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  • Address: 4200 San Jacinto St, Houston, TX 77004, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 713-529-0155
  • Fax Number: 713-869-6197
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 11,000
  • Established: 1972
  • Founder: Donald Bonham and O. C. Mendenhall
  • Key People: Sid Keswani (CEO)

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Sid Keswani


Kimberley Holleman


Jim Pessagno

Program Director

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  • Aaliyah says:

    there had a young black boy who disrespecting elderly and the older black men’s and women’s and the young black boy is very very rude in Fiesta Mark , LLC in 1530 Independence Blvd , Missouri city, TX 77489 the young black boy work in Fiesta Seafood department the Fiesta Seafood department are very very rude in Fiesta Mark , LLC in 1530 Independence Blvd , Missouri City ,TX 77489

  • Will says:

    Tried all day to complain about the Fiesta on Ross Avenue, in Dallas, Texas. Although the Delli is open, due to social distancing there are only two tables. The problem with that is those two tables are always occupied by homeless people. They’re not in the store to buy groceries, they generally don’t purchase food from the Delli. They just sit there drinking water, & playing with there phones, else reading a paper. I’ve tried to complain to the store manager, Delli manager, & corporate but it appears there’s no interest in selling food out of the Delli. Since Sprouts across the street, & Sam’s up the street are more affordable, with better service, I assumed Fiesta would at least be concerned with this ongoing problem.

  • Kenneth says:

    your display said buy 4 Dr. pepper products and there 99 cents each I brought 4 they charged the regular price i ask the girl if it came off at the end she said yes it did not then the floor girl told me I brought the wrong kind finally the manager John said it was the pricing dept. and he would have to call them to get it strait he could give me my money back but it would take a while he was busy this was on Sunday the add had been up since wed. how many people did this store scam. I did not wait for a refund I wrote the BBB to ask them to check on your scamming ways

  • Brandi Grant says:


    I am a daughter of a patron that visited the #73 Store in Dallas Texas. My Mother has been a frequent shopper at the one off Skillman for almost 30yrs they know her by name. We were preparing for a Superbowl party and my Mother Janice bought $95.00 worth of items for a fresh seafood gumbo from scratch. After the Gumbo was prepared their was a pungent smell coming from the pot the only item bought frozen were the blue crabs which we buy all the time Live in both locations kinda odd she was sold frozen blue crabs. They were rotten.. The smell was so horrific it made you sick to your stomach after 8 hrs of intensive labor my Mother prepped the Gumbo. It was rotten the whole pot was contaminated. We bagged it all up for proof my mother is disabled and does not drive so she has to wait until someone can get her transportation back to the Fiesta #73. We went to the service counter asked for the store Mgr who was not there and Benjamin Carter/ Carter Benjamin showed. He was condescending and ×circled all over our receipt.We are requesting a refund on all items except for the fruit..He told us he was there to make a decision which he failed to use empathy and matter of fact what he wasnt gonna do. We did not argue eventhough my Mom was Seething bcuz of his unprofessionalism. I am suffering from food poisoning which includes diarrhea and vomiting.We provided to him our original receipt and evidence which he never inquired which was on hand with us..He stopped addressing my Mother w eye contact and directly started his condescending remarks to me. I am NOT the customer my Mother is.We want this resolved immediately
    My Mother’s name is Janice

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