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Fitbit – the name has been famously known for providing health and fitness accessories to make the fitness journey of people fun and easy. From their mobile app to their website to their fitness accessories, people have been using their products throughout the world to begin their fitness journey. Their activity trackers and other wearable gadgets allow users to keep track of their body’s condition while they engage in fitness activities. With their competent app, people can log in the information like their diet, activities, weight, and daily activities, making their fitness journey easier.

There are numerous users of Fitbit worldwide and people often look for ways to contact their headquarters for different reasons. Here is a list of reasons why people look for the contact information of Fitbit headquarters:

  • For partnership with the brand
  • For inquiries about retail sales
  • To collaborate for corporate wellness
  • For public relations and media inquiries
  • To share fitness success stories
  • For customer support and other queries

Besides these, there can be several topics for which people want the contact information of the Fitbit headquarters. If you’re looking for that information too, let us help you:

Ways to Contact Fitbit


To enquire about the products of Fitbit, their manufacturing, business opportunities, or any other topics, you can visit their headquarters through an appointment or write to them. The address to their headquarters is given below:

199 Fremont Street, 14th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone Number

For a faster response and for general queries, you can contact Fitbit headquarters on their phone number too. Their phone number is given below:

+1 877-623-4997

Email Address

To write to Fitbit for queries about investment, retail sales, or partnership, you can send emails to the address given below:


Fitbit Headquarters Info & Photos

The headquarters of Fitbit is located in San Francisco and is the pure reflection of the brand itself. The office has a cool interior with a spacious lobby and reception area, private booths and rooms for employees to work, and feature-rich conference rooms and cubicles.

To keep the spirit of fitness alive even inside the office, the management has replaced employee chairs with yoga balls at some places, to keep employees fit and comfortable. In the same spirit, the refrigerators at Fitbit are also always stocked with healthy and green food and drinks. The headquarters premises provide all the facilities for more than 500 employees. The employees also get to enjoy free Yoga and Zumba classes during the weeks.

To visit the headquarters, you need to fix an appointment with the concerned person or you can simply write to their physical address and send your queries through the mail.

Fitbit Headquarters Photo
Fitbit Corporate Office Photo

Fitbit Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

199 Fremont St, San Francisco



6th Floor, Suite 10, vulica Klary Cetkin 51 Minsk



Hu Bin Lu, Huangpu Qu Shanghai



76 Baggot Street Lower Dublin



Level 4, Augusta Point, Golf Course Road, Parsvnath Exotica, DLF Phase 5, Sector 53 Gurugram

Fitbit Headquarters Executive Team



The co-founder, CEO, and President at Fitbit, James Park is a technology entrepreneur from America. He has been the CEO and president of the company since it was found in 2007. Besides Fitbit, James is the co-founder and CTO of Epesl Technologies, Inc. He went to Harvard College to study computer science and has a net worth of US $660 million.



The co-founder, CEO, and President at Fitbit, James Park is a technology entrepreneur from America. He has been the CEO and president of the company since it was found in 2007. Besides Fitbit, James is the co-founder and CTO of Epesl Technologies, Inc. He went to Harvard College to study computer science and has a net worth of US $660 million.

Josh Stein

Josh Stein

Chief Growth Officer, Fitbit Health Solutions

Name Title
Dave Quong Chief of Staff EVP of Business Operations and Strategy
Amy McDonough Managing Director & GM Fitbit Health Solutions
John Moore Medical Director Fitbit Health Solutions
Mark Fritts Sr. Manager Head of Marketing Fitbit Health Solutions

About Fitbit


In 2007, founders James Park and Eric Friedman decided to draw forth an innovation out of the advancement of sensor-driven and wireless technology. Their ideas along with the smart technology resulted in something smart – a technology that changed the way people moved. This happened when people started getting aware of their body’s activities and could track the same. Since then, Fitbit has introduced numerous revolutionary devices like activity trackers and other wearable technology that have made their mark in the fitness world.


