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FedEx Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 942 S Shady Grove Rd, Memphis, TN 38120, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 901-818-7500
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 425,000
  • Established: 18 June 1971
  • Founder: Frederick W. Smith
  • Key People: Frederick Smith, Rajesh Subramaniam, Alan Graf

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FedEx Headquarters Contact Info

Have you ever wondered how life would have been if there were no courier companies to deliver your cargo? Have you ever contemplated over the thought of how you would have received your urgent delivery packages if there were no courier companies? How would you feel if the packages delivered to you are broken or damaged? Today, FedEx is one of the most trusted courier delivery companies in the world.

FedEx delivers more than 3.6 million packages every day. The global leader is responsible for rapid, trusted and reliable deliveries. In the year 2018, FedEx had an annual revenue of over $65 billion US.

FedEx services and solutions are designed to meet all requirements of the customer via phone or mail. FedEx has several business segments like FedEx Express, TNT Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services.

FedEx Headquarters Address-

942 S Shady Grove Rd,

Memphis, TN 38120, 


Phone Number- +1 901-818-7500

Email- Not mentioned

Website- www.fedex.com

FedEx Headquarters Info & Photos

FedEx headquarters are located in Memphis, United States.

FedEx started their journey in Delaware.

There are 118 FedEx office locations spread across 6 countries.

FedEx Headquarters Photo

FedEx Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

942 S Shady Grove Rd Memphis (HQ), TN


United States

1440 S State College Blvd Suite 1-e Anaheim, CA



5985 Explorer Drive Mississauga



Carrer de la Tecnologia, 17 Viladecans


United Kingdom

Waterhouse Business Park, Unit 10 Baynes Pl Chelmsford

FedEx Headquarters Executive Team

Frederick Smith

Chairman, President, and CEO

Frederick Smith is the brain and the soul behind FedEx. He was named as the “CEO of the Year” by Chief Executive Magazine in the year 2004. He was the founder of the organizations FedEx, FedEx Express and Toddle House.

Rajesh Subramaniam

President & COO

Rajesh Subramaniam has been part of the FedEx team for more than 25 years. His wide experience and broad vision made him the right contender to lead the company as the president and CEO of FedEx.

Alan Graf

Evp & CFO

Alan Graf became part of the FedEx company as senior financial analyst in the year 1980. He has held different managerial positions in the finance division of the company. He is a part of the committee which oversees all the development and strategic decisions of the company.



Robert Carter

EVP, FedEx Information Services, and CIO

Mark Allen

EVP General Counsel and Secretary

Jill Brannon

EVP, Chief Sales Officer

Brie Carere

EVP, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

About FedEx


Originally FedEx was known as FedEx Express. This company was founded in the year 1971 by the present Chief Executive Officer, Fredrick Smith. It all started at Yale University when Fred Smith, the future president George W. Bush and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry came up with the idea of a worldwide logistics company. Fred Smith submitted a paper which covered the idea of the logistics company. It didn’t prove to be fruitful for him. Finally, he started his company with his father’s inheritance and a large amount of $91 million from a venture capital firm. In spite of being the highest financially funded company, the first three years for FedEx were not profitable. After the year 1976, FedEx started to gain profits by delivering more than 19,000 packages a day. The logo of FedEx was designed in the year 1994. Today, FedEx has grown to be a company that delivers more than 10.2 billion packages daily.


FedEx is responsible for connecting people and businesses all across the world.

FedEx is a member of IATA and they are experts in shipping dangerous goods. They provide door to door express delivery services to all key markets of Europe, America and Asia.

FedEx provides you the facility to track your packages in real time.

FedEx works with manufacturers of planes to develop planes which can accommodate large freight parcels and containers.

The FedEx ground package system is one of the best providers of small packaging services in North America.

FedEx corporate services are known to provide sales & marketing, and administrative and information technology support to FedEx consumers and offices.


  • The logo of FedEx has a hidden arrow between the letters E and X, which sends a message that FedEx is a delivery company which delivers from A to B.
  • FedEx delivers more than 19 million packages every day and receives more than 125 million requests to track the packages.
  • FedEx always keeps empty planes in the sky in case there is a request for change in merchandising or commodity goods.
  • FedEx has the largest air fleet in the world as it operates more than 670 airplanes.
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  • B. Lawless says:

    Today, I saw a southpoint Ohio fedex driver throw my package out of his vehicle window into my front yard. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed.

  • Farrah Mills says:

    Look people, FedEx doesn’t care one little bit about what we have to say. As you see there are no responses. Same thing for the BBB. Because of what they have done to me, I will no longer buy from any company that uses FedEx as their delivery service. Period. I suggest all of you do the same. Maybe if they start losing tons of money they will pay attention to what’s really going on and get off their rich butts and do something about it. I’m over it for one. Never again.

  • Nadine Billin says:

    I buried my father two weeks ago. As we were driving through Galesburg, MI. to the cemetery, I noticed how respectful people were along the way, people pulling over and turning on their lights, one gentleman actually stopped his motorcycle and got off of it and stood up! People walking on the sidewalks stood still and shared our sadness. It was a sad but beautiful ride.There were only two people who were rude and cut in front of the procession making the lead car have to hit his brakes! It’s shameful.One was a Target semi driver, the other a FedEx driver. I see no reason that would excuse this sort of behavior. It is inexcusable. It shocked me that these so-called professionals acted with such disrespect. I of course have no way of telling who these drivers were, if I did I would let them know how this hurt me.
    I do not know if this is something that is taught or even brought up with your drivers; I hope it will be if it hasn’t. It really means a lot to the grieving family to see others respecting your loved one.

  • Joseph P Harris says:

    510948797977 check this tracking number. This is the exact reason why I, personally, have stopped shipping with FedEx. In the past 2 years the packages that I sent via FedEx was delivered on time at a 4.4 out of 10. This package was sent to me so I had no control of the shipping method. All thru out its tracking it showed as a delivery date of 6-17 which is today. I check it today and the delivery date changed to tomorrow 6-18 as it just sits just an hour away from house. Now it will sit for over another 24 hours in the same spot and the package is just an hour away from my house. Pathetic FedEx is….

  • Michele Hayes says:

    Your company CONSISTENTLY under delivers. My packages from you are ALWAYS at least 2 days after you originally say you will deliver… and the one I am waiting for today… we are into the a week from pick up to delivery… that is IF i get it today. Let’s see how long this complaint stays up.

  • BENNY R. WYATT says:




  • Gordon L Beaver says:

    FedEx at Kennesaw GA stole half of my shipment of shotgun ammunition. FedEx also denied my claim for the stolen shipment. I have called and called and get the runaround and no reason for not paying the claim or replacing the stolen ammo. The shipper also filed a claim and was not given a reason for denial. Shipper paid for insurance and I paid for it with the shipping cost so FedEx should cover the claim. Please respond to this comment.

