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  • Address: 213 IN-49, Valparaiso, IN 46383, United States

  • Phone Number:
    +1 219-462-0144

  • Fax Number: 219-477-5499

  • Email: Click Here

  • Number of Employees: N/A

  • Established: December 25, 1975

  • Founder: Gus Olympidis

  • Key People: Kris Condon

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Gus Olympidis

Chief Executive Officer and President

Kris Condon

Director of Human Resources

Bill Nolan

Vice President of Marketing

About Family Express, History and Headquarters Information

This store is a retailing company. It offers its customer food and beverages of high quality. They have built a strong bond with the customer by providing them good, safe product and services. This corporation runs in Northwest and North Central Indiana. It gives clean and healthy food items to the customers.

This company was founded in 1975 and was formerly known as The Time Low Corporation and later in 1987 changed its name to Family Express Corporation. It sells ice, milk, energy drinks, and many more eatables.

It is a private company which owns and operates all its units. It offers the food at convenient and affordable price. You can get all the information about this company on the official website. It has a good and efficient group of the worker, and they provide a satisfying service. This provides neat and tasty food materials. Its headquarter are located in the 213 IN-49, Valparaiso, IN 46383, United States.

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  • John daniels says:

    The employees at the North Judson family Express
    are deplorable!! The one girl with all the piercings is always on her cell phone crying stating that she has bad parents and brings her personal life to her employment that is unacceptable she has been rude she has had a horrible attitude and when you can catch her in a decent mood she apologizes for her behavior? That makes absolutely no sense to me she is also close to the girl that I commented on about the police incident something has got to be done and some house cleaning in human resources at that location I’m going to continue with corporate until something is done! Deplorable deplorable deplorable

  • John daniels says:

    I was at the North Judson family Express and while inside the store ran into some people that I knew we were scratching off lottery tickets and talking as well as the girl working at the counter she had no problem with us and a North Judson police officer came in grab coffee and exited the store the guys I ran into and myself went outside the store to indulge in cigarette we continue talking and laughing and the police officer circled the black came back and parked in the parking lot and went back into the store exited the store left again as it was getting close to closing time my friends and I concluded our conversation and left the store the next morning I went in for gas and the same girl working behind the counter was there with her manager manager and advised that she was uncomfortable with me with the previous night? I was appalled and in total awe that The advocate made such a false sense of entitlement of her being uncomfortable when local police officer was there several times! I have been in the store several times since that was brought to my attention and went in the store earlier this evening and inquired to that same worker why she did that she refused to answer my question was very rude refused to serve me and I left without incident prior to my leaving I asked what her name was and who her manager was she refused to give me this information I went to the BP station down the street and minutes later I was surrounded by the exact same police officer and other officers on duty that were at the first alleged incident! This is a small town I get it… These people have nothing better to do then bring drama I’m absolutely going to contact corporate office tomorrow and get to the bottom of this as it is now stated if I go back to that property I will be arrested for trespassing!! Unbelievable unprofessional and a advocate that lies!! This is not over and it will be personally investigated with corporate until this matter is completely resolved the least would be to relieve that advocate of duties I.e fired to say the least once again I’m totally appalled and in awe

  • Ron G says:

    The mens room at the Rensselaer indiana location (I65 & Rt 114) smells so extremely awful you can’t even breath in there. Something should be done as quickly as possible..

    Thank you

  • Lydia L Shafer says:

    I am writing for the second time I demand to be contacted regarding this extremely inappropriate employee I’ve never been so disgusted in my life I will never shop in another family Express again due to this one individual thank you!

  • Lydia L Shafer says:

    There is an extremely, horrifically rude employee at the Westville family Express! I would like to be contacted as soon as possible prayer that this person should not be harming any other customers thank you!

