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Where is Fidelity Investments Corporate office Headquarters

Fidelity Investments Headquarters Address and Contact

Fidelity Investments logo
  • Address: 200 Seaport Blvd, Boston, MA 02210, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 800-343-3548
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 70,000
  • Established: 1946
  • Founder: Edward C. Johnson II
  • Key People: Brian Conroy (President)

Fidelity Investments Headquarters Location & Directions

Fidelity Investments Headquarters Executive Team



Abigail Pierrepont Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman

Charles Sumner Morrison

President of Asset Management

Romain Boscher

Chief Investment Officer of Equities

About Fidelity Investments, History and Headquarters Information

Fidelity Investments was incorporated as Fidelity Management & Research (FMR) by Edward C. Johnson II in 1946. It is headquartered based in Boston, Massachusetts. By 1984, they started offering computerized stock trading. In 2004, Fidelity opened its office in India. In 2018, Fidelity introduced a separate entity for cryptocurrency trading.

Fidelity Investments Inc. is an American multinational financial services company. Fidelity Investments provides a wide variety of services such as estate planning, life insurance, securities execution and clearance, discount brokerage services, Index funds, annuities, wealth management, rollovers, fund distribution, and investment advice, cryptocurrency, and retirement. It has three fund divisions: Equity, High-Income, and Fixed-Income. This firm has investor centers in more than 140 locations all over the US. It has more than 50,000 employees operating offices located in American Fork, Utah; Greenwood Village, Colorado; Jacksonville, Florida; Covington, Kentucky; Westlake, Texas; Durham, North Carolina; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Cincinnati, Ohio; Salt Lake City, Utah; Smithfield, Rhode Island; and Merrimack, New Hampshire. It also has offices in Canada in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Fidelity Investments Headquarters Photos

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  • Shane says:

    I am an adviser trying to set up a fidelity 539 plan through my company
    What a nightmare No one could tell me where the application is a month and half later. All they keep giving me is different phone numbers to call

  • Potential customer says:

    Where are the good comments?

  • Peter Amato says:

    Today I tried to contact the Palm Beach Gardens Fidelity Office in order to obtain an appt. to assist in some transactions. The nightmare began .I remained on the phone for approximately 40 minutes and then switched to a call center.Although the representative did try to assist me and called the Palm Beach Gardens Office after a long attempt.He stated that they advised I should walk in and then I would be assigned an adviser. This is absurd.They could have at least given an appt. as is good business practice.I have never experienced a situation since I have been with Fidelity for over 20 years.Common sense would advise to have a system in place to advise callers to leave their phone numbers and questions and return calls later,rather than to remain on the phone .


    This is an Amazing company. THERE ARE NO EMPLOYEES. Fidelity is a complex maze of “877” phone numbers to which you cannot speak to a person, nor upload any requested documents. “Your call was unable to be competed. Please call again.” Your request can be “. . . easily initiated on line.” Those are just a few of the hilarious jokes you will hear from their electronic comedy-bot’s performance. Enjoy the show. Remember to tip you bartender.

  • Ann Gehring says:

    It’s a shame that I’ve been trying to have your company help me invest my 4 million dollars. Trying to talk with someone is a game that your company must enjoy!
    I would like to talk with someone just to tell of my experience..

    If you care call me.

  • Dissatisfied New Customer says:

    Unfortunately, I did not see the comments here or check reviews on external sites until after opening the Fidelity account. I transferred $150,000 from an external bank in order to fund my Fidelity brokerage account. 100,000 was deposited via institutional check and the remaining ACH transfer. Both the check and ACH transaction was processed and $150,000 taken from my external bank account 3dys ago however, I am just now receiving a message stating Fidelity is unable to complete the transfer due to the institutions name missing from the check. If this was the case, why was the 150,000 taken from my external account? THE INSTITUTION, ACCOUNT INFO., AND ENDORSEMENT IS ON THE CHECK. I have been on hold over 1hr for the past 3 days trying to track down my money and now told that the money is held up and I cannot close the account nor reverse the money back to my external account until the matter is cleared up. I am done with Fidelity and would like to close the account ASAP.

