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  • Address: 14601 MN-7, Minnetonka, MN 55345, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 952-933-9600

  • Fax Number: N/A

  • Email: N/A

  • Number of Employees: 100

  • Established: 1994

  • Founder: David W. Anderson

  • Key People: Edward H. Rensi (CEO)

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Jeffery Crivello

CEO & Director

Paul M. Malazita

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Geovannie Concepcion

Chief Operating Officer

About Famous Dave’s, History and Headquarters Information

Famous Dave’s serve enchanting BBQ to the family, and lovers of food. You can occupy the seat and get your orders there. The company belief to provide the services beyond the expectation. They serve the high quality, delicious food and a healthy and friendly environment to the people. Their motto is “be famous”. They prepare plans to deliver the best food, the best services, and the best environment to become famous. They delight their guest by their service.

In 1994 the famous dave’s business was founded. It operates and owns its restaurant in seven states, and the business was based on different themes. Themes were hunting lodge, a blues club, and roadhouse barbeque shack. Dave Anderson was the man behind this restaurant business. He opened his first restaurant in 1994. He started with the mindset to fulfil the customers need and expanded his business to its wide range.

Its headquarters are located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.

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  • Joanne says:

    I have been coming to your restaurant for years I had $87 worth of Bones and all of a sudden they disappeared and I got $3.37 just wondering what happened to them. I already emailed four times and never a response. Thank you Joanne Irvin

  • Mike Golliher says:

    Hello I’ve got a gripe with your Thornton store in colo off of highway 7. Used to eat there maybe twice a month love your ribs. However this time myself and friend went there for burger night and usually love the burgers. But this time my friend is very allergic to gluten and before heading over there I called the restaurant if they can accommodate for her without cross contamination mainly on the burgers and whoever I spoke to said yes they can clean and area of the grill and utensils to lessen the risk of cross contamination. However after driving for 30 min and asked the waitress about it and she gave an alternative type menu which was hard to figure out. About that the I’m guessing the manager came over and we asked him the same questions but this time he actually said there’s no way they accommodate us because everything was cross contamination risk. That time we got up and left. Went Gunther Tuddies and they did accommodate our request and orders. I know this long but your restaurant needs to be able accommodate people with that disease. I know the previous manager would’ve gone above and beyond to help us. Joe was the manager there now in Az better manager they what you have now. Afraid you lost a customer because of this.

  • Displeased Customer says:

    Ordered food from famous daves 9/13/22 from 8605 citadel way 40220. I had returned some food because it had flies. The manager was very rude and very aggressive with screaming as if trying to intimidate me to leave. I was very shocked that Famous Daves would have someone like that as a manager working the floor. I have ordered food from them and even eating inside and have never experienced anything like that. It was very obvious that he does not work well with customers nor conflict. What man screams at the top of his lungs at a female in a working environment or anywhere else. He eventually gave me my refund and then he had one of his female employee video tape my license plate as I was leaving while he was hiding like the coward that he is inside the building. I recorded a video which tried to yell ke to turn of. I told him no and that I was recording for my safety. That man needs some anger management classes and how to deal with customers.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have also seen some not okay things at the Fort Myers location and am willing to discuss further with someone from HR so if someone can reach out to the email given, that will be greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am coming to you with recent concerns that have been brought to my attention with how the business is being handled and how I am in fear that my job can be at risk. I do not feel comfortable to show concern with my General manager for the fact that when I have smaller issues that I’ve shown concern about, I was scolded for the questions or talked to in a very demeaning way.

    Lets begin with the fact that a staff member of the kitchen has been complained about by several young woman employees of sexual harassment and him putting hands on one of the young woman. From my knowledge, each of these young women have complained to management multiple times for his lude behavior and sexual remarks. He is still employed.
    No, I am not working shifts with this staff member, but I do show concern for the women who have complained.

    Secondly, before the restaurant inspection Dated: May, 14th 2022, we were all forced to deep clean many parts of the restaurant and would like to know if I will be compensated for that work. This includes June, 7th 8th, 9th and 10th 2022, in which I performed several duties outside of my server duties with absolutely no compensation. I know for a fact at least one server received compensation to assist with cleaning and was told to clock out and clock back in under “maintenance” to be compensated for said work.

    Third, our tip wages have been posted on a bulletin board for everyone to see how much a server and bartender are making weekly. My question to you is, Can this violate my employee and employer wage confidentiality when this is known to be a “competitive pay” work environment.

    Lastly, is it okay to notify us with typed notes that are taped by work stations of new implemented rules that we were not formally aware of through any held staff meetings or formal email, stating our shifts will be compromised if said things are being done, or not done.

