care about the employees getting their wages and the cleanliness of the store. I am having to write this because I have not seen or heard of any progress to any of the problems I have discussed. Out of my 10+ years of restaurant experience I have never had to write a complaint in order to be heard. I hope this reaches the right hands and that some action is taken. It has been especially hard trying to pay my bills with the hours that are taken away from me due to negligence. I have been with the company for almost a year and these have been ongoing issues. The more I speak up it seems the more hours are taken away from me.

    I’ve always been an employee who is 10 to 20 minutes early to their shift. As further evidence I would look into my clock in history. Each time I was late in the past is due directly to not being able to enter the store because nobody had a key to get inside and clock in and the management was late.

  • Monica says:

    I love Five Guys. There is a perfect property in Long Beach CA 1837 E 7th Street, please open a restaurant here. Thank you

  • Kathy says:

    Hi! My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July. His appetite has been far from good, as a matter of fact, he had barely been eating. He decided he was going to forego his chemo treatment this time because the cancer is not responding to treatments. With all that being said, for his 61st birthday tomorrow 10/27, all he wanted was Five Guys for his birthday dinner. We have started a fb Five Guy Challenge (not the healthiest thing, but if he wants it he’s getting it) for all of our family and friends on our Facebook. I was wondering if there was any way you can possibly post something like this “Happy Birthday Rob” as we are having our friends take a photo at Five Guys and post it on his time line.

  • Julia Egg says:

    I have worked as a shift manager at the five guys store in North Andover, MA #1964 for a year and 9 months and I had seen that store flourish when we first opened and I have seen the downfall of that store and their management. Employees were not treated fairly and they withheld money from me or have made multiple mistakes on my pay roll. It is the most unprofessional store I have ever worked in and I haven’t even been able to get into contact with HR. It’s unstable and poorly training their employees. I was taught the exact Five Guys Way when I first started and have tried desperately to keep that standard in the store. Management was lazy and neglected to do what was needed to train and keep employees happy. Not only have I been disrespected and harassed, they are now trying to not pay me what I’m owed. If I could get into contact with HR I have proof.


    Myself and friends visited your outlet in euless texas today between 2:30 and 3:00 for hamburgers. I’ve always believed you have the best hamburger in the area, that’s why myself, my family and friends keep coming back.
    However, today’s experience made me and my friends decide not to come back again because of the unfriendly, rude and obnoxious treatment we received. Music was blaring as if we walked into a club, one of the staff members whom didn’t identify himself with a name tag, basically yield at us when talking to him, thrown food order and basically refused to give decent service. He had black tshirt unlike the others with red ones. He looked Hispanic.
    We still appreciate your food but don’t appreciate the service at all.

  • Mike Bills says:

    Completely Disappointed; that’s the only way to describe what happened at the five guys location in Littleton Colorado at Highland Ranch while traveling through the area last Friday August 12. It was only three guys that night they were short staffed, not the problem. I patiently waited for over 30 minutes only to discover my order had been lost somehow and they were closed at this point, so they returned my money by crediting my credit card minus the tip. Yes; they kept my tip adding insult to injury!!

  • Kim Carter says:

    I had an interview at the store in Key West. Nobody was expecting me when I arrived and there wasn’t a manager at the store. Why did this happen?

  • Lori Manes says:

    I love the burgers and fries at five guys, sadly there are none close to my work. I think there should be one at the Greene in Beavercreek, OH. There is now where in this outdoor mall to get a burger under $15.00. Plenty of food traffic.

  • Barbara Hernandez says:

    Hi my name is Barbara and I’m related to one of your employee her name is nichole Marie Carter she works there on the south lake tahoe CA, 96150 location she has covid and infected her children and my whole family.. We went in there to let the general Manger know and he was a complete a**hole and said yeah yeah I know.. I’m very concerned because she’s out there getting alot of people sick all due to her neglect. And also your general manager not taking the precautions of a fast food restaurant and following orders… I’m goin to be contacting the better business burial and let them know… You may contact me on my email

  • Lance says:

    Your establishment on broadway is full of racist fucks and all they do is smoke weed in the bathroom and argue with delivery drivers

  • Andrew Lin says:

    I am seriously disappointed at the apathy of Five Guys in regard to food allergies and religious dietary restrictions. I live in Redmond, WA and have had the same problem in the Redmond, WA location as well as the Bellevue, WA location. Today, I ordered my normal large fry and asked if gloves could be changed before preparing. The cashier considered it an unimportant request and did not inform the cook. I walked around to inform the cook. At this point, the cashier became angry and asked me why that was an issue. I explained that I was sensitive to milk and could have skin rashes. At this point, the cook changed the gloves, but then proceeded to handle other orders as if it was not an issue. I had important meetings later in the day and could not risk a reaction, so I asked for a refund and left.