  • Your company has the worst customer support in the history of this country. says:

    Your company has the worst customer support in the history of this country. I have attempted to track a package that was mistakenly sent to the wrong address for two days. All your representatives know how to respond is I’m very sorry. They seem to hide behind their phones along with your nonexistent managers who never respond.
    Tracking Number 773016081898

  • A says:

    Fedex Kernersville, NC refuses to open their shipping containers to rightfully deliver packages.
    Our packages are being held hostage with no option to pickup from the facility.
    How do you people sleep at night knowing you are literally stealing customer’s money and from their livelihoods?
    Backlog is not an excuse. In my opinion there should be a local law enforcement investigation at the Kernersville, NC facility. Something very seriouly wrong is happening there.

  • The Sharpes says:

    Your employee, Bob Naumann–assisted us in returning packages delivered to the neighbor’s house who has moved.

    One of the packages was delivered on August 27th. The neighbor was contacted and we were advised that FedEx was going to return to pick up the package. However, when we returned home on Monday, 8/31/20 – the package was still out front.

    Tuesday, 9/1/20 – another package was delivered. My husband advised your employee that the person no longer lives there. The employee said he would check with his supervisor to see what he needed to do. In the meanwhile, he left without calling anyone in our presence.

    Today, just as I was trying to speak to a live person at the 800 number, my husband saw Bob making a delivery at another house and asked if he would pick up the packages. His response was a resounding yes with a smile. He picked up the packages with such a positive attitude without complaining and thanked us for bringing it to his attention. He was an angel, wish there were more like him. Please advise Bob and his supervisor that we appreciate his assistance and wish him much success in his career. It would be great if more people cared and took the time to assist others whenever possible.

  • James A. Kubik says:

    I live in central florida a place called Meritt Island fl, 32953. a fed ex driver truck #84201 delivered to my home packages 2 times I saw him run across my front yard through the flower bed covered with river rock and back to the truck. river rock is very expensive here in Florida. He should be told about this.

  • Lou Hickman says:

    Package delayed.. six days later watched the delivery guy pull in and pull out of driveway.. then got a text that package was delivered, driver never got out of the truck, never dropped the package off. Y’all suck!

  • Lynn Edwin says:

    I am having trouble with the Fed Ex delivery drivers and the head office in my area , finding my physical address for my packages to be delivered. I have left added instructions regarding my door bell location at my building’s front door, also I have signed up for text messages to update me when my package has reached and also I gave added instructions to call my cell when they are outside to deliver my packages as an added help with the previous accommodations for the drivers of Fed Ex. Apparently after waiting for four (4) days for my packages at the front my building’s front door from 9 am to 6:45 pm, I never received any of my packages, even though it was recorded that they made several attempts (which was a bold face lie) and I witnessed many Fed Ex trucks on deliveries in my area. I had stopped a driver and asked about my packages and he did confess seeing it and described it perfectly, but he didn’t have it and he was a am driver and maybe the pm driver. I did stress my frustration about the lack of service and also the unprofessional way of handling this service. It was brought to my attention that some of your Fed Ed workers from Manhattan location came to the JFK location-based center to have work. Apparently those were the workers causing many of the delivery issues and falsely reporting that they made attempts to deliver the packages. These workers were not doing their jobs correctly and something and/or someone has/have to be held accountable. I ended up waiting for a complete five(5) days from 9 am to 6:45 pm with no deliveries and I had to travel for more than an hour to the FedEx Center at JFK airport to pick up my package. I wasted five days from my time off from work! There are many Fed Ex drop off and pick up sites close to my location for the company to suggest where I can pick it up. Now that more future packages are coming the customer service representative I spoke with cannot confirm my address location. I would really appreciate some sort of clarity and understanding to why such misdirection of simple rules and business professionalism by the drivers who are a part of the whole corporate company-wide recognition. I always had the utmost respect and admiration for your services and company’s policies. SO I request that something be done immediately. Thank you for your time in reading my complaint.

  • Mikhail says:

    I sent my very time-sensitive letter with FEDex on 08/25/2020 with the scheduled delivery day 08/27/2020. When I tracked my shipment the day of delivery was changed to 08/28/2020. On 08/26/2020 early morning it arrived to Champain, IL, and it still in the same city for more than 24 hours not moving further without any reason. What kind of company and kind of service it is?

  • Al says:

    I am a private resident, and I receive packages from FedEx weekly, and often many through the week. I have been here for 13 years, and using FedEx the whole time. Never a problem. Here lately nearly every package I receive is VERY damaged. Cans have been so dented the they were considered trash by the sellers I bought them from…. What is up? Yes there is covid. But that is no excuse… It has been the “go to” for bad service lately, EVERYWHERE!!

  • Don Brown says:

    FedEx upper management needs to look into the management at their Austell Georgia location. This location is forever delaying packages. I have 2 packages that was scheduled to arrive on Friday, 8/21. They then were changed to be delivered on Monday, 8/24. The shipping status was then changed to “Pending”. I called and reached a CSR offshore (I think India). She told me she would turn the issue over to the “investigative team” and someone would call me back by 5PM on Saturday, 8/22. That did not happen. I called again on Sunday, 8/23 and was told to call back on Monday.
    Where are my packages????
    Tracking #s 903182603697 & 903182603701…

  • Omar Monroe says:

    Dear FedEx, I had 2 packages to be delivered Wednesday, that needed a signature, the package didnt come, I got confirmation that it would be delivered thursday, then around 2 pm, I got a message saying one of the packages couldn’t be delivered, later that day the driver showed up, got out his truck and went to the rear, but he said the package wasn’t there, I spoke with my shipper, and he called fedex and the packages were supposed to be delivered to the nearest Fedex store near me on Friday, Friday evening the FedEx driver TMoore arrives, pulls up, gets out her truck, tosses the package down the driveway like a bowling ball, jumps in her truck and speeds down the street, turns around and speeds off the other way, I was able to pull up the footage from our surveillance system, I am beyond pissed.

  • J.J. says:

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!! I call the customer service number for help and get lost in a circle of AI responses that do NOT help me! I want to speak to a HUMAN that can actually address my problem. I call a store for help and get the same response from a human to call the customer service number. Customer Service obviously is non existent anymore… I shipped my package thinking I would be assured that it would be delivered by using Fedex given the news about the usps lately. I got notified that the package was delivered but it is not at the destination. the AI can only tell me it was delivered but won’t address the fact that it could have been delivered to the wrong address. every time in the past, I have used USPS and never had a problem. Should have just used USPS again and my package would have been there for less money. lesson learned…and based on the comments from the neighborhood facebook page of so many people looking for their mis-deliveries, I should have known better.

  • Margaret Baldwin says:

    FedEx trucks are flying down our street almost everyday. Today I was outside saying goodbye to a friend and two trucks came flying by the second truck was going so fast that my friend had to jump out of the way and it looked like he was going to hit the first truck when it stopped. This is a residential street(speed limit is posted at 20) with little children around and I am fearful that one of them will be injured. This needs to stop NOW

  • Anthony Weynand says:

    I would like to talk to the chairman or president of FedEx. I began today at 1PM to update my credit card expiration date on your web site, I just finished at 3PM. It was ridiculous! I have been a long time personal customer of yours, never before did I have trouble updating a cc. Believe me, I tried for over two hours to use your web site (thereby saving any human effort on your part). None of the “virtual asst.” triggered replies worked. Then there was trouble calling and getting done that way, for the most inane reason you can imagine! I want to tell one of the chief executives how bad is can be in the morass of web site and recorded phone responses. Please have one of them call me. 972 -380-1193. What I went through should
    be reported, perhaps the consumer advocate at Dallas Morn. News would be interested. Or perhaps UPS is easier to navigate. Thank you, Anthony Weynand

  • Robin Eckert says:

    I have not received a package stuck in 1 location for 4 days. When I called your customer service, I was told that a manager would call back within 15-30 minutes. That was 3 hours ago. I called back and was told they are closed and would not get a response. You are terrible at customer service on the weekend when you know that know when can help. I want a courtesy call back from someone who knows how to handle or give an explanation to this problem.