Fitbit is a brand of fitness devices and wearables founded in 2007. The team at Fitbit is dedicated to building such fitness products that help people transform their lives. Fitbit is driven to help people start their fitness journeys on the right foot. Along with providing high-quality and feature-rich fitness devices, they also provide the Fitbit app and website that allow users to keep track of their fitness journey. Users can register on the app and add their information for tracking the progress of their fitness goals. On the other hand, the devices let them track their activities like heart rate, steps walked in a day, sleep, calories burnt, calories consumed, etc.

The company works with a mission to inspire and help people live a more active and healthier lifestyle, no matter where they are. Their devices are specially designed to fit perfectly with your routines and motivate you to stay fit and active.


  • As of 2020, Fitbit has 31 million users active through their devices
  • By 2018, Fitbit has 85 million registered users
  • Till 2014, Apple used to sell Fitbit devices in their brick-and-mortar stores
  • Fitbit has garnered numerous awards including the Innovation Award, Gear of the Year Award, etc.

  • Wendy Adkins says:

    I bought a Fitbit versa 3 that after a little over a year broke. The watch froze and can’t start up again. The screen goes blank. The company won’t acknowledge the defect. And I can’t get to talk to a human. Terrible customer service. Terrible product!

  • gary artrip says:

    the new fitbit design is horrible. please change it back.

  • Ashok parmar says:

    I am from india we are not able to get contact details of india office of Fitbit based in Delhi pl let me know….my phone number is 9867668543

  • Linda Ware says:

    You need to make is CLEAR at the time of purchase how to CANCEL the premium subscription! People actually buy your products for gifts and then you keep charging them! I canceled my subscription a month prior to the end of my ‘free’ trial, but you kept charging my husbands credit card!

    THIS COMPANY IS CROOKED! Do not buy Fitbit products with a credit pay cash if you want one, and save yourself a huge headache.

  • Kay Wieters says:

    My Fitbit versa burned my wrist & I was instructed to return & include my return address, etc inside and they would mail a new one to me as soon as they received it. I mailed same day May 2022) through FedEx and waited over 1 month before contacting them by phone. They took all my info & said they would notify shipping. I waited another month & was told they didn’t show they had my shipping info. This has gone on since May & I even sent email to CEO, CFO, etc. with no response. My last email requested contact info for legal dept. & for them to elevate my complaint to legal. Their response was that they were closing my case????It is December & they have ripped me off with their scam.The company is supposedly owned by Google now.

  • Chris says:

    I just completed reading all of these comments. NOT ONE support Fitbit. I am also not in support of this trash company. Their customer service policies are insulting, have little power to fix or assuage any problems a customer has. The founders of this company are no better than Mark Zuckerberg, GREED seems to be their intent. Their products falter and break down quickly. Their method of support is deflection, blame the consumer, offer discounts that are only good for 30 days. They lack vision, compassion and insight into PEOPLE. They responses are for their benefits not the consumers. I think a class action law suit is order against this company. Used products sold as new for starters. Subpar products that last just past the warranty. Customer service that is non existent basically. I despise this company, their CS policy and now their executive branch as I assert everyone of those executives are aware of how people feel about their CS and their products. Problem is, they only care about the customers that DON’T have problems with their products and CS. Disappointing experience with CS and my THIRD watch as they continue to STOP working and all I get is a 35% to buy a new one. This time though the 35% is even good on an equivalent product, or the newer version. Its only good on the older version and then the lesser products, trackers and not smart watches. I BOUGHT a smart watch. IT’S what the discount should be good for. All you had to do was allow me to buy a version of the smart watch that is equivalent to the version that malfunctioned. NOPE. I am not allowed to use the discount code for those products. This company is CRAP. Like many of you the back and forth phone calls and emails are ridiculous and non caring. The CS is rude and impossible to affect change. They collect paychecks to piss us off and make us not want to be Fitbit customers any more. Which now that I think of it, might be their goal. Get rid of the dissenters. Latest customer service philosophy. I know I am ranting….just REALLY PISSED about this company.