  • Concerned customer. says:

    Please please staff more of your stores. There was an incident at your Michigan City store where the police had to deal with a man and place him in handcuffs and myself and 3 customers were told by the man working “I have to deal with the police on this and can’t ring anyone out.” Apparently only one employee working in a high volume store. I walked out and didn’t spend any money there. Ended up going to Speedway across the street and got my gas, lotto tickets and my candy and drinks. I don’t have a Speedway membership and had to pay more. How about the company review staffing and have at least 3 employees especially around 6pm.

  • Not happy customer says:

    Was just in the store in Roselawn. Instead of getting a hello I got rolled eyes. I went up to the counter to purchase my goods I got a smart comment instead of a warm friendly atmosphere. I used to work for Family Express and and so does my sister-in-law and I know how it works. I will never bring my business to that location again.

  • Tonia says:

    Every time I go into family express, I buy at least 5 things or more. I would like to see them get carrying baskets to shop with. Thank you

  • Shelley says:

    I bought a blueberry muffin on June 9th. Opened it up and it was so dry and there were 3! 3 blueberries in the muffin. I have always bought them and this was absolutely horrible.

  • Isabella says:

    It’s really messed up you guys still charge us for expired car wash codes. Not all of us can sit around in an office and a lot of your customers are in the working class with no time to get a car wash. If you’re going to let car wash codes expire, you should be refunding us you greedy jerks.

  • Local Family says:

    Whenever purchasing gas at the pump customers are prompted to purchase a car wash, which we sometimes do, but we would normally purchase the car wash pass. However, on several occasions, after purchasing car washes, I drive around to the car wash and it’s closed. I recently purchased two car washes. Went to use the car wash, but again, it was closed. I went to another Family Express, but that car wash was closed, too. I understand the car wash will sometimes be closed for maintenance, etc. however, we’ve lost many car washes because of this. I’ve called two times, and my expiration date has been extended or I was offered car washes. However, this didn’t happen immediately and I had to follow-up on a different day both times in order to inquire about the issue. Please stop putting expiration dates on your car wash passes if you do not plan to extend expiration dates when the car wash is closed for a full day, or multiple days. I enjoy supporting local/Midwest companies and have a positive experience otherwise each time I go. However, we’ve stopped using the car wash services at Family Express because of this reason, and have started frequenting another local place to wash all of our vehicles.

    Please consider a solution to this issue. I know I am not the only customer experiencing this issue.

    Thank you.

  • Leonard says:

    Very frustrating every time l what to use the automatic car wah in hebron its closed.Why even offer this service if it never works!!!

  • Gerald blaney says:

    I got charged $75 For 10 gallons of gas should’ve been around 40 called four times no response yet

  • A concerned patron says:

    The management at your store in Westville has taken the store to a very low level. People that have been there for quite a while and were happy are now leaving because of her poor management and treatment of her employees. As this is a very busy store, I think that this needs the proper attention. It used to be professionally managed….not anymore! Very bad rep for your company.

  • William Callahan says:

    Is it customary for one of your cashiers to become angry when you ask for a receipt. I went in your store in McCordsville Indiana to buy pizza and after swiping my card got the rudest and most angry response one could only imagine. Definitely not a family atmosphere and I doubt I will. Ever go back.

  • Kelly Budimir says:

    You put a hold on my debit card and I didn’t purchase fuel trying to talk to someone at corporate still have heard nothing

  • Jim B - Aaron's contact says:

    Every single time that I attempt to earn fuel points by purchases of RED-DOTTED items – the fuel points are not properly awarded. I have tried probably 50 times. BUT EVERY TIME, either the item is not on the right peg, or the points award is expired. Time after time.
    I have been forced to spend hours and hours on the phone, and making additional visits to the stores – time after time.
    I have been forced to contact corporate, and I must say everyone has always been very helpful and cooperative – but still in order to be credited with the fuel award, it seems to always require a half hour or so of my time on phone call to Valpo.

    You guys need to take radical steps to fix this red-dot fuel rewards program or eliminate it entirely.

