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  • Address: 38 Fountain Square Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 513-579-5203

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 20,000

  • Established: 1858

  • Founder: William W. Scarborough

  • Key People: Greg D. Carmichael (CEO)

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Fifth Third Bank Headquarters Executive Team



Gregory D. Carmichael

Chairman, President & CEO

Steven E. Folker CFA

Director of Research and Director of Equity Strategy

Tayfun Tuzun

Executive VP & CFO

About Fifth Third Bank, History and Headquarters Information


Fifth Third Bank was founded in the year 1858. The organisation has been active for almost 160 years. The former name of the company was Bank of the Ohio Valley. In the year 1871, the bank was taken over by Third National Bank. Then in the year 1908, Third National Bank had amalgamated with Fifth National Bank and later formed the Fifth Third National Bank. The organisation had gone through several name changes, and finally, in the year 1969, the name of the organisation was fixed to be Fifth Third Bank. In the year 1994, the organisation was again acquired by Cumberland Federal Bancorp, for about $149 million. The following year, about 12 branches of the PNC Financial Services were taken over by the organisation. Then in the year 1998, the company had acquired W Layman Case & Company. This was followed by the acquisition of Enterprise Federal Bancorp, for about $96.3 million.

During the year 1999 to the year 2008, the company had acquired various other companies as well, namely Emerald Financial, Ashland Bankshares, Bank of Ashland, South Florida Bank Holding, Old Kent Bank, Franklin Financial, R-G Crown Bank of Casselberry, First Charter Bank of Charlotte, First Horizon National Corporation, etcetera. In the year 2008, the USA Department of Treasury had invested almost $3.4 billion in the organisation, which was a part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program – the organisation repurchased the investment in the year 2011. In the year 2009, the company had sold almost 51 per cent of its credit card processing services to Advent International. Then in the year 2014, the organisation was planning to move its regional headquarters in Michigan to Detroit. The headquarters had employed almost 150 employees. In the year 2016, nearly 17 branches were sold to FNB Corporation. In the year 2017, the company had acquired Epic Insurance Solutions Agency along with a human resources firm known as Integrity HR. The next year, the company had acquired Coker Capital Advisors, which as followed by the acquisition of MB Financial for an amount of $4.7 billion. The company had also faced many controversies its past; notably, the data breach incident for various TJX companies, which happened in the year 2007 and about 45.7 million credit card information were leaked. Another controversy occurred in the year 2014, for which the company had to pay almost $1.5 million due to a settlement of a discrimination case towards the organisation. The headquarters of the company is based in 38 Fountain Square Plaza. The name of the place is Cincinnati, while the state name is Oklahoma, United States. The area pin code is 45263.


Fifth Third Bank is an American banking organisation that focuses on providing various kinds of banking and financial services to its customers and clients. The current CEO and also chairman of the organisation is Greg D Carmichael. As of the year 2017, the total revenue generated by the company is more than $7.7 billion. Also, the number of employees working in the organisation is more than 18,100. The organisation has over 1,100 branches along with more than 2,400 ATM machines as well. It is currently ranked at 366 places in the Fortune 500 companies list.


The primary services provided by the organisation include allowing customers and clients to obtain various kinds of financial and banking services offered by the organisation itself. The services provided by the organisation include commercial banking, consumer lending, branch banking, investment advising, etcetera.

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  • Gwendolyn says:

    do not use this bank. you will be sorry

  • Christina Connolly says:

    Been a customer of this bank for 36 years. I have a problem been in the phone for days. Not one rep or supervisor willing to fix the situation. When I asked to speak with Greg Carmichael the president will not transfer me. Good to see customer service still a top priority for this bank. Maybe it’s time to change banks.

  • 53 Bank fraud victim says:

    Widespread fraud going on at 53 bank. Online banking does not work. Employees refuse to help and explain problem. Please contact Federal Reserve Bank.

    • Gregory L. Mann says:

      Yes these guys suck! lets make things a 5/3rd better is a joke. No returned calls hours on hold and a credit card that has been deactivated by the bank and is still getting charges. The over seas customer care hangs up on you all the time.