    I have to say this is unfortunately not an isolated event I’ve experienced at Five Guys.

  • Steven Silverman says:

    I love the idea of crayons and 3×5 cards for people to leave comments and artistic pictures at each Five Guys.

    I’ve noticed when the board gets full some of the cool drawings on the 3×5 cards disappear never the be seen again.

    I was wondering before you throw away the art work on the 3×5 cards could you have a contest and put the coolest ones on the back of white t-shirts with the five guys logo on the front pocket with the state the picture was picked in?

  • Corina says:

    My mother, an 85-year old woman, went to the Touhy Avenue restaurant in Lincolnwood, IL to drop off her car so her grandson would have a way to get home. He often works the late shift and there’s no public transportation at that time. It was 5:40 pm when my mother went inside the restaurant to drop off the key & as she left, the manager said, “who is that f…ing b….? My nephew said, excuse me? She is my grandmother. Is that the kind of people you hire to work at your restaurants? I’ve seen many improper activities going on in your establishment but I thought someone was watching. I will try very hard to find my nephew another job where he can feel proud of them work he does – even if it’s taking out the garbage.

    • Bosley says:

      Hey Corina! What an awful experience. That is truly pathetic behavior, and beyond the pale. Especially for a restaurant chain that treat (and pays) their employees as well as Five Guys does.

      While your outrage is definitely understandable (and completely warranted), I think your approach is WAY off the mark! First of all, you need to figure out if your son’s location is a corporate store, or a franchise. Either way, I guarantee that Five Guys corporate would be VERY interested in hearing this story. Your first step is to call 5 Guys corporate offices, at 703-339-9500, and speak to someone there. They should be able to tell you if that’s a corporately owned store, or a franchise.

      If it’s the latter, share your story with someone in the dept. that oversees franchising, and request contact info and/or a call back from the franchise owner. Then share this story with the franchise owner as well. Just be sure to tell someone at the corporate office exactly what happened first.

      I know for a fact that 5 Guys holds their franchisees to an EXTREMELY high standard, and that what happened to your nephew and mother would absolutely NOT be tolerated, if brought to light. I’ve never known of a chain that enforces franchise rules and standards as strictly as 5 Guys does, and they will not HESITATE to strip ownership from a franchisee who’s failing to meet the corporate guidelines, and return that store to corporate ownership. This actually recently happened at my local 5 Guys. The franchise owner just wasn’t up to snuff.

      After being given three months to turn it around (along with all the corporate resources and training they could ever need to help them do it) that store was still consistently failing to uphold any of the minimum standards that 5 Guys corporate expects from ALL their franchisees (for freshness, cleanliness, quality, and customer service, along with the inevitable resulting profitability concerns, I’m sure), and that was it! Corporate revoked the owner’s franchise license, sent him and all of his employees packing, and immediately assumed control of the store. That was several years ago, and it’s been a corporate store ever since.

      Uncoincidentally, things quickly turned around, and that overpriced, mediocre, and disappointing excuse for a restaurant was soon transformed into the hottest, busiest and most-beloved burger place in town–a status it has enjoyed ever since. After being thoroughly unimpressed before (when it was a franchise), I now finally see what all the fuss is about. It’s like it’s a completely different restaurant!

      I’m only sharing this to illustrate the fact that FIVE GUYS corporation (which is still a family-owned company) genuinely CARES about their reputation, and will act swiftly and mercilessly to deal with ANYONE (employee, manager, or franchise owner) who threatens to tarnish that hard-earned reputation. I GUARANTEE you, if you reach out to the corporate office and share your mother’s inexcusable encounter, the INDIVIDUAL responsible WILL be taken to task over it. If it’s a first offense, and he is an otherwise excellent employee, he might just be reprimanded or possibly demoted and transferred to another store. However, if he has ANY history of similar offenses or reprimands in his file, he will almost certainly be terminated.

      My point is, that while your outrage about that incident is completely warranted, your reaction to it, and your planned solution is WAY off base! Unless your nephew hates his job, trying to guilt him into leaving in favor of some other job you set him up with is an unfair overreaction. You have decided to condemn an entire company that’s well-known for its excellent culture and unparalleled (in that industry) compensation and opportunities, for the actions and behavior of a single individual! By assuming “FIVE GUYS=BAD” and pressuring your nephew to leave, not only are you depriving him of a great part-time job in a fun and rewarding environment, you are NOT addressing the actual problem (a bad employee/manager); all but ensuring that others will continue having to deal with this jerk and his bad-attitude indefinitely.

