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Where is First Convenience Bank Corporate office Headquarters

First Convenience Bank Headquarters Address and Contact

First Convenience Bank Headquarters Location & Directions

First Convenience Bank Headquarters Executive Team



Robert W. Hoxworth

President, CEO & CLO

James W. Meredith

Senior EVP & CFO

Jessica Pelache

Director of Customer Experience

About First Convenience Bank, History and Headquarters Information

Normally, banks are institutions that only care about their interests and leave aside the comfort of users. However, this does not happen with First Convenience Bank, since this institution assures its clients that its main interest is to provide users with a quality service and to help the communities in which they are located, so that they can grow.

With more than 300 branches distributed in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, this bank has become a reference for all residents of these areas. The characteristics that define First Convenience Bank is that it offers services seven days a week in an extended schedule, in addition to online services with a quality web page.

All the services offered by this bank are made by more than 3200 employees distributed in all the offices located in the most convenient spaces for the bank and for the users. First Convenience Bank was founded in 1901 and since then it has promised its clients that the service it offers is designed for their benefit.

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  • Valerie says:

    Didn’t appreciate being mislead and lied to. By both the bank regional manager and district manager. When I finally spoke to the District manager she promised she looked into my bank problem and get back with me a min a few days. It’s been over a month and till this day I haven’t heard from her or anybody from this financial institution. So unprofessional!!

  • Tera Gibson says:

    DONT bank with them took a 50k dollar check and has locked all my accounts and nobody will answer why palestine location has done illegal fraud

  • Melody Spann says:

    I am really disappointed with this bank and how i have been mistreated. I had fraud on my account and had someone open a go 2 bank card in my name and know yall are penalizing me by taken my money from me which was not my fault. I sent in the documents and they said that they might refund it not far at all yall are the ones that let someone hack my account and not letting me know they did.

  • Robert-Longview,Tx-6/14/22 says:

    Friendly, not hardly. Give a flip about taking care of customer’s business? No way. Total disregard for 9 people waiting in line because she’s taking her own good time? You bet! Can she visit with other employees and talk on the phone while you patiently wait. Yes sir!
    When ask a question about why it’s taking so long, can she say “don’t be having no attitude with me”. Yep, she’s got that down pat!
    “Diamond” at the bank in the Walmart in Longview, Tx, is doing more harm than good with her own attitude. 40 minutes later she finally cashed the check I presented, written by their own customer on 1st Convenience Bank. That’s after she told me there was a “Stop Payment” on it (Hmmmm. She cashed it anyway, go figure) and disappeared into the “back room” for a very long time only to return with a handful of small bills….said she had to save the large bills for other customers.
    Worst and more unbelievably pathetic experience with a teller at a bank I’ve ever had….and I’m 69 which equates to a lot of banking business.

  • Erika Priest says:

    This is the second time I had someone call me with my own social security number claiming to work for first convenience Bank I’ve been through a lot with this Bank fraudulent stuff has happened on my bank account I’ve had it closed reopened without my consent the fact that somebody is walking around with my social security number claiming they work for first convenience Bank pisses me off I want something done about it now I haven’t received a sorry nothing I will be filing a police report a lawsuit is not far behind.

  • Susan vandusen says:

    I was going to open a very large business account until I read these reviews.

  • Concerned guest says:

    I’m never greeted with a smile..employees look mad and to busy socializing with each other to give faster service….never been told what ya offer…unprofessional from mgr on down….especially plainview tx branch…word of mouth goes a long way in a small town…..why dont corporate do something?

  • Dai says:

    I just opened my account on the 23rd of March & the next day my account was negative $10,000 & nobody from customer service is answering the phone but they’re trying to get the $10,000 from me through collections… all I did was make a deposit I never took any money out! They make you regret ever opening an account with them I know I do.

  • Stephanie Cummings says:

    Worst customer service ever

  • Isis Pratt says:

    Would really appreciate a call, email, text, anything back from someone in an upper management position. Perhaps a Director of customer services or higher. Have called every number listed and yet only seem to be able to talk with a customer service rep.

  • Pam Banks says:

    You’ll should go out of business the way You’ll rack up fee’s and then don’t pay bills yet still charge fee’s each and every time a merchant try to withdraw money from the account *BBB*(BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU) BECAUSE YOU’LL MADE MONEY OF ME DURING THIS PANDEMIC AND POLITELY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT AFTER MORE THAN 18 YEARS WITH YOU’LL CUSTOMER SERVICE SATISFACTION AND I WASN’T A VALUE CUSTOMER EITHER

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