Where is Family Fare Corporate office Headquarters

Family Fare Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 2285 84th St SW, Byron Center, MI 49315, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 616-878-1337
  • Fax Number:  616-878-2691
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees:  8300
  • Established: 1966
  • Founder: Ron Kunnen, Don Koop
  • Key People: David M. Staples

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Family Fare Headquarters Executive Team



David M. Staples


Kathleen M. Mahoney


About Family Fare, History and Headquarters Information

Family Fare company aims at delivering a high-quality product to its customer, which matches their family label. They ensure the comfortable environment and guarantee with their product. In case of dissatisfaction, you can return the product to the store, and they will refund the amount to you. We are stepping forward day by day according to your taste and requirement. It is an American market. It owns its units in Michigan since 1966, in 2014 in North Dakota and 2015 in Nebraska and expanded its store to low then into South Dakota.

In 1966 Ron Kunnen and Don Koop founded this company in Hudsonville Michigan. It sells mainly Grocery items. You can get the details of the product and services of the company from the website. It also sells tobacco, gasoline, makeup products, and other products.

Its headquarter is located at 2285 84th St SW, Byron Center, MI 49315, USA.

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  • Bob anderson says:

    I’ve been shopping at this store in South Dakota for years and have bought NyQuil numerous times with no problems. Yesterday I was asked for my ID. I explained to the cashier, who was probably new and wasn’t aware that in SD you don’t card for that product. Manager got involved and I explained the SD law and if Family Fare has a corporate policy that follows the the laws of other states that have a different law, and that is the law that Family Fare decides to follow, then they should follow that law to the letter. That means keeping Nyquil in the pharmacy, behind the register, or in a locked cabinet where a store employee must get that product for the customer so they can track the sale. None of which happened. The manager decided to make up his own law. I had to go back two dats later to get something and there was a small sign that said ” We card everyone regardless of age.” I’m 62, I wish I looked young enough to be carded to buy anything. This location does not sell alcohol or tobacco products an all other government regulated drugs are sold through pharmacy. I wonder if they would card me if I was buying mouthwash after all, it contains alcohol. Won’t be going back, their loss because of one manager on a power trip or maybe trying to hide his ignorance of the law.

  • Cheryl says:

    I live in Frankfort Mi and Family Fare is our only grocery option. Grocery prices are painful right now so I don’t feel guilty about expecting quality. The produce provided by Family Fare to our little store is shameful. If I go just 25 miles to Grawn Mi it’s night and day difference. Why does the company chose to send the crap produce to a little town where it’s our only option. PLEASE!!! You need to do better.

  • Pam says:

    The store is so dirty in Oscoda, where they put the rotisserie chicken is disgusting please do something about how dirty that store is

  • Cindy McGrain says:

    Family Fare in Harrison, MI 48625. Don’t shop there. I’m 72 years old and had 2 packs of beer to purchase. I normally do self checkout because they only have one lane open. Today I went to a cashier because I didn’t want to wait for someone to come over to override the ID. I only had my cash in my hand. The cashier, Deb, said she need to see my ID. I said look at me, I’m 72. I said I parked way out by where the gas station is so I get my exercise steps, I said leave it right there I’ll be back. I walked way out and back again and brought my ID. I had to wait for her to finish the current customer with a whole basket. I then showed her my ID, she said you have to take it out, I said you can see all the information. She said I have to take it out and scan you license. I said , “no way are you scanning my license”, I talked to the other cashier, Julie, who might be head cashier, she said we have to scan you license. I said no way and started to walk out, I asked a stocker if there is a Manager there, and I turned around and he was walking toward me, and I said “I’d like to talk to you, and the first words out of his mouth was” I don’t appreciate your attitude”, really. So I then told him to kiss my ASS and I walked out. A good manager would come over and say, I know your upset, but I’m sorry. The new policy at our store is that we need to scan you license, no matter how old you are. I’m very sorry, but there is no way we can’t follow this policy, I understand you are up set, and I apologize, but there is nothing I can do. That would be a good manager. A manager is suppose to try and try and calm down a difficult situation, not approach a customer with the way he did to me. I walked out and went to another store and bought my beer. No problem, they could tell I was old enough, 72, to buy the beer and I will go there from now on. Don’t give up your rights. This company can not guarantee that they won’t get hacked, and my information gets stolen. Screw you guys, I will now shop anywhere else and even pay more,.
    Cindy McGrain
    Harrison, MI 48625
    A proud American that has been pushed too far.

