Where is Farmer Boys Corporate office Headquarters

Farmer Boys Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 3400 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92501, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 951-680-0900

  • Fax Number:  951-275-9930

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees:  326

  • Established: 1981

  • Founder: Havadjias brothers

  • Key People: Karen B. Eadon

Farmer Boys Headquarters Location & Directions

Farmer Boys Headquarters Executive Team



Karen B. Eadon

President and Chief Operating Officer

Huntley Castner

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Kelly

Vice President of Development

Lawrence A. Rusinko

Chief Marketing Officer

About Farmer Boys, History and Headquarters Information

Farmer boys is a chain of restaurants with a mission to provide their customers with quality food made of fresh ingredients and care. It is served with love to make their customers feel delighted. Every dish is unique in its way and is presented to the customers with love and care. There are more than 90 restaurants in California

It was founded in 1981 by the five Havadijas brothers. Their headquarter is present Riverside in California. This place is popular for its soil and flavours. This restaurant was opened as a dedication to the place to capture all the flavors and essence of the kitchen.

They have been awarded for their burgers so many times because it is worldwide famous. They also offer salad, sandwiches, hamburgers, wraps, soups, and deserts. It provides the customers with a home-like environment with quick service yet with food that is full of flavour and freshly made.

Farmer Boys Headquarters Photos

  • Lyndell Spangler says:

    Why is there no working email contact. This freight train is going off track!!! That’s a shame! Off to ‘In N Out’ where customer’s matter!!

  • GLG says:

    I just came out of a farmer boys in tears. I will never ever patronize this place again. The email link on this site does not work.

  • Rafael Gonzalez says:

    Hello to whom it concern, Farmer boys it’s our favorite late night dining place in Thousand oaks California. However we have had an inconvenience lately when lobby has closed earlier than hours posted. It’s pretty upsetting that you arrive within posting hours and the lobby is open and after you place your order, They notify you that lobby is closed. Being an overnight driver I spent lots of hours in my truck the least I wanna do is eat in It. Thank you for your time, hope you can update your hours soon. So drivers like my self don’t plan to stop and waste lunchtime.

  • Van Washington says:

    To whom it may concern:
    Yesterday me and my wife went to Famer Boys for breakfast,we frequent Farmer Boys a lot because we love the food and it’s a step up from the other fast food places and also affordable.
    This time at breakfast we ordered coffee with our breakfast, and also extra bacon for my breakfast sandwich,we paid and never received it, also they served my wife her French Toast breakfast with no plastic wear to eat with.
    This Farmer Boys in Las Veagas Nevada,on 710 S. Rainbow blvd.quality seem to have gone down since the pandemic, poor service employees also.
    Please do what you have to,to bring back better service.

  • Andy Tovey says:

    Please check your franchises more often. I have been in 5 different ones in the last 2 weeks. They are all so dirty. My grandson sat in 2 different high chairs both caked with old food there for weeks. Just a thought clean the high chairs twice a day for the poor kids. Only takes 5 mins. If someone has over sees this you should fire that person for a poor job. I have never been so made about the kids high chair. Have some respect for your customers and clean your places better.

  • Diana says:

    When I ordered a natural cheese burger through the drive thru, I asked for a little extra sauce. I got home and the burger had no sauce (it was dry) and no sauce in the bag. They charged me 55 cents for the sauce that I never received. They ripped me off on purpose!!! I even reached out to corporate and haven’t received a response. Farmer Boys will lose customers and go out of business if they keep this act up. I won’t be going back to any of their locations. They are not the only show in town.

  • Dominic Mercadante says:

    I have been a customer for as long as I can remember. The store in Redlands has always been a place I go to for lunch and usually have 2 or 3 guests with me. It has always been good and the service is great. However, I live in Highland and the last few times, it was very disappointing. My wife and son brought our meal home tonight and first of all it took over 40 minutes to get the order to them. My wife ordered a cheese burger and when she opened it it had no cheese so they waited to get it right. I ordered the parm-crust grilled cheese and by the time they got home, I had to microwave it because it was stone cold.The last time we ordered from this store my son ordered the cheese burger plain and when he got home he opened it, they forgot the burger patty. So he got in his car drove all the way back there and the counter person laughed about the entire incident. It took another 10 minute or so to get it right. I waited to have my meal until he returned and mine was again, stone cold so I warmed it in the micro wave and tried to eat it. Nothing like a cheeseburger that had to go through a minute in the micro wave with the tomato, lettuce, and everything else inside it. I ate the patty and threw the rest away. After tonight, we will not return to the Highland store at 27250 West 5ht St. Very disappointed because we pass a Wendy’s, a McDonald’s, a Jack in the box, and a Carl’s to get to your store in Highland.