  • William Whalen says:

    Dear FedEx,

    I am probably not the first individual to point out the crisis the U.S is in with the President sabotaging the Postal Service in order to steal the election. You can play a role in this. Advertise yourselves as a safe alternative for mail-in ballots. Make sure it is affordable, so, the poor vote is not suppressed. Make you are readily accessible so people can get their ballots to you. The Postmaster in charge of wrecking the postal system has major holdings in UPS, so. it is not a reliable alternative. You can help preserve this country’s democracy.

  • Jackie Holmes says:

    Mr. Smith, I would like to know if Fedex can offer a special rate to anybody that wants to send their voting ballot via FedEx so I can shut Donald Trump up after fraudulent mailings thru the USPS (which I know is not true) so we can get him out of the White House Nov 3rd. I know he can’t say or do anything about what Fedex does!!!!

  • Maureen Curran says:

    Mailed out on July 25 to Tennessee from Alabama. Still has not gotten to the person. Everyday says on truck for delivery but it hasn’t shown up and it’s been 10 days.

  • Linda says:

    Fed Ex drivers are terrible. Disrespectful and rude they take packages and throw them. If you mention it they will literally curse you out.You call to complain to Fed Ex regarding them they do absolutely nothing about them. I do not want them on my property. No accountability. My company is cancelling service with them. We are located in 48 states.

  • Barbara Mercado says:

    Very disappointed on how Fed Ex customer service department handles a package that Fed Ex stated was delivered at a certain time and date, I never received the package and no one knows where it is. I know this is not the first time that a package was maybe delivered to the wrong home or residence I was hoping that Fed ex has a better process of find out if driver did drop off package at correct address. There should be a satellite picture or something showing if driver did leave at the correct residence I live in a gated community I really do not think someone stole the package we have packages delivered all the time never had a problem. So now customer service needs to call the HUB in Lake worth Florida to find out if driver remembers leaving the package at correct address seriously Fed Ex is a multimillion dollar company I’m sure the company has other ways of showing if driver did drop off package at correct address. This is not the first time I’m sure. I just do not need the run around it is FED EX responsibility to let customer know exactly where this package was delivered. I’m so upset on how this little situation has been handled. Oh by the way the tracking number is 771005029908 maybe someone higher up can possibly help me find out where my package was delivered to.

  • Phyl says:

    fed Ex is using my driveway as turn around when end of street and a cul d sac is 3 doors down. I have had oil dripped on my driveway from older trucks. Some take message while in driveway I can see from front window. I have called them about this issue before and it is still happening. If I knew when they were coming I would put out a tack strip maybe that would get somebody’s attention. This is so rude. If they deliver around Christmas and its dark early the lights shine right into my front windows. I am disabled this is not good. Why can Fed Ex not help with issues? I tried to ask
    a question on their site and a robot lady I assume it was wanted to connect me to what she called one of their attorneys to answer my question? It came on and they wanted money to give me an answer. Fed Ex had gone to hell.

  • Fed Ex Is Disgusting says:

    Stop-Fed EX Bull Crap & Start a Protest Against Their Poor Services
    July 16,2020
    Fed Ex is the worst of the worst and “LIARS”. They had for tracking a delivery for 16 July 20 then, did not deliver it; then they changed it to 17 July 20 still did not deliver it! When we called to check on it ; they had the nerves to say they understand your frustration ??? If they knew their job and took pride in no one would have to call them. They won’t let you speak with a supvs. nor manager. They went back into the
    fedex system and deleted the previous tracking dates that they did not deliver and changed it to smart post. Everyone should send their complaints to “THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND THE CONSUMER PROTECTION BUREAU! We as consumers should not have to put up with the bull crap of Fed Ex. We paid for our orders, products and services and then, they deliver it when they feel like it! We must hold
    them accountable. Start now for your Christmas; so you don’t hurt you loved ones, family and friends;
    “BECAUSE THOSE IDIOTS don’t care. Still we do not have our package(s). Find out from your shipper
    whether it is fedex ground or smartpost fedex. Smart post is bull crap(It is when your shipper send your
    order to fedex and fedex receives your order and then sends it to your local post office. (because it’s
    cheaper???) Let your shipper know if you can do NOT use fed ex nor smart post OR just expect the bull
    crap because they don’t care and they are aware of the problem that’s why? they tell everyone to call the same number and talk to idiots who cant even tell you the truth about your order. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
    Why? do they need your email and they can’t even deliver a paid for order.

  • Hazel.thornton1@verizon.net says:

    Hazel Thornton waiting on a delivery since 07/07/20 20 where is my order.and waiting for a order for 07/12/20 never got my order what is going on with my order

  • karl says:

    An important package was shipped, upon receipt it required my signature. I got an email claiming the driver had made the requisite two attempts and the package was on the way back to the shipper. The email claimed that no one was home/signature was refused. The second supposed refusal to accept, i was home all morning, no vans or trucks came by. The driver lied that he went to my address. And now the package is going back to the shipper. I am very upset that the driver has the nerve to lie that he went to the address and that the package was refused. I am also upset that now I have to work with the shipper to get my package back. I already communicated with them that I would rather they ship via UPS or USPS, UPS knows how to get to my house. The FEDEX customer advocate I spoke to briefly was no help other than to tell me what time my package was loaded on a truck and heading back to the shipper.
    He told me that they could not do anything to remedy the situation. Thanks for nothing, with a driver who lied about about an attempted delivery and a customer service department which doesn’t, can’t actually help if something has gone wrong.

  • Duane says:

    I also am having a problem with FedEx location in Oak Park MI. My package has been showing in transit for a while now. I contacted the shipper and informed them of the problem, they have sent my order out again, I requested them to not use FedEx when sending it. They used the other carrier and its delivered. Maybe if WE stopped buying from companies that use Fedex and boycott the companies that use Fedex things will change.

  • Bob says:

    Your company joining the counter culture movement is a big mistake for your brand.
    If you think the mob will set the tone in this country, you’re on the wrong side of history and boycotting your business is an option.
    The Washington Redskins name is not your business and the NFL is not going to do will this season, if they pander to the left in this country.

  • Ingrid Conover 394273405006 tracking number says:

    Worst service EVER! They have had my package for 5 days and still cannot get it to me on time. I need it by Friday 7/3 a.m. We were taking the package with us on vacation and now will have to go without it as last delivery time is 8 p.m. Can get nophone number at Cateret facility to contact anyone. They have our home, cell and email. If there was a delivery problem why can’t they call for clarification! Extremely frustrated!!!