  • Clem says:

    Due to a mistake, FitBit send us an offer via email and told us to call them to help us purchase the product. Once on the line with them, they change their mind and refuse to honor the offer they gave us. Extremely poor customer services

  • Beyond Frustrated says:

    Fitbit Customer Service is horrible. I regret buying the Sense on 12/12/21 when I already had the Samsung watch. I had issues w/the Fitbit charging in Feb. Cx Support said they could send a replacement. I asked if I could get it working, do I just return the replacement? He said no need, but told me NOTHING more than that. I accepted his sending w/o knowing Cx Support would tell me my warranty was void after that!

    Since then, I continued having issues w/the original watch randomly rebooting while working out and not charging. I finally tried charging the replacement body to see if the other watch not charging was the watch or charging cable. Not even the replacement watch will charge! I call Cx Svc b/c I believe the charging cord is the issue at this point. I didn’t know it was a KNOWN issue by this point either. A case was created then I was sent an email stating I’m out of warranty with a link to your website’s Warranty. The warranty terms state “Any replacement Product will be warranted for the remainder of the original Warranty Period or thirty (30) days, whichever is longer, or for any additional period of time that may be required by applicable law.” This translates to my replacement IS covered to the end of the 1 year which would take me to 12/12/22.

    I call Cx Svc again and told I’d have to buy the charging cord as the warranty is fully void now despite the website stating differently. I even purchased an Extended Warranty, but you don’t even have THAT on my account when I bought the watch & warranty from YOUR website! I shouldn’t have to pay anything for this charging cord because 1) it should still be covered under the original warranty and 2) there’s a KNOWN issue with the cord not properly charging.

    Cx Svc creates another case and tells me to send a screenshot of the email showing proof of extended warranty purchase. He said I can’t simply forward the email to their Support distro. I follow his request and emailed a screenshot 4 days ago. I got no response. I sent an email today. They respond asking to send them a screenshot of the warranty….despite already doing so!

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I swear if I need to waste my time with your Customer Support going in circles, I’d rather post this incident across Social Media so people know how difficult Fitbit makes it to be a customer. I canceled my Premium service because the watch wasn’t properly functioning. Why pay more when you can’t provide working equipment I paid for and still have under warranty, according to your own website? People need to do better. We are all customers for someone else. Turn the tables and think how you’d feel being in my shoes dealing with this ridiculous nonsense.

  • Sheila Watson says:

    I received a Versa 3 ad a Christmas present and the face completely came off. I contacted Fitbit and was told they couldn’t find my email associated with my Versa 3. I have owned a Fitbit since 2016 and always paired my Fitbit with my phone and received updates via email regularly. After numerous calls and emails, Fitbit emailed me a return label with instructions on returning my Versa 3. I received a separate email stating they would email me a form to complete
    I have emailed and called Fitbit repeatedly advising I never received the form. I returned the defective Fitbit via USPS and it arrived in Austell, GA on August 8, 2022. I contacted Fitbit for an update on receiving my replacement and was told it was going to be sent to another location. Yesterday, I received an email and to summarize, stating I need to complete the form. I once again advised I have not received a form. Fitbit then responded with an email where they sent the form but I have no idea where they got that email address. At this point convinced I’m being given the runaround and I’m very disappointed in this type of customer service

  • E.Rosado says:

    Fit needs to change the band look. Too plain. Would be nice to see some slight curve on the band.

  • Renee says:

    Versa 2 battery keeps draining. Contacted CS and since it’s been a year and 3 days it’s out of warranty. So they offered 35% off a new one…. regular price new one. I paid $144 for the one I have , why would I buy again? Replied to their email with NO RESPONSE.