  • Calvin Luke says:

    I tried the pizza which was on sale in deli area. The pizza gave me the dirarreaha crust was bland no flavor. If want pizza will buy another brand not store brand in deli also at your store in Rapid City on Saint Patrick street need more clerks to run checkout stands.

  • Robin says:

    I was just in the Boyne City family fare market I’ve shopped there for several years the past year I’ve been very disappointed the customer service desk there’s one woman in particular that is very rude I won’t say her name she has dark hair she’s very tall today there was a very short gentleman he’s also very rude today when I went in there they had a false sign up in the can return area stating that Michigan was not letting anyone return cans at the moment so that there can return area was closed which is not true at all so I asked them what the phase one Michigan law was and they had no answer so they told me I could go ahead and return my cans I was the only one in there so of course other people heard me returning my cans and it started getting busy I’m not sure how long the sign had been up because I hadn’t been in there for three or four days because I’ve been working very hard myself well clearly I know that there’s a shortage on help I understand that I’ve owned a retail store myself I get it it doesn’t mean that we need to be rude to our customers I spend thousands of dollars at the family fares I spend thousands of dollars at the family fare in charlevoix as well they are not rude to me there in fact I just gave them a four-star rating our bed and breakfast order all of our food through the family fare in charlevoix I went up after feeding cans through the machine and it filled up and asked the one lady if she could call someone because of Ben had filled up she said she would she did not call anyone I waited patiently I went up and I asked the other lady the one that told me to go ahead and that I could put the cans through because she said I don’t know why they haven’t taken that sign down because the machines were in fact working she was very nice and there’s another lady that is extremely nice there and Boyne City which is why I go there and her name is Gay, she’s wonderful, so the lady that told me to go ahead and you could tell that she was aggravated because obviously people were aggravated because they can’t return their cans there because they buy a ton of soda alcohol and everything else here but they can’t return their hands there because they can area is closed and half of the customer service people there are rude so the nice ones get all the s***, but this lady actually called over the loudspeaker and asked whomever takes care of the can room to come and clear the bin, I again waited another 20 minutes, mind you I have been there for over 45 minutes so have five other people behind me in line this is my only day off I have shopping to do I too am in I’m in the hospitality business this is when I make money I shop at your stores there are other grocery stores that I can shop at like the big ones like Myers, I went to the customer service desk with the rest of my cans already counted he’s immediately looked at me and said I will not take those cans back we will not get credit for them he was not pleasant he was very rude I said sir I spent thousands of dollars here he wouldn’t even let me get it out I said I want to know who the manager is here he said we have lots of managers I said I want to know who the manager of this store is he said his name is Bob it’s Bob I said what is Bob’s last name I have never been talked to so early in my life from a customer service person I will not go back in that store again I will not recommend your store again and I may have the bed and breakfast change who they order all of their food from I am appalled and the other girl there that’s tall and has dark hair behind the counter she is extremely rude as well and if we ran our businesses like that we wouldn’t have any customers you’re Boyne City store the pharmacy I changed all I was getting prescriptions there because my physician I just changed physicians and I thought you know what I’m going to I’m going to try the the family pharmacy here your pharmacist and the girls there are extremely rude except for one lady what is it like a in order to work there you have to be rude I’m not the only person that says these things I just happen to be really upset today I can get people to comment on this now that I’ve said it all people just don’t know how to word things and won’t but I will have people comment on this this will be heard

  • Scott says:

    Family fare in Kalkaska mi. Has gone to hell. If it wasn’t for the great girls working the pharmacy. I would never step foot in this store again. I would also tell everyone I know the same I HOPE YOU DO NOT IGNORE THIS. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW

  • Scott says:

    Family fare in Kalkaska mi. Worst store I’ve ever shopped at. One person working. Shoppers lined up 11 deep to cash out. Cashier very rude . I had one item stood in line 20 minutes. Finally paid. She expected me to bag my own item. Everyone was complaining. She just ignored everyone. I’ve been shopping at this location over 12 years. ( it used to be glens market) I’m 71 years old never been this upset in a store. I’m not one to complain but this lady was very rude and it’s not the first time I’ve encountered her lack of professionalism. I’ve brought this to the attention of who I was told was the manager to no avail I believe this lady is somewhat of a supervisor . I won’t name names , but I believe she was the only cashier working sat. night 7/2/22 at 8:03pm I am so distraught I will name her . Jeannie.

  • Denise says:

    You have destroyed the good will of the people of Fremont, Michigan. How do you expect working men and women to stop after work to pick up a rotisserie chicken and sides when you no longer make rotisserie chicken past 5pm. So many workers and not enough help/work going on. We already have meijer and walmart. This town loved Bills.