  • Gertrude W. Rogers says:

    Carrier tracking numbers:

    I would like to extend a ‘Thank you’ and appreciative note of gratitude to the FedEx driver that delivered my packages today (7/1/2020). In this inclement weather, the driver protected my packages by inserting them in plastic bags; alerting me by ringing the doorbell. He is to be commended for his thoughtfulness and professionalism. Again, Thank you for your outstanding service.

    G. W. Rogers
    1109 Embassy Court
    Virginia Beach, VA 23454

  • Deborah H. says:

    I have had horrible service with packages being delivered by FedEx. Also the assistance from Customer Service Department is poor as well. I have two packages that I still have not received. However, the FedEx system indicates, “Delivered 6/26/20 at 10:06 AM,” for both of the packages. I contacted Customer Service on last Friday late that evening advising them of the discrepancy, and was assured this would be investigated, and that I would receive a callback by today, however, that hasn’t occurred either. After Customer Service again today, I again received excuses, but no resolution. I confirmed with others at this location and other locations that this happens often with FedEx drivers. They indicate a package was delivered, when indeed it hadn’t. I really like ordering from Belk’s, but if my packages can only be delivered by FedEx, I will have to discontinue ordering online with them. I would appreciate if someone would contact me regarding this matter. Thank you.

  • Donna Scroggins says:

    FedEx head corporate people don’t care about their customers they are the worse shipping company.
    FedEx delivered my package to wrong address and retrieved the package and lied for the last three days about redelivering the package.
    Their customer service is a joke, their drivers don’t know what their doing, the CEO don’t care about the company or it’s customers or these complaints would be taking care of!
    Everyone who has complaints start reporting FedEx in your state to the Attorney state General!

  • Abdulla Alblooshi says:

    I have received 2 packages at Two different occasion, both time the packages were extremely hot,
    it seems that the drivers parks their delivery trucks and take rest for long time before he resume the delivery. I have emailed the regional office and complained, but one answered me. we are having bad service in this region .

  • Ronald Boudreaux says:

    Had a call that a package was arriving the next day and needed a signature . Waited at home for the package. That evening the door bell rang an it was my neighbor with my package. I ask if she signed for it she said no. Check web site and tracking was signed with first and last initial . Tried to call 1800 n go fex ex
    phone number was told to hold for representative. No one ever came one line, then they had the nerve to ask me on a survey how was my experience with service representative. I hate these companies who do not care about any complaints. You do not care about service !!!!!!!!!!! I am tired of drivers signing for my packages .

  • TOMMY TEA says:


  • Jan says:

    I ordered an item from Best Buy in Allen Park MI on 5/29/2020. I chose fed ex ground bc the store did not have item in stock. I was told in an email from Best Buy that I could track my shipment, which I did. Delivery was supposed to be on Friday 6/5/2020. The night before delivery, I checked the tracking. It was delayed until Monday 6/8/2020. Mind you, FedEx website tracking said it was in transit at Oakpark, MI since Friday 6/5/2020. I called yesterday to find out where my package was and was told it was still in transit. I disagreed and finally was told by a FedEx driver that was down the street from me, good luck getting anything out of there! Your best bet is to pick it up! I do not have a vehicle to pick it up, nor should I have to! Your employees should do their job. Now when I try to track my shipment it says pending. So I am assuming I will never get it and I’m out over $300!!!
    I see all the complaints about this particular FedEx site and wonder why corporate has yet to do anything about this?
    I would love it if someone would look into my shipment for me and email me when it will arrive
    Thank you for your time.

  • Karen says:

    I have been trying to work with customer service representative to get a package delivered that has been sitting in a FedEx distribution center for over twelve days.
    I have heard every excuse but with no results. The customer service can do nothing to solve the problem

  • Dominic Floccare says:

    Service? That’s a joke that’s not the least bit funny. As of today June 7th, 2020 I have two items that have been in their FedEx facility in Henrietta NY for 17 days. 40 miles from my home in Buffalo New York. Repeated calls have not budged the merchandize and talking to the dead heads in customer “SERVICE” gets me the reason or better yet the excuse “we are very busy” .

  • Gerald Thompson says:

    Why is it I cannot get ANY help for getting my package from Tacoma WA to Tukwilla WA.
    Fedex agrees the address and phone number and Apt. number are correct, However we have been by FEDEX records waiting 18 days. WHY?

  • Anna Kieler says:

    Join the crowd, Dennis. I live on a private drive along a major highway along with 3 other neighbors. I placed an order to Wal-Mart.com online last week. The package was supposed to be delivered Sunday; I didn’t receive it. The next day, Monday, I was driving out down our road & saw a box on the side of our lane shoved into the overgrown brush & poison ivy next to the highway. Thinking it was litter, I stopped to pick it up & it was my package, apparently having been there since early afternoon Sunday before a heavy rainstorm. It was sopping wet from being rained on with the packing tape curled away/coming off & the box full of bugs/insects & it fell apart when I picked it up. 2 weeks ago, my neighbor’s package from FedEx was delivered to a house down the street from him. Last week, another neighbor’s package was tied to a gate on undeveloped private property on the highway near our houses; she happened to see it as she was driving by. Also last week, a driver tried to deliver a package to my neighbor with some other name & Silent Valley Road address on it that we didn’t recognize. I called Customer Service &, after being on hold for 1 hour, 8 minutes, a “live” person answered. I got about 5 words out & was disconnected. Not wanting to spend another hour waiting, I found an email address & emailed my complaint along with a picture of the fallen-apart box. I received a reply from FedEx by email today that due to extremely high volume, they are “not accepting complaints” at this time. Today, I attempted to contact local FedEx offices in several nearby cities & always was referred to Customer Service. After another 45-50 minute wait, I was able to connect with someone there who told me that they, too, are “not accepting complaints.” I told them I thought the complaint could be resolved if I could just speak to someone who could educate the apparent new driver who doesn’t know where our homes are on the private road. He transferred me to another number which gave me a computerized selection list. I chose “shipping” & after 5-7 minutes another computerized voice said, We’re sorry, we can’t complete your call & disconnected me. No one seems to know a phone number or email address where I can get help. I just want to tell them to tell the new driver how to find our homes so we will receive our packages. I don’t understand how a major company can logically “not accept complaints.” I am resorting to using social media sites to let everyone know the unsatisfactory results of trying to deal with FedEx. I am also thinking about contacting a local news station consumer reporter to report this to everyone so they can do what I will do in the future: not order from anywhere that uses FedEx.

  • george says:


  • Stewart Levy says:

    Driver left a perishable package at my door without letting me know and it was in the heat of Phoenix for almost 24 hours before I noticed the package. Lousy driver and really poor customer service.

  • Dan Rakes says:

    I paid for delivery to my door. My packages are being left over 100 feet from you door. Please have someone from FedEx delivery in Fredericksburg VA call me. This is becoming a problem. I receive several packages per month and have never had such bad service. Please contact me at 540-288-8879.

  • Donald Grant says:

    worst customer service ever. been trying since 5.12 to find a package sent by fedex with no results. Is tjhere anyone at fedex that can understand English and call me

  • D Fouts says:

    I am in San Diego and ordered some items and followed the tracking information. It showed all items were sent from Oklahoma City on the 20th with the delivery date scheduled for the 23rd of May. Then on the 21st it showed the items arrived and left Hutchins, TX. That is where the tracking ended, and as we experienced before, FedEx chooses not to update their shipping information. Then on the 22nd, it still showed delivery at our house in San Diego on the 23rd even though the “update” still showed it in Hutchins. We had another appointment on the 23rd so that was changed so that we could be home for the delivery.

