Where Is FBI Corporate Office Headquarters

FBI Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20535, United States

  • Phone Number: +1 202-324-3000

  • Number of Employees: 35104

  • Established: July 26, 1908

  • Founder: J. Edgar Hoover, Charles Joseph Bonaparte & Theodore Roosevelt

  • Key People: Christopher A. Wray, David Bowdich

FBI Headquarters Location & Directions

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FBI Headquarters List

S. No.




United States

200 McCarty Avenue Albany, NY 12209


United States

4200 Luecking Park Avenue NE Albuquerque, NM 87107


United States

101 East Sixth Avenue Anchorage, AK 99501


United States

3000 Flowers Road S Atlanta, GA 30341


United States

2600 Lord Baltimore Drive Baltimore, MD 21244


United States

1000 18th Street North Birmingham, AL 35203


United States

201 Maple Street Chelsea, MA 02150


United States

One FBI Plaza Buffalo, NY 14202


United States

7915 Microsoft Way Charlotte, NC 28273


United States

2111 W. Roosevelt Road Chicago, IL 60608


United States

2012 Ronald Reagan Drive Cincinnati, OH 45236


United States

One Justice Way Dallas, TX 75220


United States

8000 East 36th Avenue Denver, CO 80238


United States

477 Michigan Ave., 26th Floor Detroit, MI 48226

FBI Headquarters Executive Team

Christopher Wray


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Paul Abbate

Deputy Director

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Douglas S. Beidler

Douglas S. Beidler

Assistant Director, Office of Partner Engagement ,

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Name Title
George P. Beach II Assistant Director Office of Partner Engagement
Robert Brown Executive Assistant Director Science and Technology Branch
Catherine Bruno Assistant Director Office of Integrity and Compliance
Michael A. Christman Assistant Director Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Nicholas Dimos Assistant Director Finance and Facilities Division
Raymond P. Duda Assistant Director International Operations Division
Timothy M. Dunham Assistant Director Training Division
Michael Gavin Assistant Director IT Applications and Data Division
Arlene Gaylord Assistant Director Information Management Division
Mark J. Gerber Assistant Director Office of Internal Auditing
Paul H. Haertel Assistant Director Critical Incident Response Group
Jason A. Jones General Counsel Office of the General Counsel
Darrin E. Jones Assistant Director IT Infrastructure Division
Charles H. Kable IV Director Terrorist Screening Center
Larissa L. Knapp Executive Assistant Director National Security Branch
Alan E. Kohler Jr. Assistant Director Counterintelligenece Division
Timothy Langan Assistant Director Counterterrorism Division
Douglas A. Leff Assistant Director Inspection Division
Jonathan Lenzner Chief of Staff
Scott McMillion Chief Diversity Officer Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Cathy L. Milhoan Assistant Director Office of Public Affairs
Jennifer L. Moore Assistant Director Security Division
Christine O’Neill Assistant Director Human Resources Division
Caroline Otto Assistant Director Resource Planning Office
Dean Phillips Assistant Director IT Infrastructure Division
Stuart Platt Stuart Platt Office of Professional Responsibility
Luis M. Quesada Assistant Director Criminal Investigative Division
Rachel Rojas Assistant Director Insider Threat Office
Michael H. Schneider Assistant Director Human Resources Division
Johnnie Sharp Jr. Assistant Director IT Infrastructure Division
Suzanne Turner Assistant Director Information Management Division
Nathan Taylor Assistant Director Information Technology Applications and Data Division
Regina Thompson Assistant Director Victim Services Division
Brian C. Turner Associate Deputy Director
Jill C. Tyson Assistant Director Office of Congressional Affairs
Tonya Ugoretz Assistant Director Directorate of Intelligence
Eric Vélez-Villar Assistant Director Office of Private Sector
Bryan A. Vorndran Assistant Director Cyber Division
Ryan T. Young Executive Assistant Director Intelligence Branch

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