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  • Address: 9171 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19114, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 215-677-1085
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 9,000
  • Established: 2002
  • Founder: David Schlessinger, Tom Vellios
  • Key People: Joel D. Anderson (CEO)

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Joel D. Anderson

President, CEO & Director

Thomas G. Vellios

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Kenneth R. Bull

CFO & Treasurer

About Five Below, History and Headquarters Information

Five Below is a store in Philadelphia, where an ordinary shopper can have an extraordinary experience. People of all age can go there and have one of the greatest shopping experiences of their lives, which is filled withcolours, music and a lot of fun. They are known for providing certain cool stuff for $5 and more.

One can find all sorts of goods here. Be it gadgets, clothing, indoor and outdoor sports items, beauty products and even some sweet candies for the little ones. They also have an interactive website where you can order the items you want online and relax until the shipment arrives. They provide some really good variety and quality of goods at very minimal prices.

Find the address below:

9171 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19114, USA

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  • T Harris says:

    I was injured from a fall at the Palmdale, CA location on 12-23-22. A fixture and small cart holder is what I fell onto. I waited on the floor for several minutes, until a staff was summoned. The staff went into the back to contact a manager and we still waited several minutes and no one came out the back area. I decided to call the store and finally Monica, (who identified herself as the manager) walked right pass me and once I saw her looking around, I called out to her with my phone call still ongoing. First question from Monica, “What did you do?” I was insulted and I responded that I fell over the store fixtures. A couple of bystanders was trying to tell her that they saw what had happened and Monica replied with, “WE will use the security cameras”. I asked Monica why it took her so long to respond to an employee that had reported someone was hurt at the store and her response was she was in a meeting. (I took offense to Monica chastising the staff loudly and unprofessionally right in the middle of the store. Eventually, I told the staff that it was not her fault BUT Monica’s because she did not respond in a timely manner. Monica offered to call 911 for the paramedics and asked to see my leg, which had scrapes and since blood was not present, thought that I would be ok and offered also a water bottle to apply and took my information. I was so upset as I was going on vacation the next day and ended up in pain due to swelling/throbbing in my lower leg. Today, I still have bruises and scabs.

  • Norma Belt says:

    The manager, I’m guessing at your Evansville, In location was very rude, argumentative when I asked her a simple question. I saw a sign that stated ask an associate about purchasing a tub of taffy, and she said we only sell it by the piece. I said the sign says you can sell it by the tub? I know you pay full price, but I said you don’t have to get upset and rude about it. She just stated rudely in return, you just have a Happy New Year. I left my cart and left embarrassed by other customers. I have been in management over 30 years and would never tolerate this behavior.

  • Brianna says:

    Very unprofessional management my boyfriend applied to your Dartmouth ma location and the manager Eugina called to set up an interview then called back and was asking personal questions, telling him that he might not be able to get the job because he knows her kids father she then proceeded to talk trash about me to him. He felt uncomfortable and decided not to attend the interview. Do better

  • Tracy Rutledge says:

    I went to your store in Martinsburg, wv. What I purchased had a price of 5 dollars when I went to check out it rang up 5.55. Well all of the items I purchase had an extra 55 cents on it. I was wondering why they didn’t honor the price marked
    I know its only a few extra cents but it adds up and it’d bad business!

  • Kat Vills says:

    This is rather a concerning question. We are new to TX and my 16 year old daughter started working for Five Below about a week ago.
    Sadly, she was kept at work until 3:15am ona school night. I am not sure if this is allowed for any employers to keep a minor at work later than midnight. If these managers set a curfew for their own kids no later than midnight how can they keep their minor employees (16y/o) later than their set curfew?
    I don’t know who to call at the corporate as they just pass me around and then the phone gets disconnected. I just need to know some information amd perhaps inform my daughter’s manager she is not allowed to keep her after curfew (school truancy regulations).