      Leaving it to become someone else’s problem is definitely the path of least resistance, and the easiest way to deal with the situation, but is it the RIGHT way? More importantly, is that the lesson you want your nephew to learn? That when a problem arises in life that is uncomfortable or unpleasant to deal with, the best course of action is to run away and leave it for someone else to clean up? Because that’s the lesson he will learn from this situation if no one stands up and SAYS something!

      Life has given him a perfect opportunity to take a major step towards becoming a man here. He has a chance to do the right thing, and instead it sounds like you are encouraging him to run from that opportunity, rather than meeting it head-on. Becoming a man doesn’t just mean still doing the right thing even IF it is hard… It means doing the right BECAUSE it is hard! I think that your nephew should be the one to call corporate and share this story with them. Not you. Not your mother. HIM! Your mother should be with him, if only to come to the phone and corroborate his story, but HE should be the one to tell it. After all, HE is the employee who promised to uphold the company’s standards of excellence, and HE is the one who actually witnessed this happen first-hand. As an employee, his story will carry a lot more weight than the story of a third party who wasn’t even there retelling it from hearsay.

      Anyway, I think I’ve made my point. This was a learning and growth opportunity for your nephew, and I’d like to believe that he took it. Since this happened 7 months ago, I’m sure it has already been resolved for better or worse. I’d love to hear how things played out, if you ever read this! I genuinely hope that your nephew thought long and hard about this situation, and reached the same conclusion I did… Right and wrong is obvious to most of us, but when doing the right thing is also defending your own grandmother’s honor, it should be a no-brainer!

      As for you, Corina, PLEASE don’t think I’m criticizing you! I’m not. You were dealing with an emotionally-charged situation involving your own elderly mother, and reacted accordingly. My first reaction likely would have been the same if I were in your shoes. I’d like to think, however, that after thoughtful consideration, I would have eventually arrived at the same conclusion I did here.

      I only ask that in the future, whenever you have a bad experience with an employee at a business you are patronizing, please try to resist the urge to allow that one bad employee make you condemn the entire company! Not only is that extremely unfair to the business, it’s extremely unfair to you. Every company is going to hire some bad employees from time to time. That’s just life. Don’t let one bad apple sour you on an entire company forever. You might wind up missing out on something great because of it… Now REPEATED bad experiences with multiple employees at multiple locations over the course of many years?? That’s another story! Now THAT’S what a TRULY bad business looks like… (*cough* looking at you, walmart, *cough,cough*

      There are a LOT of bad companies out there. Especially in the retail/hospitality space. FIVE GUYS, however, is NOT one of them! My 21 year-old son works at Five Guys (a corporate store), and I can honestly say that it’s the best company he’s ever worked for. Not only do they work VERY hard, they learn important work values that will serve them for the rest of their careers, regardless of what field they pursue. I my son being instilled with a sense of teamwork, camaraderie, and pride in what they do, far beyond any other job they have. He and his co-workers genuinely seem to have each other’s backs, through think and thin.

      When I see his store in action… in full swing, during the lunch rush, it almost looks like they are in the trenches together. Doing battle to vanquish their shared foe (their patrons’ hunger). It sounds silly, but watching this reminds me of my time in the Army. Five Guys’ culture is the closest I’ve seen any civilian job come to the spirit of teamwork and cooperation I lived in the Army. From everything I’ve seen, Five Guys is an excellent company to work for. I sincerely hope your nephew recognized this, and decided to stick around.

      Anyway, I’ve rambled enough! Thanks for listening (if you ever actually see, which I’m sure is an EXTREME longshot! Haha!), and have a great evening!

  • Joe K says:

    I have contacted the store manager and sent comments in on the app feedback site and simply don’t understand the lack of responsiveness to a very simply matter. Store #8540E in Papillion Ne needs to fix the hours they are open on their app. It shows they open at 2:00 PM on Sundays, which means you cannot use their app to order food because the app thinks they are closed. This is a simple fix. Because we are out running around and don’t want to wait 10-15 minutes after we order in person, we just stopped going to 5 Guys and instead go to McDonalds. We prefer 5 Guys but don’t want to wait. Please fix the hours this store is open. Thanks.