  • Shaina says:

    I had a “rainy day” account ($49,000+) which had been opened 30-35 years ago. since this wasn’t my primary investment account (which is with another investment company)and was unused, Fidelity sent a letter indicating my account was dormant and thought to be abandoned and that the money would go to the State if I didn’t call them. Long story short: I called a service center in Utah (they couldn’t “verify” me) and then I personally went into an office with my government issued photo ID. The rude lady on the television screen (no live contact) refused to look at my ID and since I was unable to answer 3 questions (including when did I open the account — 30-35 years ago) she said I couldn’t be verified. My cell phone number is not on file with them so they couldn’t send me a one-time verification code. I brought a check to deposit for $10 and asked if that would resolve the matter — she said she couldn’t confirm that they would accept my check. I said that since they couldn’t verify me, or confirm they could accept my deposit, would there be any issue with my writing a check out of that account to close it…. she said that she couldn’t give me that information. She also didn’t tell me what to do next in order to somehow get verified. This is the WORST customer service I’ve seen.

  • Paul says:

    Basically…they think they are too big to care! My issue involved where an agent had to complete an option trade for me. It was due to a technical glitch in my computer and an option trade that would not wait. I removed my portfolio of $20,000 plus because they would not remove an option commission charge of $32.95. I did $50,000 in trades over a period of 6 months…..
    but lost me for $32.95! Keep up THE GOOD WORK….Fidelity!

  • Robert says:

    HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! THEY TOLD ME THEY DON’T HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE TO TAKE CARE OF ALL THE ACCOUNTS>>>> They follow no rules and don’t have answers to easy questions and do what ever they want whenever they want. Your ACCOUNT IS IN JEOPARDY AT FIDELITY!!!!
    Don’t Risk your hard earned $…. They are OUT OF CONTROL!!

  • John says:

    Poor customer service. I have had a lot of money in Fidelity accounts for at least 15 years. In addition, I advise my tax clients on investment styrategies and recommended Fidelity to them. This week I will be pulling all of my money out and recommending my clients do the same. I am sure Fidelity management doesn’t care, but they need to remember that word spreads and enemies accumulate.

    • Daphne says:

      I too have decided to take my (almost – since a month ago) million dollar account and seek elsewhere. I also vow to bad-mouth Fidelity as much as humanly possible

    • Vic says:

      Recently had the same experience for my statements being placed on line without my authorization. They insisted I authorized it. Very poor customer support.

  • David Mann says:

    This firm has no concept of customer service. I call the Transition Services contact and only once have a conversation; other times I leave a voicemail message and get a reply within 5 days, maybe. Email messages, via the Fidelity web site, are also ignored for days. I can’t imagine how a financial firm can function with such abysmal response times.

  • Joseph Burns says:

    I’m having a problem with my rollover IRA # 231479238. It was rolled over wrongly and now had lost 1500.00 approximately. I was told it would take up to 2 weeks to fix, meanwhile I’m told that I cannot utilize that account till it is the mistake is corrected or I have to take a loss for Fidelity’s mistake. Please help with this issue. I don’t want to take legal action but will if necessary.

  • Brian Peerce says:

    There is a deliberate corporate policy to delay fund dispersal from retirement accounts. Customer service is handled by call centers staffed by poorly trained representatives using outdated technologies (call center manager, David Pauly’s description). This provides the representatives with handy excuses for failing to complete complex tasks like stapling or linking forms for withdrawals , acknowledging receipt of faxs, and requiring 3-5 business days to finalize requests. These customer service representatives are led by managers who regard their supervisors as unavailable, unmentionable, and not to be referred to customers.

    • Mikki says:

      I have had the same experience. In 9 years, I have sent three letters, two emails and made two phone calls trying to get them to stop deduction income taxes from my pension check. Money that while isnt a large sum each month, over the past 9 years it adds up to a substantial amount. They have poorly trained customer service and do not respond to emails or letters sent in the US postal service.

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