  • James says:

    Ordered off the website and paid on the website. Order never made it to the restaurant. Was told it was my issue and I needed to take it up the the 3rd party that was used to pay for our food. I explained to the customer relations manager and she said sorry and there is nothing she can do. That is not how you take care of your clients. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE APPRECIATION!

  • Danny says:

    Last December 26 we went and ordered a $50 order. They messed it up pretty good. The OJ was warm and sour, put cheese on my burrito and I’m lactose intolerant and some of the food was cold. I wrote corporate office and never heard back from them. I absolutely love Farmer Boy’s food, but when you spend this much and then complain and no one gets back to you. It’s very frustrating. I’m hoping maybe someone will reach out thru this.

  • Tonya C. says:

    I consider this bad business. When I complained that I did not get extra bacon on my BLT, they asked me to show them the sandwich I had already started eating in my car. I buy the sandwich all the time. They wanted to argue. I just wanted to get what I paid for. So they wanted me to show my sandwich through the car window. Bad business. Very disappointed!!

  • Johnny Handsome says:

    Aug. 22 ,3:42 pm 20810 Nordhoff, Chatsworth CA. Order#4027 The only reason I’m commenting is because of the second time in a row this happened by the same employee of Farmers Bro . For some reason when I order food she has an attitude almost like a short man syndrome which is odd cuz she’s female .she’ll ask you questions” to go what size ” but it’s always “what? huh? what?” When I answer her. ordered a cobb salad waited loooong time . restaurant empty 2 people sitting inside 3 people sitting outside. After probably 7 to 8 minutes I’m watching the girl who took my order working drive-thru . Cook place an order on service counter. 2 more minutes past so now it’s 10 min for a salad. the girl leaves the drive-thru window starts doing stuff she doesn’t even check for my order then walks away .the manager came up to the counter I waited to ask her is my order ready I ordered a salad “what are they hard boiling the eggs?” LOL I give her a little laugh she doesn’t even look at me says let me check like I’m bothering her and they’ve been seeing me standing there by the front entrance for 10 to 12 minutes now. she starts packing up an order and brings it to me. 12 minutes later I said that was my order why didn’t the other girl get she was standing right there? So with short man bad attitude from the girl and manager not busy frustrated that I’m asking her questions I straight out tell her you guys suck and she said I’m sorry and I said I’m sorry too (as in I’m sorry you suck)
    This neighborhood has a lot of residents have been here for 20 to 30 plus years and they know this neighborhood very well and these people that run these local restaurants they’re not friendly just going through the motions. Being a truck driver I’ve been to quite a few different Farm Bro restaurants I’ll never return to your Chatsworth restaurant

    • Diana says:

      I used to live in the Chatsworth area and experienced the same behavior there as well. I don’t blame you for never going back.

  • Jewiano H. says:

    6/22/21 @ 2:00pm

    I just went to through drive through to place my order and when I was ordering I explained to the person that was taking my order that a few days ago I ordered, and I had to throw away my food due to it was burned my pancakes and ham both was not eatable. When I got to the window, I was speaking with the shift manager not knowing to me that she was the one that took my order. I realized that they gave me the wrong items I asked to pancake and got French toast. I explained to Alexis, shift manager what just took place at the box when I gave my order and the only thing, she was trying to do is make her point that I confirmed my order. I asked her do she listen to the customers and for myself being an in fast food before I know that you are supposed to at least listen and address the issue. No not her she wanted to go back and front with me. How disappointing, while I was speaking to her, she was about to close the window, so I asked her did she even understand my point. I asked for corp. phone number she gave me a card that had the store phone number I asked her name even through her name was on her badge, she said no I’m not giving you, my name. No one that is a loyal customer should have to go that what I just dealt with.

  • Corina says:

    We ate at the Hesperia, Ca. Restaurant today. The way they are cleaning tables is RIDICULOUS! They had a red bucket sitting on a corner table filled with I think water and a cleaning solution. The employee puts on their gloves, dips into the solution, grabs the rag and wrings it out and cleans the table, throws the rag back in the bucket and then cleans the next table and then one of the employees brings a customer napkins and collects the trash with the same pair of gloves. The bathrooms were disgusting too.



    • Mike Gannuscio says:

      This establishment is horrible, to bad not like there other restaurants, this particular facility has horrible food, service and management

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