    Saturday the 23rd came and went with NO delivery as promised. I contacted the customer service and they said it was being given to the Post Office for delivery on the 26th. I then spoke with a “manager” who said no, the packages will be delivered by FedEx. So, we’ll see if it even arrives on the 26th or if we have to continue playing these guessing games with this “going-down-hill” company. (Now they say the 27th).

  • Theresa McLenon says:

    Package delayed by FedEx at Oak Park MI facility for 12 days and counting. Contacted Wayfair. Wayfair told that it is an ongoing issue and there are numerous shipping containers waiting to be offloaded. FedEx has no idea when that will happen. No offloading or delivery dates are available. No choice but to wait until FedEx scans package in the weeks to come. Wayfair is monitoring the situation and unhappy they will lose customers due to undependable shipping. Please help!

  • Theresa McLenon says:

    Still waiting for home delivery of package from Oak Park MI facility. 12 days past due. FedEx unable to supply date for when package will be placed on delivery truck. Made 2 phone calls. Opened case. Took survey. Tracking on website and app. No results! Please help me!

  • Dennis Stahr says:

    So, tell me why you won’t accept my post.

  • Dennis Stahr says:

    I thought they would remove mine… And of course they did!

  • Susan McPherson says:

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! Because of COVID they are not taking complaints against their RUDE and INEFFCIENT drivers. We just signed up to send packages FED EX for our art business. We are changing that decision.

  • Mark Marcum says:

    We distribute a proprietary FDA Approved antimicrobial hand gel which protects your hands from 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae for 4-8 hours even after repeated hand washings. It provides an invisible layer of protection against cross contamination from surfaces to your hands and vice versa. The hand gel cost is less than 11 cents per application and provides 200 doses per bottle.

    Our antimicrobial hard surface protectant is a long lasting antimicrobial surfactant providing an invisible microscopic layer of defense from viral, bacterial, algae and fungi. It is the only product which provides continuous protection even after mild surface cleanings. Can be applied to bathroom and nonfood contact building surfaces, grout, cement, fiberglass, metals, glass, wood, ceramics, stone, natural materials and composites.

    Gloves only protect the user and allows cross contamination from surfaces to the gloves and then to other surfaces.

    Contact us ASAP supplies are limited and we look forward to helping you protect your employees and others

  • Mark Rice says:

    wow, not sure if it was my email to corporate that got it done ,but my package was delivered today. thank you

  • Mark Rice says:

    Hi there, I need help on the corporate level to resolve my package issue. the driver refuses to deliver this 88 pound package. I live on a small street in Hanover Ma. He has been too my house twice with other packages and we received a not deliverable due to weather on a 54 degree sunny day. please help


  • Mark Daniel says:

    I can’t get deliveries from Fed-ex in my area Yorktown, Va. The driver is a contractor from TMA Trucking in Va. Beach , Va. A person from Fed-ex calls me and says deliveries to my area aren’t made because the driver ( TMA Trucking contractor ) doesn’t want our area and won’t deliver here. Someone from Fed-ex needs to address this or I’m calling our local news . They LOVE s%*t like this .

  • Frances says:

    I am writing because I am so upset with how things are being handled by your customer service department. I recently purchased pj’s and sox for my grandkids and FedEx delivered my package to God knows where and marked as if it was delivered to my door. I went to my door multiple times and there was no package. The only reason I knew it was signed is because I tracked the package at FedEx Com. So after a day had gone by I started calling Walmart and after waiting 2hrs for chat I was told there was a nothing that could be done. My issue is that I always order from Walmart. I do Grocery orders 4to5 times a month. Even before this Covid 19 has been in affect, the only time I have ever had to sign for a package from Walmart is when I bought electronics. My packages are always left at my door. My order was less than 50.00. So what would I been signing for. Not only that I was told to call FedEx and when I did, I was told to call Walmart. This is so ridiculous on so many levels. FedEx’s incompetence left my package at an address that was not mine and the person signed for it. I live alone and I work from home. The fact that I am being sent back and forth is stressful. I will be contacting the federal trade commission and the better business Bureau if my money is not refunded or my items are not replaced. Don’t treat your loyal customers this way.

  • Rebecca Selby says:

    My package was suppose to be delivered 5/2 by the end of day. It is now 5/11 and I still have not received my package. I have called fedex multiple times and no one is able to help me or tell me where my package is and why it is not being delivered. When I try to track my package it says scheduled delivery pending. This is very unacceptable. I did not pay extra money to not be able to track my package. This company apparently does NOTT care about the customer and I will never be using fedex again. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED!

    • Dr says:

      DITTO…..this seems to be a common event with FedEx…still waiting for many “lost” packages that are in ‘delivery pending’ mode. There are either incompetent employees or thieves working for FedEx.
      In either case totally unexceptable.

      • Kathy DeStefano says:

        My thoughts exactly Dr. Why FedEx asked me what was in the package, I don’t know. But something tells me someone wanted it.
        I placed an order the exact same day with Amazon and received that package a day earlier than expected.

    • Kathy DeStefano says:

      You are not alone, Rebecca. I was supposed to receive my shipment on the 9th by the end of the day. The 9th came and went with no package and customer service is useless. They keep telling me to contact the shipper, like it’s their fault FedEx lost my package. I did contact the shipper and advised them to stop using FedEx.

    • Dennis Stahr says:

      Me Too Rebecca! Forgive me for this, but I will post my comment to them here too because I believe “they” will remove it.

      I put this on Yelp after your useful idiots messed up as usual!

      “1.0 star rating

      To be clear, I gave this a one since there are no zeros or minus numbers.
      We are in San Diego and we ordered some items (three packages) and followed the tracking information. It showed all items were sent from Oklahoma City on the 20th with the delivery date scheduled for the 23rd of May. Then on the 21st it showed the items arrived and left Hutchins, TX. That is where the tracking ended, and as we experienced before, FedEx chooses not to update their shipping information. Then on the 22nd, it still showed delivery at our house in San Diego on the 23rd even though the “update” still showed it in Hutchins. We had another appointment on the 23rd so that was changed so that we could be home for the delivery.

      Just like a previous experience we had with this horrible service, (totally unlike UPS which is on time and sometimes even a day early), Saturday the 23rd came and went with NO delivery as promised. I contacted the customer service that I believe is in the Philippines and they said it was being given to the Post Office for delivery on the 26th. I then spoke with a “manager” who said no, the packages will be delivered by FedEx. So, we’ll see if it even arrives on the 26th or if we have to continue playing these guessing games with this “going-down-hill” company.

      This is being added, not part of the review: One of your FedEx trucks delivered a package to the house right next door and we still didn’t get squat!!!! NEVER FEDEX FOR ME AGAIN… AND ALL MY FRIENDS AND EVERYONE ON YELP WILL KNOW!!!