  • Bill Pace says:

    We recently opened a new account with Fifth Third and a teller at another location made a clerical error and deposited someone else’s check into our account number. This was the result of a Fifth Third error, nothing to do with us. It has taken many hours to try and untangle this mess and nobody even called in advance with a warning about a potential problem. Instead, we received a letter from the bank saying: “We are notifying you that we will be closing the account…you will need to terminate all account activity immediately”.

    Today I was passed to four different employees in the Bank Protection Division, including supervisors, who said they are not willing to write a letter attesting to the fact that corrective action has been taken regarding their Dec. 23, 2022 letter to us. I require a written response, not a verbal promise. All they would say is: “everything has been cleared up”. As the old adage goes – ‘you can take that to the bank’!

    As someone who has worked for four television stations in Detroit and three networks in Los Angeles, I do know a bit about media and communications. Fifth Third definitely needs some education in public relations and how to teach their employees to communicate honestly and effectively.

    I look forward to hearing from Beth Oates, who according to online information, leads the reputation management, internal communications, and public relations efforts for Fifth Third’s Michigan regions with an emphasis on Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Traverse City. We’ll see…

  • adnan hasan says:

    worst customer service you get, you wants me to open account with you . then no service, no help from your calling center they do not have access to my account, credit dept they give wrong respond 45 minutes, then you get transfer to other agents


    Have made 11 on time payments after coming off of a deferral. A lingering January payment that was offered to be put on the back end of our loan, never happened and my wife and I were banged with a late payment. our credit score dropped 100 points. Instead of helping us they called the police for a wellness check because they felt I was going to harm myself. No need to call law enforcement just help the customer especially during tough times. After trying so hard to get back on our feet now we are behind the 8 ball with having a reappraisal to get pmi off our loan or refinancing. We are now waiting for a call back from customer service which takes 2 business days. We are beyond angry with 5th 3rd bank. Please help us it’s not our fault.

  • kevin alford says:

    I have a landscaping business and I can beat the competition price by 25 percent I saw the current company trimming rose bushes and looked like they were just chopping them down not actually pruning

  • Linda sharp says:

    Not good business

    Read below how I got treated and still going on.

    • Shamika says:

      Did they ever resolve your issue? I have the same issue right now and they have closed my account and called it fraud. A Government issued tax refund from the irs. They have closed all my accounts and said that they are sending the check to the irs. This is such a inconvenience

  • Linda sharp says:

    This bank is holding my SS check i tried to open account at bank closer to home did all paperwork gave Luis Padilla at Seffner fl all my check and my id which match btw never had a problem cash this check now your bank flags it for fraud I am 75 I have cancer and trying to survive on my SS. So bank people finally tell me it is being held till 11/16 that is not right i am flat broke bills to pay and food to buy. Right now I can’t do anything and now am being told I have to wait till Monday what am I supposed to do this is very poor business and why would a SS government checked be flagged. I need answers and tell me how to survive and what your bank intends to do to make this right for me. I will talk to someone immediately about giving me my money and you can find my phone number and email on my account name is Linda sharp account was opened 11/03/22 at the Seffner fl branch I am waiting for a call from someone who can make this right and give me my
    Money plus if u call leave message if I can’t get to phone

  • Patrick says:

    Your folks should be in jail ,can’t get a single person to be honest at ur your bank. minimum 15 minute waite. I want to make double payments and your representative gave me the roundabout and left me on hold for 40 minutes( He said his name was Jack and another lie) I want the 2nd payment to go towards my principal and he basically just put me in a loop and I think you folks suck!

  • Bubba says:

    Ohio branches are so arrogant in their assumptions that everyone who banks with them has to use chrome browser to online bank. This is why they persist in programming their site only after chrome in mind and this is why so many customers get the drop down OOPS error or the 3 dots that do nothing but animate. I for one refuse to use a browser that reports back to google or anyone else as far as that goes. It kills me they don’t just admit this instead of saying they are working on it or act as they have no clue as to what is happening. My local branch just says they are working on it but at least they do admit it where the corporate insists that my browser cache and/or cookies needs cleaned out. Everyone is correct in their thoughts that customer service literately stinks.