  • Valery W says:

    This is my third fitbit. I just upgraded to the new charge 5. Nothing was wrong with the one i had. So far so good.
    My complaint is the customer service department. They lack customer service. When I bought the charge 5 I received an email stating that I can get $20 off any accessory as long as the total is over $50. Not a bad deal. There was a code to use to redeem this $20 off at checkout. So I tried ordering another band using the code. Total with tax was over $50. Shipping was free. When it got to the final checkout the $20 wasn’t taken off. So I did it again thinking maybe I did something in error. Nope. Same thing came up. So I called customer support and explained my issue. The person I spoke to asked me to reply to an email he was going to send me and to add a screenshot of the redemption code email and that it would be passed to some other department. I did that and the next day I received what had to be the most stupid email from them. They wrote that I can’t redeem one promotion with another and that the promotion for the purchase of the charge 5 was over. No kidding you idiots. I wrote back that wasn’t trying to buy the charge 5, that I had already purchased it and that this email said I was entitled to $20 off an accessory.
    They don’t even know how their own promotions work. So their loss because I was willing to buy another strap but the promotion to save $20 expires June 30 and I never heard back from them
    I do like the charge 5 but when this one doesn’t work anymore I’ll look at getting a Samsung smartwatch.

  • J. Baker says:

    Fitbit customer service is beyond terrible. They don’t even try to resolve the problem. I was given incorrect information regarding billing by an incompetent Fitbit customer service rep. When this resulted in a charge I called again and the next rep said there was nothing they could do about it. The supervisor emailed me and made a decision without even contacting me or hearing what I had to say. I have never dealt with a customer service department as ridiculously poor as this one.
    Perhaps they should read the comments submitted – everyone is negative.

  • Timothy Belanger says:

    I registered my Ionic watch for the recall on day one when the recall was announced. I mailed the said Ionic per the instructions sent to me on 3/11/2020. I have called 6 times to find out where my reimbursement is. I have been told time and again that they have my watch, and have expedited payment to me. I called yesterday 6/14/2022 and was told they’re having trouble with sending reimbursements out. Call back in a couple of weeks. This customer service does not qualify as customer service. It is however, what I have come to expect from Fitbit. Tim Belanger – Ramona, CA (In case anyone would like to contact me to discuss)

  • Lucy says:

    Customer service is horrible. I have spent many hours on the phone after purchasing my Fitbit Versa 3… I believe I got a lemon. You think I was asking for a million dollars., I just want a replacement. I’m writing directly to CEO to let him know what I’ve gone thru after hours of calls, resets, factory resets and still I’m having issues. The latest they’ve asked me to submit a video of my problems, which I have uploaded over a week ago and no response. I’ve escalated to Tier 2 for the 3rd time. If not handle, I will never support Fitbit again.

  • Al Verkuylen says:

    Anyone know where I can replace lens on Fitbit sense?

  • Joe Clayton says:

    Do not buy one. Mine died 2 months after the one year warranty expired and there solution was to offer me a discount on a new one. I was expecting to be able to have it repaired at my expense but I guess it is a throw away product. Buy a new one and get another 14 months out of it then I guess, buy another one. No thank you. If the product is not viable I will buy one from a manufacturer who has a product that is worth supporting.

  • Rachel Fisher says:

    Your latest commercial is not appropriate for school age children —— it is nothing but social engineering!!!
    Shame on you!!
    R. Fisher
    Teacher (40 years)

  • Patrick says:

    My girlfriend bought a Fitbit versa 2 from a department store. Sealed! We took it home and opened the box. Took the plastic off the Fitbit. Very fast we knew something was wrong. She wanted the BLACK band. The one we took out of the sealed box was Navy blue, but there was a black replacement band in the box. Oh and the best part. The back of the Fitbit was Smashed, the screen was scratched, And there was dead skin cells where the band meets the watch.

    We Called customer service. Spoke to a Camilo for over an hour. He was super unhelpful, calling us liars. Saying our “STORY”, did not make sense. Also refused to let us talk to manager. Took NO INFO from the fit bit itself. Even though the Fitbit says the activation was on 12/25/2018. Mind you we bought this item in 2022. He ended up tell us there was nothing he could do. Told us the only way to resolve the problem was to Call the department store and Fitbit corporate on a 3 way call and discus the issue. Also Camilo made a huge deal about us not having an active Fitbit account. I asked him 20 some times. “WHY would we activate the Fitbit and create an account if the product was damaged and used out of a sealed box”.

