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The company is in East Syracuse, NY, the United States as part of the grocery stores industry. The corporation has 300 employees across all its locations. It collects annual revenue of $61.41 million in sales. The Fastrack markets corporate family has 15 companies. The company headquarters address is 65oo new venture gear Dr. Ste 100 east Syracuse, NY, 13057-1249 United States. The company’s opine number is (315) 552-6800 and the website is The company started in 1997 and Andrew Kloke is the current route manager, Amanda Becraft is the food manager, and Scott Edwardson is a member.

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  • Wilfred says:

    Ryan storms at 1336 West Erie fastrac was doing lines of C*ke in the bathroom on the sink. Then offered if I wanted any.

  • Wilfred says:

    I went to 1336 West Erie Fastrac in Rome ny and Judy the assistant manager was harassing another worker about how she couldn’t have sex or how she couldn’t receive
    Oral from her man. The young man( other worker) was very upset and you can just tell by his face. It’s disgusting and should be spoke about. She would grope the employees Infront of customers .

  • Dana says:

    I went into the north Utica Fast track and asked for a lighter. I am 60 years old. She asked me if she could see my Id. I began to look in my purse and said , wait a minute, for a lighter? She responded yes. After pondering this for a brief moment I closed my purse and told her no, I would not show her my ID for a lighter, to keep the lighter. I went down the road and bought a lighter at Byrne Dairy where I was not asked for an ID. I am so sick and tired of being ID’D AND LAWED TO DEATH IN THIS COUNTRY , AND NOW YOU WANT ID FOR A LIGHTER? AND SHE COULD NOT TELL BY LOOKING AT A 60 YEAR OLD WOMAN THAT I AM OLD ENOUGH TO USE A LIGHTER?? You can keep your lighter and everything else for that matter.

  • Bill says:

    Fastrac Amsterdam NY has had a problem with their SmartPay cards. New software was installed like 2 months ago and still isn’t working. The price displayed for members isn’t the price you pay. Inside the store they said they have no way to honor the Smart Pay cards. This is false advertisement. They need to change their sign. Corporate officials need to get someone who knows what they are doing to Amsterdam and get it fixed. it’s been 2 months. I am surprised they haven’t been sued yet for false advertisement.

  • Amy says:

    Employees at the Amsterdam, NY store are rude, offer no service. When asked why their cold brew coffee machine is always out, they said it only gets filled once a day. Cashier looks at me and said “oh well”. My sister is currently recovering from surgery, she loves this drink, I travel at least 20 miles out of my way to get a drink for her at your Scotia, NY Cumberland farm store. They are very nice and the store is always clean.

  • Angel says:

    I went to the fast track in rome Ny on black river boulevard and asked the cashier Jerry if the pizza was hot he said yes and pliable and that if he put it back in the oven it would be hard. He handed the pizza to me and it was luke warm to cold and I told him I actually like my pizza crust hard and not doughy so could he put it in the oven. He got angry and yelled I was a pain in the ass. Like what??!! Because I want my pizza hot and not cold?? I’m the one paying for it. He displayed Despicable behavior. Maybe he should work in a warehouse with boxes if he ain’t capable of dealing with the public in a respectable manner!

    • Wilfred says:

      They leave the pizza out for hours at a time. The time limit for a pizza is 2 hours then immediately has to get thrown out

  • Angelica Smith says:

    The people working at FasTrac in Watertown, NY on Arsenal Street (route 3) always take their phone of the hook so they don’t have to deal with phone calls. You can call for hours on end and no one will pick up the phone or it is perpetually busy. There is no way any gas station is that busy you can’t get a call to go through. This is absolute BS and no one makes them accountable.

  • Lori S benz says:

    Ordered. Pizza from FasTrack in c square NY. Never again. The pizza was. Doughy. No flavor. And. It was nasty worst pizzas ever. They were also cold not fresh like they claimed. Called to complain and I had to bring back the pizzas for a refund. No I have a 3 yr old who needs to eat. Even he threw it on the floor and it was bad. Contacting corporate

  • Joseph Hirons says:

    Why an employee in Auburn, NY. locked the store doors because she was the only one working. So she locked the doors so she could take her break at 1255 pm in the afternoon.

    • Angelica Smith says:

      Yeah, they take their phone off the hook in Watertown, NY so they don’t have to answer calls or make pizzas.

  • Debbie says:

    I worked at the fastrac in geneva ny and got fired well I was in the hospital for 4 days. I think it’s crazy. I couldnt speak and my boss wouldn’t take a call from anyone but me. But i couldn’t speak And letting her know I was In The hospital was not my top priority
    She knew I was sick and she was told I was going to the doctors.

  • Jorge Canales says:

    So the fast track on market Street in Amsterdam New York the manager is very rude are used to work there she steals from the safe she steals groceries from the store she plays with people hours today I came in as a customer and she verbally threaten me and got in my face her name is Ryann and the next time I will call the cops and press charges for harassment because it’s ridiculous

  • Robert Krzys says:

    I am trying to register for and receive a Fastrac Pay with Cash Card. Your Amsterdam, New York store personnel have no idea what I am talking about. I have gone there twice, without success. Can you help me obtain the Pay with Cash Card, either online or by telephone? My online address is: My telephone number is (518) 842-3795. My cell number is: (518) 866-9270. Please contact me.

    • Brian says:

      I’ve had the same problem Robert. Was told they are going to smart pay which automatically takes the money from your bank account. I don’t need them in my bank account. This smart pay they put in place is something stupid people in corporate must of came up with . Kwikfill will get my business from now on.

  • Bill says:

    Your window advertising of buffalo chicken is blatantly dishonest vs your actual pizza I requested the baker to use the picture when loading ingredients andthey refused. Honestly is the best policy. Please feel free to contact me regarding

  • Samantha gonzales says:

    i work at fastrac in wolcott ny and we have been closed for two days now because are septic is backed up today my manager carried came in and told me pretty much i was fired because i didnt clean or nothing yesterday well we got told sunday that we werent allowed to use water or pee so how are we suppose to clean with no water. and we are serving customer in drive thru with airborn illness from are septic issue inside. i think this should be looked into something in wrong the store should no be open

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