  • Darren Florentin says:

    I had been working at Five Guys as a shift leader at the Hinesville, GA store (4021) for about 6 weeks. It’s the most unstructured management I’ve ever worked with or worked for. Shift leaders (Jeffrey Taylor) are always late every day. Cameron Keeter, another shift leader is always playing around with crew members like locking crew members in the walk-in cooler and turning off the lights. Also he tried to flip Layla’s Rhodd hat off & try’s to mess with her hair. Cameron Keener has also made her drop food and even gets her arm cut. Layla’s is just 16 years old. Even her dad wants to whip hiss butt. This has been addressed to Miss Latoria Hickmon the GM at Hinesville & she has done nothing. Also the AGM Miss Aquasha Kincey has multiple complaints by customers that she is really mean and bossy to her staff & rude to customers too, that’s including Shift leaders as well. Also the back door has been unlocked multiple of times & this past Tuesday morning 9/21/21 it was unlocked and the police came and the store was fined. I told Miss Latoria I had enough & that I quit. She called me the next day to see if I wanted a meeting to talk about it. I said what for, we’ve had multiple meeting on stuff that shouldn’t be going on & it still goes on. I told her she’s the GM & you still aren’t doing anything about it. I asked for a transfer to the Whitemarsh Is. store when she called up to see if I wanted to come back & have this meeting. I told her that the environment at the Hinesville store is toxic & that I didn’t sign up for all that. There’s no direction or sense of purpose. Miss Latoria got real defensive & said no it’s not toxic you haven’t gave it a chance & I will not transfer you. So now I am going to work for another company. First off, I’ve been in management before. I came from management before I was hired at Five Guys. I’ve been in the culinary industry for more than 20 years. Everything I mentioned just now isn’t toxic than tell me what is? Something has to change at the Hinesville store.

    • N/A says:

      I just quit because of Aquasha, abuse of power and thinks she is a lot more than what she actually is!

  • Niko says:

    He got his millions and let his franchise suffer at some locations. Unfortunately it’s all you can get at certain times.

  • Helen says:

    Ordered delivery service today. The DoorDash driver shows up half and hour late with an order from a different place. When I tell him my order is from Five Guys. He yells “shit” at me and gets in his car and drives away. I call Five Guys and they tell me there is nothing they can do. They then tell me to call a different number to ask for a refund. I call them and they say they will process the refund but they don’t know how long it will take. DoorDash does not even respond to my calls and complaint, total silence from them. I had to pay for a second order in order to get my meal. Don’t know if I will ever see the money I paid for the order someone else probably received.

  • Arthor L Fluker says:

    I am Arthor and I work at Five Guys in Washington, PA. I thing it’s a nice job as a crew member. Now, I am moving to Dothan, Alabama and need to continue to work for Five Guys ( but) I am having financial problems with all the first 3 months rent being I have only worked for 31/2 weeks so far . Can a guy get some help. Thanks for hiring me. The best burgers in the world and fries.

  • Jennifer Poehleman says:

    I work at Five Guys and have not received my paycheck in a month! I was given the tracking number and it’s been in Tennessee since 2/22. I live in California!! I also contracted covid while working and was out for 2wks. I was told they do not have covid pay. So that was another 2wks without money. I have 3 kids. I need income. I can’t get a hold of anyone that has information. I will have to make this more public on social media if I do not receive pay for the work I am doing!

  • K says:

    This business has signs customers to wear mask, but won’t refuse service. On teammate has already contracted COVID. They do not care

  • Michael Johnson says:

    To whom this may concern,
    My name is Michael Johnson from downtown New York.
    1) I love the person who greeted me when I first open the door, he was the Latino buff guy with glasses, he has such a great vibe that everyone wants to work with. constantly communicating with the team making sure that orders get out.
    2) if Scott does not know how to talk or take orders or up sell, retrain needs to enforce! he is just standing around not doing anything, very #BAD WROK ETHIC USELESS AND NOT WORTH KEEPING in my opinion he is a liability and not an asset.
    3) the buff Latino guy put Bacon on both of my burgers because the white boy in glasses had took one full bacon and broke it in half to make it seem like it was two strips of bacon. but every five guys that i ever ate around had always take two strips of bacon the equals out to 4 pieces of bacon. when the Latino took the bacon to make it 4 pieces of bacon the white guy in glasses had taken it off and that white girl had a really smart mouth towards the Latino guy.
    3) that White white girl have the audacity to talk about that Latino guy in glasses when he seemed like he knew more of what his doing then anybody else. it’s sad that young kids that are given the power to run a store think that they are boss but in reality their nothing but entitled kids.
    4) please give the Latino buff guy my apologizes to have to deal with bullshit like that and get talked down to, No human race or color should ever be talked down to.
    5) who ever is the manager for this store, you need to get shit straight and look and the hard working people you have getting treated like shit.
    6) i am very upset that i can’t even think or type professionally because i can’t stop thinking about those two useless people acting like boss when the the other 3 skinned color people are working extra hard to get shit done!
    7) to the owner of this company i hope that you take extra measures to be attentive to your hard working employees because you have 3 people that are in it just for the money when you have 3 colored skinned people who are actually doing their jobs. very poor management.
    8) i don’t need anyone to try and make up for my experience, just email me and assure me that this will be fix immediately! this is a fucken disgrace! i work for one of New York finest law firm and it will make a big impact if i as a C.O.O make a statement on your actual page.