    We also called the department store. They said the issue was with FITBIT. They at lease looked up the item. They provided dates of when they received the item, when the item was stocked, and when the item was sold. The whole time the item was in the store, the item remained “sealed” and was behind a locked case.

    Camilo Refused to even take any information from the item itself.

    Save yourself the time and frustration DO NOT BUY A FIT BIT!

  • D.J. Kenney says:

    I am a retired attorney and bought a FitBit Versa 2 watch 3 months ago…it worked for about a month and then died….I have gone back and forth with 4 different FB reps located outside the US going through the same script….I am in the process of preparing to file a legal law suit against FB with the California Courts and Attorney General…I would suggest others consider the same action…it is terrible to see Mr. Park and the other FB founders worth over 600 Million…while poor people throughout the world are being screwed with their products….dont just complain, check with your local District Attorneys and with the State Attorney General for guidance….and followup….

    • Chris says:

      Any chance you would willing to lead the charge of class action suit against this company? There products are disposable. They lack integrity in customer service. And I think they lie to customers about their products. They are part of the problem in American Corporations. Too big to care about quality when quantity makes them rich.

  • Julie S says:

    Let’s start off by saying you need to revamp your customer service because not only are they ill-informed but they went as far as to tell me so much incorrect info that now my account is permanently deleted.

    When I asked to talk to a supervisor, they said I can’t talk to anyone by phone, only by email, and they would escalate the email for me and they would give me a case number.

    So I said when the supervisor does not respond what should I do? Since this has happened before.
    They said I have to call back and report my case #.

    How is it that the consumer is responsible for keeping track of support, that does not seem fair or responsible corporate practice?

  • Yves says:

    Avoid Fitbit!
    Their product support and services are non-existent. A web site that sends you searching around and around to the same posts is not good practice. In my case, I have been trying to get a refund on a premium option that they charged to my wife’s credit card for no reason. They had her credit card because she bought me a Fitbit which is a useless device as it impossible to read the display in the sunlight. I cancelled the FREE premium option that came with my Fitbit after a few months as I found it awful. Although they screwed up by charging my wife’s credit card, they will not provide a refund.

  • Angela S. says:

    For Christmas my husband bought me a Fitbit Luxe with the Stainless Steel Band. It is $217. My bad I had not realized that Fitbit only has a 45 day refund policy. This must be because their products are subpar and they don’t stand behind them. So there is a limited one year warranty. The issue is that it constantly falls off my arm. I cannot wear it because I am going to lose it. The only thing Fitbit will do is give me a replacement band (and this is just a classic band and not the stainless steel one that I purchased). The band is not the issue. What kind of customer service is that. BEWARE – ITS BEAUTIFUL TO LOOK AT BUT DYSFUNCTIONAL – SCREEN ALSO FREEZES ALL THE TIME – CLASPS ARE MADE LIKE GARBAGE!!!! SO OVERPRICED!!!!

  • Sandra kearney says:

    I understand there’s a recall on the fitbit ionic Due to Burns which happened to me last year. I tried to charge it and the contacts melted. I was pretty mad, so I threw it away and I bought myself a Samsung smartwatch. I have proof i purchased it. How do i get refund?

    • Angel says:

      That same thing happened to me. I made several complaints to customer service about the battery. When they told me there was nothing they could do – i tossed it and got a Galaxy. I called customer service today and they shared the recall was only for people who could return the ionic. It totally does not make any sense to me. I feel like anyone with a receipt should qualify.

  • Susan says:

    February 27th: Still waiting for replacement Luxe. Worked 4-5 days only. Sent back Jan. 4th. Unreasonable. Please just send $ back. Tired of waiting. Don’t even want replacement now. All sounds like an inferior product. Could someone r from Fitbit have the courtesy to contact me and/or send me refund? It am I going to continue to be ignored?