  • Matthew says:

    Your newly acquired store in etna green has become a hangout for the same group of people every time I’m in there. I’m not sure your policy on loitering, but going in having a bunch of people standing around seems unprofessional. Maybe it’s just me, but I struggle with social anxiety disorder and ocd. So for the last month or so it’s been very uncomfortable going in there. The new manager there doesn’t seem to care, she’s the one socializing with this group of people. With the last manager and when freedom express owned it, this wouldn’t be happening. I can’t be the only one who is uncomfortable with this. Maybe talk with the employees about having friends and family standing around. Thanks for your time

  • Chuck says:

    Hi I’m a 58 year old man, and I have never in my entire life wrote a complaint about any retail personnel, I always feel that everyone has a bad day so I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I was in retail for years. I only drink mountain dew soda drinks. I have been going to family express for many, many years to get them in the morning, in fact your employees are the ones that suggested I get one of your refill mugs because as they say a refill is a refill, and me being in there in the morning they would laugh at me and greet me like your great employees do. I would say 99% of your employees at your store are some of the nicest people I have ever met. On the morning of September 15th, at 5:20 A.M, I went to your store at route 10 just East of 65. This store is not my regular store, but because the two stores I normally stop at didn’t have working slushee machines. So I stopped at this store, which I do not like going to because several years ago, my ex wife and my children have been to this store on several occasions and this same employee has always been rude and never has said hello like all your other employees do. We witnessed this employee bitching at a customer and my ex wife and I decided we would never come to this store again. But unfortunately like i said, the other stores I normally visit had no working slushee machines at this time. So Wednesday morning I had to stop at this store so I can get my morning slushee with my refill cup like i do every single day. This employee said I cannot do that, even though your other employees talked me into buying this large refill cup and this is probably the eighth or ninth refill cup because I use them so much I wear them out. In fact your employees tell me its time to get a new one since its in such bad shape…LOL, most of them care that’s why I like coming to your stores. The next day, September 16, at 5:20 A.M again, I did not use my refill my cup so she would not be belligerent with me again, so I just got two of the Big Kahuna cups like I do when I’m not working and she yelled at me across the store that I cannot use those cups which was very embarrassing and I felt harassed and uncomfortable. So I went up to the counter with my three items, trying to ask her a simple question about gum, which I found out later when I stopped at one of your nicer stores for my evening slushee, that they do not make that gum anymore, the morning lady completely ignored the question and I looked up at the screen, instead of charging me for the three items that I had gotten, she charged me for five instead, so i asked her what the extra charges were, and she said the 2- 89c charges were for the extra slushee cups and was very rude while saying that, again I felt uncomfortable. I love your stores and I have had the same routine for many years and never had a problem until now. My ex wife and I talked about this and stated we should have done something years ago about this employee and the way she treats customers. I hope this employee is not a representation that you want in your company. Thank you for your time. -concerned customer.

  • Beth says:

    Car wash on 250 and 130 in valpo Cracked my windshield, if cameras would have actually been checked, they will prove that all the scratches on my hood, and the cracked windshield were not present when I pulled into the car wash. Family Express denied to pay for damages, and is leaving this single mother with now a beat up car, and expecting me to be able to pay for their damages, I have lost wages due to this (I drive my own vehicle for a living). I think it is piss poor customer service that Family express refuses to pay for damages done by the car wash they are responsible for. I will never patronize any family express, nor will any of my friends and family. There are too many options out there to treat customers that way!

  • Jolese says:

    Stay clear of Stores employees do not have covid vaccine shots. I don’t want my family in contact with them. Francesille store has one of the rudest person Julie Baker.

  • Bruce Heise says:

    Your store in LaPorte on J st. used to have the best car wash but it’s gone to hell by not having the proper P-M’s done. It only soaps the sides.The top nozzles haven’t worked in Months. The $$ it generates should be more than adequate to sustain.

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