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  • Address: 7500 College Blvd # 1000, Overland Park, KS 66210, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 913-661-1500

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 4,000

  • Established: 1939

  • Founder: A.C. Ferrell

  • Key People: James E. Ferrell, (CEO)

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Ferrellgas Partners Headquarters Executive Team



James E. Ferrell

Executive Chairman, Interim President & CEO

Doran N. Schwartz

Senior VP, Treasurer & CFO

Trenton D. Hampton

Senior VP & COO – Ferrellgas Inc

About Ferrellgas Partners, History and Headquarters Information

If you are thinking from where all that propane is supplied, then your question is finally answered. Ferrellgas partners provide propane in the cities of Kansas and the suburbs of Liberty, Missouri, Overland Park, and Kansas City.

The company is of American origin.The company was founded in the state of Kansas at a place called Atchison. It was founded by Alfred Carl Ferrell in the year 1939.

The company saw its prosperity during the time of the Second World War and the wars that followed after that. The firm was known to be selling gas and floor furnaces to the consumers from their stores on the Commercial Street of the place.

In the year 1965, the company took the decision of selling strictly propane and at that time there werea mere four employs in the company. The company was afterward renamed to what it is known today by James Ferrell.

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  • Bill L says:

    I have never seen a company as HORRIBLE as Ferrell Gas. I order and PAID for propane 3 weeks ago. I have never heard from anyone and having called 3 times to find out the status of my order, still no calls back. Eventually I got ahold of someone as I was told they don’t offer the service I bought anymore. I asked to have my money refunded, they said certainly and they were sorry. Haven’t seen the money. These guys a crooks and their customer service make Comcast look good.. Horrible horrible company.

  • Trudy C says:

    Ferrelgas has the worst customer service policy I have ever experienced. I can never get to a manager who can help me. My propane deliveries keep getting pushed back and I run out month after month even though I am on the “keep full” program. It doesn’t seem to matter. I call each time my tank gets to 50% and they never deliver until I run out. I update my tank readings so someone will know my level. I am in Breckenridge, CO with an empty tank. I was suppose to get a delivery Dec 29 but it was pushed out another week. I called to let you know I would run out and I did. Two months ago, I went for a week with no heat. Had to buy space heaters to keep pipes from freezing. Who is responsible for this? Who can help? No one seems to care.

  • john green says:

    i am a ferell gas customer I have 2 100# propane tanks they have ben chaging me $15.00 per year for rental this year I am being charged $65.00, 4x’s more ?
    I talked to rep and was told , too bad ? sI this the customer service attitude culture
    I don’ t use much fuel being only 1 user with only a stove . I explained that i save them operational costs of not refilling constantly saving them with truck, driver, fuel costs . that didnt matter to customer service rep .

    i am waiting for some one with authority to contact me a regarding this outrageous high rental fee

  • Sharon McCandlish says:

    I am a ferrellgas customer acct# 104382658. On Jan 31st I contacted Ferrell for a delivery, was at 20%. I ran out of propane Saturday Feb 5th. Called and was told no delivery till Feb 14th. This is not acceptable!!! I’m 78 yr old, just lost my husband of 55 yr and cannot leave my home as I have Covid. I have called and explained all of this and was told busy and would be no exceptions. Besides freezing to death and all the pipes in my home freezing what can I do??? Desperately need help!!!! Propane is paid for. I believe circumstances alter cases. Please help!!!!

  • Ronnie Whaley says:

    I had a home delivery setup for some Blue Rhino propane tanks. 2 times prior it actually worked with no issues so I felt safe trying to do it again.
    This time nothing was delivered but they still took 100.00 out of my account.
    Sent them a copy of my bank account statement to prove it.
    They gave me the usual run around and still nothing has been done since December, 2021.

    They basically stole 100.00 out of my account.


  • dawn ash says:

    I placed an order in their Saratoga springs business on January 10th and paid it when and was told I would have it by today and now when I call they say now tomorrow,my tanks are empty and I’m freezing but they don’t care

  • Jeff Smith says:

    I am very upset with Ferrell Gas due to having to wait for almost 2 weeks to get the propane that I paid in advance for. When I called on January 13th and ordered propane, was told 5-7 business days. When it didn’t show by the 7th day, I called back and was told I had to wait until the 24th. Just so happened to be the coldest weekend with snow and ice here in Ga. No one had any electric heaters in stock. Now my wife and I are sick from having to turn our heat off just so we wouldn’t run completely out. Thank you Ferrell Gas! I will consult an attorney Monday morning1/24. Ferrell Gas will not get anymore of my business and also have reported them to the BBB. You all should be ashamed staying nice and warm and cozy while we are freezing and getting sick. Thanks a lot from Social Circle Ga.

  • Glenn McGovern says:

    I place an order at the end of November for my cabin in Colorado. I made a $1,000 payment at the end of November. I have made over 6 calls to your Residential 1-800 number. I have made at least 6 phone calls and have been told multiple times that it will be filled within 2 days. I am still calling. I currently have less than 15% propane. My account # 235156333. I have asked the 1-800 number (3 times) to have the General Manager at Grand Junction to call me. I am still waiting. I would like a call from someone at corporate headquarters that can elevate this issue and help me get this tank filled ASAP. My cell number is in the account information. Thank you

  • Cathy johnson says:

    I am a customer! I have a large complaint. I have been dealing with this for a month. Can’t seem to get it resolved. I need to talk to upper management. Tks
    I cant even leave message or phone number.

    • Kathy says:

      I’m having the same problem. No one responds! Being billed for propane I’ve never received, haven’t received my delivery and they have by tank size incorrect. Why is it so hard to return a call?

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