  • Laura Rodstrom says:

    I will never purchase a FitBit again either. I purchased the Sense in September/October 2021. It works well if I can charge the thing. The 4 connector prongs are a huge problem. EVERYTIME I travel one or more of these prongs push in. I have tried to carefully wrap and bring as carry on and it doesn’t work I purchased another charging cord ($19.99) and tried to cushion between clothing and again the prongs push in. It seems that the design of this cord is not condusive to travel. I am requesting a full refund due to faulty design. I purchased this to track my heart rate. And now my health is not being monitored. I would like a reply to this message with a resolution. Calling customer service is of little help. I spoke with “Mario” from Central America and he kept asking questions not pertaining to the problem I was calling about. VERY Disappointing! I purchased this with guidance from Blue Cross Blue Shield. They will be receiving a message about this as well.

  • Jackie says:

    My daugter fitbit band broke during dryland practice & smashed in the band area. Called they and put in a claim. Since it was out of warranty, the very very generous and gave a 35% discount. Until you read the end of email or tried to order. It is only 35% off the original price, not the sale. Basically “smoke and Mirror.” I can get same product on the internet for the same price. Don’t think everyone is stupid and can’t figure out you did NOTHING! Cusomer service was not helpful after I put in the complaint.

  • Marlishia says:

    I will never purchase another Fitbit product ever in life because I purchased a versa 3 and was sent a faulty band to replace the band that came with the fitbit and while I was out walking for exercise the band detached from the face of the watch and my watch dropped off without my knowledge when I realized it was missing I couldn’t find my fitbit and tried tracking it and still couldn’t find it I talked to several support members who all told me different things about the warranty only to be told by a supervisor that the only thing I can do is buy a new fitbit when the one I had Ive only had for 6 months or less so I know it was covered under warranty I dont like there support service they are really no help when you have a issue

  • L. Campbell says:

    When reaching out to Fitbit support today to resolve a issue syncing to the Weight Watchers app I was repeatedly hung up on. Rita hung up on me. Then, Kimber hung up on me. Shadea hung up on me and when I asked for a supervisor, Klifton hung up on me. This is why I buy Apple products.

  • Lou Skarosi says:

    I have a Charge 3. It is a replacement for my original Charge Charge whose band broke after a relatively short period of time. I couldn’t replace the band because one side of the broken band couldn’t be extracted from the tracker. You did replace the tracker with a refurbished tracker. When the band broke ,again a few days ago, I called your customer service they told me the warranty began with the date of the original purchase. Therefore I would have to pay for the band.They recommended I get it from Amazon. I did. When I tried to replace the band the old one wouldn’t come out,again. I d to your people of this fact.They had no suggestion on how to get the old band piece out in order to put the new band in. They said I should recycle the tracker. Strange answer. Your thoughts and recommendation regarding this matter and gettin the embedded piece out would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your reply.

  • Foxy says:

    Zero stars. Ur product quit working after a year and no refund available. That sucks!

  • Doreen Holm says:

    The Fitbit Lux is terrible I have been trying to get someone to listen . I have called 4 times no one is helping. It is not tracking my time correctly or what I am doing

  • Cindy says:

    I am so disappointed that my Fitbit Versa 2 is not longer working after just 1.25 yrs. It would have been nice to at least get a discount to purchase another, but was told I do not qualify. My entire family has Fitbit’s, but we won’t be purchasing again.

  • Shawn says:

    I have had Fitbit for a while and it used to be good. I since however have the Sense and it will not take a charge, keep a charge or charge at all. Customer Service is HORRIBLE and will not help. After months of contacting them my Sense will no longer charge and Customer Service tells me to continue to wait for an update. My charger needs replacing whats worse is that I have the protection plan and they refuse to assist,.