    So if you want to use online banking through 5/3rd uninstall your browser and install chrome only or be prepared to get upset over weeks of not being able to log in at times. I have tested this theory out by using a portable chrome to test logins when Firefox won’t login and this is a fact. I am now thinking seriously of switching banks because of it. Sucks thinking of having to set all my payee’s, direct deposits ect. back up with a new banks

  • Deane H. Gilmour, Jr says:

    5th 3rd bank is a bunch of liars and thieves. Due to thier not taking my name off the mortgage I got rid of on 31 July 2020 and holding my name as the person responsible for payments I have lost my VA loan capability. Between them and the investors group headed by Ken Reeves of Atlanta, Georgia that took over the property on 31 July 2020 and having my name on the mtg until 16 May 2022 I can not buy a home on my VA and even some home rental agencies have the same rule. I just found this put over the past 3 months while looking to move out of family’s home which is for sale. This week starting 17 Oct 2022 will begin looking for a good strong veteran affiliated law firm to sue the Bank and Reeves for enough to buy a home outright. I figure $250,000 plus the lawyers fees would do nicely. But I know a lawyer who is a fellow combat veteran will probably go for an amount in the millions. I do not use facebook at present but when I do there will be continual remarks about this until they straighten this out or I die. I was in touch with a officer of loan dept and he said he would straighten this out and call me. That was over 45 days ago and nothing has been done and no return call either so I classify 5th 3rd and it officers and employees as thieves an liars. BTW I still have the text that Reeves sent me with my name as the person responsible for the loan as delequint nd closed on 16 May 2022, not 31 July 2020. Angry? You bet I am. It feels like the same thing that Marines went through coming home from Nam. Fourth class undesirable citizen warriors. I know it probably won’t do a d–med bit of good but my phone number is 678-592-1755.

  • Manuel Hernandez says:

    Not sure what exactly to do anymore.
    I’ve been living at this address for the last 7 years.
    These people do not live here obviously. I’ve been to the post office and I’ve been to the branch near my house (I don’t bank with them).
    The bank manager told me that there is nothing that they can do from their end which is a lie. The post office told me that it’s not their problem because they just deliver to whatever address that’s on the mail.
    I can’t believe that in the year 2022 a computer generated piece of mail cannot be stopped! 🤦🏻🤷🏻‍♂️
    This is absolutely ridiculous FIFTH THIRD BANK! RIDICULOUS!
    I’ve even been to their website and complained.
    They’ve said that they will take care of it. Well, as of yesterday this is the second time I’ve gotten it since they said that they will take care of it! 😡😡😡

  • kent a schultz says:

    Why do you blank out my statement of fraud with individuals in your company Easy money for some

  • kent a schultz says:

    Going to change banks because of fraud, been customere for over yrs when trying for for help. Yeah you all have in side thiefs

  • Michael tanis says:

    Iv been with your bank for over 10 years and had nothing but problems please explain to me how I had 20 in my account then 600 was deposited that makes 620. I withdrew 500 and deposited 20 on am app please tell me how I needed up with 80 fricken dollars your motto is to make our day a fifth third better but iv literally had this problem the entire time iv had this account please explain that to me because I am sick of it I want my 20 bucks i should have 100 in my account!

  • Brian Janowich says:

    I deposit a payroll check that cleared on the 16th. 5/3 has the money but won’t put it in my account until the 27th. What a joke of a bank. They don’t make jack shit a 5/3 better. I am closing my account on the 27th with these assholes.

  • Sidney says:

    I have an issue I want to discuss with someone that perhaps authority to make a decision. I went to my local bank, they called somewhere and spoke to someone, all I got was I can’t do anything. I don’t understand companies that corporate people are shielded from dealing with the “others”, if I were large depositor or large company they would be falling over each other to talk. Customer service begins at the top of the “glass tower”. I don’t expect much from this but I shared my thoughts.

  • T L says:

    It’s Ohio, not Oklahoma, USA.
    Also, you spell organization with a ‘z’, not an ‘s’. If you want to be a writer, make sure everything is correct.

