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  • Address: 4347-1 University Blvd S, Jacksonville, FL 32216, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 904-731-1888

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: 1994

  • Founder: Robin Sorensen & Chris Sorensen

  • Key People: Don M. Fox (CEO)

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Firehouse Subs Headquarters Executive Team



Don Fox


Schel Collins

Chief Financial Officer

Vincent Burchianti

Chief Financial Officer

About Firehouse Subs, History and Headquarters Information

Hungry and need food to satiate your hunger? This is where you should be looking for Firehouse Subs, the place is a United States-based restaurant chain which was opened in the year 1994 in the state of Florida at a place known as Jacksonville.

The place was founded by two firefighter brothers, namely Chris and Robin Sorensen, hence justifying the name of the place.

The place is now present over around twelve hundred restaurants all over the forty-six states of the United States and is even present in some places in Canada. The place was founded to provide funding and equipment that could save several lives to the organisations that worked in the public safety sectors.

 The restaurant has gained severe popularity in these 24 years after its establishment, the people of the United States and this is visible by the number of restaurants that the restaurant chain currently holds.

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  • Thadius Browner says:

    I really need to speak with someone in Corporate office concerning this issue please and thank you. 706 436 6174 mr. Browner

  • William towers says:

    Waited 20 minutes for below par subs order was made wrong they ran out of bread and went to Publix and bought baguettes definitely was not Firehouse bread I was very disappointed for having spent $30 on two subs

  • Um says:

    I heard that Firehouse in Spokane, WA allows dogs INSIDE the restaurant. Service dogs I understand. Random dogs absolutely not. Is this common practice?!? I love dogs but not in a restaurant.

  • carolyn bouley says:

    i need to speak with someone in corporate..the new app is worse than the old one(if thats even possible).
    i can’t order online, I can’t get my points on my account or even send a copy of receipt to get points. The only way to contact anyone is by feedback and then they answer with contact someone else but won’t give a phone number. i have 4 visits that i cannot get my points for. ready to ditch FH

  • Lori Harmon says:

    I have been visiting my local firehouse for many years it’s one of my favorite places but the last few times I have arrived around 8:15 and they close at 9:00 but they will not let me eat my food there and then it just becomes a waste of money because it’s so soggy and gross by the time I get home it’s not edible this is in Lexington South Carolina

  • Tiffany says:

    Omaha, Nebraska, store #1422. I took my daughters here for supper, Oct. 28th at 8pm. I was still looking at the menu but my 12 year old knew what she wanted, so I told her to go ahead and order first. She asked the man on the sandwich line where to order, he pointed to the sign and said “over there, right where it says Order Here.” As she walked over the the counter, the man put his head down, shook his head, and said “f!$@ing retard” I told my daughter, “nope we are leaving he just called you a fn retard!” (Loud enough so everyone in the store knew what he had done)He had no response. I put my kids in the truck (on the way out there another guy who was in the store stopped me and told me I needed to file a complaint with corporate bc that was completely unacceptable). I went back into the store to get the man’s name. He paused and said Ryan, while keeping his head down. From reading the reviews on that specific store, I bet Ryan was a fake name and his name was actually Brandon, the manager. He didn’t have a name tag on. Tall skinny with glasses and salt and pepper hair. Seeing how there are so many complaints about him on here and nothing is being done about it, I’d bet it is HIM replying to the reviews. Therefore, I will take this matter higher than a google review.

  • Diane McCoach says:

    I know the money is donated to fire departments but we as customers do not know where it goes. I suggest a new campaign. My son in law is a firefighter and he told me that a lot of firefighters were contacts. They work 12 hour shifts and must sleep with their contacts on. Plus it is difficult to wear during a fire. They do not have money to get lasik surgery. How about starting a campaign with some type of slogan where the money can be donated to lasik surgery! Thanks!

  • Beryl Phillips says:

    Good Morning, 10-2-2022, I placed a order online for delivery, I placed order at 1:18pm I called Firehouse Subs 9903 South Military Trail in Boynton Beach at 2:18pm and Asked about my Order, the yng lady told me, I didn’t Order from there, the yng lady in the Background here her Repeat my Name and told her,I did place a order, I told her I didn’t get it, She then said I need to Call Postmates,Because They Didn’t Have Anything To Do with Me Not Getting My Sub,I have been Trying To Talk With The Manager Becky, However The Yng Lady knows my Voice and I’m getting The Run Around,They Say The Manager has left already, I’m 65 and Disable,I just want.my $16.93 Credited Back on My Card,Thank YOU,MS.BERYL PHILLIPS

  • Katelin says:

    I’d really like to go to firehouse subs but it’s not in my living area it’s really inconvenient it would be very helpful if there was a fire house subs near where I live is xxxxx SE Thornapple Ln, Milwaukie, OR 97267
    PS I lived in adult Foster home And by the way I’m not allowed to give my address because it’s a foster home so the house number I have blanked out

  • T says:

    Went to The Gahanna store for steak and philly. Place was a mess, water on the floor actual puddle. Went to the counter first thing was shown a list of things they are out of. Steak was not listed. I ordered a philly steak she states were out of steak. I do not think your workers want to work. Won’t go there again.

  • Jennifer Culp says:

    Most disappointing experience yet again. I guess it’s time to cross Firehouse Subs off my list! If anyone wants to see the disappointing sandwiches that we got at the Baytown, TX store let me know! I can’t believe I took pictures of what they called sandwiches. SMH.

  • Bruce smith says:

    I’m wondering if yall buy old fire extinguisher from the early 70s a soda acid one with the hose on it for new and remodel restaurants

  • Patricia W Broussard says:

    the fire side on ashley street in valdosta, ga. the manager was very ignorant to me. I will post this on social media. he grab the phone out of his employees hand and started hollering at me on the phone. I will never do business with your company again and word of mouth will get around,. because you will not discipline that guy

  • Hope love says:

    How you gonna have people working there with open Shores on her hands visible to public… I walked out as soon as I saw it. Very very nasty. You have lost my business for good. Don’t eat at the Florence one.

  • Patty Walker says:

    Good morning. I work part time for door dash in Medford Oregon. I went to firehouse subs to pick up an order and was told that I needed to fill the customer drink. I told them I am to only pick up the order not to prepare the order. They refused to fill the drink and they were very rude when I asked them to fill the drink. The restaurant was not busy as I saw only one customer. I talked to the manager later and she was also very rude and confrontational. I have never encountered such rude behavior. All other restaurants that I have picked up orders always have the complete order ready when I arrive. Time is money and when I have to take the time to prepare the drink I lose money.

  • Dw says:

    I ate at fire house restaurant tonight I ordered 2 large meatball sandwich’s it was terrible it tasted like chemicals or pesticide don’t think I’ll be back. We ate a few bits and threw it away

  • Dennis Morton says:

    love they place was one best workers ever but i have problem they wont send my text papers and sign my papers for health please help

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