  • David Lemerand says:

    I am a 40 year old man who has been shopping at the rose city store my entire life as it has changed names on Friday I was doing my shopping with all my items was a case of beer I have valid I’d but I well never let anyone scan it I tried to show them they would not even look I left my items and got them cheaper at dollar general I well never shop at any family fare stores again and well tell everyone who well listen why they should not shop here

  • Sandy Hemmer says:

    Very bad place to shop. I felt unwelcomed. The workers are getting paid to do nothing. The cashiers are lazy, and the managers hide from customers at the Family Fare located on 3960 44th St SW in Grandville, Michigan. The self checkouts were available. When I asked the cashier for help she ignored me. One cashier was too occupied trying to follow an Asian family around the store.

  • Barbara says:

    I stopped at the Family Fare in Mancelona, MI today, June 21, 2022 and waited at a registered with the only one that didnt have a closed sign. I waited patiently, the two employees that were there made eye contact but did nothing to help me. They were both up in the office. I finally asked if they wanted me someplace else and was told that isle 4 was opened. When I said it had a closed sign there, one of the women just said “I know.” They were both on the point of rudeness. I assume that you want your employees to be courteous and competent. Terrible service!! I have a job too that I needed to go to, that is why I went there early.

  • Barb says:

    Not impressed with how your cleaning company treats your customers. I’ve never been treated so rude. I stopped shopping and left the store.

  • Waltthacker2 says:

    Would like to know what your prices are a lot higher than Then hy vee store I shop at is in North Omaha enterprises zero or higher than the ones out west in my area is considered poverty I’d like to have it fixed so I could stop at the store instead of going clear out to hyvee We have no decent stores in this area that’s worth shopping out

  • Tammy Mittemiller says:

    I went to go shopping Manistee mi on2/7/2022 found mold on all fresh veggies then cheese also by the deli.then then the seefood.white an out dated then around the corner on end shelf the flat bread had mice chews on bag an dropping on shelf I left sick 🤢🤢😷 what happened to heathy service¿???…

  • Tanya Collins says:

    I am writing this as I am sitting in the parking lot of your Albion Michigan store. This store is absolutely filthy. It is disgusting and you are price gouging. I watch your employees stand around and text or talk but no one ever has a rag or a mop. The doors of your frozen food section are absolutely disgusting. The floors around you are fish section are nasty. I went to get a bag of coffee And the brand we prefers price has went up AGAIN but the April 22 2021 expired bag still sits on the shelf. The other 2 bags expire April 27th 2022. So basically you raise your prices but the cleanliness and quality of your store and products have completely declined. From reading your other comments I think it’s time you may want to go around and check your stores because you are failing miserably

  • Bob says:

    I contacted you several weeks ago about the condition of the bottle room at Family Fare Grayling Mi. I visited this store 1/12/2022. There is STILL COCKROACHES IN THE BOTTLE MACHINES !!! WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR ANY ACTION ON YOUR PART ?

  • Brenda says:

    Your Mancelona store have the worse management. Today someone about the ice cream that was on sale. They were told be the assessent manager told them I don’t order the ice cream so I don’t care when it will be here. The pharmacy takes 3 to 4 days to fill a prescription. The place need to be closed. No gives a shit about costumer service.

  • Kc says:

    Hello I’m just sending a message to let you know my uncle was treated poorly at your pharmacy in mancelona mi I don’t know which employee was rude to him but I really dont appreciate it as he is a senior and also a veteran and I really would like someone to address the staff about being rude to the eldery in the 1st place..

  • J. Antoinette Knickerbocker says:

    David M. Staples, CEO

    I’m writing about your Family Fare store in Albion, Michigan.
    The shelves are bare and what is there is not front and faced well. We checked today with an employee about whether stock is not here or is out back and not on shelves. He said he’s the only person in the store stocking….why is that?

    Have you advertised for help? Can local citizens go in and stock shelves? What is going on? I know you’re going to bring up Covid but surely there are folks who would want work if you offered more than minimum wage.

    Something has to be done, please. Products in a truck out back aren’t helping our citizens.

    J. Antoinette Knickerbocker

  • Dissappointed. says:

    Your store on 24th st in omaha NE, has a regular manager playing pretend and telling your customers to “get the fuck out” before it is even time to close. You might want to fix that. Because I will make sure my experience goes viral. You can either act now, or not act at all. As I will not be taking any “excuses” after it goes viral. This is your chance to do right, before things get bad. Hope you make the right choice. If not, enjoy what happens.

  • Michael Koontz says:

    Tracy at your Harrison store is rude and bitchey
    also can never take cans back

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