Where is Fatz Corporate office Headquarters

Fatz Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 4324 Wade Hampton Blvd, Taylors, SC 29687, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 864-322-1331

  • Fax Number:  (864) 322-1332

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: 

  • Established: 1988

  • Founder: Rogers & Bill Burton

  • Key People: Jim Mazany

Fatz Headquarters Location & Directions

Fatz Headquarters Executive Team



Jim Mazany


Don Camacho


Richie Cannon


About Fatz, History and Headquarters Information

Fatz was founded in the year 1988 by Rogers and Bill Burton with the mission of giving the customers, the best casual and fast food that is freshly presented. It is a privately based company operated by Café Enterprises. They are scattered in 35 places with the main headquarters situated in Taylors, SC. Jim Mazany is the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Their specialities include the services they provide to their customers like the serving and preparing food with care and love. It is also ensured that without removing the main ingredients from the food, the customers are also allowed to request to make the food according to the wish of the customer. They have a staff of nearly 5000 members.

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Fatz Headquarters Photos

  • Betty Brown says:

    I have a gift card for this company and I want to know how will I be compensated for my balance with all locations closing down.

  • Martell Bible says:

    Was in your greeneville tn store Friday at 5 pm. Upon ordering was told baked potatoes were not available. I could understand if it was later in the night but at 5 pm with a grocery store across the highway.It seems overall quality is just not it used to be. Mens restroom also needs attention. We have always enjoyed coming there but might have to find a new place to dine

  • Everett Smith says:

    Turkey dinner on Thanksgiving was a joke. Cold mashed potatoes, very little dressing and turkey old and just scrapes of it. Barely even ate it and went to Cracker Barrel for a real meal. Waisted 14.00 dollars today. See why your company has struggled over the years.

  • Samuel Morales says:

    I have a very sad experience in Fatz in Franklin NC The manager and a waitress call me Liar en front of over 15 other custumer, she just said that i get a caller from her desk without her permission to make a line to get in , she give the caller in my hands but not activated in the computer, after 1.30 hour of wait she just screeming on me and my mom that i be a liar the she never give me the caller, the manager tell me the same that he belive in her waitress. The most embarrassing moment of my life. WHAT YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT. Im a senior citizen not a kid, i return to my hotel with high blood presure.I am a repectable person in my community to do a thing like that. Ither my mom walk out crying because the embarasse moment we live Fayetteville NC, 6 hour from that town Franklin. I just visithing the gems caves like a tourist. This happen friday 28,2022 6.PM

  • Lisa Metcalf says:

    Went to Fatz in Lenoir last night. Have the waiter a cash tip. I used my debit card to pay the bill and when I checked my bank they charged me 10.00 extra dollars. I will not be going back except to collect my extra 10 back that they charged me. Ridiculous!!!

  • Murphy says:

    Elizabethton TN store is terrible about leaving food out of to go orders. Management will never return phone calls of offer refunds on what the staff have left out.
    Seems to be a bad idea way to increase a profit.

  • Ella Peterson says:


  • Rocio Moya says:

    I have a comment about the Fatz in Lincolnton, there is a lack of staff to attend, there is not good service, they make you wait up to 1:30 minutes to serve the food after they have picked up the order, they also have a lot of people in the kitchen who they use drugs and the bosses know it and they keep them there and I know it because you pass by the parking lot and they are smoking marijuana I hope they take this message into account that restaurant is very bad

  • Regina-Michelle says:

    Can’t even get the email link to work to file a complaint!!
    Is it even a surprise why Fatz sucks so bad? They weren’t like this 10 or 15 yrs ago, but they suck donkey ball$ now!