  • Wendy says:

    I’ve been trying to reach the “Fraud, Security, IT” department for past 3 weeks to reset my account online to pay my bill and I get transferred to this department, put on hold for at least 30 minutes each time and just when the line seems to be connecting……they hang up on me.

    Tried to call the corporate office and it just loops back to the toll free number. I so regret doing business with this institution.

  • Darryl W Walton says:

    Worst service ever. CAn’t even answer the phone.

  • Latwan Wilson says:

    My mom has been deceased since January 5th 2022, had a mortgage account with Fifth Third Bank she left me at the successor of a trust which included the property that she has a mortgage for with Fifth Third Bank I have been trying to complete an assumption for the transfer of the property and the mortgage loan to my name since February 2022, I sent Fifth Third the Assumption packet that they requested twice so far and it is still not been completed I have been paying the mortgage my own personal bank account for the last 8 months & they still have the account listed under my deceased mom’s social security number I contacted them several times with this complaint got no results up until this day July 26th 2022, I clearly recall my mom at several issues Third Bank even when she was alive this is by far the worst financial institution body can do any business with I am dealing with the hassle of getting the mortgage turned over to my name which has been a hassle for the last 8 months Fifth Third has no compassion for their customers and all they do is apologize for the inconvenience but never show up with any results but if I miss a payment or it’s late they’ll call me immediately if anybody reading this has any telephone contact with someone in corporate that they can pass along to speak to on this matter I’d appreciate you comment for me thank you

  • Robert says:

    This bank is nothing but crooks and liars

  • JACK POULSEN says:


  • Kristi says:

    worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I found out they didn’t release my title. trying to get it released and they are transferring me back to the main line over and over without helping me. after over an hr. of the back and forth I’m now here. CONTACT ME ASAP I’ve paid off my loan and you need to take your lean off NOW!

  • Harper Girvin says:

    Received email “warning” from 5/3 saying drivers license info had been changed and something such as, “If you did not initiate this change, call our offices immediately.” Naturally it scared me, especially since we seniors are constantly bombarded by beware-scammers messages. I called the given number and ended up with a non-intelligible person in India (?) saying only local bank could help. I called local and she told me, “Oh, they’re sending those messages out to all our customers.” Somebody in 5/3 who initiated this needs a heavy thrashing with a yardstick. This adds to my growing skepticism about 5/3. Harper Girvin, Lincolnton, NC

  • Cathy Beckman says:

    I’m an throughly disgusted with your bank credit card. You have put a daily limit of 10K on my card. This is a major headache. 10K doesn’t go far when replacing furniture in rental units.I HAD NO IDEA I HAD A DAILY LIMIT. I was in the store trying to make purchases. Bill to be split in 2 for items immediately available and 2nd charge for items on back order. 2nd charge declined because of daily limit. I sat in the store for 1.5 hours on hold trying to get limit lifted for the day. NO ONE ANSWERED! I was tying up store computer and they couldn’t sell anything until I was done. I had to charge it to a different card company. I stayed on hold for a while, I drove home for paperwork and drive to a 5/3rd brick and motor. Still on hold, the banker got on her phone and she was on hold for an hour. This is now 5 hours after I entered store.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Worst banking experience ever.

  • Kirstie Busby says:

    I’ve had nothing but the worst experience with Fifth third since last year. The customer service is HORRIBLE. No one knows what they’re doing and they always hang up on you just so they don’t have to talk to you. I hate the fact I used this bank for my auto loan. I’ve been trying to contact the corporate office about my experiences because as a customer I’m not happy.

  • Lynn Earls says:

    For your promotion s, do you accept hard push from my bank for direct deposits
    The internet says you do

  • Brenda Caldwell says:

    What in the world has happened to customer service? This is NOT 5/3 better!!! Agents put us on hold only to lose the call and not call back??? This is every time I call in! All I am trying to do is provide information about the sale of my vehicle. Ridiculous. Hire USA!