  • Leslie says:

    HR Charge 4 notably has numerous complaints and issues with the band connector cheap plastic breaking right off the watch itself making it un-useable. customer service said its out of warranty (its faulty cheap plastic used and only had for 11 months) and said no replacement only a “coupon” to buy another one. The band literally ripped forcing me to purchase another band and once I replace I wore for 1 more week before its totally useless.
    I have always had a fitbit from the very 1st one and always upgraded due to the “technology” and now they cheapen the product and won’t stand by it. Anyone out there care enough to help as the customer service will not respond to me. I would like to have someone with in the Corporation respond and not the customer service staff Thank you

  • Catherine says:

    I have been using fitbit versa 2 and am pleased with it.
    However after your stupid statement supporting a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION BLM i will tell you that as soon a any corporation gets political i am COMPLETELY TURNED OFF.
    stick to improving your product and keep you opinions to yourself.
    Considering the amount of complaints I would think it makes more sense to take care of business.
    After this fitbit breaks like my versa 1…I WILL NEVER BUY YOUR PRODUCTS AGAIN.

  • Judith says:

    I am going round and round with your support. All I do is chase my tail and the device is faulty.

    I have unpaired it. Deleted the pairing from bluetooth, resynched it with bluetooth and restarted the computer and tried a again and it didn’t work. I even tried, deleting the bluetooth pairing, then restarting the computer, and then repairing and trying to set it up again. I have made sure that the power cord is clicked in. I have a blaze that still works beautifully that I set up again. But can you do anything for me on the ionic? I has been a glitchy lemon from the get go.
    Wed 11:50 AM
    Fitbit Help
    Hi there, Judy. Sorry to hear that you’re unable to pair your Fitbit Ionic. Thanks for trying some fixes beforehand. Let’s help you with this. Please confirm if you have tried all the set up troubleshoots here: https://help.fitbit.com/articles/en_US/Help_article/1872. In addition, we’d like to know if you’re getting an error message during the set up process. Meanwhile, for us to better check this, please provide the email address associated with your Fitbit account. We hope to hear from you soon.
    Wed 1:27 PM
    My email is
    Wed 1:38 PM
    I have tried everything even another reset after the factory reset. The bluetooth is paired. The setup process can find the ionic and even makes it show the little diamond that it has found the device and then it says…taking longer to set up..and then fails. No new updates are needed.
    I have repeated the above steps probably 6 times by now.
    Wed 1:40 PM
    We appreciate your effort trying those steps. Also, thanks for providing the screenshot and information. We found your Fitbit account and confirmed that your Ionic isn’t paired with your Fitbit account. For us to further investigate, please provide the model name of your phone and the OS version. We’ll wait for your reply.
    Wed 11:24 PM
    I am using the app downloaded on my HP Computer which is new as of 2020
    Thu 11:06 AM
    It was working on this device previously
    Thu 11:08 AM
    Fitbit Help
    Hi Judy, Thanks for the information and pictures provided. Do you have a mobile device where you could try pairing the Ionic to the account ? Once paired with the app on the mobile device, you should be able to sync it with the pc again. You won’t have to repeat the process again, when you sync the watch with the pc.
    You can have a look at this in the meantime: https://help.fitbit.com/articles/en_US/Help_article/1872 Let us know if you have any question.
    Thu 2:42 PM
    I tried with my fire tablet and it didn’t work
    Thu 3:04 PM
    Hi Sonia, Thanks for the reply and efforts . Could you let us know if you receive an error message? Could you also provide us your full name, country of residence and retailer where the Ionic was purchased?
    Thu 3:10 PM
    I just tried my fire phone as well.
    I purchased it from http://Fitbit.com and it was sent to Brewster, NY from the website.
    Judith Challis, 84 Cobb Road, Brewster, NY 10509
    Thu 3:40 PM
    We appreciate your cooperation in working on this and for providing the requested information. We’ve created a case for you (#35234901) and have brought it to our team’s attention. Someone will be in touch with you soon. Please keep an eye on your inbox. Should you need any additional help, please let us know.
    Thu 5:22 PM
    I just got a note from your team in email saying they saw a synch today, but that was the blaze I hooked up again, not the ionic.
    Thu 6:28 PM
    Thanks for getting back. We’ve posted additional notes on your open case for further assistance. Please keep an eye on your inbox and spam folders. If you have any other concerns, please let us know.
    Thu 8:23 PM

    Start a new message

    Apr 9, 2020, 6:14 PM (2 days ago)
    to me

    Hi Judith,

    Hope you are having an excelent day

    Upon checking in our back-end tools we are able to confirm that your Last Sync was Apr 09, 2020 with 9% battery level.