    Please advise

  • Pam Scott says:

    I called the Lakeland, FL store on Park Center drive and spoke with Jenny about an order I wanted to place. I have to admit, I have not been in any of your stores yet. I cannot believe how totally customer service oriented she was! I do not think I have had such a wonderful, caring and thoughtful person. Is she such a great person or is it a combination of her personality and your companies training? Customer service in our country has been unusually lacking in recent years, so it overwhelmed me to find such a pleasant surprise.I will be so thrilled to visit your store now and will definitely share my feelings with friends, family and neighbors.

  • Denise Ray says:

    I visited the Five Below in Galveston on 10/9/2022 and Mimi assisted me. She did a fabulous job! She greeted me when we came in and helped check us out. What a joy she was. Thank you Mimi.

  • Adele says:

    My daughter worked for this company for 3 weeks… she left due to poor management. Store is managed so bad she still has not received her paycheck… it has been 3 pay periods, 6 weeks and she still has not been paid for her hours worked. Inexcusable.

  • Angelica says:

    Your store in the Bronx Pelham Minor. While in there today at 10:00am on 19SEP22 your employee seems mad he was stocking product. He was disrespect, argue with me that I walked and The area he was fixing . He also cursed at me not only that but also claims he didn’t give a F%#&** about the job he was in and did not care if he was fired and also didn’t want to give his name and claimed he was the manager at this location. You guys should do better because there’s too many stores out here for people to support a location where customer service is not good.

  • Robyn R says:

    Hi I wanted to leave this good comment about the hyannis mass store I went in there everybody is so nice in there the manager they have now has really clean that store up her employees are greeting you asking if they can help you I was reading all the bad comments about these
    other stores maybe you should take the manager from the Hyannis Store and put her in these other stores to clean them up and make them as good as hers a very happy customer

  • Cheryl says:

    The store manager at the Florissant Missouri location is horrible. I’ve been in there a couple of times and heard him going off on a poor worker. Like take them to the back. Don’t embarrass them on the floor. My son wanted to work there and I told him no because of that reason.

  • Randy says:

    I was in the Holly Springs, NC store today and I found which craft and how to put spells on people. I was shocked to see this crap lying out for kids to see how dare you put this in your stores. I demand they are removed or I will create a campaign to shut you down. And yes I have been a loyal customer for many years too.

  • Tyrone Smith says:

    Five below in Montgomery Al has very poor management… she’s disrespectful and rude

  • Guest says:

    Me and my daughter visited a store in Hendersonville TN yesterday and we were racially profiled because we are black we weren’t treated the same as a white person that came in the store after us and they made there racism very noticeable to us as if they were proud of it smh so sad such a bad experience.

  • Concerned Costomer says:

    Manegement / who ever directs them. selves to customers as leads should be trained to take a neutral stance on any issues pertaining to customers disagreeing on rest room time of use especially when one rest room is out of order and who knows how long that the rest room have been out of order suppose to de escalate not escalate an issue by takeing sides. Empowering the alleged victim allowing them to grow in ego scream shout and pout because attention was called to them by knocking hard on the rest room door associate then further insulted me by telling me to go to the rest rooms plenty of stores near by when im shopping in hids store my 80 year old mother waited patiently nocking waiting many times till she told me i waited with her till you could just hear takeing sweet time pulling & pulling paper from the hand dispencer an associate comeing into work was notified as she came in to start her shift or back from lunch nothing was done to find out why the big delay finally i knocked hard on the rest room door and said its an emergency an 80 year sickly. Diabetes heart bipaas patient thyroid hbp old woman with inconinance had to go store 30 27 south cicero store #00755 2/9/2022 time around12: 30 pm

  • Mark Hollinger says:

    I am a vendor in Los Angeles that does allot of promotional goods.
    like to sell your company.
    mostly do soft goods but need emails of the buyers so I can send them pictures of what I have.
    213 627 2237

  • James Lee says:

    HI Im a tshirt manufacture in Vernon CA
    I will like to have a chance to do some
    business with your company.
    My number is 213 327-5980

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