  • Dean Swanson says:

    would like to express my concerns with 5/3 requirements that a customer has to provide more then the standard I.D. documents to cash a check as a non customer. I was told at the Orange Ave , Orlando branch that I would have to give up my social security number and submit to a recorded profile of my information. This is the most intrusive I have ever had a bank go to. Not only did I have to do this, I also had to pay what would be the highest non customer check cashing fee (60.00). With no regard for their customer who wrote the check to pay for his new air conditioning system. I will make sure to encourage all that ask about banks , to never go to 5/3. In addition the bank manager felt the need to come out of his office and raise his voice with me on this issue. I asked him why he was even more upset then I, I mean I was the one giving up the info. He said he was very upset with me and in so many words asked me not to come back.He was very unprofessional. I could tell the clerk was very aware of the managers outragous behavior. It made everyone in the bank every uncomfortable. This was a terrible experience.

  • Anthony LOMBARDO says:

    Wanted to praise one of your clerks at your fort gratiot Michigan location (Cathy) she went above and beyond her normal duties and completely changed my day

  • Nora L Culver says:

    I made an escrow shortage payment to Fifth Third online. I wrote a note on that payment stating specifically that it was for the escrow shortage. I have since been getting call after call saying I missed my Apr mortgage payment. I finally spoke to Robin last Tues to find out what happened that you would think I’d missed a payment (which, btw, has never happened in the 10 years I’ve had this acct with 53). She realized what had occurred after I asked what happened to the shortage payment I made online? She said Fifth Third had applied that payment to my mortgage and the rest to the principal, instead of applying it to the escrow shortage and said it would take 4 days for it to be corrected. It’s been 4 days. Still not corrected

    How on earth anyone would do that is beyond me. First, I guess no one read the note attached to the payment as to its purpose. Secondly, wouldn’t someone ask why I would pay that particular amount in the middle of the month, which just happened to be the exact amount of the escrow shortage, and the exact date by which the shortage was due? There is just no common sense with that kind of thinking.

    Annoyed to no end

  • Frank says:

    I have never seen such a useless bank before. Is this bank really serious as a company? I will close my account without thinking about it. How can you always go unlawfully take money from your own customers and give it to other people? Come on. This is America not a third world country. So disgusting.

  • Cindy Oakes says:

    I am totally unhappy with this bank. I had heard many good things about this bank before I transferred my money. Today I wanted to make a large payment to a company for a purchase I made. I wanted to make this payment thru bill pay, only I have not had my account for 3 months (17 days out) so they would not release the amount I needed. This is MY money, it has been in there bank for 21/2 months!! What difference does it make if all money has obviously cleared. So today I had to get a cashiers check, it still came out of my account.Explain how that is ok? So now I count on mail service to see my payment reaches its destination on time. If it gets lost will the bank stand behind me. HA HA I will be closing all accounts with this bank. That is as soon as they release MY money.

  • Wib Angles says:

    April 11, 2022
    The credit card division is terrible. I very seldom get the correct amount of my rewards points. Also, you have to make a separate call to rewards department to redeem your points. Lady that could hardly speak English hung up on me. Waiting for a supervisor to call me back. This will take hours of my time to get a correction made. How hard is it to take two percent of $400.

  • Claudette Perkins says:

    I have Always been a dedicated Customer, and liked the Good Customer Service, But on the 31, I. went in to make my Usual Monthly withdrawal. The Clerk called me over and was working on my withdrawal. Another clerk came over started reading my personal Information. I am Observing Her.I looked down a few seconds
    When I look up She has A CELL PHONE, observing my Personal Info. BEFORE I can say Ha she is gone
    You try and tell yourself. She works there it bothered the hell out me.. Next day. Went back to bank. WHAT THE HELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION . Being put on someone Cell Phone training or not. It won’t happen Again.

  • Michael Moran says:

    They do not pay out on their new checking account promotion.

  • Linda kolin says:

    Yes I have a huge complaint I got treated horrible by fifth third in Solon Ohio my checking account got hacked 5 times I kept calling and they tried to pin it on me I told them I did not make those transactions so they did an investigation they found out I was right I didn’t do it so they sent me a letter saying they are sorry so it happened again and I went back in to close the account and this girl told me fifth third didn’t want me and didn’t want to deal with me anymore real nasty so I got my money back but not all of it they still owe me 400 who knows if I get that back . But my point is I got treated horrible by that bank on something I didn’t do it is sad that you treat your customers like that.