    My complaint…..
    I have a complaint.. On November 22nd I placed An order online Through the Aloha ordering online link. I waited for 2 hours for my order to be ready. The Aloha website said that the order would be Ready at 9 PM. Although this is later than I normally eat I went ahead and placed the order against my best judgment.. This is a location here in the 28734 zip code that absolutely sucks! The manager is rude and the service is horrible and the food, when it’s hot is mediocre at best. We always have to wait at least 45 minutes for our food when we eat inside.. On this particular night we did not feel like going out we had worked really long hours and we just wanted to have our supper. So I placed this order, it won’t be ready until 9 PM, we’ll we are waiting and hungry. I leave my house at 8:45 to go and pick the food up at 9 o’clock to only arrive and find out that the restaurant is closed, dark and the doors are locked, nobody’s around. The website for the location, as well as the online ordering app that it sends you to when you place an online order, being the Aloha ordering system, did not state that the location was closed was closed.
    My order number was #6450 placed on 11.22.2021 for $58.43.
    The following day I called the restaurant and the phone just rang and rang and rang and rang and rang and of course nobody answered.. I drove to the restaurant because I wanted a refund for my meal and of course the restaurant was closed again!….GREG IS A ROTTEN MANAGER AND THIS IS THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE PROVERBIAL CAMELS BACK!!
    Tell me wth is going on?
    We the Community that supports this business, has a right to know!
    Are you ppl in the Main Office even aware how much this restaurant sucks, compared to how it was 15 yrs ago???? Or how it doesn’t even compare to the other restaurants around here bc of the substandard business management of the place?
    Are y’all aware of how the ppl of this community drive to the surrounding cities and towns to get good food bc Fatz sucks so much here? …..YOUR MGR IS RUNNING THIS LOCATION INTO THE GROUND …..HELLOOOOO!!!
    Myself as well as approx 25 others will be attending our next town meeting and we are Lobbying to have Fatz removed from Franklin, NC and replaced with a contract with Applebees, Golden Corral or Chili’s restaurants. We as a community are tired of only having food available from restaurants who just don’t seem to care about Quality Product, Quality Service and Quality in Cleanliness!
    I was an Area Supervisor for over 13 yrs in retail foods. If any of my managers or any of my supervisors gave permission to shut down a restaurant and not have a good reason for doing it and posting why the restaurant is being closed down on the door and online ordering site – those employees would no longer be employed!
    There is no reason to shut down a restaurant completely. And, if for some reason the inside of the restaurant cannot accommodate people to come in and eat, the online and curbside service should ALWAYS be available for the benefit of the patrons, but also for the profit for the parent company….PERIOD!

    Please process my refund immediately….not asap, Immediately!! My money was IMMEDIATELY taken and my food was not given to me.

    A VERY unhappy EX-customer who is representing the 28734!!

  • Pam Penny says:

    My experience at the Clinton, SC location was horrendous. There were only 2 tables in the whole place and we ignored by our server. Served sub par and the wrong food that took way too long to receive. Offered napkins but never received them. My husband had ribs. Not once offered refills. Only came by to take our orders and bring our food. Actually had to find our server for check. She was too busy on her phone. This is a short version of our 1 1/2 miserable lunch. Have sent multiple emails to the location and marketing email but it’s been almost 2 weeks and no response. This establishment doesn’t care.

  • Jean Pennington says:

    My husband & I was @ your 1361 W. Wade Hampton Blvd Ste A Greer SC 29650 location 6/27/2021 @ 5:00 pm. Your manager was using foul language he used the F word 4 times consisting, He was talking to his staff in the kitchen. One time he said he would close the F place down. We did not like this @ all. Fatz is our # 1 restaurant. I was enjoying the atmosphere & my food until I heard all that. Please address this to his attention. All the customers could hear him.

  • Cynthia Stoss says:

    When u have to wait 2 hrs are longer for ur food at fatz take out and the week before they got ur order wrong not to happy with this one in asheville nc

  • Tammy Ginn says:

    Please tell me you are planning to reopen the Fatz in Bristol Tn.?

  • Donna Tomblin says:

    Please don’t close our Fatz in Bristol, Tn.

  • Ivye Sowders says:

    WE LOVE FATZ IN Rockingham, NC 28379. Please Please keep it open!! Never close it!!

  • Ivye Sowders says:

    Please reopen the Fatz Restaurant in Rockingham, NC 28379 after Coronavirus is over!! WE LOVE Fatz and we never want it to close!! We Love their food!!

  • Patsy James says:

    im calling the state to ask for a review of there license

  • Patsy James says:

    the fatz in Florence SC. Is a drug infested place drugs are being sold there,and used there .Looks like the corp. office would do something about the staff in this place. Just a terrible place. Its got a really bad name in Florence and the surrounding counties. Please dont go there especially at night..

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