    Once again I am only coming to you with concerns for that fact when I voiced concern with management I was told “if we do not like the letters then we can leave.” Now as a single mother of 3 kids, I can not afford to lose my hours or shifts or job for that matter. Can you please give me insight as to how else I should handle said issues and concerns previously stated.

  • Annonamice says:

    Hello. I am the boyfriend of a worker in Chandler az famous Dave’s location and I am messaging you about a sexual harassment complaint at this location. There are more then just her testimonials to me about this subject other workers have made the same complaints. There has been no contact from HR about the matter and I am very worried about what has been going on. I myself work in the industry and no all to well what goes on. I am very concerned about her well being. She is getting treated unfairly and nothing is being done about it. I have an appointment with a local news station next Tuesday and I really don’t want the matter to get out of hand but something needs to be done. Thank you for your time I hope to hear back from you soon.

    Concerned individual

    • Anonymous says:

      I have the same concern here at the Fort Myers, Florida location. I do not know what the HR email or contact information is and I am scared to ask for the information because this location is known to show retaliation to there workers for voicing complaints.

  • GU says:

    Love the Blue Diamond-Las Vegas Famous Daves, but will not eat there ever again. Food is great, waitress is wonderful but had a bad experience with the host. Your first point of contact greets you with just a “Booth or table?” There is no welcome, there is no hello. When I asked if it were possible to sit my party of 4 at a table closet to door (I use a cane to walk), the host did not answer me. I asked again, no answer. Finally, I said, “Hello?” To which he said he retorted he “was checking”. There was hardly anyone in the restaurant on this Sunday afternoon. Feeling frustrated, I looked at my party and said “let’s go”, to which the host happily said sarcastically said “Have a nice day!” Hearing the disrespectful way in which he said, “Have a nice day”, I walked back and said, “Oh, now you can call your manager out.” Manager came out and I told her how rude the host was. She said she’ll seat us and asked if we would reconsider staying to eat. Coming all the way from the VA cemetery in Boulder City and being tired and hungry, we stayed. While eating there we observed this same host not welcoming your customers and the first words coming out of his mouth was “Booth or Table?” No smile no customer skills whatsoever. One couple actually walked out waiting to be greeted and seated. Host was not at his station. Your managerial staff needs to seriously train your hosts to be welcoming and be glad that customers are coming in to patronize your establishment during these times of uncertainty. Because that’s what pays everyone’s salary! I’m sure that host will do better if trained well.

  • Jo says:

    Visited Famous Dave’s in Lake Delton Wisconsin Dells for a take out order tell me why after looking at my online banking I was charged $22 for a tip on a $60 order to go. Called spoke with the store manager said he would take care of it to date 12/21/2021 still have not received a refund mind you I called on 12/06/2021. Very disappointed with the work ethics of the employee but also with the manager as well. If I were you pay cash.

  • ida says:

    when are you celebrating 25 anniversary with discounted sandwiches as seen on Fox today

  • Linda fenech says:

    I am trying to get ahold of someone about a donation for a fundraiser

  • irenelieber says:

    tried your famous daves corn bread paid 3.58 . I followed directions but the muffins were not getting a brown color on the top of the muffin. Please explain why since I followed direction or is that the way muffins suppose to look I them left the muffin in longer still on top did not brown I tried butter no success. irene lieber 3000 ocean parkway apt 13n brooklyn NY 11235

  • Donna Frye says:

    i purchased a box of Famous Daves corn bread mix. The expiration date on the box was “best by 6-22-2020” This was from Fareway store in Ankeny, Ia The ingredients package was “best by 2-28-1019”. A bit past I believe. Yesterday I purchased another box this time from Walmart in Ankeny. Once again expiration date “best by 6-14-2020” The ingredients package reads “best by 2-20-2019” Once again past date. How can this happen. Obviously Famous Daves is to blame and not the grocery stores.

  • Ken says:

    Westbury, NY, Saturday April 13, 2019. Sat in bar area. Worst service EVER. Will file more detailed complaint when I have receipt in hand.

  • Tyler LeDuc says:

    I still need my W2 from the Famous Daves I worked at in Tucson Arizona but they’ve closed their doors and now I cant get hold of anyone. Can you help at corporate?

  • Kelly Smither says:

    My name is Kelly. I work for Benchmark Beverage, a 2 1/2 year old company. located in West Bloomfield. We have a fabulous portfolio that includes many craft spirits. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with your corporate buyer to discuss our many programs that may be beneficial to your corporation. I am looking forward to building a partnership with you in the future. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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