  • Ann A Jacoby says:

    I can’t log into my computer and the answer I got was it will be fixed on March 24. From the time I called this would be 10 days. No one will give me a phone number for technical support. When I used the chat, they sent me to some tech website where you get 1 month for free and then $48.00 a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My solution is I am pulling out of this bank. I have banked with 53bank for over 10 years and was never treated this way. I tried calling both branches near me and no one answers. I went to my branch and the man I spoke to was an idiot. GOOD BYE 53bank.

  • Paulo says:

    What a shitty bank people stay far away for this bank.. the rep’s treat you like shit and all of their operators are over sea’s and have no ideal how to treat customers. they start off lying by stating there name is Bob when we know that’s not true when his name ends up being Patel.. FAKE I finally get a rep named Mike for 1877-676-3343 wow what a winner he was he was RUDE /ARROGANT AND CONDESCENDING i requested to speak with his boss SO WE CAN PULL THE CALL and I was told he doesn’t take any calls to call the 1800number
    as of today we are still waiting for a USA rep to contact us. in the mean time we are looking for a bank to take over this small account so we can cut ties with this SHITTY Bank .. again STAY AWAY from this bank by all means…

  • Sonny says:

    My name is Sonny, 60 years old and let me tell you I never and ever forgive myself for opening account in 5th 3rd bank, it is more then 30 days that I am hanging in the air with these customer service or people in the branch, The mystery is that their CEO could find so many useless people to run this bank, they are tribble. never waste your time to have relation with these people

  • Sarah T.Hartman says:

    Are you aware of the fact that the company Dividend finance who you’re an acquisitions in right now has got a class action lawsuit coming against it I pray that you’ve not finished through your accusations with Dividend finance!

  • Elba Iris Blondet says:

    Am a new customer in your bank open my account 2 weeks ago but i can’t access my account from my desktop computer at home, i’ve been in my branch three times, the user ID n password have been changed three times but when i try from my house to login it won’t let me , stays in LOGIN…. showing that is trying to log in but it does not, i called my internet provider they said nothing is wrong with it. I still have an account in another bank which i don’t have any problem logging into it. Am very frustrated due the fact that i already send the documents for direct deposits and i can’t access my account. Opening another account in another bank will create a serious problem with my direct deposits. In my branch, they told me, they can’t do nothing about this problem, again is not an USER ID OR PASSWORD OR MY INTERNET issue is at the bank connection. Can somebody help me fix this problem? My branch is in Simpson Rd Kissimmee Fl. 34744

  • Rhonda Doyle says:

    Your company is so down as far as customer service is concerned. I never want to have anything to do with your bank again. If the information you give to Myriad Capital is any indication. There is no way your office COULD NOT HAVE FOUND ME. I WAS IN GREENFIELD, OHIO FOR OVER 14 YEARS. IF YOU WANTED TO FIND ME THEN YOU WOULD HAVE. THE MAN WHO PHONED ME, ROBERT WOLF, HAD MY PHONE NUMBER SO THIS REPRESENTATIVE MANAGED TO FIND ME. SO WHICH OF YOUR WORKERS LIED ABOUT ME!!!!! i’M 61 YEARS OLD i DO NOT NEED THIS.

  • Quintin Arthur Wallace says:

    The worst bank ever

  • Debra Peterson says:

    Please add a bank in Ocala, FL. There are so many people moving to our area on a daily basis. The closest branch is over an hour away. I’ve been a customer over 20 years.

  • Teresa Mitchell says:

    I just opened an account on February 1st and I am ready to close it already. It seems this bank is not concerned with the customer and how the customer is made to feel in a time of their error. There was only one representative willing to help me. The rest were rude and treated me as if I had done something to the bank. I am willing to take my case to court it they are not willing to fix their error and handle my situation! I have never experienced this type of service in banking EVER.