    • Dennis Stahr says:

      And a ditto from me. I keep trying to post the issue, but “they” don’t like the criticism so they keep deleting my post. I will keep posting ’til the cows come home!

  • Sally Emerson says:

    To Whom it may concern:
    May 11, 2020

    The Chicopee, ma facility is the worst ever, I have had nothing but problems with them delivering my packages, I live at the beginning of my street, in a bright yellow house, no excuse. They have driven by my house several times without delivering my package, that I have been tracking, the next notice is not delivered. I don’t want to hear its covid19, because this has been going on long before that… This last time I had a package that was suppose to be delivered on April 15, and nothing. the next notice is that it is sitting at Chicopee on a truck, now it’s May 11th and still nothing, I finally contacted the seller and told them about it. These delivery people are very lazy people, the worst ever, I want something done about this. I have had enough of my stuff not being delivered, I understand it happens to my neighbors also…Someone hire up in corporate office should go and get this facility cleaned out of the worst managed place ever. I tell people not to ship fedex, its horrible. Please do something about, this is not fair to people who are disability seniors looking for there packages like me. This is the Chicopee, Massachusetts facility. Please do something…….!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dr says:

      AGREE…something is VERY WRONG with the management and employees at this hub in Chicopee. Way too many “delivery pending” notices that never seem to be delivered or found. Chicopee MA hub needs NEW management. Even when package is scanned on a vehicle out for delivery the next notice is ????can’t find=”delivery pending”….last scan is back at hub then nothing….they must have a warehouse full of pending deliveries.This is totally unacceptable.

  • Terry Vega says:

    Good afternoon,
    Writing from the east coast The Bronx to be exact. Reporting a claim on a drivers service today 5/04/2020 due to the fact he signed and left the package nowhere with in our complex area. It is a family environment and no one received the package he stated was delivered. An investigation will now purse. The facility is the Zerega Avenue location in the Bronx. Very Disappointed with FedEx service.

    Also had the driver sign for a FedEx package I had delivered to Rockland in Orangeburg NY yesterday evening. The driver signed and did not knock on the door or ring the bell with a full house of people home. He left it at the front door never notifying the owner.

    Mr. Frederick Smith wanted to inform you of how your company members are not performing to the standards you require.
    Hope you can shed some light and help with my complaint regarding your Zerega Avenue in Bronx, NY Facility.

    Very disappointed with the service.

    Terry Vega

  • mark daniel says:

    hello, its 9 am 5/1/20. I have been waiting on a delivery that has been at the fed ex hub where my stuff comes from for 4 (four) days. I got a call from my old driver saying my stuff was in Hampton tues. if I wanted it I would have to go get it because there is no driver for my route. Tracking shows everyday its out for delivery then changes to exception . On my local news yesterday they showed packages sitting outside at my fed ex location that aren’t getting delivered.61 floyd Thompson blvd. Hampton,va 23666. Then they interviewed a guy in the parking lot who said he was a manager that had been let go along with several orthers. And that was why no one is getting their stuff on time.I went there to pick up my stuff and the parking lot was full of pissed off people doing the same thing. I am still waiting on 151066564907 & 103831220640. Please get me my stuff . I can’t get a human on the phone to help me . I will NEVER buy from anyone who uses Fed ex for they’re shipper again.

  • Mad Momma says:

    I feel that customers are not a priority at Fed Ex. Customer service is a complete joke. Guy answered (Denny) and when he could not help me, I asked to speak to a manager. Got put on hold for about 10 minutes, then suddenly I was disconnected. So I called back and been waiting for customer service to answer for 43 minutes. A lady answered, then we got disconnected. All I want to know is why my package said it out for delivery on April 22, 2020 and would be delivered by the end of the day. So since some people still have to go to work, I had to have someone come wait on this package since it needed an adult signature. So they WAITED ALL DAY until I returned from work. Then I waited till 9pm then I got an update stating that delivery status has changed to deliver today 4/23/2020. I had arranged for someone to come sit and wait AGAIN…. So my update this morning, stated that it would be delivered on Friday 4/24/2020. Did I mention that an adult has to be present to sign for the package….. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?????
    I have learned a lesson, FED EX is a complete JOKE and waste other people’s time. Use UPS or USPS or another source that actually cares.

  • Khalid says:

    I dropped off a package at Walgreens on 4/15/20 and today is 4/20 the package is not picked yet. I contacted fedex customer reps twice, but they offer no help. They said we put the information in the system. They refuse to let the shipping warehouse to pickup the package. I was told by Walgreens that there are other packages that were not picked up by fedex. This is an acceptable if they are short staffed they should hire more people who need jobs & who’ve been laid off. USPS has no issues delivering packages on timely manner.

  • Mary Ellen Donatelli says:

    Pkg. not received.
    Tracking said “it was left at front door.”
    I live in a high-rise with doorman service.
    No package in usual places here in building.

    All I get from online service is: package delivered…etc., etc.
    I want help please.

  • Akmed Khalifa says:

    FedEx delivery is terrible. Drivers just want to get packages off of their trucks and out of their hands. I have had several packages stolen because FedEx drivers leave them at the front door of my apartment building (a high-rise with 400 residents) and ten feet from the sidewalk, totally insecure and prime for theft. FedEx drivers are careless and irresponsible, partially because the FedEx delivery protocol is based on quantity and not quality. I will not order any product for delivery from any business that has a contract with FedEx. On top of all that, customer service at FedEx is just as trifling as their delivery. This is the new paradigm, business model for America, poor operations, poor follow up, carelessness, irresponsiblity.

  • Colleen Douglas says:

    Fedex has had my package. When I check on the status I see this:
    Apr 8
    5:53 AM Out for delivery to you CENTRAL POINT, OR
    Apr 8
    5:04 AM Package arrived at carrier facility CENTRAL POINT, OR
    Apr 7
    5:43 PM Package arrived at carrier facility CENTRAL POINT, OR
    Apr 7
    12:52 PM Carrier tried to deliver, will try again CENTRAL POINT, OR
    Apr 7
    6:25 AM Out for delivery to you CENTRAL POINT, OR
    Apr 7
    6:18 AM Package arrived at carrier facility CENTRAL POINT, OR

    I am in lock down. I have been home this entire time.
    No one has tried to deliver anything.
    I am disabled so I order my Service Dogs food from Chewy to be delivered to my house.
    AS of today my dog has been with out food 4 days.
    This is so wrong. I am considering contacting my attorney.
    I have called and they have promise delivery every day.
    Today is now Sat and the office is closed until Monday and you want me dogs to go that long without food?
    There is no reason for this to happen. The weather is fine. Warm days no rain dry roads. Nothing blocking my driveway. Nothing in my driveway or parking area. My personal car is broke down so to make it easier on your driver I hired a couple boys to push my van out of the parking area where she would have the space to turn around with NO problems. I have had a 20′ tow truck up here for my car. He has had no problem. If the driver cannot drive the driveway then maybe the supervisor needs to bring it out himself.
    I have no idea what I am going to do for my Service dogs for now. $ days no food is wrong 6-7 days is cruelty. I will not be letting this go. They have played games long enough. The driver has had plenty of opportunities to deliver the packages. After all you are a delivery company. All I am asking is that you do you job and deliver the package you were paid to deliver. I will except it if you want to ship it UPS as they will do their job and deliver with their huge vans.
    Package today or you will be speaking to my attorney.