    you can email me back at 1984JohnsonM@gmail.com .

  • jack neff says:

    A few weeks ago, I ate at 5 guys. No problems. Last week, I was refused admittance because I dont wear a mask. Fine, no problem. I wont be back This week the guys at work went there with masks on. 5 guys refused to accept a $100 dollar bill. LEGAL tender money. They were healthy men with healthy appetites to go with that. NOW, they will never go back again. How long before they go belly up and people stand up their BS?

  • Janie says:

    This refusing to serve law enforcement is totally and completely unacceptable. We will be boycotting you in Texas we don’t want you in our state. All those employees should have been fired it you didn’t do that those actions reflect your acceptance of this behavior.

  • Gary Thatcher says:

    If Police Officers are refused service in any of your locations then the silent majority can also practice Cancel Culture. You just lost a regular customer at your Dacula GA location.

  • Greg says:

    I am a middle class American who like many others has been silent while the country we love is torn apart by those wishing to change our system of government. It’s time we stand up and speak up…. one of your stores refused service to 4 law enforcement members. That is unacceptable and while this might not impact your bottom line I will never never eat a product served by one of your stores.

  • Joan says:

    Will never buy or patronize the Five Guys facilities since they do not support the president and actually strike out against him. Better realize is the radical left wins you may no longer be an independent business but a nationalize government entity, taking your profits to share with others.

  • Mike says:

    Jerry really this is what your company wants to represent you turn your back on the men and blue my brothers just so you know my brothers and red yes the fire department in EMS that’s support the men in blue..
    Not the criminals that were once cops but the men in blue we will stand with them I will not be taking my trucks my crew to five guys again I’m sorry to announce stand up as we are standing up take that franchise away or I’m sure you’ll lose more than just the franchise….

  • Sammy Gill says:

    I have been a fan of five guys for years! As if the day that our men in blue were told they will not be served in the Daphne Alabama restaurant I will no longer be a customer (or any of my family) until those jerks that did this are fired! End of story!!

  • Tish says:

    Refusing service to police officers? Bye bye.

  • Suzie says:

    Police officers were refused service in Daphane Alabama franchise I will never step foot in another Five Guys restaurant in any town ever again

    • Sharon says:

      I totally agree with you and I am letting all my friends known that this is discrimination! Big time!

    • Sammy Gill says:

      Amen to that! I am tired of the treatment our police officers are getting! So now if these jerks that did this needs help they will contact that BLM crap!

    • Janie says:

      I agree this is not acceptable actions.

  • Dawn Groves says:

    Sent an e-mail to corporate (3) weeks ago regarding my extreme disappointment with my take out experience at the Coronado Mall location in ABQ, NM (spent over $27 bucks on 2 burgers and a large fry, and the order was totally wrong); as of today, May 1, 2020, I have not received any response. Again, extremely disappointed. During these troubling times all across the nation, how can we support local businesses when they have no concern about getting the take out orders correct! They have no customers in the store! Seriously!!

  • joseph drury says:

    Attempting to contact Jerry Murrell. Joseph Drury past owner of Bojangles system and worked for Dave Thomas becoming one of the largest Franchisees in the 90’s. Want to talk directly to Jerry. Please past this message to him. Thank you 704-650-8575

  • Marilyn Lamy says:

    I had taken a survey after eating in one of your restaurants, the one in Rego Park Queens and I commented on the disappointing experience. This was back in July and the corporate office offered to send me coupons which never happened (The point is not to promise something and not do it). My name is Marilyn Lamy 33-16 81st street Jackson Hts.NY 11372.

  • >