  • Latasha Jefferson says:

    Fifth Third Bank don’t respect they’re customers,
    After 15 years giving this company services, Fifth Third Bank have disrespected so many times.
    Please don’t use Fifth Third Branch 3017 W 95thst Chicago, IL 60805.
    They are very unprofessional on every level.

  • Joe Hammond says:

    Please have someone call me. 6145654484.
    No one will answer the phone!!!!

  • Jerry retherford says:

    You pieces of crap. I paid 4000 dollars 10 days ago to pay off the card so I could use it to help pay the hotel bills for a very important business trip and you still have my card on hold and I can’t use it. You have cost me thousands. I never would have paid this off if I knew what kind of liberal pieces of shit you are. I will be cancelling this card and removing my accounts from your stinking rottin bank immediately and I will never do business with you again. I will make sure none of my family or thousands of customers ever do business with you again. Kiss my ass fifth third bank of shit.

  • Stephanie Schmitt says:

    I rec’d a letter about my credit card and potential fraud. I talked to your fraud dept and at the end of my call, she sent me to customer service, which was the wrong number. Called back to check to see what phone number was on file. I waited 45 mins to talk to an agent. In talking with the agent, he argued with me about whether or not HE thought it was fraud and why I wasn’t getting alerts. He was rude! 1/11/21 around 7:45pm. I didn’t get his name but you can look it up. He was of no assistance! Listen to the call! Whether or not he agrees with Samantha in the fraud dept, I do not care. His take as to why I wasn’t receiving alerts, was not the question! At least Samantha was helpful. Ppl are calling for assistance, not HIS opinion or whether or not his co-workers definition of fraud matches what he thinks!

    I appreciate that the fraud dept caught the suspicious transactions but this is TWICE that customer service has done a terrible job and I won’t be doing any future business with your organization!

    • Jessica Moreno says:

      I wasn’t so lucky! I have spoke to the fraud department numerous times. They have decided I wasn’t scammed even though it ABSOLUTELY was!! They have been no help except crediting me back the $1000 within 48 hours, only to take it back a few weeks later and a week after I was let go from my job. This happened back in June and they are still “researching it…AGAIN”! I have a Line of Credit/Mortgage with them and a Checking & Savings, and was about to pay off that loan to take another. Won’t be doing that here now!!!

  • Alex Roitman says:

    i have never in my life dealt with a more moronic bank in my lifetime. Customer service is the lowest i have ever seen. They illegally put my account on a deferral program without my consent. They have added over 30K to my balance on my mortgage account , charged me over $1800 in late fees and anytime I call they are telling me to wait for supervisors call. This is beyond reprehensible


    This is the worst bank in the world!

  • Frank Kulinski says:

    To Whom It Concerns; In a world where competency is rare i beg to differ. The Island Lake Illinois Fifth Third is a Top Notch banking facility. I just would like to point out the excellent service from your employee’s at this branch. Special mention for Nicole H. and Glory who i deal with the most for my banking needs. I hope they are recognized for their service……..Frank Kulinski.

  • Gary G. says:

    I have two accounts with the bank. Today (Nov 22) I tried to find out why my most recent monthly statement hadn’t arrived (week overdue), so I called and finally got a human being and she transferred me to someone else. After 13 minutes listening to music I hung up. Same old verbage, “Heavy call volume”. I’ll stop at the bank and get a statement. HIRE MORE employees so clients don’t have to listen to that dreadful music endlessly! It wouldn’t take much for me to move to another bank, but unfortunately they all promise good CUSTOMER SERVICE but don’t deliver.

  • Spencer I.M. Elmore says:

    I am sending this comment in regards to an account with Fifth Third Bank, referencing Account: 00824620561, in my niece name: Stephanie S. FOEll, 907 West Third Street, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. This account was for a 2017 Toyota Camry that she purchased while living in Bel Air, Maryland. At age 51, on March 30, 2021, she was living at her new home in North Carolina, and on May 6, 2021, she was found dead of a heart attack in that home. Needless to say that it was a complete shock to her mother, but what has been more of a shock is the complete lack of sympathy exhibited by one of your employees. After traveling to North Carolina, having her cremated, and returning to Maryland, I was asked by her mother to take care some of the incoming correspondence in Stephanie’s name -[I am her uncle]. We received a letter dated June 01, 2021 from P.Brian Moore {Senior V.P.] regarding an overdue payment on the account. I called on June 8th to Customer Service, and eventually spoke to a staff member named “Kathy”. I explained the situation, and asked to be advised regarding an action concerning the account. I was asked what we were going to do with the car, and I said that under the circumstances, we had not thought that far ahead. Kathy then said:” If you don’t want the car, then we will come and get it”. It was not the statement, but the tone that was used; I replied that perhaps she had not understood that my niece was deceased, and again, she said that someone would be sent to pick up the automobile. I explained that the matter would be discussed, as soon as practical for her mother, and I would call back. On June 30, I called, left a message and I was called by Amber, and quite honestly, the tone had not changed. I know that I am dealing with a business, and that it is a bank, but at nearly 80 years of age, I do not recall, ever, being spoken to by anyone that was so unconcerned with the fact that they were told about a recent death of a family member. I am glad that I do not have to deal with a company that employs people who are only concerned with doing their job, and nothing else. It is a shame that you have those types working for your company. So, rather than doing anything else with the car, we have decided to let you “just come and get it”. Sincerely, S. Elmore

  • Elizabeth Craft says:

    I am so disappointed in this bank i can no longer do on line banking was told to use mobile banking and so sorry they are having a problem . I would think that after a month they would have it worked out. My bank is in Sylvania.

  • John Butler says:

    Horrible experience and company. This was a message I sent to the Director of National Mortgage Sales. I have removed the names of people but would be happy to supply them to anyone interested in higher management.

    I am a current mortgage customer of Fifth Third and receive your letters at least once a month to encourage me to refinance. This would not ordinarily bother me as one of these letters is probably what got me to initiate a refinancing. What I would like you to know is that your organization does not seem to be adequately staffed to handle these requests.

    My refinancing process started April 6 and does not seem to be getting close to finishing any time soon. If were not such a hassle to go through the mortgage process, you would have lost me as a customer 2-3 months ago.

    I have been very diligent about responding and supplying all required documentation within days of the request but then go weeks if not a month with no activity. The credit report checks have expired and a few weeks ago I was asked to give them permission to access the reports again and was told this was the final step to get this approved. Last week I received notification that my wife and I would need to fill out the docusign to start the application process all over since it was so long since it had been submitted. My reaction was very predictable so I sent a message to (name removed) and (name removed) to voice my displeasure. (Name removed) responded saying he was sure it was a mistake and that he was asking (name removed) for an update. I have not heard anything since then. I also called the telephone number on your letters and asked to speak with you. I was not surprised that the agent I was talking to said that he could not do that and for good reason. The agent, (name removed) (not sure of the last name spelling), did apologize and found my records. He said he would check into this and get back with me hopefully within a half hour. That was last Thursday and I haven’t gotten any phone calls back from him.

    This is absolutely the worst process I have ever been involved with on a mortgage of which I have been through these processes probably 20 times over my life, one of which was international. It does not make any sense to me at all why a current customer would be put through all of this scrutiny when I am currently approved to pay an increased amount, have never missed a payment, and nothing will change except to lower my payment which would only improve my cash flow.

    To make things even worse, Saturday I received a letter from your organization that my mortgage loan payment is currently past due. This payment is made directly from my banking account on the same day every month and was this month on the same date. I am currently on hold for over 25 minutes on the telephone waiting for someone to answer to explain to them my payment is not past due and never has been.

    I could certainly use some help from higher management.

    Respectfully yours,

    John Butler
    Loan # 0205140809

    • Sonny says:

      John, You explained it better than me, You are correct, the worse thing ever happened to me was opening account with these people, they are not explainable, the worse, and terrible people, customer service and banking.
      my name is Sonny phone 202-705-1893

    • Latwan Wilson says:

      Hey John I’m dealing with a similar issue as you can you pass those names & numbers of those ppl you spoke with my hands are tied at this point & I gotta dig deeper im in CA and there’s no branches here thanks email: Layluxuryhairextensions@gmail.com

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