  • P.O.'d in Orlando says:

    I, too, have problems with Fedex drivers lying that they attempted to make a delivery at 4:13 p.m. 4/7/2020, but couldn’t because no one was home. Two adults were home at all times. My door motion detector alarm was not activated, nothing appeared on my security camera either. Furthermore, I observed a Fedex Home Delivery truck park across from my house at 12:20 p.m. for 5 minutes, where there are no houses to make deliveries to. The driver just sat in his ruck with head phones on, then drove one lot away, made a u-turn in an intersection and left the neighborhood, never returning at 4:13 p.m. like he entered in his delivery log. The delivery was supposed to made again on 4/8/2020, but no one made the delivery, no Fedex truck ever came into the neighborhood from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. I was able to finally talk to a Customer (non)service real person after trying for two days (what a joke, they automatically disconnect phone calls) who said he made notations and assured me the delivery problem would be taken care of and the package would be delivered 4/8/2020. How can somebody in another country, other than the U.S., make those kinds of assurances? They don’t even live in the U.S. and English is not their primary language. All they do is read from a script and interrupt the customer without the capability to understand English.

    Researched executive office contacts and filed a complaint for possible thievery, definitely lying and terrible customer service. Like that will do any good.

  • Rose K Rehbein says:

    Frederick Smith, CEO
    Fed Ex Executive Offices
    942 S Shady Grove Road
    Memphis, Tennessee 38120

    Mr. Smith,
    Could not help reading all about your military life as it made searching for the corporate address a little more difficult. I have written to you before, you did not respond and the delivery service is worse than ever. Obviously the military training has not run over into your work life.
    I had a sign posted on my garage door requesting all packages, letters, etc that could not be placed in a mail box had to be delivered to my front door. That front door is 125 feet from my driveway, as there is constant traffic and I have had many packages lifted by passerby’s. Which makes me wonder what type of people you hire?
    I cannot accuse you of hiring people with disabilities because they actually do their job. You see handicap people take great pride in following directions and none of your delivery people follow directions. I even went so far as to have the shipper write DELIVERIES MUST BE MADE AT FRONT DOOR, on my ticket, yet when I received my package, tracking number 151054968943, from Chewy.com, it was left at my garage door. How did I know it was there? Chewy.com sent me notification my package had been delivered to my front door. When I went to look for it, it was nowhere to be found. I found it 125 feet from the front door, in the driveway!
    You see, I find your military bragging, particularly the fact you claim to have been a Marine, a joke because if it were true, your staff would actually do their job. I have now canceled my prescription to Chewy.com because you cannot get your act together. Your drivers cannot read a sign on my garage nor can they read a sign on the package they delivered to the wrong place! Yes, I called Customer Service and that was a joke in itself. They had me on hold for more than an hour and then hung up on me. Such wonderful service from a company who claims to be run by a former Marine! There has to have been an dishonorable discharge in here somewhere. Some of my family and many friends are former Military who actually live that pride.
    A company is only as good as it’s leader, obviously there is no leadership at Fed Ex! I have canceled all companies that I previously ordered from that use you are the shipper. Hundreds of dollars of merchandise has been stolen, gone missing, or even taken by your drivers. You and Customer Service ignore complaints, but certainly collect your checks.

    Rose Rehbein, RN
    April 2, 2020

  • Mrs. Love says:

    Today April 1, 2020. I received an email at 1:40 from the merchant I ordered from confirming that my package had been delivered. It had not been! I contacted the merchant she contacted Fed-ex and She advised me that the driver said he delivered it and has a signature. My husband and I had been home all day waiting on this package, we are in the house and have not been out because of the covid virus. We received or delivery from Amazon with no problem. Fed-ex had not come to our home. So who did they delivery our box to? And who signed it? not us. Did the driver sign our name and keep our package? I do not understand. What is going on in this world? But I want my box or a check from Fed-ex in the full amount of what I paid/purchased for in that box.

  • Brian B. Donnelly says:

    I am advising you of a reckless driver in Interlachen (Putnam County) Florida. I realise that finding someone with a valid license here maybe difficult but the driver for Cinnamon Dr is obnoxious. Cinnamon Dr. is a dirt sand dead end with average value homes of $150,000 some children and pets. Speed limit 25 your driver is flying so fast he is eroding our dirt sand road into dust bowl clouds settling on everything. I can’t breath the air outside when he rips down the road. We can time him and request a sheriff to nail him or you can give him a warning. Certainly we have waived him slower but like I said he is obnoxious!

  • lois cooper says:

    called customer service last night and this afternoon. sat on hold for over an hour only to be put through to a survey. the first time i called was put through to 2 different people only to be put on hold and then to the survey, Achieved nothing . still have no idea why my package has been sitting in a warehouse since march 18.

  • Jessica says:

    I work for FedEx Ground and with the Coronavirus management has not made one mention of health and safety to the employees. We deal with packages shipped from all over and there has been no regard for our well being. Such a shameful and selfish company.

    • C. Callen says:

      this is the worst shipping company on the planet ! They destroy every other shipment so why would you even want to work for such a trash hole ? It’s your life, go out and do something worthwhile with it.

  • bj says:

    can not trust fedx drivers to deliver to right address. this is third time I did not get my package.says delivered 3-16-20 at 11.36
    I was home all day and security cameras did not show any fedx truck that day.i called fedx and they said I have to call shipper.i normaly get fedx ok but there must be a bad driver out there that can’t read addresses and lies about deliveries or keeps package for self.fedx seems to do nothing about it and sides with their driver.ups I have no problems with.

  • Raymond Croteau, MSGT., USMC, ( Retired) says:

    TO THE CEO OF FEDEX: Sir: It is with great honor and privilege that I submit this to you directly. Had a scheduled shipment due on March 6, 2020. The package DID NOT ARRIVE. Yes Sir, I WAS UPSET A LITTLE, UNTIL I SAW THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON T.V. and got information that a bad storm had hit in Tn. This morning, March 7, 2020, at approximately 8: 45 am, I contacted the local FEDEX store in Texarkana. Requested a track of the order made. Was informed that the shipment is in route to be delivered today. The young lady I spoke with was VERY PROFESSIONAL, CUSTOMER CARING, ATTENTIVE TO DETAIL, AND GAVE MORE THAN GREAT REPRESENTATION OF AND FOR FEDEX. You Sir, have a lot to be proud of with such great employees that you have. PLEASE SIR, it is HUMBLY REQUESTED that you please give notice that you were made aware of this, and that just and earned recognition be given to the lady whom assisted me, as well as ALL OF YOUR EMPLOYEES. I truly hope that ALL OF YOUR EMPLOYEES within the TN. area are all safe and secure, and that NO HARM has seriously come to them. Thank you for taking time to read this, and it is humbly requested that the request made is honored. I am Raymond Croteau, Master Sergeant, United States Marine Corps, ( Retired). I cannot THANK YOU enough for such great service by your company, and your employees.

  • TELSON CHANG says:

    Frederick Wallace Smith is the founder, chairman, president, and CEO of FedEx. Never had to be on the receiving end of the FEDEX stick.

