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Farmers home Furniture Corporate office Headquarters

Farmers home Furniture Headquarters Address and Contact

Farmers home Furniture Logo
  • Address: 1851 Telfair St, Dublin, GA 31021, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 800 456 0424
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 3,000
  • Established: 1949
  • Founders: Sherwin Glass
  • Key People: Phillip Faircloth

Farmers home Furniture Headquarters Location & Directions

Farmers home Furniture Headquarters Executive Team



Phillip Faircloth

Chief Executive Officer & President

Richard Scott

Director, Administrative of Merchandising

Kathren Laughlin

Director, Accounting

Sharon Gouge

Director, Store Operations Recruitment

Jordy Carter
Executive Director

Gabe Selman

Vice President, Operations

Farmers home Furniture, History and Headquarters Information

It’s a company in the southern united states that retails home furnishings. Farmer's home furniture has 187 outlets in the SE of the United States. In 2015 the company sales were reported to be $1918.2 million. The company customer care number is 800 456 0424. The current CEO is Philip Faircloth, farmers home furniture, 1851 Telfair Street, Dublin, GA 31021. The corporate office number is 478 275 5130. The company also supplies computers, appliances, electronics, farmers' offers, and outdoor equipment. The headquarter address is 1851 Telfair Stat Dublin, GA 31021 United States.

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  • Teresa Bailey says:

    I purchased a sofa on 8/19/22 from the shelbyville Tn. Location. I had bought several items there before and never had an issue until this time. I was not told at the time it was not in stock, in fact I was told it would be delivered the following week. The day came for them to deliver and the time they were supposed to deliver passed so I called them. I was told it would be the following week and they again said they would call me to set up the time. The next week came and still no call so I called them again only to be told it still wasn’t in and they wasn’t sure when it would be in. So they finally offered to sell the one off the floor I agreed so they said they would deliver the next day and they had no deliveries for that day so we could pick any time we want they asked what time would be best for me. I told the 3 pm well 3 pm came and went and I heard nothing from them. I called them yet again and after I was transferred 4 different times only to find out they didn’t even have me on the schedule no one knew anything about the delivery. Then I was told ok they are loading it right now and before I got off the phone I was told they are pulling out right now and heading your way. I waited 30 minutes and still no show no call. I called back again. I was then told they still need to load it and then they would be there. I waited 20 minutes and still nothing. I only live 15 minutes from the store. Finally they show up over an hour later. They bring it in to set it up and while putting the backs on when they put the last one on it didn’t go down all the way. They double checked and said it was latched in all the way but it sat up higher then the rest of the couch so they took pictures to show the manager and I called the manager amanda she said if we want we can keep that one until the new ones come in so we agreed. We were told it would be 3 weeks well the 3 weeks have since came and gone with an additional 2 weeks on top of that so now we are well past a month since our original purchase date. Now the payment has come due I call and tell them I don’t feel comfortable making a payment on something I don’t have yet cause what if the new one never comes in or comes in with damage then I am stuck with one that has damage and a loaner one that is also not right. The manager amanda told me they will come and get the sofa and cancel the contract until the new one comes in so if I let them do that i am now without sofa completely. This is by far the absolute worse furniture buying experience I have ever had. On the day of purchase I told the sales person everyone acts like they don’t know who is on first around here. It was very chaotic to say the least. No one was on the same page and no one seemed to know what they were doing. I have a down payment that I would want back if I allow them to come and get the sofa but what I really want is to keep the loaner sofa since I have company coming from out of state soon and not have to make a payment until the new one comes in and I see it is correct and not damaged without it reflecting on my credit as bad credit because I have good credit and I want to keep it that way. I am never Late making any payments. This whole experience has been exhausting and very disappointing.

  • Sandra Jackson says:

    This place sucks they try ever way to screw you. Don’t check the box says 12 months same as cash and when you ask them about it they lie and tell you it will come off if paid in the 12 month’s. Called main office and they said the box wasn’t checked. And the one has rude woman and the manager are awful.

  • Richard Murff says:

    I need to file a claim on the mattress

  • Adriana says:

    No hablo inglés hace una semana estamos llamando al número 18004560424 para poder pagar una cuenta que tengo y no contestan si me mandan cartas para pagar pero cuando llamamos no contestan pero si mandan cartas diciendo que están muy enojados conmigo por no haber podido pagar el junio 29 ya me a casi todas las tiendas y quiero que esto llegue hasta el presidente de la tienda hace mucho tiempo yo vengo pagando lo mismos muebles les pedí que me mandaron mis contratos desde el primer momento que empese a comprar hasta el día de hoy y jamás me los dieron y los que yo tenía cómo se prendió fuego mi apartamento salvé muchas cosas pero muchos papeles no y así y todo yo quiero pagar pero creo que si voy a un abogado o un contador com todos los contratos me están robando son muchos años que vengo pagando

  • Terry Copeland says:

    I purchased a lift chair on March 4,2022, for my husband who was having back surgery. The chair was delivered 3/7/2022. The chair was used from 3/7 -4/1/22. The evening of 4/1 after major back surgery he was reclined and the chair would not move, he was stuck and we had to call a neighbor to help get him out. I contacted Farmers in Anderson, where it was purchased to report it on 4/2. It was 412 before a repair person came out. A motor was ordered because when it was put together there was a wire that would pinch so it was broke into. Was told it would take a couple weeks. Since then I have contacted Farmers in Anderson about the chair. Was told a new back had been ordered, motor was in but waiting on the back. I received a call/voicemail on 5/26 from the repairman I returned the call and left a voicemail. That has been the last communication I have received.
    My husband thankfully, has recovered without the chair and I have asked from the first contact for a refund and them pick up the chair or a store credit. I understand this is not your policy but I would rather settle this between us than me reporting this to BBB and calling a news station to get resolution.

    Thank you for your time.

  • John Bell says:

    We bought from the store in Cornelia ga our couch has not worked since November this is the 2ed time and it still doesn’t work is this how you run this business

  • Amy Rahn says:

    I would just like to let you all know, your store in Rincon Georgia has got one sorry store manager! She is mean to her employees and to the customers. It would be better for your business if you would remove her from this store! The store manager that was moved to Claxton Georgia would be best for our area. Selena has refrigerated water for the customers but will not allow her employees to have any of the water whatsoever! She is quick to leave when she is not feeling well but, does not want an employee to leave when they are throwing up! Told one this week that her job was in jeopardy if she goes home while she was sick!! She told this employee that a doctors note will not matter!! This woman needs to go!! I am a big mouth and I will let everyone around the area know not buy anything from that store as long as she is manager there.. That is a fact!! Just ask her employees! They will tell you what you need to know

  • Allen Mayles says:

    We bought a bed a few months ago and paid cash…we were moving and had our furniture sent to the new house to spend the night but the footboard did’nt come and it’s been 2 weeks and cannot put this bed together without it…we paid early and the delivery guy said it would be a week till it came in. It’s past that and we are so dissappointed….We liked your store a lot but this is not right on your side…If I don’t see it soon I’ll have to take other steps to make sure we get it…

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