    To complete the process of troubleshooting and verify your warranty status it is require that you can send us your country of residence.

    We look forward to getting you back on track. Keep in mind that for us is a pleasure to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us back if you have any other inquiry.

    Melina DS and the Fitbit Team

    Reply directly to this email to update your case. #35234901

    Join the growing Fitbit Community! Get answers. Stay motivated. Find Fitbit friends.


    Judy Challis
    Thu, Apr 9, 6:26 PM (2 days ago)
    to fitbit-support@fitbit.com

    Certainly I live in the United States. Case (#35234901)

    Judy Challis
    Apr 9, 2020, 6:27 PM (2 days ago)
    The last synch you saw was my blaze that I hooked up again, not my ionic that I cannot synch again

    Apr 9, 2020, 11:29 PM (2 days ago)
    to me

    Hello Judith,

    We are glad to assist you with the not syncing properly issue that your Fitbit Ionic is undergoing. At Fitbit, our customer satisfaction is our priority, and for that reason we’re always striving to provide the best customer experience.

    After checking our system we could see that the last time your device synced was on Apr 08, 2020 03:06:33 PM with 100% battery level. Thanks so much for all the troubleshooting you tried before.

    We want to give you all the steps in order to sync just to confirm that everything has been done.

    Please delete everything from Bluetooth on the phone, even the Fitbit
    Try to sync with just one device, the other devices must have Bluetooth off.
    To restart your watch, to do so: press and hold the left and low right buttons for a few seconds until you see the Fitbit logo on the screen.
    To continue with the troubleshooting please follow these steps.
    1. Please go to the Fitbit app.
    2. Tap on the top left corner where it is a circle.
    3. Then tap where says set up a device.
    4. you will see a message that says you already have a Fitbit, so tap there to set it up as a replacement.
    If the issue is still happening please try with other phone the same steps; a windows 10 computer can also work.

    In case you come across any other inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us again, as we will be more than happy to continue assisting you


    Laura LF and the Fitbit Team

    Judy Challis
    Apr 10, 2020, 10:09 AM (1 day ago)
    I have done all the above, at least 4 x each on three different devices. Remember, I am having problems because I had to factory reset because I had all sorts o

    Apr 10, 2020, 9:14 PM (14 hours ago)
    Hi Judith, Thank you for trying our suggestions.. We will be more than glad to assist you regarding your Fitbit Ionic’s syncing issue. After checking our system

    Judy Challis
    Apr 10, 2020, 9:25 PM (14 hours ago)
    I have done all of the above. What can YOU do for me?

    Judy Challis
    Apr 10, 2020, 9:29 PM (14 hours ago)
    I am unhappy, I have done everything you have suggested, and yet all you do is cut and paste pages as if you don’t understand English. I am very unhappy. You ar

    Apr 10, 2020, 11:30 PM (12 hours ago)
    to me

    Hi Judith,

    Thank you for trying our suggestions.

    In order to investigate this matter, please let us know the brand and model of the phone that you are using to pair your Ionic.

    We will be waiting for your response.
    In case you come across any other inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us again, as we will be more than happy to continue assisting you.

    Judy Challis
    11:29 AM (5 minutes ago)
    to fitbit-support@fitbit.com

    As I have told you before, I have an Amazon Fire phone, and Amazon Fire Tablet and an HP Envy computer. The problem is not my devices but the ionic.


  • Colette says:

    I am so disappointed with Fitbit. I had purchased a Special Addition Versa, I have had it about 1 yr, the other night the face (black square) fell right out.I contacted service the man would not listen to what I was saying, it ended with me hanging up. I wanted to see if this had happened before to others and to see if it could be replaced. but I never got that far with this guy. Sad to say I am soooo done with fit bits have a good day!

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