  • TELSON CHANG says:

    Wow after I made my post I got this message “Thank you, TELSON CHANG ! Your comment has been submitted for this post. If at any point in time you want to make changes or delete your comment, contact us.” REALLY? This is the very problem. LMFAO! FEDEX is not home right now, please leave your name, number and we will ignore you BEEP I meant contact you shortly.

  • TELSON CHANG says:

    You know something? All the bad reports about FEDEX service is true. Very sad. Do you know why it is sad? Well simply because some of them truly do their jobs like Elisia Bradly, Sue and Ken. Also this poor 1 team person in HILO Hawaii buy the name of Tammy, and I nor FedEx could confirm that this person who you can not get in contact with directly unless you go thru this crazy phone tag (2 hours 35 min) of a system, even works for FEDEX. Now I had to speak with over 9 people just to find out that they can not get in touch with anyone here in HILO Hawaii FEDEX. The reason why is that the freight does not come in to FEDEX. It goes someplace else (HETCO or something). Anyway there is no way to contact them for pick up or delivery unless or until you get blamed (yes I said me, I, YOU blamed) for the delivery delay and spend days and hours on the phone each day trying to locate your paid in full late shipment. The people that deliver the item always delivers with style. It would seem that your main head offices do not know how to contact Hilo FEDEX? Why is that? In fact no number for fedex shipment is listed anywhere for Hilo Hawaii. Unless you, FEDEX have a secret phone number that nobody knows of? I know that the secret is that shipment comes in not thru FEDEX but some other company that you have know contact with or phone number for unless you get in contact with the correct customer service REP, and let me tell you, this can take days and hours each day to accomplish, even the rep’s complain about not being able to get in contact with Hilo Hawaii. Thank you FEDEX for making time sensitive shipment imposable to get on time. Delivery was for the 20th February, 2020. Shipment sat with them (who ever they are) for delivery to me just 5 miles up the road, from Monday, 2/17/2020 4:24pm and still has not been delivered. O you may be wondering, if I knew the shipment was in, why did I not just go and get it? Being it was so time sensitive and stuff. I would have loved to but nobody could tell me where it was in HILO HAWAII being that the brand new and very large for nothing FEDEX warehouse at the airport is not the place where my delivery went to. In fact it did not go to any FEDEX facility. (777643058428) This has been a shit show with FEDEX. I am sure this will just get some computer generated response from FEDEX to my email saying sorry for the inconvenience, bla, bla, bla hope we can do better next time bla, bla, bla. So sad.

  • Charlene says:

    Customer service is absolutely horrible!!!!!

  • Penny says:

    I can’t even do 1/2 star. This company is bad if you need to send something go thru UPS

  • Like it would matter says:

    I hear ya!!! I will never use them again!!



  • Eddie Parks says:

    Of course corporate offices won’t take calls from public to make complaint about your company. This is second time I have contacted Fedex about the same package (tracking: 479859024131) having only to speak to lower level customer service or foreigners they are limited and can only say the same thing about the package. I have contacted the shipper twice now and this isn’t their fault but Fedex’s responsibility. The second time on your website it stated the package will be “Delivered” on December 17, 2019 by end of day. It didn’t happen and called and spoke to CSR but now they are telling me that it’s in KS. How can the day before in my email (which I can prove) says delivery on 12/17/2019 and today it’s in KS? Makes no sense does it! I realize it’s Christmas but being in established since 1971 you think Fedex would know how busy your company gets at this time of year. HIRE MORE drivers then if need to, I’m contacting BBB & my AG and make complaint about your company.

  • Theresa Martinez says:

    Completely the worst you would think that by now in how many years this place has been in business they would find a better way to get the holidays in order. I now refuse to place an order with anyone who uses fedex to ship!!! Their customer service is horrible what does a trace dept even do they give out the same information a tracking number would do which is never helpful. When placing an order with someone who not only you quote shipping time but then that company does I believe that your input with great customer service and good shipping makes not only Fedex look bad but their intentions is to also make the vendor using them look bad. Its absolutely horrible when you give an expectant timeframe we expect it then its not an approx its a day you should be expecting your item only to have that change daily is ridiculous!!!!!!

  • Karen Schellhorn says:

    A package was delivered to my address incorrectly. My address is 511 Hillsborough St #101 chapel Hill NC. It should have gone to 515 next door (our complex has an address sign in front). The driver probably hears his GPS say ‘turn here’ and goes into the wrong driveway. I contacted FED X three times. All I get is ‘we’ve opened a file, etc.” Nothing gets done in spite of promises. After three times, I’m going to deliver it myself if it doesn’t get picked up today. By the way, I stopped a FEDX truck and the driver said he’d stop by later to get the package (he was on the street just by my unit). Never came. Worse, the same thing happened to me about 2 months ago. PLEASE FIX THIS BROKEN SYSTEM.

    Karen Schellhorn

  • D. Turner says:

    Got an important package for delivery, veterans evaluation documents. Storms in the area the driver left the package on the front door under mat, soaked. The driver could have taken a few steps and placed it at the side door underneath the carport

  • Like it would matter says:

    Promised overnight delivery for 2 pieces of paper in an envelope to Mexico! Charged me $54.00 for it!! Gave me a receipt with delivery date on it…. never got there! Called and got transferred 5 different times and FINALLY got some guy who barely spoke audible english who said, oh, it went through customs… it will get there sometime tomorrow. ???
    I said… “but I ASKED and they said it would be there the next day!!! I don’t have that kind of money to pay for something your company lied to me about!! I could have mailed it via DHL!
    This guy said, well… we will let you know when it arrives… then go see if they will refund you!
    Yeah!!! Like I’m stupid enough to think THaT’S ever going to happen!! ? Once these corporations have your money… they don’t give a crap about whatever they promised! They just blame it elsewhere… ?
    Never again Fed ex!! ?

  • Barbara Huggins says:

    Your service is awful, I received an email at 11: 15am on 11/7 that my package (tracking #780783087997) would arrive on 11/8. I was happy with that and made arrangements to be home. Then I get another email at 7:06pm stating that the package will be delivered on Monday 11/11. Too late for me to make other arrangements… What kind of customer service is that?? If I had not been on line, I would not have found out until tomorrow. Why would you send the first email if you were not sure? If it was the weather I could understand that. I am not purchasing a blouse from HME Medical!!! awful and I thought you were a reputable company. Not to mention the put down from customer service – Boris, Gaby and Manager Kevin. When I told manager Kevin I wanted to speak to someone else, he told me there was no one else so I guess that makes him the head man of the company, Hmmm wonder what would Jack Muhs, Rajesh Subraman, Robert B. Carter, Alan B. Graf Jr., and Frederick W. Smith would say to that….

    • Joseph Gallo says:

      Maybe we should put on National TV. I got 3 things in 3 weeks from them
      1. Fish from out west. Defrosted 2x
      2. Clock from Europe cracked
      3. Saki from California. Broken

      Try calling them. Useless!
      Stephanie Gallo

  • Walt Froloff says:

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    To purchase Postoffice.com, contact me via Walt@PostOffice.com or call 831-251-0202. Alternatively, if this is someone else’s purview at FedEx, please forward this message to them and thanx.

  • >